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Witchy Black and Copper Halloween Tablescape

I have never been one to dress up on Halloween. I have made costumes for my kids, but never one for myself. But decorating the house? I’m all in. Decorating a table for a Halloween party? I’ll be the first one to sign up. That’s why I’m excited to show you our witchy black and copper Halloween tablescape.

If you have visited Bluesky at Home lately, you’ve seen lots of ideas for fall and Halloween decorative projects. I’m blown away like a witch on a broomstick (proud of myself for just thinking that one up!) over all the Halloween decor. This black and copper Halloween tablescape is no exception.

My table is all about witches ~ the cute kind. As a little girl, I was in love with Glenda, the Good Witch of the North in the Wizard of Oz. My witches can’t tell you to tap your heels 3 times to go home, but they can provide a good time on this Halloween tablescape.

I’ve shared that my theme for this fall is navy and copper. It started with a fall patio tablescape. I’ve used those colors on our coffee table and mantel, and in an early fall tablescape. My most recent fall tablescape before this one was in black and white.

For my witchy black and copper Halloween tablescape, I kept the copper, tossed the navy (temporarily), and added black and orange. Orange isn’t my favorite color, but for this tablescape, it tied in quite well with the copper.

We have been collecting witches and using them in our Halloween decorations for several years. Our favorites are cute, quirky witches with a definite attitude. We’ve bought them in Dallas, New Orleans, Arizona, and California.

Witchy Black and Copper Halloween Tablescape

I want to take you through the process of creating my witchy black and copper Halloween tablescape. That way, if you want to create a similar one, you can easily recreate it.

At the end of the tablescape, you’ll see the Halloween place cards that I made for this tablescape. I shared the steps to make them in an earlier post.

With my color theme in place and knowing that some of our witch collection would be on display, I gathered the items that I needed.

The Starting Point for the Halloween Tablescape

I always start with what I have.

The copper chargers and the copper pitcher would definitely be used as well as the copper leaf glasses that I made. A few weeks ago, I bought 2 1/4 yards of black fleece and 1 1/4 yards of a polyester fabric at Joann. And, of course, some Halloween M & M’s.

Notice my navy blue painted pumpkins? I moved them into the living room.

Halloween tablescape supplies

First, the black fleece became my tablecloth. No hemming, no ironing ~ the perfect tablecloth.

black tablecloth Halloween tablescape

For my centerpiece, I wanted to use this woven basket pumpkin that I found at the antique mall (same day I found a copper pitcher) for $11.

Halloween tablescape orange pumpkin basket

Here is a piece of black spider~theme fabric from a couple of years ago ~ I’ll find a place for it.

Halloween tablescape decorations

The witches and various other decorations are waiting to be used on the table.

Halloween tablescape decorations

The Halloween Centerpiece

This was a bit of a challenge. I didn’t think orange flowers (zinnas, mums) would look good with my orange pumpkin basket and black flowers are hard to find.

A trip to Trader Joe’s (where I also bought 7 more pumpkins for the front door) and I found the prettiest orange tulips. Yes, I know that tulips are not normally used at Halloween, but I love tulips and I loved this color.

First, I placed a plastic container inside the pumpkin basket and filled it with water. After trimming the tulips and removing the leaves, I put them in the container and then inside the basket.

It definitely needed filler, so next, I placed 2 kinds of orange and black decorations around the plastic container. It was super easy and created the full, colorful look I wanted.

Halloween tablescape centerpiece

The Halloween Tablescape Place Settings

My copper chargers would be the base of my place setting.

I don’t have black dishes so a trip to my favorite party store was in order. Party Bazaar is well~known in my area of Dallas for great party items and great service. I chose black paper plates rather than plastic ($$$). For my tablescape, I would leave the chargers in place during the meal.

Halloween tablescape plates

The metallic (gold, brassy, copper) colored fabric became my napkins. I cut 4 16~inch squares with pinking shears. The fabric is so inexpensive that you could just throw them away after a party if they get dirty.

What do you think of my napkin rings? I originally was going to use black raffia (Target $ Spot), but on my visit to Party Bazaar, I found these cute little things that I thought would be perfect as napkin rings. At .75, they are a great buy.

Halloween tablescape place setting

Do you know what they are? I didn’t, but I’ll tell you at the end of the post.

Halloween tablescape napkin

I also don’t have black silverware, so plastic it would be. I just tucked a fork and knife in the napkin ring and faster than you say BOO!, my place setting was done.

Halloween place setting

Adding the Witches

I chose 6 of our witches and placed them around the pumpkin basket.  They can see everyone and we can keep an eye on them. No magic spells during dinner!

Halloween tablescape centerpiece

Notice my copper wine glasses? You too can have copper wine glasses. I made them myself and you can too.

copper glasses

Adding Embellishments to the Witchy Tablescape

Every tablescape needs some little extra garnish to fill it out and spoof it up. First I sprinkled some copper jack~o~lanterns and black bats on the table. Every year I just gather them back up and put them back in a plastic bag.

New this year are the copper necklaces with bats at .60 each ~ another Party Bazaar purchase. They would also be fun to pass out to guests to wear.

Let’s Look Up

I love hanging decorations from our crystal chandelier. I think it adds an element of surprise to any party. The orange and black spider won’t scare anyone, but it does add a sense of fun, as does the orange boa.

