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Bunnies and Blue in a Spring Tablescape

Are you planning to have friends over for a spring lunch, dinner, or Easter brunch? I bet you want to have a pretty table ready for them. Here is my suggestion to celebrate the arrival of spring with bunnies and blue in a spring tablescape.

As we brought out our spring and Easter decorations last weekend, I gathered those elements that would work for both a spring tablescape and then transition to a simple Easter tablescape.

As our house morphs from “no-season” into the spring season, I can feel the pull of warmer, brighter days ahead. Our days lately have been very chilly. Now that we are officially in spring, I feel like a bear coming out of hibernation after a long winter nap.

It’s time to let our creative ideas flourish and fill our homes and gardens with spring touches.

I’m very excited to be joining Rita of Panoply in her monthly tablescape blog hop. She is such a dear and so organized. This group of ladies is great at creating beautiful tables for any season or event.

If you are joining me from Lynne of Thrifting Wonderland, welcome to Bluesky at Home. I’m happy that you are joining me for this fun tablescape blog hop.

Vision for my Spring Tablescape

My vision for this spring table is a mid-week lunch for a group of girlfriends. I love having friends over for a casual get-together. I hate to let a pretty tablescape go to waste.

Our menu would start with a simple appetizer like deviled eggs – appropriate for a spring meal. As the first course, I have a delicious recipe for a lovely spring pea and mint soup. (I love using my small Lenox soup bowls that sit on a small silver tray inside a silver holder.)

Our main entreé would be a lovely salad with fruit and a small biscuit on the side.

Dessert would be something springy and light – a lemon tart would be perfect.

I think it sounds yummy. What do you think?

Color for My Springtime Table

The spring decor palette can be many different colors, from pastels (one of my favorites) to neutrals, greens or blues. I’m partial to blue so I wanted to include blue as my main color for this spring table.

This isn’t my first blue tablescape. Here’s another spring tablescape with blue. I’ve also used blue for a summer tablescape and this summer dinner tablescape.

My blue palette shows up mostly in patterns in several elements on the table: runner, plates, napkins, bunnies.

Green always is included as a nod to nature. And, of course, white plays a role, too, in spring flowers and other table accessories.

Because I can’t resist, there is a little bit of pink here and there.

Starting a Springtime Table

Do you have a vision in your head when you start creating a tablescape or a DIY project? I do. I had the entire table planned in my head before I started.

Then on Saturday, I went to a local antique mall and found something I had wanted for a long time, but couldn’t afford. I couldn’t believe my luck. I had to add it as a central focal point to the table. Don’t scroll down and peek!

As usual, the first thing I do when creating a new tablescape design is clear my table. For the past few weeks, our dining room table has featured a sweet arrangement of lanterns and bunnies. Once I cleared that off, I was ready to begin infusing bunnies and blue into a spring tablescape.

One thing I did leave on the dining table was the beautiful blue runner with a bunny motif that I bought at an antique mall several weeks ago.

blue bunny table runner

My table service would be for six so I refolded the runner, which is very long, to use the ends as placemats.

blue bunny table runner

Bunnies and Blue Centerpiece

Here is what I included in my centerpiece arrangement:

  • three cake stands
  • green moss
  • chinoiserie cache pots
  • fresh spring flowers – white hydrangeas from Trader Joe’s; I used three bunches of 3 each.
  • DIY eggs
  • assorted ceramic bunnies
  • green moss bunnies
  • a bird’s nest

To start, I used a combination of three white cake stands. Each one is different: two are round and one is square. One round one has a ruffled edge. I placed the square cake stand in the center.

three white cake stands

You can see many of my blue pieces on our vassielier behind the dining room table.

While my hydrangeas were soaking in the kitchen sink, I chose two of my chinoiserie cache pots. Actually, they chose me.

I have five cache pots. Three have holes in the bottom, so the two without holes were the winning choices.

I cut a piece of florist foam to fit in each cache pot and filled them with water.

NOTE: I took many of these photos after I had finished most of the tablescape.

In the meantime, I placed green moss on the cake stands. I filled the white-washed bird’s nest with fresh moss.

After the hydrangeas and the florist foam had soaked for about an hour, I clipped the stems and placed them in the foam.

