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How to Rearrange Halloween Decor for a Fresh Look

Halloween is a holiday that never gets old. Decorating your home for Halloween can, however, seem a little repetitive. The key to making it fresh doesn’t have to be buying new Halloween decorations every year. Let me show you how to rearrange Halloween decor for a fresh look.

I don’t know about you, but I don’t like to spend money if I don’t have to. It’s not just about the money. It’s also about storing all this stuff. That’s why I repurpose and rearrange both home decor and seasonal decorations.

Are you with me on this?

Have you ever worn the same outfit twice in a row? Maybe you just changed your jewelry or your shoes. Do you think anyone noticed? Probably not. They might even think how clever you are. The point is – you are getting more bang for your buck. What is old is new again.

If your home is already decorated for fall, you don’t want to take all your fall decorations down and start over for Halloween or Thanksgiving.

Your fall decorations can be the basis for Halloween or Thanksgiving decorations in a few weeks. All you have to do is rearrange your Halloween decor for a new look.

Adding your Halloween decor to your fall decorations and rearranging those witches and scarecrows from last year will give your Halloween decor a fresh look.

How to Rearrange Halloween Decor for a Fresh Look

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In order to see how I’ve tweaked previous year’s fall decor into Halloween decor, you might take a look at last year’s Halloween decorations.

Let’s Start at the Front Door

My front door hanger that I made a couple of years ago for fall is still in great shape so it is staying for one more year.

Halloween decorations

I can’t imagine Halloween and later Thanksgiving without our 2 scarecrows. Last year I used twice as many pumpkins in 3 different colors and a few mums to fill in.

Halloween decorations

This year, all I did for the first week of October is add scarecrows to the small fall front porch that I created last week.

small fall front porch ideas

The Entry

I gathered scarecrows, pumpkins and haunted houses together for this Halloween vignette to greet guests.

Halloween decorations

Rather than a wreath on the mirror that year, I made a sign with Rescue Restore paint, a script stencil and ChalkArt in Preaching to the Choir from A Maker’s Studio.

In previous years, the pumpkin and cat paper cutouts were attached to pinwheel fans hung from our breakfast room chandelier. I used super sticky 3M tape to attach the sign directly to the mirror.

In the evening, our torcheries and lit candles add a magical glow.

Halloween decorations

The Mantel

As I’ve mentioned before, the mantle is a natural focal point in any room. I didn’t take anything away from our fall mantle decorations. 

fall mantel

Adding Halloween decor to the existing fall decorations was easy.

Halloween decorations

Under the Fall Fun sign that I made with wood, burlap and stencils, I added a black “web~looking” fabric that is an oldie, but goodie. A garland of orange fuzzy balls adds the pop of orange.

On the stacked books with my white and gold pumpkin plates, I added a few of our small witches.

Halloween decorations

Halloween decorations

The Coffee Table

Another big focal point, the coffee table got a little switcheroo. Out came the cotton stems from the glass vase.

In their place, I inserted black and orange faux decor of beads and sparkling orange and black twigs surrounded by a black shiny garland.

Halloween decorations

In my grey-painted tray, I removed my grid of 9 pumpkins and just threw in a garland of glittery orange beads.

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That was really easy and quick.

A side table gets a Halloween creature.

Halloween decorations

The Bookcase

For fall, I filled the shelves with twig pumpkins and natural woodland creatures. For Halloween decor, I added our one Halloween bird to the mix.

Halloween decorations
Halloween decorations

On the next shelf, I did remove our turquoise birds and added more of our collection of witches and scarecrows. Old decor, but new arrangement and placement.

I actually really like how tight and full the shelf looks. Like a Halloween party crowd.

Halloween decorations
Halloween decorations

The Breakfast Room

The breakfast room table is covered in a black piece of fabric ~ no hemming or sewing ~ with spider webs. For a centerpiece, I used a trick-or-treat box that belonged to the kids years ago.

I first filled it with a piece of florist foam and stuck in what looks like pumpkins on a stick ~ real plants from Trader Joe’s. To that, I added pieces of faux fall foliage that we’ve had for a long time.

Halloween decorations

TIP: keep all your decorations in clear plastic containers. They will stay dust~free, last longer than in cardboard boxes and you can see what’s inside.

Console Table with Rearranged Halloween Decorations

The console table in front of our breakfast room windows became the stage for more witches of different sizes along with crazy Homer.

For many years, we collected them from different travels. We haven’t bought one in a few years ~ I don’t know where we would put another one.

The white mini~pumpkins that were on the coffee table tray found a new place in front of the witches.

You may recognize the tall white lantern on the right. It’s now on our front porch. Don’t you love accessories that you can move around to different places in your home?

Halloween decorations

This little easel, a freebie from Haven a few years ago, became a little Halloween message board using the typewriter font stencil and ChalkArt in Metallic Gold from A Maker’s Studio.

Boo stencil sign

I love our spider. She’s really natural looking and she has been seen in a different place every year.

Halloween decorations

That’s how you can rearrange Halloween decor for this year.

I have to say that adding the Halloween decor to the already existing fall decor made the job so quick and easy. Layering in the Halloween decorations and just switching out a few items made the job a breeze.

Hope you’ve enjoyed my little Halloween from year to year for an updated look.

The only new items I purchased were the pumpkins in different sizes and colors and the mums. Somehow, the Halloween decor has an all-new feel. We have another few weeks to enjoy our ghosts and goblins.

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Halloween decor
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