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9 Easy Steps to Set a Thanksgiving Table

Do you need ideas for setting your Thanksgiving table? I have 9 easy steps to set a Thanksgiving table. Hopefully, they will help you get ready for turkey day with less stress.

As the days edge through October and November, we want to prepare way ahead of time to gather around the table with family and friends.

When you set a pretty Thanksgiving table ~ or any table for that matter ~ the occasion seems more special.

Do you feel overwhelmed when planning a larger gathering? Whatever the size of your gathering, planning ahead for any event is crucial.

With a large group, a meal like Thanksgiving can seem overwhelming. Since Thanksgiving is all about the food, it can be the biggest meal you plan during the year.

You want to enjoy your party and your guests. Getting the table planned and set up early is always a good idea.

I follow almost the same process for any special occasion tablescape. Any hostess will appreciate these 9 steps to set a Thanksgiving table.

Sharing Thanksgiving Ideas at Celebrate the Holiday

Today is the second Celebrate the Holiday Blog Hop. I’m so excited to be joining this occasion with ten other bloggers who have a knack for creativity.

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Our theme this month is obviously Thanksgiving. We want to give you plenty of time to gather ideas, plan your decor, tables, and recipe ideas.

If you are new to Bluesky at Home, I’m so happy that you’ve found your way here. If you would like to know more about me and the content that I share here at my blog home, then please read my story. I bet we have a lot in common.

If you are joining me from Regina at Saved from Salvage, then welcome. All my guest bloggers are listed at the end of this post.

Step 1 ~ Chose Your Location and Style

Before you start to set your Thanksgiving table, decide the location and the style. This step guides everything you do, from your centerpiece to flowers to dishes.

The weather and the number of guests may dictate both of these decisions.

TIP: Don’t hesitate to mix styles (casual and elegant, for example) because that can make a table setting more interesting.

MY LOCATION: For this Thanksgiving table, I want to set my table outside. Since our backyard update, we have been using the backyard more for dining and relaxing.

Some of you who live in colder climates may think I’m crazy, but Thanksgiving in Dallas can be sunny, cool, and beautiful. Since the Thanksgiving meal would be served between 2 and 4 (depending on the Cowboy game), the day would be at its warmest.

You might have seen the outdoor Thanksgiving table for my friend Robin that I shared a few weeks ago.

MY STYLE: Casual with a bit of elegance was my theme. Texture would be my focus.

The day I styled this Thanksgiving table was perfect: sunny and cool in the morning to barely warm in the afternoon with no wind. It would be wonderful if Thanksgiving day were this beautiful.

Our teak table would be the setting. I pulled the table out from the fence so that four people could sit around the table. I also lowered the umbrella since I wanted as much sun as possible.

TIP: Regardless of the location of your table, pull your chairs away to give yourself plenty of space to work.

wood table

Step 2 ~ Gather Your “Ingredients”

Before starting to set the table, I find it best to gather as many of the items that you will need as possible. This will make the process of setting the table go faster and easier. Here is a list of items to gather:

  • tablecloth and/or placemats
  • containers for centerpiece
  • items for centerpiece
  • dishes for place settings and serving
  • silverware and serving pieces
  • glassware (water, wine)
  • napkins and napkin rings
  • place cards (if using)
  • embellishments (decorations for the table)
  • salt and pepper containers

Step 3 ~ Tablecloth and /or Placemats

For our outdoor Thanksgiving table, I wanted to use my burlap tablecloth. The tablecloth set the casual and rustic style I wanted. Here is another burlap tablecloth.

You can tell from the picture that the tablecloth is quite long. I liked that it dropped to the grass.

Guess who was helping?

burlap tablecloth on wood table

For more texture and layering, I added my favorite round woven placemats. (I used these when I set Robin’s outdoor Thanksgiving table.) You can see the beginning of my “centerpiece”.

round woven placemats on table

Step 4 ~ Centerpiece/Table Decorations

Centerpieces can be anything you want, from a beautiful flower arrangement to a collection of items like candles, lanterns, vases, jars, or seasonal decorations.

