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Blue and Gold Bedroom Decor for Fall

Do you change the style of your master bedroom with the seasons? I like to update our bedroom with the season for interest. This year, I styled a blue and gold bedroom decor for fall.

Since we spend so much time in our bedrooms, I want ours to look pretty and in keeping with the current season.

The predominant color of our bedroom is blue, but the shades change with the seasons. For fall, I want the blue to be deeper and stronger. As a complementary color, I choose golden hues.

Why did I decide to use shades of gold? Because the bedding for blue and gold bedroom decor for fall was sitting right under my nose.


This week is Pinterest Challenge. Our hostess Cindy of CountyRoad 407 chose a lovely fall bedroom as our inspiration.

Unfortunately, Cindy’s son was involved in a motorcycle accident last Friday (Please put him on your prayer list.). Cindy is with him in the hospital so my good friend Paula of Virginia Sweet Pea is handling hostess duties this week.

If you are joining me from Lora of Lora B. Create and Ponder, then thank you for hopping over.

The list of participating bloggers is at the end of this post.

Our lovely fall bedroom inspiration comes from Courtney of Golden Boys and Me. I love Courtney’s soft shades of orange and the shelf above her bed. Unfortunately, I don’t have a shelf above our bed and I don’t have any shades of orange to use in our bedroom.

Fortunately, our Pinterest Challenge is for inspiration and we can interpret the images as we like. Courtney does use pale blues, so I’m just intensifying the color.

Blue and Gold Bedroom Decor for Fall


This past July, my older daughter and son were in town. I asked them to help me rearrange the closet in our large guest room as a place designated for my extra home decor accesories and fabric.

Since we moved into our home 8 years ago, Sweet Shark had used the closet for all his golf clothes with a little space left for me. I convinced him that the smaller closet in the grandkids’ guest room would serve him well. He agreed so we added an extra hanging bar for his golf shirts and shorts. That now gave me the much larger closet to use.

While the kids were helping me, they decided to clean out the linen closet in the upstairs guest bath. Out came things I have forgotten about, including the custom~made bedding for our bedroom when we moved in our present home. I had not used the bedding in a few years.

When I started thinking about restyling our bedroom for fall, I decided to bring out this bedding. The deeper shades of blue with pops of yellow~gold would be perfect for fall.


First, let me show you what our bedroom looked like over the spring and summer. You can see that the theme was blue and white.

Blue and Gold Bedroom Decor for Fall

The first step was removing all the bedding. Now that we have a new white headboard, I feel I have more leeway to use any colors I want. We love the white comforter so it’s staying.

You might also notice that I removed the blue pattern fabric from the cushion. Remember how I showed you how to make a no~sew cushion cover? The golden yellow of the original cushion cover would work with my vision.

Blue and Gold Bedroom Decor for Fall

Next, I removed the navy pillow covers from the three Euro pillow inserts. I put the original pillow covers on the inserts and placed them across the head of the bed.

Can you spot the “pumpkins” in the design?

Blue and Gold Bedroom Decor for Fall

I remember when shopping for bedroom fabric, I thought the abstract design had pumpkins in gold and blue. You might not think of the pattern and the colors as fall, but I think it has a fall~leaning vibe in a soft way.

Blue and Gold Bedroom Decor for Fall

Next came the pillow shams. This fabric has the deeper blues and the golds that bring the look together. It’s a strong pattern and a heavier fabric so it is only used for these two pillows.

Blue and Gold Bedroom Decor for Fall

We had a few yards of fabric leftover so I used some of it to make a boudoir pillow. See the “pumpkins”?

Blue and Gold Bedroom Decor for Fall

To bring in more blue and layering, I added a medium blue flannel throw. I made this by buying 4 yards of flannel and fringing the ends.

Blue and Gold Bedroom Decor for Fall

With the other leftover fabric, I made a topper for the bed. More color, pattern, and cozy layering.

Blue and Gold Bedroom Decor for Fall

We always have pillows on the bench (Courtney does have a bench in her fall bedroom.) for back support and decor. I first tried these pumpkin pillows. The colors are OK, but I didn’t quite like the look.

Blue and Gold Bedroom Decor for Fall

I moved the pumpkin pillows over to our wing chairs. The colors and the patterns work much better.

