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How to Use Bunnies in Your Pretty Easter Decor

I love to decorate for Easter almost as much as I do for Christmas. Whether you have just a few bunnies or a few dozen, bunnies are the perfect Easter decoration. Let me show you how to use bunnies in your pretty Easter decor.

I especially like to decorate with our collection of bunnies. I love to find places to add Easter decorations for a boost of springtime and the Easter season. Although I’ve never had a real bunny, I do love them ~ especially to create pretty Easter decor.

Since bunnies are such an iconic Easter symbol, let’s see some ways to use them.

We have been decorating for Easter as long as I can remember. When you think about it, Easter is the last big decorating opportunity until fall.

Yes, we can add red, white and blue for the summer patriotic holidays, but Easter decor is one of my favorites with its pretty pastels.

Since bunnies are appropriate for only one holiday in the year, it’s time to go all out and so I’m excited to show you how to use bunnies in your pretty Easter decor.

How to Use Bunnies in Your Pretty Easter Decor

I had to count how many bunnies we have ~ 37! (At Christmas, I counted Santas and elves.) We spread them around from the entry to the living room and kitchen and a few in the bedroom.


As usual, let’s start in our entry, always a great place to add holiday or seasonal decor.

Here we have some old bunnies and one brand new bunny. I used the wood palette that I bought and stained several months ago as my base. I decided to use an all~white bunny scene here. The pink plaid ribbon has been around for a few years. It’s the ribbon that keeps on giving.

Easter Decorations

All the bunnies are ones we have had for many years except for the very tall one on the right. Sweet Shark brought him home one day to surprise me. I told him that this bunny looks like a jackrabbit, which is well~known in Texas.

Easter bunnies

Reindeer moss from Dollar Tree surrounds the bunnies. And then you can’t have bunnies without Easter eggs so I added a few Hersey chocolate~wrapped eggs.

Easter bunnies


Our first bunny vignette is one on a small table. I made this arrangement for an under $10 project using a twig basket. The carrots are from Pier 1.

The mantle has a large display of bunnies, new and old. I used a galvanized pail tied with a bright pink ribbon in the center of the mantle to hold greenery. The Happy Easter banner is a new project this year.

I love the rustic textured finish on these bunnies and adore their cute attire. These bunnies from Pier 1 have been around for a few years.

The two bunnies on the left are new this year, also from Pier 1. They each had name tags on them ~ Juliette and Herbie. I just love their clothes and the details on them.

Bunnies are always on the bookshelves. And some woolly sheep joined them.

Easter bunnies

I used the Easter wreath that I made last year for our entry on a bookshelf. Three candlesticks from our bedroom are used as stands for some of our bunny band figurines. Once again, my mini twig wreaths and reindeer moss came in handy.

Easter decor on bookshelf

I’ve had this bunny band since my kids were little. One day, I’ll pass them on.

bunny band
bunny playing violin

No bunnies on the coffee table; just an arrangement of faux pink and white peonies in another another galvanized container. I’ll share how I did this in a later post.

Here’s one more new bunny that I think will become a favorite. At a recent trip to the antique mall, I found this sweet handmade bunny girl. She actually has a little backpack with a little bunny in it. She reminds me of a toy that a child might have carried from the 19th century.


On our console table in the breakfast room, I gathered our stuffed Easter animals, including our pink bunny, called Jelly Rabbit. I’m still using the stencil wood box that I made last month. Sweet Shark is taking care of the plants.

A pair of bunnies sport pink polka~dot bow ties.

I had some white roses left from an arrangement and they found a place in my favorite aqua teapot.

In the center of our breakfast room table, I turned a round painted wood sign that I made last year (it has a French stencil on it) upside down and placed a white Easter basket on it (I think this one belonged to my son.) filled with a mix of pastel shred and Easter eggs. Then I surrounded it with more reindeer moss, a few bunnies and some Easter jelly beans.

Easter basket

Next, I added more bunnies. more moss and chocolate Easter eggs.

easter basket

Every year, bunnies always appear on our breakfast room table.

