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10 Awesome Spring Home Accessory Ideas

Using accessories for spring decorating is one of the easiest and most affordable ways I know to create a lighter feel and add a pretty palette to any room. I want to show you 10 awesome spring home accessory ideas that will inspire you.

As I’ve been slowly transitioning to spring this year, I’m tending to use many of the same awesome spring home accessory ideas that I used last year ~ after all, they were brand new then. So why not share those great ideas with you?

I love accessories for their versatility, affordability, and just darn right cuteness.

Our living room is our main gathering, entertaining, T.V. watching, hanging out space. It is a roomy space with a large window that lets in wonderful east light. Open to our kitchen and breakfast room (southern light comes in), it’s definitely an open concept space.

I think this part of our house naturally has a spring/summer feel to it. I’m not moving or changing furniture, just adding accessories for a springtime look.

When I think about how I want to update our living room for spring I always want more color and a lighter feel. I wanted to bring in accessories for spring that can also be functional.

If you want to see the previous look, you might visit this post to see how our living room looked a year ago. Since I had already been doing a little research shopping, I knew that blues and greens, flowers and glass would definitely play a role in my spring decorating. As my plan came into focus,  I narrowed my vision into 10 spring accessory ideas that would add just the right look I wanted.

10 Awesome Spring Home Accessory Ideas

My spring home accessory ideas are perfect for PINNING to your boards.  These awesome spring accessories were definitely the inspiration for my spring decor in our living room. I hope you will be able to use some of them in your own home.


After visiting a few stores a couple of weeks ago for spring decorating ideas, I knew that glass would play a role in my spring decorating scheme. When I saw these 3 glass jars (vases) at Tuesday Morning, I grabbed them.

I loved the soft, almost sea glass green color. I thought that they would look beautiful on our coffee table. I love their translucent quality and how they reflect off the glass of the table.

spring home accessory Ideas

TIP: Odd numbers are always the most esthetically pleasing for stand~alone asymmetrical arrangements.

A few years ago I made sea glass jars from liquor bottles. This was one of my favorite, most useful DIY projects. These sea glass bottles have been on the mantle, the coffee table, the bookcase, and in our bedroom. For this spring look, I moved them back to the mantle with 2 new planters.

spring home accessory Ideas


Everyone loved the green and blue glass balls from Wisteria that I shared a couple of weeks ago.

spring home accessory Ideas

Instead of purchasing new balls, I unpacked my green, blue and white glass Christmas balls that I bought at Wisteria for Christmas a few years ago. Last year I decided to place them in the tall “lantern” that I bought at a charity auction. It’s a totally different presentation, provides vertical color, and a great focal point.

TIP: Vertical color and texture can be just as impactful as items laying flat. It draws your eyes up.

TIP: If you have clear or other colored Christmas balls that would work for spring, consider using them or mixing them with newly purchased ones.

spring home accessory Ideas

Now, I’ve used the glass balls in a different way. I placed a bunch of the glass balls in my silver Nambé tray. I like the contrast in texture and shape with the glass vases. This approach creates lots of interest and a great focal point. I’ll show you more of the coffee table in a minute.

spring home accessory Ideas


Can you live without flowers in the spring? I can’t. Sometimes I leave the 3 glass vases empty and sometimes I use real or faux white hydrangeas in them.

spring home accessory Ideas

TIP: Remember to cut flower stems at a diagonal and dissolve the flower food that comes with most flowers in cool water. I try to change out the water at least every other day.

Bright pink roses add a pop of color in a wire and glass container on an end table.

TIP: If the outer leaves of roses are starting to wilt or turn brown, just pull them off.

spring home accessory Ideas

I opted for white faux peonies on the mantle.

Do you remember when artificial flowers looked so fake that you wouldn’t dare use them for home decor? Well, that aversion has changed in the past few years with newer production methods and attention to detail.

When I saw the faux flowers at Pier 1, I couldn’t believe how realistic they looked. Turns out that they are hand~painted, which gives them such a natural look and feel.

spring home accessory Ideas


Pretty planters can serve as decorative accessories also. They provide not only functionality but color and texture.

I have been searching for new planters to replace these brown ones (I’m not a “brown” person, except for hardwood floors and antique furniture.) in front of our fireplace.

spring home accessory Ideas

Finally, perseverance paid off and I found just the right ones at At Home. So much better. This soft green color fits perfectly in my spring color scheme.

spring home accessory Ideas

spring home accessory Ideas

TIP: Planters come in all textures and materials: metal, ceramic, terra cotta, and wood; when selecting a planter, think not only about size and color but also texture. How will the shape and texture complement or contrast with the plant? I think the color of the planter should be a different color or tone from the plant.