I set the cache pots on the round cake stands.

I love the look of hydrangeas in chinoiserie cache pots. It’s such a classic look.

white hydrangeas in blue cache pot

You can certainly use faux flowers instead of fresh ones. I have even mixed fresh and faux when I ran out of flowers and needed a fuller look.

white hydrangeas with green bunny and blue eggs

Surrounding the pots, I added decoupaged Easter eggs that I made a week ago. I had just finished painting some wood eggs and I added those. (Post to come about those.)

white hydrangeas with bunnies and blue eggs

BIG REVEAL: Here’s my antique mall find.

bird nest on cake stand

Inside the bird’s nest, I placed that recent antique mall purchase: two look-alike Herend blue bunnies.

blue porcelain bunnies

I have wanted these for years, but I couldn’t justify the price. The real thing can be several hundred dollars.

blue porcelain bunnies in bird's nest

These are not the real thing. The mark on the bottom just says “handmade”.

I think they are so sweet, look close enough for me. They were $36 each. I didn’t think twice.

blue porcelain bunnies in bird's nest

Around the base of the cake stands, I placed a variety of ceramic bunnies that either belonged to our children or I have bought for myself.

bunnies on blue spring table

For another pop of green, I included three moss-covered bunnies. The two taller ones I found at Dollar Tree. The smaller one came from Dollar Spot at Target. I wish I had bought more of both styles.

white hydrangeas with bunnies and blue eggs

That completed the centerpiece grouping.

Blue and White Place Settings

Putting together the place settings was easy.

I had already gathered the items for my place settings:

  • my white everyday china – Manior from Villeroy and Bosch
  • the prettiest blue patterned paper salad plates
  • the coordinating blue paper bread and butter/dessert plates
  • blue chevron paper napkins
  • vintage white pearl-handled knives and forks that belonged to my mother-in-law
  • 4 vintage lace placemats from a set of 12 – purchased at an estate sale
  • iced tea/water glasses
blue and white place setting items

TIP: Be sure to iron your placemats.

For the table setting, I used the white dinner plates as chargers. Then I stacked the paper salad plates on top.

The tall crystal water/iced tea glasses belonged to my mother-in-law.

I love mixing the more modern pattern of the napkins with the floral pattern of the plates.

blue patterned plates in place setting

The vintage look of the lace placemats. I know that the mother-of-pearl-handled silverware is decades old.

white hydrangeas with bunnies and blue in a spring tablescape

Finishing Touches

In my stash of spring decor, I found a little bird nest, then I found three more and four small twig wreaths. I still had a few small bunnies to use. How could I combine them?

I placed green moss in the three little nests and three twig wreaths. Then I added a variety of small Easter bunnies from my collections.

bunny in little nest

I placed one in front of each place setting. I like to have a fun surprise for my guests at each plate setting – something whimsical or unexpected.

bunny in little nest
bunny in little nest

I did add more white bunnies with pink polka-dot ribbon bows to the vassielier. I love that little touch of pink.

white bunnies
white hydrangeas with bunnies and blue in a spring tablescape

My bunnies and blue in a spring tablescape is complete. I actually think it’s one of my favorites. I love the blue patterned “ingredients”, especially my new porcelain Herend look-alike bunnies. The green bunnies and moss are a perfect addition for the white and blue palette.

white hydrangeas with bunnies and blue in a spring tablescape

I enjoy having a pretty table set during any holiday. It immediately makes your home feel dressed for the season.

bunnies and blue in a spring tablescape

I hope that you have enjoyed my spring tablescape tour, learned something, or gathered some inspiration for your own spring table. Feel free to copy!

Now, please hop over to Sandra from Dinner at Eight. She is a whiz at creating beautiful tablescapes. Enjoy all the lovely ideas shared here.

I hope you will PIN this “bunnies and blue” spring tablescape to one of your PINTEREST BOARDS. It would make my day and your friends love to see fresh ideas.

