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Festive Halloween Decorations for Your Entry

If you decorate your home for Halloween, then I have some festive Halloween decorations for your entry. Trick or treaters will appreciate your holiday home.

We all love to adorn our homes with festive Halloween decorations. Your entry is a great place to get in the Halloween spirit. Guests, or trick or treaters, will know that your home is ready for Halloween.

Whether you are a youngster, a teenager, or a grown~up, Halloween brings out the kid in us. I may not don a costume or carry a trick or treat bag, but I do love getting in the mood for the holiday by giving our entry a Halloween look.

Ready to see ideas for using festive Halloween decorations for your entry? Let’s get started.

Welcome to a New Blog Hop

I’m so excited to introduce you to a new blog hop ~ the first one that I’ve ever hosted. Our monthly theme is Celebrate the Holiday. Every month a group of bloggers and I will share something special for you pertaining to an upcoming holiday or special event.

We might share a decoration idea for your home, a DIY project, a tablescape, a party idea or a recipe. The doors are wide open as long as it works for our holiday theme.

This month we’re kicking off Celebrate the Holiday with Halloween. I know we’ve just passed Labor Day, but Halloween will be here before you know it. We want you to have some awesome Halloween ideas.

If you are joining me from Simply2Moms. Anne and AnneMarie are the sweetest and they have a super cute decoration for you.

Now let’s get started with the first month of Celebrate the Holiday and my contribution ~ some festive Halloween Decorations for your entry. My goal is to give you the inspiration to create your own Halloween entry.

For this festive Halloween decor in our entry, I used both longtime decorations and new DIY projects.

I’m going to take you through decorating the entry from start to finish. After I first decorated the entry for early fall for a few weeks, it was time to transition to late fall.

I brought in black and white decorations. This charger was originally made for a fall tablescape.

black and white fall entry

Festive Halloween decorations for our entry begin with a blank slate. The first step I took was to remove everything from the commode in our entry. I did leave the wood slice wreath in place.

black and white fall entry

Decorating the Halloween Entry ~ Part 1

I decided to cover the top of the commode with my burlap tablecloth. You could use a piece of burlap or a runner that you have on hand.

black and white fall entry

If you saw my DIY Halloween decorations, you’ll recognize several of these festive Halloween decorations.

The first one I added was the spooky cat I made. I used jute twine to hang it to the wood slice wreath with the black and white bow.

Halloween decorations spooky cat for your entry

Next, I used the Halloween charger that I made. After Sweet Shark and I brought in all our boxes of Halloween decorations, I found one more white pumpkin and added it. I love the contrast between the white and black.

 Halloween Decorations f

I also found the small hay bales that I bought last year. The gilded pumpkin was a recent DIY project.

TIP: Don’t take the plastic off the hay bales. Your surface will stay much neater. Then, you can reuse the hay bales. I reused them last year on the nightstands in our blue and gold fall bedroom.

 Halloween Decorations for Your Entry with black charger and white pumpkin

A small Halloween owl fits tucked in the hay bales. Then I added one of the witches from our collection.

This Halloween vignette on the right side of our commode was finished. Now I needed to create one on the left to balance it.

Halloween Decorations for Your Entry with black charger and white pumpkin and witch

Decorating the Halloween Entry ~ Part 2

On the other side of the commode, I used two of my favorite witches. I like that one is standing and one is sitting.

Halloween witches

Next, I added my DIY ghost and painted white pumpkins. This left side of the counter is starting to balance the right side of the commode.

Halloween decorations in entry

When I bought my wood signs at Dollar Tree, I also found these black candles ~ perfect for Halloween decorations for your entry.

Halloween decorations in entry

That completed the festive Halloween decorations for our entry.

Halloween decorations in entry

Here you can watch the video tutorial to make all these Halloween decorations.

Halloween decorations in entry

Halloween Embellishments in the Entry

At our front door, I added the floor mat that I chose last year from Wayfair.

Halloween mat

Another witch hangs on our front door handle.

Halloween witch door hanger

Remember our fall yard sign? I replaced the original fall signs I made with the 3 new Halloween signs for our hay bales. The black and white check shawl was the perfect backdrop for the Halloween signs and black and white pumpkins.

Halloween wood sign

In our Halloween stash, I found a black and gold garland. It added some shiny texture to the mostly matte finishes in this Halloween vignette.

Halloween wood sign decoration

Your Halloween Entry at Night

Halloween at night is especially festive. Our torchiere lamps glow amber for an eerie look.

Halloween decorations at night

The Dollar Tree candles add to the spooky atmosphere.

Halloween candle decorations at night

There is a warm and cozy glow when you come into our entry. Don’t forget the candles!!!

Halloween decorations at night

That’s our festive Halloween decorations for our entry.

Halloween Vignette Tips

  • combine your old and new Halloween decorations
  • make some new DIY Halloween decorations to give your decor a custom and personal feel
  • when creating vignettes, think in groups of like items, in terms of shape, size and color
  • bring in collections that you have: witches, ghosts, goblins, scarecrows, jack-o-lanterns
  • remember balance
  • contrast shape and color

If you want to keep our festive Halloween decorations for your entry inspiration, please PIN this post.

Have fun decorating your entry for Halloween. Below you will find the list of all my blogging friends. Next up is Kim of Perfecting Places and her Halloween table. Kim and I met at Haven for the first time and she is a sweetheart.

pin for later graphic in blue
festive halloween decorations in the entry
celebrate the holiday graphic

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  1. Your entryway looks perfectly spooky! I love decorating for Halloween too. If you’d like to add another blogger to your monthly hop, I would love to join you all. Thanks for sharing with us on Crafty Creators!

  2. Carol, I love all of your fun Halloween decorations. Such a great way to decorate your entry! Thanks for hosting and organizing the blog hop.

  3. Thanks so much for organizing this super fun blog hop Carol. I love how you decorated your entryway for Halloween. And it looks so cool at night! Pinned

  4. Carol you are party ready with these cute ideas for a Halloween entryway. I may have to steal that cute witch on your doorknob. Such a fun blog hop my friend, and I love what everyone is sharing! Thanks for inviting me!

  5. Carol your entry is perfectly spooky! Love your tips for achieving this look and so thankful you invited me to join your hop. So much wonderful inspiration. Pinned!

  6. Carol, you have so many great Halloween ideas for the entryway! I especially love the gilded polka dot pumpkin and wood slice wreath! They add such fun touches! Thank you so much for hosting our new blog hop! I’m so excited to be hopping along with you!

  7. Hi Carol –
    Thanks so much for hosting this fun blog hop! I’m enjoying decorating for Halloween much more than I thought I would.

    I’m loving all of your Halloween decor to welcome people into your front entry.

  8. Thanks for hosting all of us, Carol! And your entryway looks so perfect for Halloween. I am in love with that wood slice wreath added to it all…and gold polka dots…so cute!