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Halloween Tablescape Ideas for the Patio

Are you planning a Halloween party this year? Maybe a small dinner for two or four. Let me give you some inspiration with a few Halloween tablescape ideas for the patio.

October is a wonderful month to enjoy outdoor dining. With our new backyard update and cooler temperatures, we are taking advantage of the lovely evenings for eating outside.

Dining outside in the evening is special. It’s extra special to create a Halloween tablescape with a touch of spookiness.

We have tons of Halloween decorations so I didn’t have to buy a single thing for this Halloween tablescape.

What do you need to create a Halloween tablescape?

A Halloween tablescape can be created with items you already have. Pick a spooky color scheme and embellish it with things that lend an eerie feel.

Today I’m joined by a talented group of bloggers who love creating tablescapes as much as I do. Rita of Panopoly is again our hostess.

I was able to put this tablescape together very quickly. Sweet Shark and I had already brought in all our boxes of Halloween decorations from the garage.

First Steps to Creating a Tablescape

As always, there are two steps I start with when designing a tablescape ~ or any home decor arrangement.

  • clear your space; whether you are decorating a table, a mantel, or a coffee table. Starting with a clean space helps you work more easily and design your space in layers without interference from previous decorations.
  • Gather as many items as you think you will need to create your arrangement. I went through our boxes and pulled out just those items that I thought would work for this year’s Halloween tablescape.
  • It’s better to start with more “ingredients” than you think you need.
collection of Halloween decorations

Start with a Theme

I definitely knew that my Halloween tablescape on the patio would be simple and have just four place settings.

I also knew that I would use black and orange as my color theme. That’s not hard to do with a Halloween theme.

Decorating a Backdrop

The white post on our umbrella needed to be toned down. To do that, I wrapped a black garland around the post.

black garland on post

To give it more color and interest, I then wrapped a shiny orange bead garland on top of the black garland.

black garland on post with orange beads

The finishing touch was a small spider. This decoration has always felt creepy to me ~ perfect for Halloween.

black garland on post with spider

Setting the Halloween Table

I have a large piece of Halloween fabric that I’ve had for years. It served as my tablecloth.

My copper pitcher filled with black and orange beads and branches was just right for a simple centerpiece.

Halloween tablescape centerpiece

Next, I added two witches from our witch collection to finish the centerpiece. I said this table was going to be very simple.

Halloween tablescape centerpiece

It was about at this point that the wind really kicked up and my tablecloth started blowing. I quickly added two tall candles from Dollar Tree. You’ll see some small rocks I put on the corners of the table.

I also added an orange boa.

I only had two of these round orange placemats, so . . .

At the ends of the table, I added two “jack~o~lantern” placemats. What goes with these placemats?

Our two guests will be using these placemats. The jack~o~lantern placemats are actually bright orange. As much as I tried to adjust the lighting, the sunlight bleached out the color.

For a casual outdoor place setting, I used black paper plates and plastic forks and knives for the human guests. The witches don’t need them.

I had two black cloth napkins (no idea where they came from) and tied them with an orange ribbon.

Halloween tablescape on the patio place setting with pumpkin placemat

To complete the Halloween tablescape, I used our beautiful Murano champagne glasses. We bought these in Venice several years ago. They are perfect for Halloween.

Halloween tablescape on the patio with witches

Final Review of the Tablescape

Let me show you how the Halloween tablescape on the patio looked when I finished.

Halloween tablescape on the patio with witches

No, we haven’t put away our flamingo and unicorn floaties yet.

Halloween tablescape on the patio with witches

One last addition was this black and orange spider that I hung from the umbrella ~ with a paper clip. He wouldn’t stay perfectly still so he’s a little blurry.

black and orange spider

Halloween Tablescape on the Patio at Night

Obviously, nighttime is when the ghosts and goblins come out. The new spotlights and string lights in our backyard really light up the area.

First, I lit the candles.

Halloween tablescape on the patio at night
Halloween tablescape on the patio at night

For more light, I added our newest lanterns from Wayfair.

Halloween tablescape on the patio at night

That’s my version of a Halloween tablescape on the patio. It only took me about 40 minutes to put it together. I blew out the candles, but the tablescape stayed in place overnight.

Here are More Halloween Tablescapes

If you want some fun and hilarious ideas for photographing Halloween pumpkins, check out these ideas.

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  1. I love your attention to detail Carol! Wrapping the umbrella pole is really a nice detail. You offer excellent tips for anyone decorating a table. I especially love your table all lit up at night. Everything has an eerie glow!