PIn graphic for now for later
beautiful bunnies and blue spring tablescape
spring tablescape graphic

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  1. Carol, your table is delightful! Blue and white, just exactly the color I would want to use in my dark blue dining room! I love the table runner, absolutely something I would use again and again! The eggs you decorated are so cute! Those paper plates are so pretty, I wish there were dishes that looked just like those! I would be happy to be a guest at this pretty luncheon! Congratulations on your find! Do you think someone took white bunnies and painted them like that? At a glance, no one would know they weren’t the real thing! Happy Spring and Happy Easter!

    1. Thank you so much, Chloe. I’m taking your comments as high compliments. You are such a pro. The bunnies do not look hand-painted, but it’s hard to tell. I just bought another one from the same source on Ebay. This may become another collection!

  2. Carol, blue and white is so timeless and classic and works for just about every season. You really hit this one out of the park! I can understand why it’s one of your favorites. Those bunnies were an amazing antique mall score, and made a perfect centerpiece. I love the pops of green with the moss bunnies, too. It’s always fun to hop with you. Pinned!

  3. Carol, I love how you describe going from no-season to spring season. That is so true!! I am partial to blue for spring myself. Your table is fresh and bright. I love how you have elevated the beautiful pots of hydrangeas on the cake plates. And, can we talk about those paper plates! I had to look twice. They are gorgeous! Great idea to fold the runner to make it work for placemats at the end of the table too. With your planned menu I have no doubt you and your friends enjoyed a lovely spring luncheon 🙂

  4. Carol, I swoon every time I see your country French china cabinet. It is beautiful! You always share the best tips with us for creating our tables. Your table looks so pretty for spring, and the centerpiece you have created is gorgeous with the hydrangeas and precious bunnies. It is always a joy to join you on these hops. Happy spring!

  5. That is one of the prettiest tablescapes I have seen…maybe caz I love blue and white dishes, too. Maybe caz I love bunnies…and the toile-ish table runner…and spring…and nests…and moss. Anyway, I just loved it! We are expecting more snow, then rain here in Maine–lots of gray muddy ground and dirty snowbanks right now. I did do a bit of Easter crafting this morning–while I had an energy level!

    1. Kathy A, thank you for your loyalty to Bluesky at Home. I so appreciate all your sweet comments. I hope that you do lots of jun Easter DIY projects.

  6. Carol, I can see why you were excited over your new antique bunnies. They are so unique and for $36 each, it is a steal. They look so elegant on your table, especially with all of the lovely blue patterns in your plates and your blue bunny runner. The hydrangeas work perfectly to show off the lovely cache pots. It is so lovely to see the contrast between the delicate lace placemat against all of the natural more rustic elements like moss and twig nests. So precious, Carol. Happy Easter

    1. Thank you, Marsha, I was so lucky to find those bunnies. I know they will be my favorites for years to come. You can’t beat hydrangeas for classic tablescapes – or anywhere. Thank you for sharing your thoughts.

  7. Carol, I did leave a comment last evening but it doesn’t seem to have posted, so I am going to try again. Your blue and white table is gorgeous; its such a great color combination that lends itself well to lots of different styles and seasons. The bunny runner is so cute and is the perfect base for your cake stands and chinoiserie cache pots filled with beautiful hydrangeas. I love your sweet painted eggs scattered throughout. I’ve never heard of Herend bunnies before but I can see why you love them so – they are so gorgeous. I never would have guessed that the printed plates were paper and those gorgeous vintage lace placemats – wow! It was nice hopping with you and I hope you have a fabulous Easter.

    1. Kim, your comment definitely posted! Thank you so much for your sweet feedback. I love it. Herend is a classic, but it is pricy. Lucky me! Happy to be sharing this blog hop with you.

  8. Carol, your serene blue and white spring table is lovely with the added pop of moss-covered bunnies! The table runner was a beautiful find and both its toile-like images and the salad and bread plates appear very French. Paper tableware has come a long way! I love the patterns on your cache pots and those gorgeous hydrangeas. I would have scooped up those Herend look alikes too! Perfect for your centerpiece. So fun joining you on the hop!
    (And thank you for your sweet lead-in for my table.)