The size and shape of your table will to some degree dictate the size and shape of your centerpiece.

Our table is narrow. I intended to use a rectangular wood tray with bead handles. It was obvious when I placed it on the table that it was too big.

I needed something that didn’t take up too much space. I searched through my fall decor stash and found two copper “sheaves of wheat”.

The metallic finish would contrast nicely with the matte texture of the tablecloth and placemats.

TIP: Don’t hesitate to adjust your tablescape plan if necessary.

To fill out the center of the table, I used small real and faux pumpkins of various colors. The finishes were metallic, matte, painted, and ceramic. This also covered the stems of the metallic “wheat”.

Remember that I was trying to emphasize texture, so the different pumpkins did the trick.

This simple centerpiece only took a few minutes to assemble.

pumpkins on wood table

Step 5 ~ Add Your Dishes and Serving Pieces

Now is the time to add dishes for your individual plate settings. Your menu will determine what dishes you need: salad plates, dinner plates, bread and butter plates, dessert plates.

I bought these green Thanksgiving plates years ago at Tuesday Morning. Bringing them out every year is a tradition. I also have a large platter and a serving dish.

In my vision for this outdoor Thanksgiving table, we would serve the meal buffet-style from the island in our kitchen. Therefore, I didn’t need serving pieces for the table. I also decided that the size of our table did not allow for bread and butter plates.

I love this Thanksgiving set of dishes.

When dining outdoors, I think it’s best to keep the items on the table to a minimum.

green Thanksgiving dishes on table
green Thanksgiving dishes on table

Step 6 ~ Silverware

Here’s where you can bring in the elegance factor to a casual table setting. I love using our sterling silver in a casual setting. It always makes a meal special.

This pattern is Buttercup by Gorham and I love it. Fortunately, we inherited twelve place settings from Sweet Shark’s mother.

Just like with dishes, your menu will determine what silverware you need. I just put out the dinner fork and knife to make the table simple. At dessert time, I’ll bring out dessert forks.

TIP: Always have extra salad forks on hand. They can also be used for the dessert course and cocktail parties.

If you want to use silverware that is less expensive and good for outdoors, try this set of gold flatware.

green Thanksgiving dishes on table

Step 7 ~ Glassware

If we were having Thanksgiving dinner inside, I would have used water and wine glasses. Since we are outside, I just used one wine glass. Also normally, I would use some of our crystal glasses.

I recently bought some beautiful gold glasses online. I intended to use them for Thanksgiving, but I decided I didn’t want to take a chance with breakage. I’ll save them for Christmas.

Instead, for outdoors, I used Dollar Tree glasses with a leaf motif.

I have used these glasses so many times.

TIP: When you don’t want to have a heart attack if a precious glass breaks, inexpensive glassware is the way to go.

Here is a similar wine glass with a pretty leaf motif.

green Thanksgiving dishes on table

Step 8 ~ Napkins and Napkin Rings

Napkins are not only for dabbing your mouth and wiping your hands. They also add color and/or pattern to your table.

You can add napkins to your place setting in many different ways, using different folds or placement. Having napkin rings is another option.

I decided to use napkin rings. First, I needed to make a cute napkin ring.

I bought the white felt balls last fall and I had been dying to make acorns with them.

Our neighborhood is full of live oak trees, so acorns are everywhere. On my walks with Nola, I took a baggie and gathered about two dozen large acorn caps. All I needed was a glue gun.

glue gun with white felt balls and acorn tops

With a little glue, it was easy to attach the acorn cap to the felt ball. I made about a dozen, just for fun.

gluing acorn tops to white felt balls

Aren’t they cute! These little acorns could be used in many ways for decorations.

white felt balls with acorn tops

Next, I needed to make the ring. I had two colors of wired twine. Which color to use?

two rolls of wired twine

For this Thanksgiving table, I’m using my fall plaid cotton napkins (purchased at Pier 1 many years ago). Setting the twine on the plaid napkins, I decided to use the darker wired twine. This set of Thanksgiving napkins is really cute, too.

two rolls of wired twine and plaid napkin

I made two loops with the wired twine and cut them with wire clippers.

wire clippers and wired twine

Then I used the glue gun to attach the acorn to the twine. Finally, I rolled up the napkins and slipped them into the napkin rings.