In a corner of the kitchen, my square cake plate provides a place for bunnies to somersault and do headstands.

And, finally, an apothecary jar of Easter M & M’s ~ they are hard to resist!

Easter M & M's

I don’t know if our Easter decorations will remain the same for two more weeks. I may find another bunny or two to add to our Easter decor. I hope you enjoyed seeing how to use bunnies in your Easter decor ~ it’s not hard to do!

pin for later graphic in blue

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  1. Hi Carol,

    I absolutely loved all of your sweet bunny collection and how you displayed them! They each have a different personality and are oh so cute!! I have a weak spot for bunnies and have two real life ones! I really enjoyed your post!!


    1. Larissa, Thank you. I’ve never had a bunny, so I enjoyed seeing your new little one. I have to do with the pretend ones. I don’t think our Lab would appreciate a real one.

    1. Christy, thanks so much. It seems like bunnies are everywhere. I love the ones that I find at estate sales or antique malls. All the stores will definitely have them on sale soon.

  2. I LOVE all your bunnies, Carol! Especially the bunny band on the candlesticks! SO sweet! Hope you come over and share and Homestyle Gathering! Hugs, sweet friend! (Just bought my plane ticket for Haven!)

  3. This post is absolutely adorable! All your bunnies are super cute and I love how you have them all displayed. The pink polka dot and checked ribbons tied around the necks add such a festive touch. After seeing your post just had to go out and look for a little bunny today and I found one at a thrift shop!

    Thank you so much for joining us for the hop. Happy Easter!

    1. Amber, thank you for hosting. I loved everyone’s contributions. I found another bunny at an estate sale last week. They just seem to be everywhere if you are looking for them.

    1. Michelle, glad you liked the bunny nests. I saw a similar idea somewhere and thought I could build on it. Turned out to be a favorite.

  4. Carol, I’ve been in and out of our house for the past three days and as I make my way through our blog list, I’ve finally reached you and your lovely bunnies. I love them all, but my favorites are the summersaulting bunnies, the musical instrument bunnies and the jackrabbit bunny! Wishing you a Blessed Easter!

  5. You really do have an amazing collection of bunnies! I don’t know if I could pick a favorite…but I do feel like shopping for some now! Beautiful Easter vignettes! (sorry if this is a duplicate comment – for some reason, all my comments aren’t going thru!)

  6. Carol, All of your bunnies are so sweet and must make you smile as you look around your home. Even though you are titling this “how to use bunnies…” I spotted a sweet little plush lamb hanging out with your pastel plush bunnies and in your title photo some cute little wooly lambs. They caught my eye and made me smile. Way back when I was a toddler, in the furthest reaches of my memories I remember having a stuffed lamb. I don’t remember what exactly happened to him, but I do remember my mother cut out the music box in him and gave it to me when he was in tatters. Happy Easter dear friend!

  7. You have quite the collection of bunnies!! Love them all so much!! And love how you have decorated with them!! So cute!!

  8. Carol, I see we both have a variety of bunnies decorating our house — I thought I had a lot, but you certainly have me beat! As much as I’d love to have the bunny band that you’ve had for many years, the new addition from Shark is just marvelous! Those tall ears and expression on his face is wonderful.

  9. You have so many wonderful bunnies and they are displayed so attractively. If I visited you, it would take me forever to admire all of them. I had a stuffed rabbit similar to the one that you found at the antique mall when I was in college. Now I’m regretting giving it away a long time ago. Yours is so cute! I really enjoyed seeing all of your pretty Easter displays!

  10. Carol,
    What a fun and diverse collection of bunnies! I have never counted all the bunnies at my house, but they are everywhere all year… rugs, wall hangings, doorstops, outdoor cement garden ones, etc…


  11. What a lovely collection of bunnies you have! They are all so cute and your vignettes are so pretty, Carol! Thanks for sharing your treasured bunnies with us! Have a great day!

  12. I didn’t realize there were so many different ways to display bunnies – what a fun post! I love your collection and I’m excited about your jack rabbit gift. It’s so cute! Hugs, CoCo