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Create a Rustic Easter Tablescape with Moss and Nests

Tablescapes come in all shapes and sizes, colors and textures. Do you change your tablescapes from your to year? I like to style something new every year. For this year’s Easter table I’m opting to create a rustic Easter tablescape with moss and nests.

Why moss and nests for a rustic Easter tablescape?

Because I love to use moss in my home decor. Nests have such a spring feel about them and I had them on hand.

I’ve never designed a rustic Easter tablescape. Wanting something a little different, I looked through our Easter decorations for items that would lend themselves to that look.

I found I had just the right ingredients for a small Easter table that would project a woodsy, natural feel.

Rustic Easter Tablescape with Moss and Nests

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Easter is now three weeks away. I’m sure many of us are contemplating whether or not we will host or attend an Easter gathering.

Sweet Shark and I don’t have family here. All our kids and grandkids are spread around. We have my brother-and-sister-in-law over after church for a glass of champagne before Easter dinner.

I love having a holiday table set a few weeks ahead. That way the table adds to your holiday decorations and you have the enjoyment of the table for longer than a day.

And so that you have plenty of time to plan and set your Easter table, I’m sharing this rustic Easter tablescape in the hopes yo can can some inspiration.

This tablescape would be set in our breakfast room. The style would be very casual.

Ingredients for My Rustic Easter Tablescape

What comes first? The idea for the tablescape design or the elements in the tablescape? I sort of had the idea for a more rustic style for this Easter tablescape about a week ago.

Then, when I started to go through all our Easter decorations, I had just the ingredients I needed.

  • rustic looking bunnies
  • large twig white wreath
  • small grapevine twig wreaths
  • grapevine twig nests
  • decorated Easter eggs

In addition to the Easter decorations, I also had these supplies:

  • blue and white stripe tablecloth – Joann – 50% off $9.99
  • moss – I’m never without Super Moss for finishing potted plants for decorations
  • white charger – Dollar Tree
  • white plates – Dollar Tree
  • mini bird’s nests and wreaths
  • vintage wood cutting boards – Etsy
  • champagne glasses – World Market
  • silverware
  • split of Champagne

Designing the Rustic Easter Tablescape

A couple of years ago, I bought a blue and white tablecloth at Joann 50% off. I had not used it so I decided now was the time.

The tablecloth was actually meant as a picnic-style with plastic on top.

For the base of my centerpiece, I used a white charger from Dollar Tree. Any large round plate or tray would work.

white plate on blue and white stripe tablecloth

A couple of years ago, I used this wreath to make an Easter decoration. The moss was still attached. Setting it on the white charger allowed me to move the centerpiece around easily.

whitewashed grapevine wreath

Next, I added two bunnies that have a natural material on them for a rustic look. One is pink for a girl and the other blue for a boy.

I knew that I wanted pretty bright spring flowers as the focal point of the centerpiece. First, I needed a rustic container.

Making a Moss-Covered Container

I love using moss to finish off flower arrangements and for crafts. Super Moss is my favorite.

Adding moss to a green plastic container with adhesive spray was the answer to giving a rustic look to my centerpiece container. I found the container on a shelf in the garage. I already had the moss and the spray adhesive.

First, I placed newspapers outside on the patio. Then I just sprayed on the adhesive in small increments.

green plastic contaner

Then in small pieces, I pressed the moss into the plastic container.

green plastic container covered in moss

Continue around the container until the plastic container is covered. Allow the moss to dry on the container before adding the flowers.

green plastic container covered in moss

Flower-Filled Cenerpiece

A trip to the grocery store was all I needed for my flower centerpiece. I bought bright pink carnations, pale pink tulips, yellow tulips, and yellow daffodils.

After filling the moss-covered container with plant food, I filled it with the flowers and set it in the center of the white wreath.

I also added some colored twine-covered eggs that I bought years ago at Pier 1.

After filling the container with the fresh flowers, I wanted a fuller look. I added faux yellow tulips and pink tulips. Can you tell which ones they are?

Next, I added one large and one medium nest and filled them with moss and some painted eggs.

pastel spring flowers in container with bunny and eggs
nest with Easter eggs

Opening another box of Easter decorations, I found the decoupage eggs I made last year and decided to switch them out. I also made more nests from tiny grapevine wreaths and moss.

pastel spring flowers in container with bunny and eggs

Since this will be a very casual lunch, I wanted to use the rustic vintage cutting boards that just arrived a few days ago from Etsy. I love the look of these made from old wood.

vintage wood cutting boards

Rather than have place settings, I just added two Dollar Tree plates – the ones I made last year from stencils and Ceramic paint from A Makers’ Studio.

white dishes with blue designs

We may be sitting outside, so I wanted large napkins; these are actually dishtowels from IKEA.

blue check dish towels

One thing I know we will have are mimosas. I brought out Champagne glasses.

blue check dish towels

Finally, forks. This will be a one-fork, no-knife meal.