TIP: You need to allow the wired twine to be loose enough to slip the napkins in and out.

four fall plaid napkins with acorn napkin rings

I used the acorns again this year in our fall living room – before Nola chewed most of them up!

white felt acorns on an orange dish

I made some more acorns which you can see here.

Now, add your napkins to your table.

plaid napkin with acorn napkin ring on green Thanksgiving plate

Step 9 ~ Embellishments

Embellishments are those additional items that add a little interest, pop of color, whimsy, sparkle, or an ah~ha moment to your overall tablescape.

For this Thanksgiving table, I decided to add some more acorns to the table – just a few at two corners.

acorns on Thanksgiving table

After stepping back to get an overview of the table (another good idea that I recommend), I realized one thing was missing.

Thanksgiving table centerpiece outside

Yes, the Thanksgiving table needed a turkey. We have so many in our collection. I chose this one for its size and the colors.

turkey and pumpkin centerpiece

After following these 9 steps to setting a Thanksgiving table, I was done. My casual, rustic table setting with a touch of elegance is ready for turkey day.

Shop This Thanksgiving Table

I hope these 9 easy steps to set a Thanksgiving table ~ or any table will help you as you plan and set your table. After you PIN it, please visit the other Thanksgiving ideas that my friends have created for Celebrate the Holiday.

Have fun visiting.

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Steps to Set a Thanksgiving Table
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  1. Carol –
    Thanks so much for hosting this amazing blog hop. Your table is beautiful and I’m so jealous that you have the option to dine and entertain outside for Thanksgiving.

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    1. What a sweet comment, Missy. I’m so pleased that you liked the tablescape. You’re welcome to drive down from Nebraska and join us.

  8. Carol your table is just darling with so much color, especially with the addition of the cute turkey. I can imagine a lot of lively conversation when gathering around this table! Cheers!

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  10. Carol, What a great guide, particularly for those setting a table for a first time hosting for Thanksgiving! I love that you caught your sweet puppy in the one photo! Wishing you and Sweet Shark a blessed Thanksgiving!

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    Carol, thank you for participating in this tablescape blog hop. Your talent is appreciated!

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    Happy Thanksgiving!

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    I love your outside Thanksgiving table. Casual and colorful sounds fun in your lovely backyard. Our southern climate is usually mild.
    Your napkin rings were so creative! I love your Thanksgiving plates and checked napkins. Buttercup is my sterling pattern also and I never tire of it. I’ve loved it for 5o years!
    Nice blog hopping again with you, Carol! Have a memorable Thanksgiving Day!

  21. I absolutely LOVE the turquoise! And the acorn idea is so cute. The felt balls seem a little too round though, and a tad big. But if the felt balls are pliable, they probably can be made to better resemble real acorns in shape, and easily, too. You can even color them, if you wish, using tinted white glue. The glue itself would give them a smoother finish, if you’d like that. It wouldn’t take long, and it wouldn’t require anything fancy.
    Have fun and Happy Thanksgiving!
    — J. Neal

  22. Carol, your list is full of ideas and helpful hints. The napkin rings are so cute. I love the green plates, they really add a pop of color. How wonderful to be able to eat outside. There have been many Thanksgivings that would be possible here. Wishing you a most lovely season of Thanksgiving!

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    Happy Thanksgiving!
    Ricki Jill

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    Have a wonderful Thanksgiving!
    Kari @ Me and my Captain

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