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Fresh Blue and White Spring Master Bedroom

It is not quite spring here in North Texas, but I’m ready to switch our master bedroom from a winter blue and white theme to a fresh blue and white spring master bedroom.

A blue and white spring master bedroom will give you a fresh outlook on your day.

Do you switch out your bedding for the seasons? From heavy comforters and flannel sheets to fresh cotton and light coverlets? From sleeping all warm and cozy to sleeping all cool and lightweight?

Bringing in accessories we already had in blue shades, I added to the crisp and light feel for this year’s fresh blue and white spring master bedroom. I hope seeing what I did gives you some ideas for your own bedroom.

Fresh Blue and White Spring Master Bedroom

In the first home that Sweet Shark and I built and decorated together, we had the same bedding for 12 years, until we moved to our present home. It was beautiful and custom~made. It was shades of brown (yes, I know, totally not me), beige, rust, and taupe.)

The colors didn’t work with our new home. I was so glad to bring in shades of soft blues and greens with a touch of yellow.

Periodically I like to change out our bedding. I love to give our master bedroom a fresh look for the seasons, especially for spring and summer.

The warmer months call for a fresh crisp feel. I started with blue and white in our bedroom a year ago and I’ve continued that color scheme in some fashion since then.

New Ruffle Skirt Bedspread

The first incentive to change our master bedroom for spring was a combination coverlet and bed skirt that I found in a picture in a magazine.

Then I searched online for a similar style. When I found it, I ordered it in a king white from Target. It was only $59.99! The package says that the MSRP is $186.00. I found the extra same ruffle skirt bedspread on Amazon.

This type of ruffle skirt bedspread has an easy, romantic look to it. If you remember shabby chic, you’ll know what I mean.

white coverlet in package

When I opened the package and spread it on our bed, I loved it immediately. Although a little wrinkled, that feature just added to the romantic look.

The bedspread is lightweight and feels very soft. The way the ruffle skirt is attached to the bedspread makes it practically reversible.

I love how it just drapes down the sides of the bed ~ you don’t even have to tuck your top sheet in if you don’t want to. It’s also easy to adjust how much “puddling” you want. I like puddles. Making the bed in the morning is so easy.

For the headboard, I left the blue flannel cover that I added in after Valentine’s Day (that one was red from Christmas). Last year that blue flannel was folded at the foot of our bed.

I have a new headboard project in my head that I hope to get done in the next few weeks. (You can see how to make a fabric headboard.)

I used this new bed cover mixed with the pillow shams that I made last year to create a fresh blue and white summer master bedroom. You can see the evolution of our bedroom from 2 years ago.

I made 3 Euro shams and 2 standard pillow covers with fabric that I found at Joann. The new ruffle skirt bedspread also comes with 2 pillow shams with ruffles.

The white ruffled shams break up the paisley pattern of the Euros and the buffalo check of the standard pillows. (This soft blue was my inspiration fabric last year.)

The boudoir monogram pillow I made a few years ago finishes off the collection of pillows.

Finishing Touches

Rather than use another coverlet at the foot of the bed, I used a couple of shawls. I love to have a throw of something light to cover my feet for napping (a rare occurrence), and color. A throw or shawl dropped at the foot of the bed just has a nice look. I love the color and pattern on this throw.

A year ago, I started covering the cushion on the bench at the foot of the bed with fabric remnants or throws.

For my fresh blue and white spring master bedroom, I used a striped throw that I bought at Joann. It’s been in the living room draped on a chair for a few months. I thought the soft blue, grayish-green and white colors would be perfect with the other shades of blue and the patterns on the bed and our chairs.

I just wrapped the throw around the cushion and let the large tassels on the throw hang down.

Blue and White Bedroom Accessories

Every blue accessory that I used was already on hand. I brought out several possibilities from my upstairs closet and tried different combinations until I found ones that I liked.

The large Venetia-inspired painting above the console table on the wall opposite our bed dictates the colors used there. From soft sky blue to aqua, most blues seem to work together.

I recently used my aqua birds on my sofa table but moved them into the bedroom for color and because I love them

The collection of books by Elena Ferrante is brand new. I ordered them on Amazon; when they arrived, I realized that the colors were perfect for our master bedroom.

Family pictures are important and personal accessories. This special one of my older daughter, 2 granddaughters and I was taken at Easter about 4 years ago – 3 generations. The blue frame was the obvious choice to add to the console table.

Candles are must-have accessories. These two blue ones are on an oval tray that I bought at the beginning of the year at Decor Steals.

On the Nightstand

Special pictures and books are always on my nightstand.

I added a blue ceramic container with two faux hydrangeas for color, pattern, and texture. I literally found the little blue container last week in a drawer. Although I have no idea where it came from, it’s perfect for earrings or rings that I forget to take off in the bathroom.