A split of Champagne is the finishing touch.

I recently rounded up 5 of my favorite spring and Easter tablescapes that you might like to look at for more ideas.

I know that the flowers will not last until Easter, so I will replace them. The Champagne will go back in the refrigerator until it’s time to toast this most special of days.

I hope you enjoyed this rustic Easter tablescape and gathering some ideas to inspire your own tablescape.

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Have a great day.

pin for later graphic in blue
rustic Easter Tablescape

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  1. Carol, I love how you’re keeping everything set out on the table awaiting your Easter meal. I agree that it becomes part of the decor and you can enjoy it for longer. Your mossy centerpiece with the tulips is rustic and beautiful. I remember when you ordered moss in bulk. Is that from the same shipment? You can never have enough moss for craft projects! I’m crushing on your new cutting boards from Etsy. They look vintage! We’re looking forward to attending church on Easter in the parking lot, too. It will be the first in-person service for us in over a year. Have a Happy Easter, my friend!

  2. Your rustic Easter tablescape is gorgeous AND fun. That moss covered vase is to die-for, it really takes the flowers up a notch. You can’t beat bunnies and tulips for Easter! Thanks for sharing at Vintage Charm. xo Kathleen

  3. Carol, first I can appreciate all of your step-by-step instructions on your selection of table items and how you assemble the entire tablescape. Most times when I see a lovely tablescape it is only a guess of what was all used or how things are put together. So I appreciate the insight and tips for how you arrived at using each item. Which leads me to say, I love how you designed your moss covered plant pot. Your bunnies are so adorable and seem to come straight from a storybook. The use of rustic cutting boards make such a wonderful statement. Down right homey and cozy. I have enjoyed blog hopping with you and hope you have a wonderful Easter holiday.

    1. Marsha, thank you for the kind words. I guess it’s my former days as an English teacher and cooking instructor that makes me insist on sharing the step~by~step process. YOu just can’t tell a kid to diagram a sentence or a student how to properly dice an onion without showing the steps. Good to be back hopping with you, too, and Happy Easter.

  4. What a pretty centerpiece! The bunnies are too adorable and my little grand Ava would love them. I also have my eye on the moss-covered vase and I think I can pull that one off thanks for the tutorial. I also agree about setting the table early to enjoy it. Love the cutting boards and mimosas are always a great idea. Happy Easter and Happy Spring!

  5. Carol, Those are the prettiest tulips! I love the colors and they are so very fresh. Your bunnies look so good beside your moss-covered basket with tulips in your grape wine wreath. The birds nest pull it all together.
    I hope you have the most blessed Easter. We will be alone too. We have just seen our kids so we won’t be able to visit or them visit again.
    I will just be content to go to church in person again by then.
    Have a lovely day.

  6. Your tulips look great in the mossy environment!! I like how you did both the pot and the wreath. I am attracted to all the breadboards that are being shown, yours are hitting a sweet spot with me!!! Cute setting!! Wishing you a very nice Easter 🐣

  7. Carol, your rustic tablescape is so pretty! Those rabbits are just so cute! Such a great idea to cover a vase with moss. It’s so pretty with those beautiful tulips! Your rustic breadboards are really unique.

    So nice that you are able to go to Church on Easter Sunday — even if it is in the parking lot. We are still on strict lockdown here so there will be no Church and no family gatherings again this year. I tell you, this Covid has sure cramped our style!

    I know you and your hubby will have a lovely lunch after Church on Easter Sunday. Enjoy!

    1. Mary-Ann thank you as always for your nice comments. Sorry that you are still on lockdown. Other than the fact that we are still wearing masks in stores and restaurants, life seems fairly normal. We have dined outdoors at restaurants several times as have everyone I know, and these are grown-up, careful people. We actually have dinner reservations for tonight. I’m grateful that we have had a common-sense approach to this crisis. Unfortunately, now in Texas, we have a horrible situation that could have been totally avoided. Doing lots of praying!!

