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Chinoiserie Style Easter Table Decor for Spring

I love chinoiserie. I started collecting this classic blue and white style a few years ago. This year, I decided to bring that fascination into my Easter tablescape. Here is how to style chinoiserie Easter table decor for spring.

In case you are not slightly obsessed with chinoiserie, it’s “the European interpretation and imitation of Chinese and other East Asian artistic traditions, especially in the decorative arts, garden design, architecture, literature, theatre, and music”, according to Wikipedia.

Ironically, I’m not enamored of Asian decor, but since chinoiserie traditionally comes in blue and white motifs, I’m a big fan. 

Join me as I explain how I used chinoiserie elements to style this Easter table decor for spring dining.

Usually, Easter table decor design uses pastels, pinks, greens, blues, and yellows. I love these colors for spring, and I have used them myself many times.  

Why not experiment with other colors at Easter, a season of renewal and beauty? 

The elegance of chinoiserie, with its intricate blue and white patterns, lends itself perfectly to the serene atmosphere of Easter.

Blue and white is a departure from the traditional Easter decor, inviting a more sophisticated approach to the dining room and table settings. Last year I dipped my toe into a blue and white Easter tablescape with this spring tablescape featuring blue bunnies

By incorporating elements like ginger jars, faux florals, and decoupaged eggs, I created an Easter tablescape that is not only beautiful but also indulges my love for blue and white and this classic pattern. Using blue and white patterns, along with Easter motifs, creates a visually appealing dining experience.

Elegant Chinoiserie Easter Tablescape

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My vision for this Easter season table began last week when I made a new set of chinoiserie-style planters and handmade topiaries for our dining room table.

I set them on a brass tray on the bunny table runner that I bought last year at the antique mall.

chinoiserie planter and handmade topiary

I always like to have a pretty centerpiece on our dining room table to serve as a focal point, even when there is no holiday or party on the horizon.

I began the process of adding Easter decor between the two topiaries with several Easter-focused chinoiserie pieces placed on the brass tray and moss.

finished handmade topiary in chinoiserie planter on dining room table

I found these two blue and white bunnies at my favorite antique mall. They look like Herend but are not. 

A friend told me that you could find them on Etsy, so I bought another one.

The eggs are estate sale finds.

blue and white bunnies with blue and white eggs

We enjoyed this look for a few days.

Sweet Shark and I will be joining my sister-and-brother-in-law for Easter lunch at a local restaurant this year.

However, the Tuesday after Easter I will be hosting my Bible study group for our end-of-season lunch. Why not set the table with Easter decor now so we can enjoy it for a couple of weeks?

Since the dining room color palette was already sporting blue and white, and I loved my handmade topiaries, I decided to continue in that direction. For me, light blues and crisp whites set the stage for a casual chinoiserie Easter tablescape.

All I had to do was add simple Easter decor items. Fortunately, I had everything I needed on hand.

chinoiserie plants and bunnies on brass tray with green moss

Integrating Easter elements like decoupaged eggs and whimsical bunnies into the setting doesn’t have to clash with the traditional chinoiserie ginger jars and cache pots. 

These Easter motifs add a playful touch to the dining table, making the dining experience memorable for guests. I like combining a sense of tradition and whimsy.

Crafting the Perfect Table Centerpiece

There will be seven of us for lunch which meant that I needed to add another leaf to our table. Sweet Shark helped me remove the tray and topiaries and insert the extra leaf.

Then, realizing that when my guests sat down at the table, the topiaries in the center of the table would block their views, I needed to move the topiaries and create a new centerpiece.

Other chinoiserie pieces already filled the shelves of our vassilier, mixed with white dishes. Most of the chinoiserie and the blue plates are from estate sales or flea markets. I bought a couple of the cache pots on online.

Two chinoiserie vases (These are not vintage; I found them at At Home.) were sitting on our vassilier filled with faux white hydrangeas, but I could change the flowers. The vases would be the perfect size on the brass tray. The topiaries would be perfect at each end of the vassilier.

I had always envisioned the centerpiece as the crowning glory of my Easter tablescape. Since my luncheon is two weeks away, it didn’t make sense to use fresh flowers now.

But I had recently bought the prettiest shade of bright pink tulips that would bring a bright pop of color to the table and the room. Faux flowers are the right solution for setting your table early. 

blue and white chinoiserie on hutch with bright pink tulips

Each package of these tulips contains twenty stems and I used one package in each vase. I may replace them with fresh flowers the day before the luncheon or I may leave them.