Halloween Place Cards

I love place cards. Even a casual tablescape seems more elegant when dressed up with them. Making place cards that fit the theme ~, in this case, a Halloween tablescape ~ of your party is even more fun.

I made these 4 different ones with Halloween names ~ Ghost, Goblin, Ghoul, and Witch for my imaginary guests. I have a few more that I didn’t share here. Here is how easy they are to make ~ and, believe me, I can’t draw to save my life.

If I can make these so can you.

4 place card collage

Our Halloween Bar Cart

I love my flea market find bar cart which sits in our dining room. To complement the Halloween tablescape, the spider web fabric became a tablecloth.

Remember the copper pitcher I found at the antique mall? It became the perfect chiller for a bottle of Prosecco. For champagne flutes, I chose our 2 Vieux Clicquot glasses (a gift from Sweet Shark’s mom many years ago), which are perfect for Halloween toasting.

We bought the other 2 flutes at the Murano glass shop in Venice in 2014. All 4 glasses are treasured favorites.

The orange beads and the orange and gold candy dish have been around for ages. I hope we don’t eat them before Halloween. I found the black and gold napkins also at Party Bazaar. Very festive, don’t you think?

The final touch for my Halloween tablescape was the black and white polka dot straws from Party Bazaar. I’m not sure what drink besides wine that I would serve in the copper wine glasses, but the straws ($1.75 for a package of 10) were just too cute to pass up.

Our witchy black and copper Halloween tablescape is complete and the witches are waiting for ghosts, goblins, and ghouls.

Hope you got lots of good ideas from our witchy black and copper Halloween tablescape.

By the way, the napkin rings are actually slap~bracelets. I would never have guessed. Did you?

Although you may not be having a Halloween party this year, you should PIN this for next year!!

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    1. Hi, Mary. I think we need to treat metallics like any other color. I think you can either contrast with copper (blues, purples, greens) or stay in the warm tones (browns, creams).

  1. Carol, it’s wonderful. Full of fun and fantastic spectacular creativity. I always love how you share the making of your tablescape. Pinned and it is a pleasure to be on the hop with you. Hugs!

  2. Carol, what a fabulous collection of witches. The pumpkin basket made the perfect centerpiece. I would have never thought to use tulips for Halloween, but they worked so well and they are a favorite flower of mine. Sweet Layla was a wonderful accessory to your tablescape!

  3. Carol your little witchy-poos are just adorable! Tulips are my favorite flower and how fun and unexpected to see them for Halloween! I love your chandy too. Of course the copper is a fabulous choice. Great find at the antique mall on that wicker pumpkin. Such a festive tablescape!

    So happy to hop with you this week!

  4. Such a pretty and fun table Carol. Copper looks amazing with the Witchy black. Your witches are adorable and love their attitudes. Great place cards, along with the flatware wraps. That pitcher is gorgeous. It is always fun to party with you.

  5. Love your cute coven of sweet and sassy witches Carol. A perfect table to show off your fabulous copper! I don’t have a bar cart and I’m crushing on yours, and the way you styled it for Halloween.

  6. Sooo witchy cute Carol, your centerpiece is adorable and the spider hanging from your chandy is so much fun! I love the place cards too! The copper accessories look fabulous with a witchy theme! What a wonderful hop we’ve had this week!

  7. I did not guess the napkin rings were slap bracelets but I should have because my daughters used to love those! I love your antique store find for $11! Beautiful pitcher. Whimsical decor is one of my favorite things for seasonal and your table with all the cute witches is so fun!

  8. Carol this table is amazing. You nailed every detail. Live the necklaces with the bats. I enjoy table scatters and I scoop them up and reuse them too. You have a wonderful collection of happy witches. Love your place cards. I made some for a Harvest day I’m having in early November. I’ll use them for Thanksgiving too.

    I’d never would have guessed the napkin rings were slap bracelets. You’re a smart lady.

    Enjoy your weekend


  9. Oh my, Carol, what a wonderful collection of witches you have! I have never really collected one thing in particular for Halloween and seem to change it up every year, from spiders to birds, to skeletons, etc. Your table is perfect, and what a cute idea it was to use those slap bracelets for napkin rings. Yes, I knew what they were upon closer inspection…you know, I have granddaughters! That pumpkin basket almost seems like a cauldron that all of the witches are gathered around. Happy Halloween!

  10. Carol, I love the black, copper and orange combination of your table. All your witchy friends are keeping a good watch over the table – maybe making sure that no one takes those cute little slap bracelets home with them – they make too good of a napkin ring!! I hope you have a fun Halloween!

  11. Carol, your collection of witches are adorable and your use of different textures, such as the pumpkin basket centerpiece and the black spider glitter fabric, really adds impact. Your place cards are a lovely detail for your “spooky” friends. It looks like a fuzzy spider hanging from your beautiful chandelier. I know there are always some friends that like to hang around a bit. Happy Halloween.

  12. Yes, I guessed slap bracelets right away! (my girls grew up in the early 90s when they were first popular). Carol, I love the method to your madness in creating your tablescape, and the thrifty choices make for practical casual entertaining. I love the witches in the centerpiece (especially that gray haired one with the side eye glance). I need to keep your trick of use of fabric as a tablecloth in mind when I can’t be satisfied with linens at hand. That’s a really great alternative, and I know you use it frequently. Layla makes the perfect accessory to the tablescape!