  2. Carol, your outdoor Halloween tablescape looks so festive! I love when we can create a table with items on hand and there’s no need to buy anything new. The witches are cute and look familiar. Have you used them in a table setting before? The photos you took at night are striking! It must be nice to still be enjoying the pool in October! It’s always fun to hop with you, my friend. Happy Halloween!

  3. Oh Carol….how wonderful to have your Halloween table outside. It certainly elevates the mood. The night photos certainly conveys what Halloween is all about……spooky fun in the dark. The idea of using garland and beads and spiders to cover your umbrella pole is so creative. The table is festive and fun and is in a perfect setting. Happy Halloween.

  4. The night shots add an eery kind of feel but in a good way. The witches look like they’re ready for a relaxing night on the patio and the goblets are beautiful. Happy Halloween!

  5. Great fun decorating your umbrella pole. Your pool looks lovely. I love dining poolside too.. It is important to start with a theme in mind. It helps to follow through. Orange and black is so traditional, however it really pops. Love the adorable witches. The nighttime shots are wonderful. Lighting is the ultimate. So sorry you are having issues commenting. I know Pam, Mary, and Jenna commented with no issues. Happy Halloween.

  6. Oooooh, the night-time shots really emphasize the spookiness of your table! Seeing it by lantern light suggests all kind of ghastly guests will be arriving soon. Loved the witches – the one in the night photo looks a bit uneasy. Happy Halloween!

  7. So fun to embellish your umbrella pole for Halloween Carol! We look forward to October and November when it’s cooler for outdoor dining and your lighting adds a great ambiance. Cute witches! So happy to hop with you again!

  8. Fun details for your patio table setting. Dining alfresco is always my first choice. Cute idea to decorate the umbrella pole! Thanks for sharing all the suggestions and cute ideas. Happy Halloween!

  9. Carol, the table is so cute and fun. Decorating the umbrella pole is a great idea. We love eating outdoors in the fall when the weather isn’t so hot. It is always wonderful when you have everything you need without having to go out and purchase new. A nice treat to hop with you!

  10. Cute table Carol. The little witch babies are sweet. And with the wind blowing and the spider bouncing around, you created what looks like a cross between a spider and a dog 🙂
    I think our outdoor meals are done for the year – just too cold and windy outside.


  11. Very fun Carol! I love the way you decorated the umbrella pole, they are hard to work around for outdoor tables, so I will remember your smart trick! The witch dolls are so cute, and wow, it looks really cool at night! Happy Halloween!

  12. Starting with a theme is right up my wheelhouse Carol, and I couldn’t agree more! For me a theme helps narrow creative focus, unify a table design, and create atmosphere or set the scene for guests. Sometimes the theme is built around the menu itself. I also liked how you used the umbrella pole as background. Often, I go vertical by decorating the chandy. Lots of great tips here! Envy the outdoor setting with the beautiful pool.

  13. Love this Carol! Your witches are just too cute! It looks like you have the perfect setting for a spooky evening meal. The lanterns look so pretty too! Thanks for the inspiration. I’m thinking I can only squeeze in one more outdoor get together since there is snow in the forecast already! So not ready for that! Have a great day!

  14. Hey there, Carol! I’m here via the Blog Hop! I’ll tell ya…when I scrolled down finally to the pictures of the tablescape at night…WHOA!!!!!! Illumination really brings EXTRA to everything, doesn’t it? It really pays off to see creations set to nighttime light levels. The spooky factor jumps up a whole BUNCH of notches! It’s great that you already had everything you needed to create this stored away. It’s a pain to have to go out in search of just the right thing in the moment! Nicely done! Happy Halloween month…a.k.a. October!!!😁

    1. Alycia, you are so right. Nighttime can make all the difference. Where it’s candlelight, string lights, lanterns or moonlight! We are so excited to now have the setting for outdoor dining. It was great to kick off our evening look with a Halloween tablescape. Perfect timing. Happy to have you share your thoughts.

  15. Carol, As a Floridian who always (almost always) eats outside (alfresco)…I am really liking your table. You always have such great DIY ideas and don’t feel bad that your floaties are still in the pool…Ours are there year round, LOL
    Always a pleasure to table hop with you.
    Kari @ Me and my Captain

    1. Hi, Kari. I love the look of those floaties. I bought them last summer for our granddaughters to have. They just make me smile. A bit of a contrast with Halloween.

  16. HI Carol,

    How fun! I love that you decorated the umbrella/stand.
    It’s definitely cooling off here in Colorado. Our mornings are chilly!

    xo laura in colorado

  17. I like how your table is outside, and i like the tutorial aspect of your post. What a cute idea to decorate the umbrella pole! 😀 The witches are so cute…and the table looks great at night. The pumpkins really pop at night! Happy Halloween!

    Ricki Jill