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Coastal Farmhouse Living Room

Last week I promised you a tour of our living room, the only main area of our home that I haven’t shared.

I love our living room ~ it, along with the kitchen, ~ is the center of our home. Sweet Shark might beg to differ ~ he thinks it’s his bar!

So let’s begin.

Coastal Farmhouse Living Room

That’s how I describe our living room; the colors are coastal and I’m trying to move in a farmhouse esthetic with the white painted furniture and accessories.

This is what you see when you come through the long entry hall.  The paint color is Sea Salt by Benjamin Moore, a soft grey blue/green. We used the same color in our Master Bedroom. Several people have told me that our home has a coastal feel, which I never thought of when planning the room. But now I think they are right. I’ve always loved the light, soft colors of our living room: blues, greens, and a bit of yellow.

Coastal Farmhouse Living Room

Our living room is 2 stories high. Since my older daughter and I recently rearranged the furniture, I’m going to show you the layout from the second story balcony.

From this view you can see the layout clearly. Although the room is a very nice size, for 3 years I’ve been unhappy with the furniture arrangement ~ it was not a true seating arrangement and protruded too much into the breakfast room area.

Coastal Farmhouse Living Room

In the original arrangement, the sofa and sofa table separated the living room from the breakfast room, the big chair was in front of the window, and the 2 Bergere chairs were out in the middle of nowhere and faced away from the T.V. Now the furniture is a true seating and conversation area and all the furniture has a view of the fireplace and T.V. cabinet. We found the rug, which grounds the seating area, at the Solana Beach Design Center north of San Diego a few months after we moved in the house. We wrote down all the information and I found the same rug at Peek Flooring here in Dallas. The pattern has a slightly diamond motif and we chose the pale blue color.  The rug is custom~made to your measurements.

Coastal Farmhouse Living Room

The stacking tables next to the sofa was one of the 3 that I re~painted and shared last week here. Painting all the tables in Old White has given just a wonderful pop and lightness to the room. One of the best things I’ve done.

Coastal Farmhouse Living Room

The coffee table is the only new piece of furniture we bought for our new house. I wanted the glass (yes, you do have to clean it often) for its light and open feeling. I shared how I made the fabric balls in the basket here.

Coastal Farmhouse Living Room

The large floral fabric we chose for the chair was the first fabric I found and the other fabrics played off it. The chair at our previous home was reupholstered with that fabric.  The yellow ceramic lamp I found at Sample House and the wooden horse is from Wayfair (thanks to Christy at 11 Magnolia Lane for turning me on to the horse.) The tall “lantern” I bought recently at the Benefit Plant sale I shared here.

Coastal Farmhouse Living Room

The blue, almost aqua, fabric on the sofa picks up the blue in the chair fabric. I made the 6 cream and white pillows with fabric and trim that I already had. I really like the contrast of color, pattern and texture against the blue of the sofa. The multi~colored pillow is from Home Goods. The sofa table is behind the sofa. It’s hidden a bit and that’s why I didn’t re~paint it. Now we can’t see the backs of photographs. I can’t wait to display my Dicken’s Village on it at Christmas.

Coastal Farmhouse Living Room

I placed the recently painted end table between the 2 Bergere chairs that Sweet Shark inherited from his grandmother. When I first met him they were black with a mauve silk fabric. We had them stripped of the black paint and reupholstered when we remodeled our previous home. I loved the stripped fabric in blue, green, cream, and yellow. The small lamp was brass that I painted in Annie Sloan French Linen a few years ago. My friend Susie found the lamp shade at a flea market and gave it to me.

Tour of our Living Room

The original cabinet did not have space for a large~screen T.V. so we pulled it out and had a new cabinet built. It houses the T.V., sound system and speakers. I don’t like to have the T.V. showing if we’re not watching it.

Coastal Farmhouse Living Room

Next to the entertainment center is the fireplace. We bought the original Tarkay watercolor in 2005 on a cruise. I loved it for the colors and the “lounge” scene. It’s all ladies enjoying a relaxing visit in a cafe. I bought the tall candlesticks last year at a resale shop. The wire lantern is from Tuesday Morning. I picked out the letters spelling our name at City View Antique Mall, one of my favorites. The wood trim and marble is original, but we replaced the tile with extra marble from our master bathroom. I absolutely love our yellow drapes ~ it’s the softest yellow and the fabric is really soft, too. The trim is fabric that was cut to fit drapes. The same drapes are in the breakfast room.

Coastal Farmhouse Living Room

On the opposite wall from the seating area is the bookcase that I found at a thrift shop and repainted. Sweet Shark has had the signed and numbered Dali prints for years. I really like the beautiful green plants in the buff~colored planters on each side of the bookcase.

Coastal Farmhouse Living Room

The 3rd table I re~painted is on the wall in the long entry way hall. The French street scene painting belonged to my parents and I love having it in our home. The opening to the right leads to our bedroom.

Coastal Farmhouse Living Room

I hope that you enjoyed our living room tour. Now that I have the furniture in just the right place, I can concentrate on other areas of our home and garden.

And painting.

And projects.

And cooking.

And sewing.

And sharing.


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    1. Kathryn, thanks so much. What an honor! I don’t usually have blue, but then I thought, I have so much blue in my house, what was I thinking!

  1. What a gorgeous room! 😉 I love the colour choices and especially the turquoise couch! 😉

    1. Audra, Thank you for the sweet compliments. The living room is finally a place that makes me really happy. Come visit the couch anytime.

  2. This is really beautiful, Carol. I just love the colors you use and your furniture is so pretty. The arrangement seems just right to me. As much as we love our open floor plans, sometimes they are very tricky!

    1. Stacey, thank you so much. In decorating our homes, we have to work with what we have or change what we can. I’m so much happier with the new arrangement.