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How to Decoupage Easter Eggs and Decorative Balls

Do you love learning how to make DIY projects for accessories and home decor? Would you like to learn how to decoupage Easter eggs and decorative balls?

Learning how to decoupage is really easy. The possibilities for creative projects are endless. Just about anything can be decoupaged and many materials can be used, such as paper and fabric.

Whether it’s for a holiday or every day, simple DIY projects can add color and pattern that fit your style and your budget. 

Yes, Spring officially won’t be here for five weeks. Easter comes this year on April 21st. Why not get ready now so you can enjoy all the pretty colors longer?

The idea for the Easter eggs came from several Pinterest sources, but mostly from my friend Yvonne at Stonegable. Her Chinoiserie eggs sparked my desire to make some floral Easter eggs.

I enjoyed her project so much I decided to make some decorative balls for everyday accessories.

I’m sharing this Easter egg DIY project with nine other talented bloggers. Everyone is sharing their version of an Easter egg project. This blog hop is hosted by Janet of A Life of Balance now that the gift is gone.

Are you joining me from An Uncommon Slice of Suburbia? Then welcome.

Fortunately, the supplies you need for this project are few. I was lucky to have everything I needed on hand.

Do you know how to decoupage? It’s so easy, it may become addictive.

How to Decoupage Easter Egg

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Yvonne used real eggs as the base for her eggs. I went a different route for four reasons.

  • I didn’t think I had the patience to prick eggshells and blow out the egg inside.
  • Honestly, I envisioned myself breaking more eggshells than not.
  • I didn’t know how long the real decoupaged eggshells would last.
  • We had fewer than a dozen eggs in our fridge and I hated to waste good eggs for a DIY project.


You only need a few supplies for both projects.

Fortunately, I found a package of 20 craft eggs at Joann. Although a little pricey at $19.99, I thought it was better to try them than waste real eggs. Fortunately, they were on sale for $11.99.

Unfortunately, these eggs the Joann website right now. They are not Styrofoam and not hard plastic, but somewhere in between.  I’m sure that either Styrofoam or wooden eggs would also work fine for this project.

I love to buy pretty or funny napkins on our travels and I had a dozen or so to choose from. For this decoupage project, I chose three floral patterns in pastels to mix.

floral and polka-dot paper napkins
floral and polka-dot paper napkins

I also had this beautiful floral pattern.


Step 1 ~ Place a sheet of wax paper on your work surface. You want a material that the Mod Podge and the eggs won’t stick to.

Step 2 ~ Fill a cup with water. This is for your sponge brush when not in use so it won’t dry with the Mod Podge and get stiff.

Step 3 ~ Pour a small amount of ModPodge into a plaster container. I used the same plastic container that I use for paint projects.

bottle of ModPodge and cup of water

Step 4 ~ The next thing you do is separate the front pattern layer of the napkin from the back layer. Napkins may have either two or three layers. Gently separate the back layers from the front one with the pattern. The layers easily come apart. Here’s an example of when I separated one of my blue napkins.

Discard the blank layer(s).

Step 5 ~ Tear your napkins into small pieces.

Step 6 ~ Pour a small amount of Mod Podge into your container.

sponge brush and white glue

Step 7 ~ Holding the egg at one end, brush a small area with ModPodge and apply a piece of napkin.

applying colored napkins to easter egg

Step 8 ~ Gently press down with your finger to apply the napkin. Continue applying the napkin pieces for about 1/2 of the egg. Set the egg on the wax paper and allow to dry. Repeat with your eggs, letting each section dry before applying the napkin to the other side of the egg. Use more ModPodge to brush on top of the napkin and glue stray parts down.

Let your eye help you decide where to place pieces of napkin, mixing up the patterns as you like.

applying colored napkins to easter egg

Step 9 ~ Work about 1/2 to 1/3 of your egg at a time, letting it dry as you go. Repeat with each egg.

decoupaging floral Easter eggs
decoupaging floral Easter eggs

Step 10 ~ Add more ModPodge on top of the napkins to smooth any pieces of paper down. Let the eggs dry completely before using them in your decor.

TIP: Wash your hands occasionally to remove any ModPodge build~up.


