About Carol

Hi there and Welcome to Bluesky at Home. I’m so glad you dropped by. Let’s get to know each other. I’ll share a little about me and I hope to learn about you, too.

I’m Carol.

Wife, mom, grandmother (Cici). Creating a beautiful home and celebrating my family and friends is so important to me.  I love transforming old stuff (old furniture, mirrors, planters, anything) into new with paint.

I love DIY projects and using my Cricut to create home decor, party decorations, and organizational items. I love having girlfriends over for lunch and decorating my table to make them feel special. As a former cooking instructor, I love to cook and share recipes and how~to cooking tips. As a lifetime reader, I always have a book with me.

I love sharing the creative projects I make at home with you. Creating is more fun when you tell a friend and share.

I love to travel (New Orleans, Charleston, the South, Italy, France, California, the beach), dine at restaurants, and share creative ideas about cooking, decorating, and entertaining.

I formerly taught cooking classes primarily out of my home (for 15 years), focusing on techniques and kitchen tips (I do have a culinary degree to prove it.). Love anything French and Italian – food, wine, and language.

I’m a born and raised Texas girl who loves almost everything about the South (food, hospitality, sweet tea, margaritas, front porches (even though I don’t have one), hot summers, hugs from girlfriends and kisses from kids). I love to dance in the kitchen on Saturday night with my sweet husband (Sweet Shark) while sipping a cocktail and cooking.

By the way, wonder where does “bluesky” come from?  When Sweet Shark and I first started dating, that’s the nickname he gave me; it’s from an Allman Brothers song:  “You’re my bluesky, you’re my sunny day.”  I hope that says something about me.

Things I love:

Christ, Sweet Shark, my kids and grandkids, my church, Texas, vintage furniture, country music, reading, painting, rearranging my house, playing tennis.

My favorite sweet things:

brownies, chocolate chip cookies, French macarons, creme brûlée, tiramisu.

My favorite savory things:

soft~shell crabs, fried chicken wings, roasted vegetables, smashed potatoes, bone-in rib-eye almost mooing, pasta, chips and salsa, popcorn.

My favorite cities (besides Dallas):

Charleston and Savannah, Atlanta, San Diego, Scottsdale, New Orleans, Martha’s Vineyard. Florence and Venice, Italy; Barcelona, Provence, Amsterdam, Montreal, and Budapest.

Bucket list:

Nashville, Vancouver, Philadelphia.

Favorite music:

Josh Groban, Zac Brown, Rod Stewart, Garth Brooks, Carrie Underwood, just about any country singer, music to dance to.

Favorite cuisine:

Italian, French bistro, anything Mediterranean, Tex-Mex, Southern.

Favorite home decor:

clean lines, Southern-French-vintage; farmhouse accessories; whites, aqua, pink, green, yellow, fabric, pillows, monograms, flowers, old mirrors, picture frames.

I hope we share some favorites and you’ll join me in a bluesky journey.

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Contact Me: carol@blueskyathome.com