How to Make a DIY Fabric and Burlap Banner


Fall decorating is heating up. With so many possible fall projects to make, how about a DIY fabric and burlap banner? Banners are a great way to add fall decor to many spaces in your home.

Whether you call it a banner or garland, this decor item is so versatile. A DIY fabric and burlap banner is easy to make and very inexpensive.

Banners are especially effective on fireplaces because they can be strung across the mantel. They add color, textures, patterns, and the overall design.

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How to Make an Easy Fabric and Burlap Banner

I made this fabric and burlap banner for my brand new fall mantel. I think it’s the perfect finishing touch.

How do you make a fabric and burlap banner? Now, I’m going to show you how.

Today is Creative Craft Day. Several of my crafty friends and I are sharing our latest projects. The list is at the end of the post, so be sure to drop by and see the awesome ideas.


I’ve made many banners for different seasons and events. Here are a couple:

This new DIY fabric and burlap fall banner has a totally different look. It’s probably also the easiest one I’ve ever made.


Last week when I was shopping for florals for my fall mantel at Hobby Lobby, I walked down aisles just to browse. I spied a cute burlap and fabric banner.

balck and white check burlap banner

On closer inspection, I could see how the fabric and burlap were attached together. Strips of fabric and burlap were loosely looped around thin twine. How easy is that?

I immediately knew this would be an easy banner to make.

I loved the check fabric, but I didn’t want black and white for my fall mantel. Why not change the fabric to a pattern and color I liked?


This fall banner only requires 3 supplies:

  • fabric of choice ~ 1, 2, or 3 different patterns
  • burlap ~ already on hand, but here is an option
  • jute twine ~ already on hand

Since I was at Hobby Lobby, I walked over to the fabric area. Honestly, I had trouble finding a color and pattern I liked. Finally, I found three fabrics: a brown and black check, a taupe and white check, and an overall leaf pattern.

I bought 1/4 yard of each. Each piece was $1.50.

The inspiration banner used very thin twine. At home, I knew that I had a thicker jute twine. I also had 10 burlap placemats that I had made years ago that I could use for my banner.

fall fabric, jute twine, and burlap


I started by measuring the width of our mantel, which was 76 inches. This was before I started decorating the mantel.

Then I opened the jute twine package. I measured out 76 inches. Next, I added extra inches for tying the banner to the mantel and a little bit of slack for the banner. Just to be sure, I cut off an extra 25 inches.


To start, I cut 1~inch strips from the burlap placemats. I didn’t measure but just eyeballed it. I got 10 strips from one placemat.

strips of burlap

At first, I planned to use my pinking shears to cut both the burlap and fabric. After a few cuts, I decided it would be easier to use my sharp sewing scissors.

Each piece of fabric was 9 inches long, which was perfect for making the banner. Again, I cut 1~inch strips of each fabric. Not knowing how many strips I would need, I cut the entire piece of fabric on the fold. I got about 45 ~ 48 strips from each piece of fabric.

strips of fall fabric


Now I had all three of my supplies and I was ready to start looping the fabric and burlap on the jute twine.

I began by adding the burlap strips. All you have to do is make a loose loop around the jute twine. Don’t pull tight because you want to be able to move and adjust the burlap and the fabric.

I took this picture before I cut off my length of jute twine.

jute twine with burlap loop

I added about 30 strips of burlap to the jute twine. Then I looped one strip of fabric in between two burlap loops. I alternated the three different fabrics.

Next, I repeated the pattern. When I finished filling in the fabric strips between all the burlap, I pushed the loops together for a tight fit.

I had plenty of fabric strips, but I did have to cut more burlap strips. I continued until I had covered the length of the jute twine, leaving about 12 inches on each end.

NOTE: I wanted a tight fit for my fabric and burlap loops, but you could definitely spread them out more if you wanted.


With the 12 inches of jute twine on each end, I looped the ends of the banner around the large candlesticks.

jute twine tied to candlestick

Finally, I adjusted and fluffed the fabric and burlap loops across the width of the mantel.

fabric and burlap banner on mantel
fabric and burlap banner

Was this a fast DIY project? Not exactly. Cutting the strips of fabric and burlap didn’t take long. The time~consuming part was looping the strips onto the jute twine. This is a great time to watch your favorite Netflix show. I watched three episodes of Virgin River.

It was really easy and very inexpensive with a big payback. My total cost was $4.87 for the fabric, including tax. If you had to buy jute twine and burlap, the cost would be more, but still a bargain of a project.

I had plenty of fabric strips leftover. Not wanting to waste any and needing some embellishment for my wreath, I tied several strips together and added them to the grapevine wreath.

grapevine wreath with burlap bow and fabric

My new fall banner and fall mantel were complete. I think it added just the right touch of natural, rustic, and farmhouse vibe to the entire fall mantel and fireplace.

fall mantel with fabric and burlap banner

I will definitely find a use for the rest fo the fabric strips.

The nice thing about this project is that you can totally change the look for other seasons or holidays. Just purchase different fabrics. Then you can remove the fall fabric and replace it with Halloween, Thanksgiving, Christmas or a patriotic holiday fabric.

I truly hope that you’ll PIN this fall banner project. I think it’s a great one. even kids could make it.

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  1. Great project! I had to smile when I saw your burlap placemats. For my daughter’s wedding 2 years ago, I bought 12″ wide rolls of burlaps and fringed the edges of 160 placemats! I STILL can’t believe I did that. I found the “straight” of the burlap by pulling one string and cut the placemats apart on that line. These strings became tassels on later pointed end table runners! It was a lovely outdoor farmhouse (tent for the rain!) wedding with hay bales, sunflowers, purple accessories, and bouquets in Mason jars. I have been on a garland-making rampage for the last year; when I sell them in my booth, I include 2 pearl headed pins; they make a tiny hole in sheetrock and making hanging the garland EASY!

  2. Your mantel with the burlap banner looks perfect for Fall Carol! I love the soft colors and texture your clever garland adds and the repetition of the fabric added to the wreath really ties everything together. Even if it’s still hot and humid outside, we can have a touch of Fall inside! Lovely~

  3. This is fabulous Carol; I just love the combination of neutral colours you’re decorating with! It’s projects like this that make me wish we had a mantle; it must be so fun to decorate it each season!

  4. It’s always lots of fun to get inspired and re-create something we saw and admired! I remember seeing that garland at HL and liked it very much! I love how you handcrafted yours, Carol! It looks perfect for Fall and quite lovely on your mantel! Your family and friends will surely love it!

  5. Great job on your fall mantel, very nice!
    I like the way the garland is snugged in
    front and does not extend across the
    whole front of your mantel, much better
    to look at with the rest of your design.
    I am having a blush color going on with
    my Christmas this year, thinking of the stairs
    and replace the green garlands. I am glad
    I read your lovely post today.

  6. Super cute Carol! I love your banner and mantel. The texture of the burlap works so well with your candle holders and neutral elements on your mantel to transition into fall. So smart to repurpose those placemats for your banner.

  7. I saw the same garland in Hobby Lobby and tucked it away in my brain for a future project. You beat me to it! I love the fabrics that you chose and your mantel looks beautiful. Thanks for sharing at Vintage Charm. xo Kathleen

  8. I haven’t decorated my mantel yet this year but your post have given me inspiration to make a new garland for it. I already had scrap fabric to use up so it is perfect timing. Thanks for sharing your idea and your mantel is lovely this year. #HomeMattersParty

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