How to Make a DIY Pumpkin Wreath


Have you ever made a wreath? Have you made a pumpkin wreath? Let me show you how to make a DIY pumpkin wreath you will love to display for fall.

Wreaths are the most common ~ and effective ~ way to dress up your front door. They are such a welcoming statement for guests and neighbors. Want to have a DIY fall pumpkin wreath for your front door?

What says fall more than pumpkins? Adding some gourds and florals will also give your DIY fall pumpkin wreath a stunning look.

It’s not hard to make your own wreath with the right materials, the right tools, a vision, and a little know~how.

This is one of my very favorite wreaths that I’ve ever made. I love the colors, the texture, and the design. I hope that you will love it, too.

Did I mention that this DIY pumpkin wreath will have a little bling? Yes, ma’am.

Today is Pumpkin Patch BLOG HOP DAY. Thanks to Juliet of A Loverly LIfe for hosting this fun event. You will love all the crafty creations. If you are joining me from Anne @ IKorn Crafts, then I know that you enjoyed her wreath.

Wreaths are only limited by your vision. I wanted white, a little metallic, and some color in the florals. Think of this tutorial as a pumpkin wreath suggestion.

Are you ready to start making a fall pumpkin wreath? Follow along.


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Some of these supplies apply regardless of the style of your pumpkin.

how to make a DIY pumpkin wreath
  • wide ribbon to wrap the wreath; I used burlap ribbon that I already had on hand.
how to make a DIY pumpkin wreath
how to make a DIY pumpkin wreath

I really like real~life look of the stems.

how to make a DIY pumpkin wreath
how to make a DIY pumpkin wreath
how to make a DIY pumpkin wreath
  • faux flowers ~ I picked a variety from my local Joann
how to make a DIY pumpkin wreath
  • clippers to cut the faux flowers
  • door hanger for the wreath


This is an easy DIY wreath, but it does take time ~ mostly waiting for your pumpkins to dry after painting.

Making your Pumpkin Wreath.

  1. Wrap the wreath with your ribbon of choice.

    Use your glue gun every 4th “wrap” around the wreath to glue the ribbon. Pull the ribbon tightly, overlapping the ribbon just a bit to cover the to make a DIY pumpkin wreath

  2. Continue wrapping your wreath until it is completely covered.

    how to make a DIY pumpkin wreath

  3. Set your wrapped wreath aside while you paint your pumpkins.

    how to make a DIY pumpkin wreath

  4. Painting Your Pumpkins.

    Set up a spray paint area for your pumpkins outside.

    how to make a DIY pumpkin wreath

  5. Spray the first side of your pumpkins.

    how to make a DIY pumpkin wreath

  6. Continue painting all sides of your pumpkins.

    Paint one side of your pumpkins and gourds, let them dry, and then turn the pumpkins over.

    how to make a DIY pumpkin wreath

  7. Heat up your glue gun.

    how to make a DIY pumpkin wreath

  8. To see the placement and number of pumpkins, arrange your pumpkins and gourds around the top of the wreath.

    how to make a DIY pumpkin wreath

  9. Begin gluing your pumpkins to the wreath.

    You can tilt or space your pumpkins to your liking.

    how to make a DIY pumpkin wreath

  10. Continue adding and gluing the pumpkins around the wreath. I tilted the pumpkins and gourds for more interest.

    how to make a DIY pumpkin wreath

  11. Paint your pumpkin stems.

    Use a small brush to apply 2 coats of your metallic paint to the stems. I alternated the copper and gold paint.

    how to make a DIY pumpkin wreath

  12. Make sure that all your pumpkins and gourds are firmly glued. Add extra glue if needed.

    how to make a DIY pumpkin wreath


Use your flower clippers to cut your faux flowers off the stems. Attach the flowers in a random color scheme in between the painted pumpkins and gourds with your glue gun.

I will probably buy a few more faux flowers to fill in a few places on my pumpkin wreath.

how to make a DIY pumpkin wreath


Wrap your hanger with your ribbon of choice. I used ribbon in fall colors that I bought at Dollar Tree. I used it briefly for my wood slice wreath.

how to make a DIY pumpkin wreath

My finished pumpkin wreath would go on our front door. I used a piece of the same ribbon to loop through the wreath on the hanger. (You can see me in the reflection of the glass.)

how to make a DIY pumpkin wreath
how to make a DIY pumpkin wreath

Although I hung this pumpkin and flower fall wreath on my front door, you could also hang it above your mantel, on a mirror, or on a wall in your home.

I think this DIY pumpkin wreath may be my very favorite. The bright fall colors in the flowers contrast nicely with the white pumpkins and gourds. The pop of copper and gold metallic is a nice addition.

I hope you like this project and would consider making this DIY pumpkin wreath for yourself. Please PIN so you have the instructions.

Thank you so much for visiting Bluesky at Home. I’m so glad you are here.

I hope that you will PIN this fall pumpkin wreath project.

how to make a DIY pumpkin wreath
how to make a DIY pumpkin wreath
how to make a DIY pumpkin wreath

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  1. This is gorgeous Carol! I love that you switched this around and brought the bright colours in the florals vs. pumpkins. So fun!

  2. Carol, your diy wreath pops with fall color! The final touch of wrapping the door hanger was such a good idea. You could use a wrapped wreath hanger anytime you want that extra bit of visual color and texture. I’m going to remember this tip. Pinned!

  3. Very cute for fall Carol! A Styrofoam ring base, wrapped in burlap ribbon was the base of my recent DIY Wine Cork Wreath. It’s fun to see all the different projects and ideas shared in the craft hop.

  4. Carol, I love your combination of white pumpkins and colorful florals in your gorgeous wreath! Pinned & tweeted! Blessings, Cecilia @My Thrift Store Addiction

  5. Carol, you’ve designed a beautiful fall wreath! I can see why it’s your favorite. I love the colorful florals paired with the white pumpkins. The metallic stems add just the right amount of bling. It looks lovely against your front door. It was fun crafting with you again, my friend!

  6. Carol, Your pumpkin wreath is so colorful and such a happy and bright departure from the typical fall wreath! Love your addition of the bright flowers! Happy to be hopping with you again, Happy Fall ♥

  7. This is so pretty, I love how sophisticated the pumpkins turned out. What a shame they were individually wrapped in plastic, you’d think manufacturers would have stopped that by now! At least you have made something beautiful with them that will last for year.

    1. Hi, Julie. I’m not sure why they thought to necessary to wrap each pumpkin separately. Just more to unwrap and put in the trash.

  8. Love so many things in how you created this one—covering that wreath was one I’ll take with me. Happy hopping!

  9. Carol, I am not sure if I love your “picked” flowers or the adorable little pumpkins more!
    Your wreath is so beautiful, and the tutorial is so easy to follow.
    Thank you for joining the hop this week and sharing this beautiful wreath.

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