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How to Make an Easter Centerpiece with Bunnies and Blooms

Do you find things you want to make on Pinterest? I’m going to show you how to make an Easter centerpiece with bunnies and blooms.

With springtime knocking at our door, we are all about spring and Easter decorating. Throw in some bunnies and eggs and flowers and you have the makings of a DIY tutorial. This one is all about how to make an Easter centerpiece that will bring a smile to every bunny.

Do you get a vision in your head that you want to create? Maybe it’s from a picture in a magazine. Or Pinterest or Instagram.

Or it could be from a pretty basket or tray you find in a store. Or maybe it’s from something you already own and want to reuse.

Like a bunny. Like blooms.

I can’t wait to show you how to make this Easter centerpiece. I’ll be coming up with a new Easter centerpiece this year, but I really loved last year’s and wanted to share it again.

How to Make an Easter Centerpiece with Bunnies and Blooms

This post contains affiliate links to products that I recommend for creating this Easter centerpiece. If you should purchase any product through this site, I may receive compensation, but you don’t pay one penny more.

My vision for this centerpiece came when I was outside in our backyard. I spied one of my favorite things. Could I make an Easter centerpiece from a dirty bunny in our flower bed?

I had a bunny as my inspiration. Could I build a pretty Easter centerpiece around him?

Before creating a new DIY project of any sort, I shop my craft boxes to find items I need to create my project. For this Easter centerpiece, I had everything I needed. Not even one little bitty trip to the store.

Here’s the elements I gathered and that you will need for this Easter centerpiece:

  • a tray or shallow basket
  • a bunny ~ either wood, ceramic, metal, stone ~ whatever you have on hand
  • faux moss or grass
  • Easter eggs ~ wood, plastic, decoupage, painted
  • flowers ~ fresh or faux in spring colors
  • nests

I decided that for now, I would create my Easter centerpiece on our breakfast room table. The light is wonderful in there and I pass by it dozens of times a day. I left my burlap runner on the table as a rustic contrast to the white tabletop.


I started this Easter centerpiece with my rustic wood rectangle tray with bead handles. I love that tray! It’s absolutely one of my favorite things.

If you follow Bluesky at Home, you’ve seen it many times. I just love it. It’s from Kirkland’s. I recognized it immediately as the base for the inspiration centerpiece.

wooden tray with bead handles

Unfortunately, I looked on their website and didn’t see it. I bought it in the fall of 2017, so maybe it’s been discontinued. I love the rustic look of this one with the wire base.


This concrete bunny that sparked this centerpiece idea has been in our backyard for years. This bunny does not hop because he (or she) is so heavy. I bought him/her inside as soon as I knew he/her would be the center of my centerpiece. He (I give up; he is a he.) had dirt on his feet, so I washed his feet and let him dry out before assembling my Easter centerpiece.

When his feet were dry, I set him in the tray to make sure he fit. He did,

concrete bunny

Any large bunny will work for this Easter centerpiece. I think if he is standing up, it will give you more height. I found this one which could be really cute.

terracotta bunny


We always have a bag of Spanish moss and green moss for all sorts of planting needs. You might remember how I used it to finish off our indoor plants.

I laid pieces on the bottom of tray for my “grass”. You could use any kind of grass ~ shredded paper or the kind used in a child’s Easter basket.

moss grass

For years we had bought our moss locally at $16.00 a pound. Last year the price went up to $24.00 a pound. I almost choked. When I found this deal, I thought never again about buying moss locally. This really is a great price for green moss and it will last for a long time.

super moss


You might remember this white ceramic crock that I stenciled with a spring theme.

DIY spring project

I couldn’t leave the other side of the white vase without an Easter design.

Using the same ChalkArt colors, I stenciled the other side with these two darling Easter stencils: Happy Easter Bunny (sold out) on the top and Hippity Hop (sold out) on the bottom.

easter stencils
white ceramic vase Easter A Maker's Studio Stencil


In going through my Easter decorations I found an Easter tablecloth I forgot about.

I bought it at the Lakewood Flea Market north of Atlanta about five years ago. The vendor had a huge stack with different color trim. I picked blue. I think they were made in Europe. Sweet Shark helped me lift the tray, which was halfway decorated, and I slipped the tablecloth underneath.

Easter tablecloth
Easter tablecloth


Now I added a variety of our decorated Easter eggs. We have had these for many years.

Easter bunny centerpiece
Easter bunny centerpiece

The hand~painted egg in the lower right hand of the picture is special. We bought it two years ago in Budapest on a pedestrian shopping street called Vici Vaci (vaci is street in Hungarian ~ about the only word we could pronounce and remember.) Painted Easter eggs are a tradition in Hungary.

Easter bunny centerpiece

The tulips (flea market purchase) stayed in the white vase.

Easter bunny centerpiece

Then I added cherry wood blossoms which I bought a few years ago at Pier 1. I took them off the branches and now have a bag full of blooms. I tucked them in and around the eggs and grass.

I placed one bunch in the bunny’s paws. I also gave him some carrots to munch on.