I love the contrast between cool blues and bright pinks.

All I had to do was switch the pink tulips with the topiaries.

topiaries in chinoiserie planters of vassilier

With the tulips and the topiaries switched and the extra leaf in the table, now I could focus on the place settings.

I had also added two blue pillows to the extra chairs. I like the pop of color and pattern.

hutch with chinoiserie dishes and pink tulips with topiaries on table

Blue and White Chinoiserie Place Settings

This would be a casual affair, so I opted not to use placemats, for now. I may add them later. For each plate setting, I used simple white dinner plates as chargers.

hutch with chinoiserie dishes and pink tulips with topiaries on table

A few years ago I bought these beautiful paper plates online. I fell in love with the pattern. I knew I would want to use them for future parties so I bought extra.

hutch with chinoiserie dishes and pink tulips with topiaries on table

Since I will probably serve salad or a quiche, the 9-inch plates will be just right. The 7-inch plates will serve as bread and butter plates for a pretty roll and dessert plates. I haven’t decided yet what I will make for dessert.

hutch with chinoiserie dishes and pink tulips with topiaries on table

For silverware, I’m using these casual white forks and knives.

white silverware with place setting

For glassware, I’m using these crystal glasses that belonged to my mother-in-law.

pink tulip and blue chinoiserie with pink tulips and blue dishes

I’ve been seeing Easter egg napkin rings all season. Since I already had decoupage Easter eggs and painted Easter eggs, I could use those for a whimsical addition to the table.

I had plenty of the chinoiserie paper napkins that I used to make the chinoiserie planters. They are in a luncheon size so I used them rather than cloth napkins.

I folded the napkin into fourths, wrapped it around a painted or decoupage egg, and tied it with a white ribbon.

bunny ear napkin rings

So they would show up on the table, I placed them in the water glasses.

bunny ear napkins in glass

NOTE: The event planner for our older daughter’s wedding told me two things:

  • Always have something on the table that surprises and delights your guests.
  • Anything your guests touch should feel nice.

Adding Finishing Touches and Personal Flair

I don’t know yet what I will serve at our luncheon, but I did want to add some more of my chinoiserie dishes.

At one end of the table, I placed a large chinoiserie platter. I also added a small nest with a blue hand-painted egg.

chinoiserie platter on trable

At the other end, I. placed a serving bowl – maybe for the rolls.

chinoiserie bowl on table

I also included two sets of vintage salt and pepper shakers. My mom bought this set for me when I was in college. Believe me, they definitely are vintage.

On the bar cart in our bay window, I filled a crystal bowl with a collection of pastel Easter eggs. I set it on an engraved silver tray that was given to my dad when he served as president of a business association. I’m so happy I have this piece.

Around the bowl, I added three small Easter bunnies that belonged to one of our daughters. 

Easter eggs in glass bowl on bar cart

On my vintage table on the short wall, I added a blue pitcher full of every last faux tulip I own. 

We bought the original watercolor in Santa Fe over twenty years ago. The pink peony watercolor print is from Wayfair.

faux tulips in blue pitcher on white table

For the lunch, I’ll place a pitcher of ice water here.

That completed not just styling a chinoiserie Easter table decor, but our entire dining room for Easter. 

vases of pink tulips in blue vase on table
chinoiserie blue and white tablescape

Until Our Next Easter Gathering

I trust these Easter table decor ideas have inspired you to embrace the elegance of chinoiserie in your Easter tablescape.

The blending of spring flowers, touches of spring and Easter, and beautiful chinoiserie pieces embodies the perfect reason to gather around a table for fellowship. 

pink tulip and blue chinoiserie with pink tulips and blue dishes

Creating this beautiful table was a fun project, mixing elements like blue dishes, paper napkins designed with intricate patterns, and making napkin rings that bring a smile. It’s these small details that make a table enjoyable. 

pink tulip and blue chinoiserie with pink tulips and blue dishes

Here’s to Easter gatherings filled with beauty, laughter, and a table that reflects all the joy of spring. May your Easter baskets be full, your dinner table inviting, and your Easter ideas ever-flowing. 

After Easter, it will be easy to remove the bunnies and eggs to use for a spring table.

I hope that you will PIN this chinoiserie Easter tablescape to your collection of tablescape ideas.

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  1. Beautiful table and flowers. I have one of those bunnies, too, but mine is green instead of blue.