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How We Decorated our Master Bedroom

Yesterday I shared how we remodeled our master bedroom here. Now it’s time to share with you how we decorated our master bedroom. We used light colors with soft textures and lots of pattern. And reused everything we could from our previous home.

How We Decorated our Master Bedroom


Our Decorating Plan for the Master Bedroom

We knew that we would reupholster our 2 chairs, our headboard, and the bench cushion at the foot of the bed. So our biggest need for the bedroom was fabric ~ for the bedcover, the bedskirt, the pillows, the headboard, the bench cushion, the 2 chairs and the drapes. That was fine with me because I love fabric.  We would keep all the furniture from our former bedroom: nightstands, TV cabinet, table, and the rug. We would add the secretary from upstairs and the lamps which had been in our den previously. We had a couple of paintings for the room, too.

I worked with a fabulous decorator. Pam works at one of the best design shops in town, Rutherford’s.  If you want gorgeous fabrics and trim, I can’t think of a better place. I knew that I wanted a light, airy feel with soft blue as the dominant color.

Since the bedding would be the dominant focus of the room, choosing several fabrics was our priority. I lost track of how many hours we spent looking at fabric combinations, choosing one fabric, deleting another, until we found the perfect combination for the bedroom. Here’s how it turned out:
How We Decorated our Master Bedroom

Our inspiration fabric was the large “floral” linen for the euro pillows.  I loved the pop of yellow with the blue, cream and grey color mix in the fabric. It was modern, but traditional at the same time. Everything else worked around it. The yellow fabric for the headboard has a nubbiness for texture and the diamond geometric on the rectangle pillow shams plays off the round shapes in the floral. We had everything custom-made, but I made the small rectangle pillow in the front with extra fabric.  The matelassé fabric is a soft blue-green. Because the ceiling is 10 feet high, we raised the headboard a foot by setting it on some bricks (You can’t see them, so it works.)

How We Decorated our Master Bedroom

TIP: Always be sure to tell your workroom to save every scrap of fabric. It was fairly expensive fabric and I wanted to use every bit.

We had 3 yards (!!!) of the euro pillow fabric left over. I found some inexpensive fabric to use as backing and coordinating trim at Jo-ann’s and made a throw for the foot of the bed.  I think it pulls the whole bed together, so I wasn’t so upset about having so much fabric left over.
How We Decorated our Master Bedroom

For the bedskirt, we chose a plaid; since all the colors are in the same family, it works really well together.

How We Decorated our Master Bedroom

We went a little crazy on the fabric for the cushion ~ a brighter yellow geometric, but it all works together.How We Decorated our Master Bedroom

Pam suggested we use different fabrics for the 2 wing chairs. We went for a softer look, but still in the same blue/green/cream motif.

This chair belonged to my parents and was in their living room.  I’ve had it for 13 years and it sat in our older daughter’s room at our old house.  It’s a quiet place to read or relax. The glass top/pewter metal base table was made for our previous bedroom. It’s a great place for family photos. I bought the mercury glass vase with the intention of turning it into a lamp, but the lamp shop said it was too fragile. I still like it as vase.How We Decorated our Master Bedroom

This chair belonged to Sweet Shark.  When we met it was in his living room and was a mauve (I can’t say what I really thought of the color) and had been painted black. We had it striped to the original wood and reupholstered when we first married and moved it to our bedroom. Now it’s been reupholstered again. The stuffed animals are Valentine’s presents from years ago.
How We Decorated our Master Bedroom

I absolutely love this soft yellow linen for our drapes, which are stationary. And the trim, which designers call dressmaker details, adds the finishing touch.How We Decorated our Master Bedroom

I ordered an extra yard of the fabric and the trim and I made the valences for the side window and the French door.How We Decorated our Master Bedroom

How We Decorated our Master Bedroom

Then Pam and I selected the paint color for the bedroom. We choose Benjamin Moore Sea Salt. We also used this color in our living room, but it looks so different in the bedroom. Pam had the painters tint the color for the ceiling and it can look lighter or darker depending on the time of day and the lighting. Sometimes in the morning, reflections from the pool on the ceiling make a really pretty light show.

It was great how everything fit in the bedroom, which is a rectangle (Our previous bedroom was a square.) The only adjustment we made was that Sweet Shark and I had to switch nightstands since his nightstand/dresser was larger, but I had more space on my side of the bed. (He wouldn’t switch sides of the bed!) So now he has the smaller, French nightstand. We bought the painting and the nightstand in New Orleans while we were remodeling our previous home. I begged the alarm company to move the touch pad, but they said they couldn’t. It still bugs me sometimes. The lamp was in our den at our previous home, but I think it looks O.K. in the bedroom too.How We Decorated our Master Bedroom

How We Decorated our Master Bedroom

Lovely Layla’s bed stays on my side of the bed. The picture of my mom as a baby is its in the original curved glass frame.  Obviously, it’s very precious to me.How We Decorated our Master Bedroom

How We Decorated our Master Bedroom

The TV cabinet fits perfectly in the niche where we took out the built-in cabinets. They are now in our garage.How We Decorated our Master Bedroom

I love having the secretary in the bedroom. It fits in the space where we removed the built-in bookshelf.  Although the secretary is solid cherrywood and a very nice piece, I occasionally think about painting it.  What do you think?

How We Decorated our Master Bedroom

We really splurged when we purchased this 10 X 14-foot rug 15 years ago for our former bedroom and it looks beautiful in this bedroom too.

How We Decorated our Master Bedroom

I bought this painting at one of my favorite antique malls last year. I love the colors and the Venice setting.How We Decorated our Master Bedroom

I think that shows you everything in our bedroom. It was great fun picking out and coordinating all the fabrics. We have 9 different fabrics in the room, with different patterns and textures, but they all work together. It’s a peaceful, tranquil room and I love it. I had fun showing you how we decorated our master bedroom. I hope you enjoyed it too.





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  1. Carol, your bedroom is lovely. It has such a soft and serene appearance. The colors are beautiful along with the pieces of furniture you have. Great job!

    1. Thank you. We were lucky that everything fit in the room. And as I said in the post, I worked with a great decorator to help me with the fabrics and paint color.