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7 DIY Paint and Stencil Halloween Decorations

Are you ready to decorate for Halloween? I have some super cute DIY paint and stencil Halloween decorations.

Halloween decorations are so much fun for ghosts and witches of all ages. Making DIY paint and stencil Halloween decorations will give your home a high dose of trick-or-treat fun.

Kids will be trick-or-treating in full force this year. This cherished holiday tradition is continuing as usual. Halloween is still one of the most fun holidays on our calendar.

I love creating a few DIY Halloween decorations myself. These DIY paint and stencil Halloween decorations will add to the scare factor in any room in your home.

Guess what? You can watch me demonstrate some of these Halloween decorations on the A Makers’ Studio Facebook Page.

We have been collecting ghosts, goblins, witches, and scarecrows for years. Every year I like to create a few new DIY Halloween decorations. I’m excited to share this year’s creations with you. These are so easy that trick-or-treaters could make them.

I made 7 new DIY decorations. Six of the pieces I used for these Halloween decorations came from Dollar Tree; so that is $6. The other one came from Target for $3. Right there, I spent less than $10.

The paint and stencils that I used for the 6 Dollar Tree pieces came from A Makers’ Studio. We’ll start with those.

This post contains affiliate links to products used in these projects. If you should order any product from this site, I may receive compensation, but you do not buy a penny more.

Paint and Stencil Supplies

I used 3 kinds of paint for these projects:

Paint and Stencil Halloween Decorations

For stencils, I used 2 Halloween stencils from A Makers’ Studio. “EEK” and “BOO”.

You will also need:

  • paper towels for cleaning up
  • spray bottle with water
  • paintbrushes
  • plastic scraper (A Makers’ Studio)
  • stirrer for paint
  • Frog Tape

DIY Halloween Ghost

This cute little ghost was raw wood on a stand. I lightly sanded “him” and used painter’s tape to tape off the ghost from the stand. I first painted the ghost with 2 coats of the Bauhaus Buff. Then I moved the tape and painted the base black.

What do ghosts say? BOO! I used just the letters from the BOO stencil and ChalkArt in Preaching to the Choir. Then I taped a piece of black paper on the back of the ghost for his eyes and mouth.

Super easy!!

Spooky Black Cat

I also found a cat and pumpkin wood cutout.

Paint and Stencil Halloween Decorations

I removed the twine hanger and painted the cat black with Rescue Restore Little Black Dress.

Paint and Stencil Halloween Decorations

I painted the pumpkin with Pick a Pepper and Mind Your Own Business. Using a small brush, I painted the pumpkin’s eyes, nose, and mouth black with Little Black Dress.

Black cats are Spooky so I used that stencil and ChalkArt in Mind Your Manners.

The cat’s eyes, nose, and mouth became gold with a piece of scrapbook paper from my paper stash.

Paint and Stencil Halloween Signs

You may remember that I made a Fall Yard Art Sign. I moved it inside for our Black and White Fall Entry. Fortunately, on another shopping trip, I found similar signs again at Dollar Tree for my Halloween decorations.

I first removed the twine hangers. Then I lightly sanded the wood signs. After I applied 2 coats of Bauhaus Buff, the signs were ready for stenciling.

I used ChalkArt in Preaching to the Choir and Mind Your Manners on the stencils. Here’s one example.

Paint and Stencil Halloween Decorations

I love how these turned out.

A Paint and Stenciled Charger Used as a Sign

You might remember this charger project I first made for a fall tablescape.

Paint and Stencil Halloween Decorations

I used one of these chargers for our fall entry. I decided to reuse the other one for our Halloween entry.

ChalkArt can be easily removed with water (that’s where the spray bottle comes in) and paper towels. Next, I applied a new Halloween stencil, Happy Halloween, using Peace & Joy. (I demonstrate this on the Facebook video.)

Paint and Stencil Halloween Decorations

Gilded Halloween

I’ve mentioned I love gilding and I’ve shared some gilding projects with you.

This last project started with a random orange pumpkin from the Target Dollar Spot.

Supplies for a Gilded Pumpkin

Here is what you need for this project:

My small spray tent was still set up in the garage so I pulled it outside onto the driveway. I still had Krylon Spray paint in White Gloss that would work to cover the orange.

First, I used Frog Tape to protect the pumpkin stem for painting.

Paint and Stencil Halloween Decorations

Then, it was easy to paint the pumpkins.

Next I made paper circles in 2 sizes with a punch and used them to draw circles on the pumpkin. I’m not sure how well you can see the circles.

I applied the Gilding Size inside the circle with a small brush and let it come to tack for about 5 minutes.

Paint and Stencil Halloween Decorations

Now, I applied the Copper Leaf to the circles. Then I repeated the process on the stem of the pumpkin.

I was doing a few of these projects all at once and forgot to take pictures of the pumpkin project.

EEK! Here’s the finished project:

Paint and Stencil Halloween Decorations

Be sure to check out these projects for gilding how~to.

Finished Paint and Stencil Halloween Decorations

Here are all my fun paint and stencil Halloween decorations.

Be sure to check out the video tutorial of these Halloween projects on the A Maker’s Studio Facebook Page. You will learn so much about making similar Halloween projects for your own holiday decorations.

I’ll be sharing lots more Halloween projects in the coming weeks. Until then, I would love for your to PIN and save these projects.

Paint and Stencil Halloween Decorations
Paint and Stencil Halloween Decorations
Paint and Stencil Halloween Decorations

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  1. These are such cute ideas! I’m sharing it in my weekend round up post From My Neck of the Woods on Sunday. My followers will love these ideas and your blog!

  2. Hi Carol –
    So many great ideas! Thank you for sharing them with us. I am inspired to go paint and stencil my own Halloween decor.

  3. So many cute Halloween ideas! My favorite is the wooden signs and black plates. Thanks for stopping in and sharing at the Home Imagined party.

  4. Great projects! And a great assortment! Please send me some of your ambition! I got a fall garland made and have stuck a pair of skeleton hands (DT) into an still outdoor house plant so far!