I had two more dark blue pillows. This look is much better.

Blue and Gold Bedroom Decor for Fall

The bedding for my blue and gold bedroom decor for fall was complete. I love how the color scheme continues from the head of the bed through to the cushion.


It is often the accessories that bring the elements of a room together. That is definitely true for our blue and gold fall bedroom accessories. This is when the real fall vibe comes in.

I first removed a potted plant and blue candle from the table between our two wing chairs in the bay window. The white books definitely needed to go.

Blue and Gold Bedroom Decor for Fall

I started the fall vignette by adding books in shades of brown and tan.

Blue and Gold Bedroom Decor for Fall

Sunflowers are the perfect flower for a fall design. The vase is an impulse buy from Target. I’m so glad I bought it. I love the style, size, and vertical design.

Blue and Gold Bedroom Decor for Fall

The glazed jars are from a local antique store. I bought them on a shopping trip a couple of years ago with guess who? Cindy of Country Road 407!

Blue and Gold Bedroom Decor for Fall

Next came a leaf plate filled with acorns. I picked them up last fall on our walks through the neighborhood and saved them in a zip~lock bag. I just hope Nola doesn’t discover them.

Blue and Gold Bedroom Decor for Fall

Our fall bedroom seating area is now complete.

Blue and Gold Bedroom Decor for Fall

On my nightstand, I created a vignette consisting of a painting with fall fruit and colors, a small hay bale, faux florals, and another pumpkin I made.

A dear friend’s mother, who was a founding member of our church, painted it. She and I also attended a year~long Bible study together. She was the first person to ask me if Sweet Shark and I were seeing each other. I bought the painting at an art sale at our church.

This dear lady passed away a few years ago and I treasure the painting.

Blue and Gold Bedroom Decor for Fall

If you saw my DIY project, making pumpkins with rope and twine, you’ll recognize this pumpkin. I had plenty of white rope left over so I made two more. This time I made a different stem by twisting wired twine around the rope.

Blue and Gold Bedroom Decor for Fall

On Sweet Shark’s nightstand, I repeated the pumpkin and the small hay bale. More faux fall florals filled a stone vase that I bought at an antique mall in McKinney, Texas last summer.

Blue and Gold Bedroom Decor for Fall
Blue and Gold Bedroom Decor for Fall

The last area to decorate in our bedroom for fall is the console table across from our bed. Courtney decorated a shelf above her bed. I used this console table for more fall bedroom accessories.

A combination of fall~themed accessories creates a simple arrangement:

  • wood beads ~ I made these a few years
  • books with brown bindings
  • multi~colored mini~pumpkins in a wire basket
  • faux gourds in an egg basket
  • golden leaf faux florals in a white~painted terra cotta vase
Blue and Gold Bedroom Decor for Fall

I had to include one last accessory. This one loves to pose.

Blue and Gold Bedroom Decor for Fall

Did you see any ideas you can use for your fall bedroom? My blue and gold bedroom decor for fall is done and we love it. Will you PIN it, please?

Blue and Gold Bedroom Decor for Fall
Blue and Gold Bedroom Decor for Fall
Blue and Gold Bedroom Decor for Fall

Please check out the fall bedrooms of my blogger friends, starting with Niky of The House on Silverado.

Blue and Gold Bedroom Decor for Fall

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  1. Love the color combo, Carol! Your bedroom is really lovely! We have a vintage wooden shelf over our bed and it’s great for seasonal vignettes. Maybe you’ll get one some day? What kind of dog is that, he/she is absolutely adorable!!!!!!!!! Thanks for sharing at Vintage Charm. xo Kathleen

  2. Carol, your Master Bedroom is so pretty! Your accessories are so lovely, too! That picture of your dog is so cute! So happy you got another dog to love! I think that every home needs a dog. They always bring us so much joy! Have a great week! Thanks for sharing with us. Your pictures are always so pretty. Your new phone takes great pictures!

  3. It is wonderful that you were able to use your old bedding for this challenge. I love that fabric and it was great that you had enough fabric left over to make a topper. Enjoy every single fall night in your beautifully decorated bedroom.

  4. I love the color combo of the blue and yellow! Your bedroom looks so welcoming. I can just imagine reading a book in your lovely sitting area. Pinned.
    Niky @ The House on Silverado