The planters on the mantle are also new. I found those at Tuesday Morning. And fortunately, there were 2 of them.  I wasn’t looking for planters at the time, but I thought they were so pretty that I could find a place for them. The colors blend nicely with the sea glass bottles on the mantle.

spring home accessory Ideas


We all know that books are used in today’s decorating, not just for reading pleasure, but also for color, texture, and ambiance.

We have hundreds of books, more than I can display. A few years ago, I removed all the covers on our books on our living room bookcase. I liked the look so much better; it now looks more like a library and less like Barnes & Noble.

TIP: Group like colors of books for a more cohesive look.

When we are in Savannah almost three years ago, the lobby of our hotel had shelves and shelves of bookcases with all white or cream books ~ no covers. I loved the look and tried to emulate it.

In another way to give the bookcase a lighter look, I opted for a look that I’ve seen a lot lately ~ turning the pages out and the binding in.

TIP: If you want to keep the covers with the books, slip the covers into the book facing the back of the bookcase. They won’t show from the front of the book.

TIP: For a lighter feel on your bookcase, remove 1/3 of your books. That’s what I did on the bookcase. I didn’t fill in the empty space with other objects, but just let the space stay blank. This method really opens up the look of the bookcase ~ like cleaning out too many shoes in your closet.

I’m constantly rearranging our bookcase. After I repainted it last year, it has a lighter look that I’m much happier with. There is nothing new on the bookcase, just rearranged items.

spring home accessory Ideas

On our coffee table, I removed the covers from 3 hardcover books that sit inside a tray. It turned out that they all had white hardcovers. I cut off a piece of heavy twine and tied the books together. This is one of my favorite book looks in the room.

TIP: Tying books with ribbon or twine adds a vintage look for little money or effort.

spring home accessory Ideas


I love the blues and greens in my spring decorating accessories, but nothing “pops” like bright white against darker colors and textures.

On the bookcase, after removing about 18 books, I left much of the space open. But to add that pop, I added some white pieces in random places. The white provides a needed contrast against the matte texture of the painted shelves.

This planter started life as a terra cotta color and I painted it with white chalk paint. It has a rustic, weathered garden look. I covered three styrofoam balls with moss for some contrasting green.

spring home accessory Ideas

This jar is one of a pair that I also painted white and topped with a moss ball.

spring home accessory Ideas

And finally, this ceramic jug is a flea market find.

spring home accessory Ideas

These white pieces are what’s on the bookcase now, but check back in a week and I probably have moved them around and added others.

TIP: Layering textures in your spring accessories ~ or in any season ~ gives variety and interest to your decor: mixing metals, ceramics, glass, wood, fabric, hard and soft surfaces in a natural way is much more interesting than just using the same materials.


Ceramics ~ objects made from non-metallic materials ~ make wonderful spring home accessories.

You may have noticed the new planters I bought and the pear, pitcher, and bowl are all ceramics. They all share a shiny finish, but can be made in different colors, forms and styles. Even these sweet birds are ceramic. I just think ceramic items have a place in any decorating scheme.

TIP: Flea markets, antique malls, and estate sales are great places to pick up ceramics, especially white. I have a dozen white ceramics that I bought at such places. Every white decorative ceramic dish I have (I’m not counting my pottery from Villeroy & Boch or my World Market party dinnerware.) is from one of these sources.

spring home accessory Ideas

One of my favorite new purchases is this ceramic pale blue apple that I found at Home Goods. It was just sitting there waiting for me. I moved the little wire baskets with my little ceramic pig to the bookcase.

spring home accessory Ideas

Now with the green glass vases, my glass balls and the wood tray, I have a mix of shapes and finishes: oblong, tall, short, square, smooth, shiny and matte.

spring home accessory Ideas


Spring and even summer can have cool nights. When you want to lounge on the sofa watching recordings of Fixer Upper or Grey’s Anatomy, it’s nice to have a light throw to cuddle under.

Throws are another spring home accessory idea that is functional but adds color and texture.

When I was in Atlanta shopping at Scott’s Antique Market, one vendor had dozens of different colors of Turkish “towels”. My daughter and I thought they were more like throws and we both wanted one. It was cheaper to buy two so we shared the price. She bought a pale gray and white combination and I chose this one with shades of white and camel for Sweet Shark’s big chair. I love the fringe on the end.

spring home accessory Ideas

TIP: For the price ($30 each), I wish I had bought two in different colors. Throws can be used as shawls, made into pillows (very inexpensive fabric relative to yard goods), rolled up and displayed in a basket and just look so pretty in any setting. I’ll be on the lookout for more.


A new lamp can do wonders for updating a spring decorating scheme. A new color, a new material, a new shape ~ any or all of these factors can bring punch and new style to a room. Personally, I love lamps; overhead lighting (unless it’s a beautiful chandelier) can’t match the ambiance that a lamp provides.

