Fabulous Fall Living Room Decorating Ideas

Have you started decorating your home for fall? Need some ideas? I have some fabulous fall living room decorating ideas for you.

The great thing about decorating your home for fall is that fall lasts until Thanksgiving. You can build from simple accessories and gradually add more. I’ve got some fabulous fall living room decorating ideas you can begin to use now.

Since our living room is the center of our home, that’s where I focus most of my fall decorating. These fall living room decorating ideas should be helpful to you.

Fall color schemes can range from neutrals in all shades from cream to beige to taupe and brown. Traditional orange and rusts. Metallics in gold, copper or bronze are popular. Shades of green from light to deep dark are always in style.

And then there is blue!

Remember, these fall living room decorating ideas are an inspiration. You can change the colors and items based on what you already have on hand – don’t you love shopping in your own home?

Fabulous Fall Living Room Decorating Ideas

Seasonal decorating can start at your front door with a beautiful wreath, such as the one I made last year. Last week I shared how to reuse and restyle your fall decor – don’t you love reusing accessories that you already have? (I already asked that.)

Then your decorating can continue into your entry like my black and white fall entry, which was a real departure for me. The different rooms in your home – if separate from other rooms – can have different themes and colors.

I love to combine both retail and DIY creations in my home decor. I recently shared 3 spray paint DIY projects. All are included in our living room fall decor.

  • white mini-pumpkins with blue leaves
  • copper pumpkins
  • copper magnolia leaves

For most of us, our living room or family room is the center of our home. It’s where we spend the most time and gather with family or friends. A living room has so many areas to decorate:

  • mantel
  • coffee table
  • side tables
  • console table or dresser
  • sofa table

I’m sharing fall living decorating ideas for the mantel, the coffee table, the sofa table, and side tables.

TIP: Gather all the accessories you might want to add to your different areas in one place. Then try to work on one area at a time so you don’t get overwhelmed.

Living Room Decorating Ideas

You don’t have to totally change an area. Arrangements that you already have in place can be added to. These same living room decorating ideas will work for you.

  • groups of items
  • use baskets, boxes or trays to gather items
  • use odd numbers
  • leave space around your accessories – think of negative space
  • vary the height of your elements
  • arrange items in odd-number groups
  • use cloches, apothecary jars, or other large glass containers to hold other items
  • vary textures of items
  • mix in natural textures: rattan, burlap, glass, metal, wood, jute, twine
  • combine fresh and faux flowers or greenery, faux or real pumpkins
  • use a combination of colors for interest
  • add candles with seasonal color and scent
  • use throws for color, pattern, and texture
  • if your table is small, add just one new fall item
  • remember balance, choosing either a symmetrical or asymmetrical arrangement

Fall Mantel

TIP: If something doesn’t look right, try it somewhere else. Try it on a stack of books. Turn it around, turn it on its side.

For several months, our mantel has had blue containers with topiaries, chinoiserie vases, and a wood tray with blue candles.

blue painted planter and blue vase on mantel

For our fall mantel, I added/or replaced a few items, but the mantel remained balanced and symmetrical.

These additions gave the mantel a definite fall glow and mood.

fall decorated mantel
fall decorated mantel
fall decorated mantel
copper candle holdrs on fall decorated mantel

Fall Coffee Table

The coffee table has these fall decorating ideas:

  • a round rattan tray to gather my items. The tray provided shape for the table, a natural material, and texture.
  • a favorite vintage copper pitcher for a metallic finish filled with faux greenery and copperpainted magnolia leaves
  • burlap-covered books for a natural texture
  • blue and copper pumpkin for color and shape
  • setting the pitcher on the books for added height
  • glass apothecary jar filled with metallic pumpkins
fall decorated coffee table
fall decorated coffee table
  • a large glass jar with a beaded handle set on a stack of coffee table books
  • books chosen for their dark blue covers
  • a large candle (Target) in fall colors (the scent is Vanilla Caramel)
fall decorated coffee table

Sofa or Console Table

A console or sofa table is a wonderful place to add decorative accessories for every season. These tables are usually long and narrow. Take advantage of the rectangle shape.

To continue our living room fall decorating, I kept the balanced arrangement. The lamps ”frame” the setting. I also kept the brass tray to ground my fall accessories:

dried hydrangeas in grain scoop on fall decorated table
  • added a large apothecary jar with twig balls in natural colors
  • changed out white books for dark blue books
  • kept the grain scoop (with natural color and texture) fill with faux hydrangeas
  • set the grain scoop on the books for added height
glass jar and dried hydrangeas in grain scoop on fall decorated table
  • added a large round orange candle for color and shape (Target in Pumpkin Spice)
  • added copper metallic “wheat” for color, shape and texture
dried hydrangeas in grain scoop on fall decorated table
dried hydrangeas in grain scoop on fall decorated table

Fall Side Tables

Side tables usually have a smaller surface on which to decorate. Just a few items can have a big impact.