I used most of my Easter eggs in a medium~size glass apothecary jar for display. I love the pretty colors.

floral decorated Easter eggs in glass jar

You could also place your eggs in a basket, a nest, a bowl or a lantern.

Want to see some other decoupage projects for spring?


Now that you know how to decoupage Easter eggs, let’s decoupage some blue eggs and blue balls.

For this project, I chose these napkins. We bought the Cape Cod ones on our trip to Chatham, MA.

2 patterned paper napkins

No, not this side of the napkin.

picture of people on paper napkin

This is the pattern I would use.

blue pattern paper napkin

Since I liked the decoupaged Easter eggs so much, I wanted to repeat the process for something to use now and after Easter while I had the supplies out.

I remembered the Styrofoam balls that I had covered with strips of fabric a few years ago. The fabric was leftover from some outfits I made for my older granddaughter when she was a toddler.

I removed the fabric strips ~ I’ll save them for another use at some time. One ball was about 2 1/2 inches in diameter and the rest were about 3 inches in diameter.

fabric covered styrofoam balls

For the decorative balls, I used the 3 patterns of napkins that had blues.

blue and white paper napkin

I tore larger pieces of napkins for the Styrofoam balls.

torn paper napkins

Then I applied the napkins to the balls with the ModPodge in the same way as the Easter eggs. The balls are easier because they are larger.

On some of the balls, I mixed the patterns.

decoupaging styrofoam balls

On a few, I used one pattern on a ball.

decoupaging styrofoam balls

I liked the bit of yellow on one ball to contrast with all the blue.

decoupaging styrofoam balls


After all the blue Easter eggs and decorative balls were dry, I placed them and my blue eggs in a pretty blue and white shallow bowl.

I love the mix of color and pattern. The small amount of yellow picks up the yellow in our lamp and the large pillow on the sofa.

blue patterned decorative balls in bowl
blue patterned decorative balls in bowl
blue patterned decorative balls in bowl

After Easter, I will probably move the bowl to our coffee table for spring display.

blue patterned decorative balls in bowl

I hope you’ve enjoyed learning how to decoupage Easter eggs and decorative balls. I imagine I’ll be making more decorative items with ModPodge. It’s easy and lends itself to many surfaces and projects. PIN it so you don’t forget.

Next up on the Easter egg hunt is Jennifer of The Everyday Farmhouse. Enjoy the wood eggs.

pin for later graphic in blue

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  1. Oh my gosh! I love the blue and white balls, and I would leave them out year-round. I will be pinning this for later. 🙂

  2. I missed this project. Again, I never thought to MP napkins! Great idea! They look great. I have some funny, snarky cocktail napkins… might need to find some ways to MOD Podge!

    Happy Weekend. We might hit 90 by end of next week. Our state starts to open up tomorrow. xo laura

    1. Laura, we are opening up too. We went to the nursery on Saturday for plants and it was packed. So was Lowe’s today, but everyone is wearing masks. A small price to pay for getting out outside, shopping, and allowing businesses to be up and running.

  3. These are so beautiful and such a great idea! I love it!! Pinning for later, I’m so inspired! Thanks for sharing at Charming Homes and Gardens!

    1. Allyson, I love a good pun. And yes, this is a great way to use all those extra napkins we have. I’m planning g on doing a planter too.

  4. This is such a beautiful way to make Easter eggs. I luv the colors you chose too🙋🏼‍♀️ Pinned! Thank you for joining us over at our new link party Charming Homes & Gardens🙋🏼‍♀️

  5. You had some very pretty napkins! I think I have found the secret for blowing eggs. When the yolk doesn’t start blowing out easily, I poked through the egg with a small diameter straw (teriyaki stick would work, too) and broke up the yolk a bit. Easy peasy! I have not broken any of my 12–yet! As we both preferred fried eggs, I have used some of the eggs for cooking, too! I agree with you–I found addicting–and I talked on the phone with an isolated friend at the same time!

    1. Kathy A, thank you for the egg blowing suggestions. Since we are so low on eggs and wasn’t sure we could get them at the store and I already had the craft eggs, that seemed like the best way to go.

  6. These are really lovely—and so fresh, I’m sure you will use them for eons…loving the blue and white ones, I would be tempted to leave out all the time! Grins, Sandi