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How to Make Mother’s Day Cards with a Cricut

Happy May Day. Are you as happy as I am that April is over? It was a beautiful month in terms of weather, but was a hard month around the world. It seems that as we turn the calendar to May, we are closer to resuming a somewhat more normal existence. Our next big celebration is Mother’s Day so I wanted to share how to make Mother’s Day cards with a Cricut.

I have to tell you that Mother’s Day is always a little bit hard for me. My mom passed away suddenly almost 33 years ago. She was in her early 60’s; I was in my 30’s, a young mom with an 8~year old, a 6~year~old, and a 20-month-old. I thought that my mom would be here to see all her grandchildren (I had a 12~year~old nephew.) grow up.

We saw her the day before we left on summer vacation. I kissed her good~bye, thinking that she had the softest, most beautiful skin. Little did I know that would be the last time I saw her or touched her. My mom ~ memaw ~ never got to see her grandchildren grow up and they were denied the joy of having her in their lives. So when I send Mother’s Day cards, I send them to my daughters.

A few years ago, when I first bought my Cricut Explore Air, I decided to make cards for my grandkids to give to their moms. Learning how to make Mother’s Day cards using a Cricut was one of my first Cricut projects.

How to Make Mother’s Day Cards with a Cricut

This post contains links to products used in this project that I love and recommend. If you should order any product through this site, I may receive compensation, but you will not pay a penny more.

The irony of showing you how to make Mother’s Day cards is that my mom was the queen of DIY before anyone used the term DIY. She made shadow boxes with intricately cut paper and purses from wooden boxes, covering them in torn paper and decoupaging them, adding the hinges and handles herself. She would have loved Joann, Michael’s, and Hobby Lobby.

She was an expert seamstress, making clothes not only for me but for my dolls, too. She had the greenest thumb ever and always had a beautiful garden. Martha Stewart would have had some real competition in the hostess and food categories from my mom. She knew how to set a beautiful table, plan, and cook a delicious meal, and she could charm the pants off of guests without trying or knowing that she was being charming. She was the sweetest person who would cry at a Hallmark commercial and I only saw her get “riled up” if she thought someone (especially my brother or I) were being mean, rude, or inconsiderate.

I’m pretty sure that she could have been a successful DIY and lifestyle blogger, although I’m also sure she would have been hesitant to put herself out in the public eye ~ women of her generation just didn’t do that in those days. But I’m positive of this: she would have loved making these Mother’s Day cards and had the most fun doing it.

Supplies for Making Mother’s Day Cards

In case you are very new to Cricut Explore Air or are thinking about getting a Cricut, you should read how to use a Cricut ~ my first projects.

In addition to a Cricut, you’ll need a ruler, glue and adhesive tape. Sometimes it takes both to make sure that your papers are adequately stuck together. I found this Clear Elmer’s Glue and I like that it’s a thinner consistency than regular glue, but you do have to use it sparingly. The adhesive tape is easy to use but sometimes isn’t strong enough. You need a ruler to measure the size of your cards if an envelope doesn’t come with the card and you have to make a separate one.

glue and ruler

I have 2 granddaughters and 1 grandson and I wanted cards that I thought would fit their personalities to give to their moms. I searched for Cricut Design Space and found the just~right cards. Here was my inspiration.

4 mother's day cards

Let’s start with my grandson who was almost 10 when I made these cards. He loved superheroes so I was really excited to find this card in the Cricut Make It Now. His mom (my younger daughter) is amazing. She juggles a full~time job and is raising an awesome little boy by herself. The only change I made was from pink to blue. A blue and white color scheme was perfect.

At the time, I was learning the ropes of following the Cricut Design Space instructions, loading the paper onto the mat, hitting the load button, and the Cricut button as indicated.  This card required 2 cuts, one for the inner liner and one for the outer card with the cutout.

super mom mother's day card

For my youngest granddaughter, who just had just turned 4 that April, I wanted something pink and sweet. She is our little princess with big blue eyes and blonde hair. I know she couldn’t read the card yet, but I hoped she would think it’s pretty for her mom. Like the first card, this one required just 2 cuts, 1 for the card and 1 for the liner.

pink mother's day card

Neither of these cards came with an envelope, so I searched in the Create It Space for an envelope, sized it to fit the cards, and cut it out. I was pretty darn proud of myself for figuring this out. Here is the Design Space screen and envelope style I used.

making envelop on a Cricut machine

For my older granddaughter, I wanted something a little unique. She will be 9 next week (I shared the Happy Birthday banner that I made for her.), is an avid reader, loves playing softball, and is fearless. When I saw this card I knew it was perfect.