Another “it’s not just practical” accessory, lamps can be treated like jewelry in your home. They can be very expensive, but so many options are available today in all price points that there is a lamp for every budget and style.

I’ve been wanting new lamps for our bedroom. I found one set of lamps and lampshades at Target and one set at At Home that I thought were possibilities and brought them both home. I set up both for Sweet Shark to consider. Fortunately, we agreed on the same set for the living room. (The other set went in our bedroom.)

The clear blue glass lamps had such an ethereal color and feel to them. Originally I set one on the sofa table and, with our pool in the background, it blended the indoors and outdoors. The silver base and inner stem and the silver finial I chose match the hardware on our T.V. cabinet.

The linen~looking shade was the right neutral color. And it was just right in scale and shape.

spring home accessory Ideas

I still needed a place for the other new lamp so I used this repurposed table that I painted. Since there is not much space between the sofa and the fireplace, this small round table fits just right. And when you need to add height to anything, books are the best “risers”.

spring home accessory Ideas

After we moved the sofa table into the breakfast room, I placed the other lamp between our two Bergere chairs. I love the new lamp so much better than the painted brass lamp that was there. I’ll try to find a place for the old one upstairs.

So I gained one more lamp for the living room as well as switching out an old one for a new one. Jackpot!

TIP: When buying lamps, bring several possibilities home to try. It makes choosing the right lamp easier. Also, try different shapes of shades and finials to get just the right look.

spring home accessory Ideas


Pretty pillows, please! We all love pillows. Is there another spring home accessory idea that adds more color, texture and prettiness to spring decorating than pillows?

Here’s my challenge: our sofa is a soft aqua. I love it, but it’s not like I can put any color in the rainbow on it. During fall and winter, I use white and neutral pillows on the sofa. I loved them, but I was ready for a change.

See the pretty aqua and yellow pillow in the middle of the sofa? That’s the one pillow that I bought in spring 2016 at Home Goods that I still love and want to use again.

Spring is calling and I want COLOR. I had looked at several decorator stores where pillows can run in the $200 – $300 range, but that just wasn’t in the cards.

I’ve made my share of pillows, but time just didn’t allow me the luxury of searching for material and sewing. Ready~made and affordable were on the agenda, but I wouldn’t sacrifice color suitability, style and comfort. So I started hitting all the big box decorator stores in town. Four stops and no luck.

Finally, I made it back over to Home Goods and hit the jackpot. I wished I’d started my search here.

I found four different pairs of pillows that I thought would work ~ different shades of blue and yellow, different sizes and shapes, mostly squares, but one set of rectangles. I brought them all home and recruited Sweet Shark once again to be my design assistant.

We put different combinations of sizes, colors, and shapes on the sofa. We left a few combos on the sofa for an hour and then switched them up. Eventually, we came back to our first combination. We love this combo of two pairs for the colors, size, and texture. These pillows may be my favorite new thing in our living room for my spring decorating with accessories.

spring home accessory Ideas

I couldn’t believe how well the blue in the pillow compliments the blue in the sofa. I love the tassels, too.

The yellow in the large pillow blends nicely with the yellow of our existing yellow glass lamp and drapes. The patterns are a great contrast and both pillows have soft fabric and feather inserts so they are super comfortable.

spring home accessory Ideas

When shopping for pillows, keep an open mind, but look for complimentary patterns, textures, sizes and colors.

Don’t hesitate to bring several home to try. You don’t have to make a final choice until you see the pillows on your sofa, chair, or bed. You may be surprised what you like the best. The combination we chose was not the one I liked best in the store.

Here you can see the mantel with all its spring accessories with new planters, flowers, sea glass bottles and blue candles. That small grey lantern was a Tuesday Morning find that was cream and I painted it grey with a whitewash.

spring home accessory Ideas

Here’s the view of the sofa with its new pillows and the glass vases.  It was a very bright day, but you can see the glass balls and the new lamps.

spring home accessory Ideas


Glass Jars, Ceramic planters ~ Tuesday Morning
Glass Balls ~ Mary Cates
Lamps ~ At Home
Pillows ~ Home Goods
Throw ~ Scott’s Antique Market, Atlanta

WOW! I hope you enjoyed the 10 spring home accessory ideas and the tips I shared. I loved sharing with you because it’s just so much fun decorating. We are absolutely loving the look of our updated living room. I wish you could come for a visit. I may never leave.

You may not be able to visit personally, but you can PIN IT.

spring home accessory Ideas

spring home accessory Ideas

spring home accessory Ideas

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  1. I love your use of that beautiful shade of blue throughout your home. The bottles are great. I’m going to run by our Tuesday Morning and see if I can score a couple too. I also really like the idea of turning the books backward ( at least in a smaller grouping like that.) I have also seen where they put the book jackets on inside out for that all white look, but if you don’t have the jackets, this is a great option. So glad I stopped by. Visiting via The Creative Circle link party.

