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Simple Fall Mantel Decorating Ideas

Do you decorate your mantel for fall? I hope so because it’s fall mantel decorating day. I’m sharing my brand new simple fall mantel decorating ideas.

We all look forward to summer, but I bet everyone is really looking forward to fall. Cooler days envigorate us in many ways and one of them is by decorating for a new season. These simple fall mantel decorating ideas will give you a little push to get out the pumpkins and fall colors.

Today is Day 2 of my Autumn in August week. Yesterday I shared 3 easy DIY decorating projects. Today is all about a simple fall mantel. Check back later in the week for more fall goodies.

When should you decorate for autumn? Anytime you want to. When you are ready to put summer aside and fill your home with things that make you feel in the mood for fall.

How do I decorate my mantel in the fall? As easily as possible, using as many things as I can that I already have. Our mantels (or a facsimile of one) are a prime place to decorate for any season or holiday. Their size, width, and the fact that they have a large flat surface make them the perfect decorating focal point.

Can you walk into any room and not see the fireplace?

Simple Fall Mantel Inspiration

Why am I sharing a fall mantel decorating idea today? Because it’s that time of year. Time to transition from summer to fall.

This beautiful simple fall mantel from Janelle Trinette is my inspiration. Janelle really knows how to create a fall mantel.

fall mantel inspiration

This simple fall mantel was perfect for me. This year, I had already decided to go for a soft and neutral fall mantle.

Here are two previous fall mantels you will like:

Inspiration Elements of the Fall Mantel

What elements do I see in Janelle’s fall mantel?

  • large apothecary jar with fall foliage
  • 4 candlesticks with pumpkins on top
  • lantern
  • large sign

Now, remember that this is an inspiration fall mantel. Our challenge is to take the elements we like, or have on hand, and create our own version of a fall mantel. That’s exactly what I did.

Elements for My Simple Fall Mantel

What did I have on hand to use for my fall mantel?

You do shop your house first, right?

  • a large apothecary jar
  • 4 tall wood candlesticks
  • 4 natural-looking pumpkins ~ 2 craft paper ones from Hobby Lobby that I found in my stash from last year and never used
  • 2 twig pumpkins that I’ve had forever
  • fall florals

In another one of Janelle’s designs on her post, she used a large wood slice. I had one so I added that to the fall mantel.

Get Your Design a Dynamic Fall Mantel in 5 Easy Steps. This Printable will give you ideas for styling a mantel and the steps to achieve it.

First Steps to Designing a Simple Fall Mantel

The first step to designing a fall mantel is always to clear it off of everything. You need a clean slate to begin any decorating project. I also dust off the mantel.

white mantel

We keep all our fall decor in the garage. Hats off to Sweet Shark who agreed to help go through our 8 or 9 bins of fall decorations to find just the things I needed. We went through all the bins and I picked out what I needed for the fall mantel.

Did I mention it was 90+ degrees in the garage?

I brought in the pumpkins, florals, and a bag of fall balls in different textures. I put everything on the coffee table.

The tall wood candlesticks were the first thing I added to the mantel. The taller ones I brought back from Atlanta in May. The more simple ones I bought locally a few years ago.

Don’t worry. Our Tarkay painting will be coming down.

candlesticks on fall mantel

Next, I added the pumpkins. Just to let you know, they won’t all stay in this arrangement.

netural pumpkins on candlesticks on fall mantel

The Fall Apothecary Jar

I love my apothecary jars. I have several, but I chose the biggest one because our mantel and fireplace area are wide and tall.

First, I filled the jar with a bunch of neutral-colored and textured balls. I bought these at Pier 1 years ago; they are always used somewhere in my fall decorating.

glass jar with fall colored balls

I knew that I didn’t have the fall florals I needed at home, so I stopped at Hobby Lobby on the way home from tennis. I tried to find the most neutral colors I could ~ nothing too bright.

I bought 6 picks for a total of $21.55, which was 40% off.

I used my clippers to cut down a few picks and stuck them in balls in the jar. The balls made them stand up.

Obviously, the florals need a little tweaking. Notice also that there is now only one candlestick. The painting is also gone. We hung my teak leftover table leaf on the wall above the mantel.

I pulled out and fluffed up the floral stems. I also added two pieces of floral vine that I already had. Much better don’t you think?

neutral pumpkin on candlestick with flal florals in glass jar on fall mantel

Decorating the Right Side of the Mantel

The large candlestick with a large pumpkin and the large apothecary jar provided plenty of visual weight on the left side of the mantel. To balance it, I used three candlesticks on the right side.

The large wood slice got tucked in behind the candlesticks. I love to use my burlap~covered books in the fall. The neutral color and texture are just right this time of year.

I also added my vintage grain scoop for whimsy, color, and texture. A couple of floral picks in my stash added just a little pop of fall color to balance the left side of the mantel.

netural pumpkins on candlesticks on fall mantel

Fall Garland

The mantel needed some finishing touches.

When I was at Hobby Lobby, noticed a ready-made garland that I knew I could recreate easily at home. I needed just a few supplies to add to what I already had on hand.

The garland added the perfect finishing touch in terms of colors, textures and design.

burlap and fabric garland on fall mantel

Here is how to make the garland. It was so easy and fun to do (while watching your favorite movie).

New Wreath for the Fall Mantel

I have used my grapevine wreath so many times. It’s the gift that keeps on giving.

Since I had plenty of leftover fabric from the garland project, I tied strips together to add to the grapevine wreath. The burlap bow was already there from an earlier wreath design.

We attached it to the teak backdrop with jute twine. This was the fastest wreath to make ever!

fall rustic wreath on mantel
fall rustic wreath on mantel

Simple Fall Mantel Reveal

Here is the entire fall mantel in all its glory.

What you may notice is that it has an asymmetrical arrangement, but it is still balanced. The left and right sides create a V which pulls your eye into the center of the mantel.

simple fall mantel

I think this simple fall mantel will be a great transition from summer to deep fall. What do you think?

Want to keep this mantle project for your fall inspiration? Please PIN this fall mantel to your Pinterest boards.

pin for later graphic in blue
signature with fall leaf

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  1. I love your mantel, Carol! The florals you found tucked in with the woven balls has that wow factor!! So pretty and perfect as we drop into autumn.

    Enjoy decorating for the season,
    Barb 🙂

  2. Carol your fall mantel is so unique! Brilliant idea to use a leaf from your teak table as a backdrop to the wreath! Those florals look amazing!

  3. Your arrangement is so lovely, Carol… love that floral arrangement, especially! Thanks for showing us how to re-create this in our own homes. 🙂

  4. Your fall mantel turned out lovely, Carol! I love the DIY elements you incorporated, like the wreath and garland. I know what it’s like going through those bins of fall decor, but isn’t it nice to repurpose cherished pieces in new ways each year?

  5. Love your mantel. The fall floral arrangement is stunning and such a nice treat to share step by step on how you put it all together.

  6. HI Carol
    Okay I love the floral arrangements. You have a great eye! And I love the garland. It looks so good and everything looks better in an apothecary jar!
    Happy Day friend! laura in Colorado