Easter bunny centerpiece
Easter bunny centerpiece


Was I through with my Easter centerpiece? I wanted little nests. Problem? I didn’t have nests, but I could make nests from mini~wreaths and reindeer moss.

The mini~wreaths came from the antique mall in Atlanta and I used them in my green and white spring tablescape. The reindeer moss came from Dollar Tree. I like to keep several bags on hand.

vanilla cupcakes with green sprinkles

For the Easter centerpiece, I laid three mini~wreaths at the left, center, and right on the tray. Then I added a little more reindeer moss to make a nest.

Each nest for the Easter centerpiece got a sweet little bunny. This is part of a set of five ~ it’s a bunny band that I gave to my younger daughter when she was little. Since she has a little boy who isn’t interested in bunnies anymore, she told me to keep her bunny collection.

Here’s the conductor.

bunny in nest on Easter centerpiece

And the horn player.

bunny in nest on Easter centerpiece

And the violinist.

bunny in nest on Easter centerpiece
Easter centerpiece

Now I had all the elements that the Easter centerpiece inspired me to create. This centerpiece would look great on a coffee table or a mantel, too.

Knowing how to make an Easter centerpiece is easy when you have an inspiration bunny ~ even if he has dirty feet. Since you now have this picture to inspire you, I hope that you will PIN it.

Now I’m ready to create this year’s centerpiece. Are you ready?

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  1. Carol I just love everything about this! I wold kill for that tray:) I think my favorite part is the bunny “band” — too cute! Thanks for sharing at Vintage Charm. xo Kathleen

  2. Carol I love it! The wooden tray is so nice and those musical bunnies are just the greatest! I love all the color you used and Mr. Concrete Bunny is amazing. The painted egg is eggstra special too!

    So happy to join you for this fun challenge. Happy spring!

    1. Hi Christy, great to being sharing another creative hop with you. I may not take the bunny outside again! He seems really happy indoors.

  3. All the Pinterest inspired centerpieces are adorable…but why wouldn’t they be with little bunnies and tulips, right? Thanks Carol for linking up to our Celebrate Your Story link party. We hope we are providing a celebration of your post and perhaps yours will be chosen as a feature by one of the hosts.
    Have a great and Blessed Day!
    Kari @ Me and My Captain

  4. Carol, Thanks so much for the Easter Centerpiece! Your tablecloth reminded me of one we got in Hong Kong so many years ago. Now I have a use for it! I even have a bunny in the yard! lol

  5. Oh my gosh, I’m dying over those teeny tiny bunnies tucked into your fantastic centerpiece! I love all of it – the bright colors, the pot you stenciled, the big bunny and flowers. It’s all spectacularly spring! I want to come sit with you and stare at it! Thank you so much for joining in. I LOVE IT!

  6. What a beautiful centerpiece, Carol! I thought the beads in the inspiration photo were a string of beads, I didn’t realize that I was seeing the handles of the tray. That tray is a great basic piece to have on-hand and I can see why you’ve used it many times. I love all of your rabbits and eggs and now I know that if I ever go to Hungary I need to leave extra room in my bag for eggs!

  7. Hi Carol, I love it! We have a foot of snow in our backyard (zero in the front) from the blizzard in CO last week! Love the spring decor! Great job! laura (formerly not a trophy wife)

    1. Laura, I’m so sorry you still in the middle of winter. We have had a week of beautiful spring weather that I hope will stay until June! Thanks for dropping by and commenting.

  8. Carol, your Easter centrepiece is beautiful! It puts a smile on your face each time you see it! Thanks, so much, for sharing this with us! I have lots of bunnies but they are under three feet of snow! However, I’ll find a cute one — or more — at the mall! Have a great day!

  9. Carol, Your centerpiece is so pretty and I love the wooden box you used for the base. Your centerpiece is adorable. The colors remind me of spring. Have a great Easter season.

  10. Adorable, Carol! All those springy, bright happy colors just sing spring! I think since we’ve still got snow on the ground, I’m moving slowly into spring this year and the subtle colors match what’s outside my window better. But I love seeing everyone else’s bright pastels! Happy Spring!

  11. Love your interpretation of our Pinterest Challenge inspiration piece, Carol! I love that dough bowl, too. I never noticed that it had handles until you mentioned it and then I had to relook at Lisa’s photo. Super cute!

    I think I used the same moss and I’ll have to look for big bulk of it (or drive over to Cindy’s home since she has tons on her property!) ~ it’s so nice to use in flower pot displays both real and faux, inside and outside.

    Happy spring and thanks for the shout-out,
    Hoppy hugs,
    Barb 🙂

  12. Very pretty and sweet Carol! Love all the bright colors! This is such a fun challenge, I am loving seeing all the different versions!

  13. Carol, I love this centerpiece! All the pretty, bold colors of spring…so gorgeous! That egg is beautiful! I love the handles on the tray also! Hugs!

  14. I almost pulled a concrete bunny out of the yard for mine. Your bunny is adorable. I didn’t notice the beading on the handles until you pointed it out. I love that! Your centerpiece is super cute.