For the side table between our Bergere chairs, we always have this white container with a green pothos plant. I already had a small chinoiserie ginger jar. To add a fall feel to our living room, I added:

  • 2 apothecary jars filled with metallic pumpkins and fall balls
  • 1 small white-painted pumpkin with a blue-painted leaf
fall decorated side table

Yes, I know there are 4 objects in my vignette. Visually, the 2 apothecary jars act as one object.

living room decorating ideas for side table

On the small shelf table in our living room, existing accessories (lamp base, blue container, group of white books, blue cup and saucer, blue beads) already provided color, pattern, and interest.

Not wanting to overwhelm the table, all I did was add one white pumpkin with a blue leaf.

fall decorated side table
fall decorated side table

For the table next to our sofa, I made these simple changes to add to the fall living room decor:

  • replaced a stack of white books with blue books
  • replaced a large white container with faux greenery with a metallic brass and glass lantern
  • filled the glass container with faux fall leaves and copper painted leaves
  • topped the lantern with real hydrangeas from our backyard
  • added another blue pumpkin and two white pumpkins
fall decorated side table

Leaning on the living room wall is my vintage ladder with throws for pattern and texture. I will be changing out the throws for a more fall look soon.

fall decorated side table

Final Decorating Ideas for Fall

What ideas did I use for decorating my living room for fall?

  • carried the blue and copper color theme throughout the room
  • several glass containers filled with fall items
  • balance in arrangements
  • both symmetrical and asymmetrical arrangements
  • odd numbers
  • natural objects
  • books, candles and faux florals
  • pumpkins in all the areas
  • pattern and texture
  • both groups of items and single items to existing spaces

Fall Living Room by Night

Fall decorating for the daytime is lovely. But candles make the warmth of your living room come to its full beauty at night.

fall living room with candlelight
candle lit fall decorated mantel
fall living room with candlelight
fall living room with candlelight

I hope that you have gained many new fall living room decorating ideas. We are so pleased with how our living room looks. It’s warm, and inviting and creates a sense of the fall season.

I would love for you PIN our fall living room tour.

pin for later graphic in blue
signature with fall leaf

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  1. I have not burned a candle in years. We now have Magnolia candles in almost every room. Meadow is my favorite but for fall I bought harvest spice. Upgraded my blankets, velvet pillow covers. Love! Comfort and joy express my mood everyday. I am a giver but never gift myself. You gave me the courage to step out and create peace and beauty in my home. My husband and I have not purchased anniversary gifts for years. I created a coffee bar with a new William Sonoma French Press to celebrate our 45 Anniversary in July. Designing your home creates beauty and a safe haven to do life with family. Grateful. Thank you.

  2. Wonderful, easy-to-follow ideas! I love the way you include the list of things you’ve done–so helpful.

    Thanks so much for joining the Grace at Home party at Imparting Grace. I’m featuring you this week!

  3. I loved the blue and copper. I am so glad copper is back “in.” It has never left my kitchen–have a dusty collection of jello molds! I have always associated blue with silver so this was definitely a new look in my book! My cursor screwed up so I HAD to look at all your pix again! I loved your night-time pictures especially! I am not ready for fall yet–I am tired of hot-hot but fall only leads into winters that are too long in Maine! Today was comfortable and I was SO accomplished. I have made several fall arrangements/wreathes for my booth, but not for the house yet. Time to find my faux sunflowers for the vase of the kitchen table, though!

  4. Carol, your living room looks so warm and inviting! I love how you used blue with copper metallic accents. It’s all so pretty! It was so much fun to hop with you my friend!

  5. I am so in love with the copper that you have added. Stunning! And who knew that blue and white would be so perfect for fall? Now you’ve got me rethinking everything for fall decorating! Off to buy copper paint NOW! Beautiful job, friend! Loved hopping with you!

    1. Leslie, thank you for the feedback. Copper is the perfect fall metallic to use for its warmth. And anything looks wonderful with blue and white!

  6. Carol, your Fall decor is so beautiful! I just love all the blue and white! The copper touches are so pretty, too!

    We have just moved from our house on the lake to a new condo and are getting settled. Fall decorating is going to be so fun this year! I love what you have done with your mantel and will definitely be incorporatig a few of your ideas! I’m a blue and white gal, too!

    Thanks for all your ideas. I always enjoy your posts!

  7. Blue and white with the copper accents is so pretty. Feels fresh and cozy. The night time view is especially lovely. Fun to hop with you!

    1. Thank you, Juliet for putting this great blog hop together. Great to “meet” other new bloggers and see new ideas. Can’t wait for the next one.

  8. Soooo much great info and advice. Thanks for inspiring me to look all over the house for opportunities to add touches of Fall. (cheers to next Haven)

  9. I LOVE your blue and white with copper color combination for fall! And oh my soul, the way it looks in the evening is stunning! I want to curl up there and just sit and look around with no distractions. Beautiful!

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