Greenery in the Bedroom

The faux tree from Hobby Lobby that I bought on sale (50% off for $30.00) just for this spot adds needed greenery and height.

A tall statement of greenery fills the spot next to my nightstand. I painted the terra cotta pot blue a few years ago.

TIP: Use moss to fill in the tops of your plants – both faux and fresh – to give a finished, professional look. The moss will go a long way and can be reused.

I have to share this amazing vintage frame. The photo is of my mom as a baby. Obviously, it’s a cherished treasure.

Every Bedroom Needs a Reading Nook

I genuinely believe that every bedroom needs a chair, a table, and a lamp – a place to read and ponder. This chair belonged to my parents and was in their living room. It’s been re-uphostered a few times.

The table belonged to Sweet Shark’s grandmother and I painted it with chalk paint when we moved into our house.

The plant is real. We bought the small print in Chatham MA. I thought the blues and greens would work well in our spring master bedroom.

The throw pillow has been upstairs in one of our guestrooms. The color went well with the fabric and served as extra support for Sweet Shark when he reads here.

chair in master bedroom

Items to Include in Your Master Bedroom

Here are some ideas to use in your spring master bedroom:

  • have a color scheme that is light and airy
  • find lightweight and comfortable bedding
  • use accessories, such as candles, books, pillows, photos, and decorative items
  • include greenery, fresh or faux
  • include personal items, such as photos or mementos
  • have a comfortable chair with a table and a reading lamp
  • use paintings or mirrors as large focal points

I love our sunburst mirror above the bed. It’s a great focal point since we have 10~foot ceilings.

spring master bedroom

We’ve been enjoying our blue and white spring master bedroom for about a week. I love the serenity of the colors, the comfort of our new ruffle skirt and bedspread. I love having more greenery in the room. It will be our look for awhile.

If you liked our spring master bedroom, please PIN it to share with others.

Night night. Sleep tight.

pin for later graphic in blue

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  1. Blue has been my favorite color since I was a little girl. I would love to have your entire bedroom. The pillows you made are wonderful. I have the buffalo plaid in the right color, but I have looked and looked at Joann for the other fabric and can’t find it. Is it dress fabric or decor fabric? Thank you for your inspirations!!

    1. Thank you so much, Kay. I found the other fabric at Joann, also. It was in the decor section. Some fabrics come and go. Glad you liked our bedroom.

  2. Carol, your light and airy blue and white scheme is perfect for spring, perfect anytime, really. Love it! Did a refresh on our bedroom a few years ago, some brighter off-whites and touches of blue. Made all the difference!

  3. Carol, you’ve done wonders with your your bedroom! I love the fresh and cool feeling it has. Absolutely perfect for the warmers season. Thoughtfully and strategically added accents to make it warm and inviting! My compliments!

    1. I will when I make it. The one in our bedroom now was custom~made 20 years ago for our previous home. We reupholstered it when we moved in our current.I will share the new one when I have it finished.

  4. I love these blues and that ruffle bedskirt is beautiful! I’m in love with your headboard and those pillows too!!! So beautiful!

  5. Your master bedroom is a breath of fresh air. Blue is my favorite color! I’m so happy you are joining us this week at Charming Homes and Gardens! Pinned. 🌸

  6. Carol, your blue and white Spring master bedroom is beautiful! Everything goes together so nicely! Your new bedspread is so pretty! I have not seen anything like it here in Canada! I think I am going to order it and have it shipped to our parcel holding place! Have a wonderful weekend! Thanks for sharing your master bedroom with us! It’s absolutely gorgeous! Enjoy!

  7. Your room looks so welcoming. I am ready to snuggle in right now! I have a similar bedspread on my bed, but I don’t change it out during the year, here in Florida, we really only seem to have two seasons, hot and hotter. I do the same thing as you with the bench at the foot of our bed, covering it with different fabrics at different times of the year, or as the mood strikes me. I would love a similar bedspread on our guest room bed, does that one have split corners? I have a canopy campaign bed in there that needs split corners.

  8. I love all of your bedding. That blue is so fresh and pretty! I have been looking at this bedspread for awhile but just couldn’t make my mind up. Definitely going to give it a try! Thanks for sharing.

  9. I love the new bed skirt/bedspread. You whole refresh is beautiful. How are you able to adjust the height so it doesn’t puddle as much? When I looked at your bed it seems normal height but I wanted to check before trying to find one. Thanks so much!

    1. Thanks so much Cindy. The dimensions for the bedspread and the bed skirt are given in the product description. I measured the depth of our bed (from top of bed to floor). I thought that I was going to have 2 inches extra on all sides, but figured that I could hem if necessary. As it turned out, it fit perfectly. How much “puddle” you have depends on the thickness of your mattress pad or if you have a pillow top. It’s easy to adjust by pulling the sides over to one side or pulling down toward the foot of the bed. I absolutely love this bedspread/ruffle skirt combo.