Easy Dollar Tree Fall Yard Art

Want a simple DIY project to welcome in the fall season? Signs make fun fall decorations. How about an easy Dollar Tree fall yard art sign?

Do you like to shop at Dollar Tree or other dollar stores? It’s easy to pick up cute decor and supplies for any season, holiday or event at Dollar Tree. You definitely can’t beat the price, especially for a fall yard art sign.

Dollar Tree and other dollar stores can also provide inspiration for your own DIY creativity.

I have a new fall yard art idea that you can make quickly. It is a project that can be used in a few ways ~ in your yard or elsewhere.

I bet you have seen things at Dollar Tree and thought, “I can make something with that”.

That’s what happened when I made a trip to Dollar Tree for unrelated purchases. I saw a fall yard art sign and knew I could make it.

Fall Yard Art Signs: Easy Dollar Tree Project

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Don’t forget to shop your fall supplies at Dollar Tree.

Inspiration for Fall Yard Art Sign

When I shop at the craft and home decor stores, I often get inspiration just by walking down the aisles. At Dollar Tree, I saw these cute fall yard art signs. The style wasn’t exactly my style.

Dollar tree Fall yard art signs

The parts of this Dollar Tree yard art were basically small painted and stenciled wood signs and a stick. I knew it could be replicated easily and with minimal expense. I was already at Dollar Tree so I just kept shopping.

Dollar Tree Wood Signs

As I walked down another aisle, I found some small wood signs. The DIY bell went off in my head. I would use them to make my own fall yard art sign.

Dollar Tree fall yard art signs

The wood signs were about 7 3/4 inches X 4 1/4 inches. Three signs would make a nice size fall yard art sign.

Do you like easy DIY projects? Me too. Let me show you how easy it is to make this fall yard art sign.

Preparing the Signs for the Yard Art

Step 1 ~ At home, I removed the jute hangers.

Dollar Tree fall yard art signs

Step 2 ~ Because these signs are raw wood, I first lightly sanded the surface and edges.

sanding Dollar Tree fall yard art signs

Painting the Wood Signs

I had a vision of what I wanted my fall yard art to look like. It involved paint and stencils.

Step 3 ~ Next, I painted the wood signs using Rescue Restore paint in Biscuits & Gravy. This chalk paint is my favorite paint for DIY and craft projects.

You can use any chip brush for this step.

paint and ChalkArt for Dollar Tree fall yard art signs

Since these signs would be fall yard art and outside, I gave the wood signs two coats of Rescue Restore paint. The paint dries in about 20 minutes.

painting Dollar Tree fall yard art signs

Adding Fall Designs to the Yard Art Signs

To add seasonal fall designs to my yard art, I used a brand new tri~mesh stencil from A Makers’ Studio, Farm Fresh Pumpkins. This darling stencil has 6 individual designs.

Dollar Tree fall yard art stencils

I would use 3 of these designs, one for each wood sign.

Step 4 ~ Cut out the stencils that you want to use. There are white lines to guide you.

Dollar Tree fall yard art stencils

Step 5 ~ Place the adhesive~backed stencil on the wood sign and smooth it down.

TIP: Use Frog Tape painter’s tape on areas that you don’t want to apply ChalkArt.

For my fall yard art signs I used ChalkArt in Mind Your Own Business (orange) and Preaching to the Choir (black).

Dollar Tree fall yard art stencils and ChalkArt
Dollar Tree fall yard art stencils and ChalkArt

Step 6 ~ Using a plastic scraper, apply the ChalkArt by scraping it across the surface of the stencil.

Step 7 ~ Gently pull back and remove the stencil from the wood sign.

Dollar tree fall stencil signs

Set aside to dry and repeat with the other 2 signs.

For my last fall yard art sign, I also used our Alphabet 1 to spell F~A~L~L.

Here are all 3 of my wood signs.

Dollar tree fall stencil signs


Step 8 ~ I needed something to turn my 3 small wood signs into a yard art sign. In our garage, I found this plant support made of bamboo.

wood stand for Dollar tree fall yard art

Using this plant support meant I didn’t have to use glue to attach my signs to a tall stick. I easily wrapped the jute hangers of the 3 signs around the horizontal supports.

Dollar tree fall yard art

STEP 9 ~ Find the right place for your yard art. This yard art sign can go in several places in our yard.

NOTE: I do plan to apply a sealer for the wood yard art signs.

When the weather becomes more fallish ~ raining or windy, I’ll bring the fall yard art sign inside.

Do you like this sign? Would you make it? It was easy, took just about an hour to make, and I think it’s so cute.

Dollar tree fall yard art

Wouldn’t your neighbors enjoy seeing this sign in your yard?

More Stencil Sign Ideas

Want more instruction on how to use stencils? Check out these tutorials:

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pin for later graphic in blue
signature with fall leaf

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  1. What a darling Autumn decoration you’ve created! Stencils are just the best, aren’t they? And if you can use items from Dollar Tree and your garage to create something so pretty, so much the better!

    Thanks so much for joining the Grace at Home party at Imparting Grace. I’m featuring you this week!

  2. This is such a cute project, Carol, and a great Fall yard art sign! Can you believe were nearing fall already?!? I also usually go into the Dollar Tree for other things, and always leave with more than I intended on. They have really stepped it up and have a lot more decor and crafts now a days.

    Thanks for linking up and sharing this post with us on our Embracing Home and Family link-up party. We hope you join us again this Friday for more inspiration!


  3. Carol, I am a big fan of dollar store projects and I love how your yard sign turned out! Pinned and I’ll be sharing on IG later today, too! Blessings, Cecilia @My Thrift Store Addiction

  4. Carol, your new stencils are so cute! I love the truck full of pumpkins. My stepdad grows pumpkins and these would be the perfect signs for his garden. They look great attached to the bamboo plant support. It’s always a pleasure hopping with you!

  5. So cute, Carol! Isn’t it fun to see something and then put your own creative twist on it! You found the cutest little shapes for your signs, and the stenciling is perfect! Thanks for sharing!

  6. Carol, what an oh-so-cute fall project with easy-to-follow instructions. You always find the neatest stencils! I still have yet to do a stencil craft, but when I do I’ll follow your directions. Thought using the bamboo garden support was especially clever.

  7. Carol, these came out so well! If I had that bamboo ladder, it would never see a climbing plant! I hit our local DT this week and got the red truck (my fave!) with pumpkins on a stick (and put it in a big pot of impatiens) and another with a jute hanger (on my front door); wasn’t up for a DIY this time!

  8. This is darling Carol! You are likely to have people come knocking on your door looking to buy pumpkins 😂 I love the signs displayed on your ladder like plant support stand, what a great idea! The stencils are super cute, great fall decor!

  9. So adorable and what a great idea to use the bamboo! Absolutely love this! Thanks so much for sharing. Pinned!

  10. Carol that mesh stencil looks easy to use. Your trio of signs on the bamboo structure makes a cute front porch display. I like that you can place it in the ground or leaning up against a door or wall.

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