  9. Carol, I love your blue and white Easter table – its such a perfect color combination! And while I have never heard of Herend bunnies before I can see why you love them and the look-alikes are amazing. The hydrangeas in your chinoiserie cache pots are so pretty with your painted eggs scattered around. I never would have guessed those patterned plates were paper and they look fabulous with the more modern napkins and the table runner. And those lace placemats – oh my, so lovely. Its all just lovely and I hope you and your girlfriends enjoy a fabulous lunch together. Happy spring and happy Easter to you!

  10. Lovely table setting Carol….the blue and white look so crisp and clean. I also like your “look-a-likes” and who is to really know unless they are an expert on such things and most of us are not….and even if we were experts, we can still admire your find. Good tip on the extra long table runner and I adore all your little bunnies…moss covered are so sweet. Thank you for giving such great tips on setting a table and your thought processes. I generally have an overall idea but sometimes I do it on the fly as I plan one way and end up going another. LOL Have a great and wonderful Spring and luncheon. Your food sounds delish.

  11. Your bunny runner is the perfect foundation for your table to hop into Spring! Blue and white is such a timeless and classic combination at the table and I love your mix of paper products with your china. Your look-alike Herend bunnies are so sweet in their mossy nest. As always, it’s always a treat to join you at the table and hop with you. Happy Spring!

  12. So pretty, Carol!! I have those exact same bunnies from Dollar Tree. I LOVE them. Your table is lovely with all the Spring greens and blues. Pinned!

  13. Carol, the look alike Herend bunnies are amazing. I love a blue and white table, it is timeless. The addition of the green moss bunnies are charming. The cake stands with the chinoiserie cache pots filled with hydrangeas are beautiful and a great idea! Happy Spring

  14. Carol, You were so lucky to find the look-alike Herend bunnies. I just opened my new Victoria magazine today, and they featured Herend blue and white bunnies. My yearning for them came back, but I am like you they are quite pricey.
    I love your blue and white Easter table with moss bunnies. Adding the green was just the right touch. I can never get enough of blue and white and hydrangeas.
    Lovely table with many wonderful touches.
    Happy Easter.

  15. Carol, those Herend look-alikes! SCORE! Your blue & white is always so classic and classy. Even with using paper products (you cannot tell by looking at the photos!), this not only looks great, but gives readers a down-to-earth approach in setting a beautiful table. Your runner is the same pattern as the tablecloth I couldn’t decide on when I selecting my colorway for my table. It really does shine best when paired with primarily a blue & white tablescape and keeping the pink to a minimum flourish on the side. You have a great collection of bunnies, both vintage and recently found (green mossy bargains included!). Thank you for bringing your sensible and classic styling to the group. Happy spring!

  16. Carol, your blue and white ambiance in your whole dinning room looks wonderful. Your table is so pretty with all of your blue pattern pieces, I especially like all of the different eggs you made, and your new bunny pair- nice find! Your hutch looks beautifully appointed with the blue and bunnies as well. I hope you have a wonderful spring!!🌷🌼🌱

  17. What a beautiful blue and white table for spring! Your bunnies that look like Herend. What a great find! I like the various patterns on your table, and I think you mixed them well. Your dining rooms is beautiful, and I love your rug. Happy Spring!

  18. Hi Carol! Your table is lovely, my eye was immediately drawn in by the hydrangeas in the chinoiserie cache pots, so so pretty! So smart to elevate them on cake stands so they really stand out! The green moss bunnies and moss really make a great contrast to all the blue and white. I like your tip about mixing real and faux flowers, real flowers can make the faux ones look real too. Your look alike Herend bunnies are adorable! Wow, the real ones are pricey!! The small bunnies hopping around your table are such fun and I love the larger bunnys on your vassielier. Happy Spring Carol 🌷🐇🌷

  19. Carol, I love your blue and white tablescape! It’s so beautiful! Those Herend bunnies are so pretty. I’m so glad that you found them at such a good price. I know you will enjoy displaying them. Have a great week.

  20. Carol, your blue and white spring table is lovely, and of course, I love the sweet bunny accents! Blessings, Cecilia @My Thrift Store Addiction

  21. Love the blue and white bunnies sitting in the nest that is part of your centerpiece. It helps pull the eye to the lovely background of blue and white china in your hutch. Your blue and white linens set the scene for a gentle introduction to Spring. the combination of white and blue and white china works well. A lovely setting for your guests. Happy Spring!