    1. Pamela, Thanks so much for visiting and your sweet comment. The book jacket idea is awesome. I haven’t heard of that one. I just stack mine in a closet! I’ll try that idea for sure.

  2. I love this post so much because this is my type of decor especially when I lived in NC. Now that I’m in Minnesota, I’m trying to bring some of this especially the tones, into our home. Wonderful tips.

  3. You covered everything and there’s so much here that I can’t wait to dive into. All of my book covers are coming off very soon. I’m a pillow fanatic also but I agree that they can be too costly. Plus, I’m running out of storage so pillow covers work well. Thank you for the inspiration and for sharing with us at Celebrate Your Story, and have a Happy Easter.

  4. I’m in love with all the blue and green tones! All the glass bottles and your new planters are perfect. Loved your spring accessory tour!

  5. I love your ideas & the suggestions for books! You have such an eye for home decorating Carol!

    You are most welcome to drop by for a cup of inspiration…

  6. Carol – I love all these tips and what a great idea about repurposing old bottles! That makes my DIY heart happy. Gorgeous colors, bright, calm, serene and perfectly springy! I love it all!

    1. Kathy, I love when I can inspire someone else. Take decorating one step at a time. It’s more special and fun that way. Thanks for visiting Bluesky at Home.

  7. Great tips, Carol. The aqua bottles you picked are my favorite! I’ve enjoyed participating in the tour with you! Blessings, Cecilia @ My Thrift Store Addiction

  8. Did you share this post again? If so it was a brilliant idea! I love posts like this because they remind me of great ideas. Sometimes what is obvious to one person is not to another or as in my case…I forget. 🙂 Did I tell you I found some glass balls similar to yours that are beautiful. I found them at Pier 1.

  9. Carol, Just a few changes make a big difference. I have started buying a few nice hard cover books for decorating. I love the blue lamp!!! Thanks for sharing. Sylvia D.

    1. Syliva, yes, books make great decorating accessories. We have so many that fortunately I don’t have to buy any. I probably should sell some.

  10. I’m with you on everything on your list! Just today I switched out the winter pillows for more springy ones! I LOVE that glass bottle lamp, such a pretty color. You have a truly lovely home. Thanks for sharing at Vintage Charm. xo Kathleen | Our Hopeful Home

  11. These are great tips. I especially love the idea of turning the books around for a lighter feel in the bookcase. That’s one I’ve never heard before. 🙂 You photos are beautiful! Stopping by from the Mondays Social link up. Thanks so much for sharing.

    1. Jenny, I have to admit that turning the books around, I think, from Joanna Gaines. Thanks for visiting Bluesky Kitchen and your comment. Those link ups are a great way to meet people.

  12. Everything looks lovely. What a welcoming space for spring. Thanks for sharing your decor ideas with us at Snickerdoodle. Pinning to my Spring Decor Board.

  13. Great Spring decor, Carol! My fave is the tray with the white pear! And, I love the picture of your little granddaughter. So sweet! Thanks for sharing! Happy week to you! Toodles, Kathryn @TheDedicatedHouse

    1. Kathryn, I do love the tray and white pear too. Just a matter of adjusting and moving a couple of items around. That girl is a sweetheart.

  14. Such lovely arrangements in such soft pretty colors. Everything is so inviting and perfect for spring!

    Big Texas Hugs,
    Susan and Bentley

  15. Beautifully done, Carol. Your home is fresh, light, and airy… perfect to welcome Spring. Your new bottles on the coffee table are so pretty and became a stunning centerpiece when you added the white hydrangeas.


  16. Wow, Carol your room is so pretty! I love the soft colors and great natural light. There is so much to say. You have outdone yourself with this post. Great tips and thoughts.
    You are a busy girl this week with two blog hops. I’m very impressed.

  17. Everything is so pretty, Carol! I just swoon every time I see your lantern. I have one that is very similar but doesn’t have the drawer underneath. Maybe I need another one. 🙂

    1. Stacey, I found out a few months after I bought the lantern at our charity benefit that it was purchased at Hobby Lobby! I thought it was an old vintage piece. Regardless of where it came from, I love it.

  18. So many pretty things, Carol. I love the pale turquoise balls especially. Probably too formal for my space but oh, so pretty in yours!

    1. Jeanie, I was lucky that I found the balls easily among the Christmas ornaments. They may stay there until I put them on the tree at Christmas.

  19. Love all the beautiful spring decor in your home. What a cute picture of your granddaughter. my daughter just had a baby a few days ago! So can’t wait to put the grandson pictures up.