  8. Your table is just lovely. After another dental appt. yesterday, we hit Staples, PetSmart (if the cats ain’t happy, ain’t no one gonna be happy!), then Michaels, all in a row. Sprung for a pastel tulip bush to replace the faux daffodils in the vase on my kitchen table. Daffs and other faux tulips are currently in the tobacco basket on the front hall closet door. Dental infection, pain, and problems have totally discouraged me from Easter decoration, but the flowers lift my spirits! Didn’t even get dressed for St. Patrick’s Day. Slowly feeling better!

    1. Kathy, so sorry to hear that you are having dental pain. Nothing is worse. Even a small vase of spring flowers can lighten your mood. Tulip bush sounds lovely! Take care.

  9. Love your pretty tulips (real and faux!) in your mossy pot surrounded by your wreath. It makes such a pretty rustic centerpiece with your wood boards and sweet nests with eggs. As always it’s a treat to hop with you. Happy Easter!

  10. Carol, Your table is set, and you seem like you are all ready for Easter. We have been having in person church for months now and since all of our family is finally vaccinated (except for the grandkids) we are finally gathering together and couldn’t be more excited! That wreath is pretty as can be and was the perfect way to ground your centerpiece. I find that adding faux flowers to fresh ones is a great way to make an arrangement bigger, and usually people never realize some of them are artificial! All of your little nexts are cute as can be and your decoupaged eggs are a great addition! Happy Easter!

  11. Carol I adore Mr. & Mrs. Bunny….and your rustic table setting. Sometimes it is fun to deviate from what is considered “the Norm”! I have developed many a “abnormal” tablescapes in the past. LOL
    I don’t believe I caught your menu for the two of you…thoughts? I am hoping our church will have sunrise services as they have done a time or two…but if not, we will be watching the service via live streaming for a few more Sundays. The family will have all shots by the early Spring and I am excited to go in our camper to visit family….and get back to church. Your rustic table is lovely and the moss and bread boards go hand in hand with your setting. Have a great and Blessed Easter.

  12. Your moss centerpiece is perfect. I love it. I love the rustic bunnies too. Where did you get these? They are so unique. It was really fun seeing all of the different tables and yours really stands out. Happy Easter!

  13. Your flowers are gorgeous Carol, and really put the finishing touch on your wonderful table! Love the cutting boards with the champagne glasses – a perfect rustic elegant combination! It’s always fun hopping with you! See you at TTA soon!

  14. Carol, I love your rustic tablescape with that beautiful centerpiece! You always do such a great job at explaining the steps to create your projects. It’s all so pretty and so perfect for Easter! Great to hop with you again!

  15. Carol, your centerpiece of colorful flowers is lovely in the moss covered pot. I made one of those a few years ago and it has held up remarkably. Your table is perfect for two with its bunnies, nests, and cutting boards. I do love it’s rustic vibe! Happy Easter and so thrilled you will be able to have church!

  16. Adorable Carol! I am a huge tulip lover and your mix of colors and they way they spill out from the clever moss covered container looks so perfect with the sweet bunnies. This is a perfect table for the two of you for a lovely Easter brunch, the cutting boards are a wonderful touch with all the other rustic elements. Happy Spring and Happy Easter!

  17. Carol, your centerpiece was the first thing that caught my eye. It is gorgeous and perfect for spring! I am so anxious for the season to arrive. Your bunnies are adorable. Everything looks beautiful! I hope that you have a Happy Easter!

  18. Carol, I know what my next art project will be – a moss nest! Really a brilliant idea, and a craft that is not difficult, yet creates such a big impact.
    I really like how you used the new Etsy wood cutting boards in this table to keep it on the rustic side.
    And I agree with Linda, I just can not tell which tulips are real and the faux ones.

  19. Carol, such a lovely table. Your moss covered container looks fabulous with the pretty tulips. No, I cannot tell which one is faux. What a great idea to tuck it in the wreath. Such sweet little nests you made with those pretty decoupaged eggs. The dish towels are a wonderful idea. I hope you and the Mr. enjoy a wonderful Easter and can also enjoy
    Easter service. Happy Spring and Happy Easter.

  20. Very sweet setting for the two of you for Easter, Carol. Your moss container you created for the flowers to snuggle into the wreath turned out really well. Love the rustic and casual charm added with the twig bunnies and cutting boards for place settings. I think dish towels make terrific ‘lap’kins and have used that idea myself. We have quite a bit of family local, and since we have all had our second round of shots, I’m pretty sure we’ll be back to gathering this year. It’s a freeing feeling. I hope you enjoy your in person church service, I’m pretty sure it will be an eventful celebration on so many levels, a true resurrection of hope! HapPy SPring!