Annabelle is well aware that her daddy went to Alabama and she can yell “Roll Tide” with the best of them. She wears a houndstooth skirt I made for her to wear on game days or her Alabama cheerleader outfit. In all fairness, her mom, my older daughter, went to Texas A & M and has taught Annabelle to yell “Gig ‘Em.” They are a house divided on SEC game days. For those of you not in the know, Alabama’s mascot is the elephant. Annabelle actually had an elephant mobile over her crib and her lovey is her stuffed elephant. That’s why this card was just right. A mama and baby elephant.

There were several cutouts for this card and the envelope which takes a bit of time. The only hard part was figuring out how the pieces all fit together.

blue elephant card with envelop

Each grandkid had a card that fit his or her personality.

pink mother's day card

After I finished the cards for the grandkids to give to their moms, I decided I wanted to give the moms cards from Sweet Shark and me. I found a design I liked and used different color paper to change it up a bit. You can remove any pieces that are still attached to the card using a tool called a weeder.

blue mother's day card

making blue mother's day card

Paper that sticks to the mat is easily removed using this scraper tool.

The insert piece is attached to the card using the adhesive tape.

pink mother's day card

I’m so pleased how the cards turned out. As always, I learned new techniques and ways to do things on the Cricut just by making things.

blue mother's day cards

That year was a special Mother’s Day because I was in Atlanta on Mother’s Day with my girls, which hasn’t happened in a very long time. I was able to take the cards and have each child sign the card. And I loved seeing my daughters open the Mother’s Day cards that I made for them.

As you know, greeting cards can be expensive. I easily made all these cards for $10. I used scrapbook paper from Joann. I always stock up on paper when it’s on sale. I used 11 pieces of paper @.50 each for $5.50 cents. I had all the other supplies (glue, adhesive) on hand. That means each card cost about $1.10.

Money well spent and it’s so personal.

Of course, one very special person wasn’t there, but one who was in our thoughts. I felt certain that she was watching and was proud of the children I raised and how they are raising their children. I knew she would have dearly loved her great~grandchildren. Thanks, mom, for the love, the lessons, the hugs, and smiles.

If you love to create with a Cricut or you love papercrafts, I hope you will PIN this Mother’s Day card project.

Have a Happy Mother’s Day to you and all the moms in your life.

How to Make Mother's Day Cards with a Cricut.











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  1. I loved reading about your mom. Your cards were lovely. I usually make mine, but this year I was short on time and “cheated.” Storeboughts all around! My mom was 93 when she died in ’08 and had dementia. She wanted to stay in her own home. I had her on waiting lists for good places to live. Fortunately, God made His decision for the best. She stroked out while pruning her forsythia bush in the front yard and lingered until the next day so we could all be with her. Way to go–doing what she loved. We should all be so lucky! She is up in Heaven telling the head gardener the way it should be done (her way!).

  2. Your cards are lovely, Carol and the fact that they are made with so much love makes them extra special! I started out as a paper crafter and need to remind myself to get back to it sometimes!

  3. Love your story Carol! And I love those cards. I keep telling my husband I need to invest in a Cricut…don’t have one yet, but am still pushing…might be a surprise gift for Mother’s Day! 🙂 One can hope! Happy Mother’s Day! Hugs!

  4. This is a lovely family story, Carol! Okay, tears… Very touching!! I love the “Role tide!” and “Gig ’em!” bits. Very cute!! I am missing my mom, too, and she only got to know our kids until they were 12 and 10 years old. Amy missed my mom the most as they sent cards back and forth. 🙂 She treasures the letters she has. Mom wasn’t always so creative but she would search out the perfect card and present, especially books, for each of her grandchildren (and their parents, as well!).

    I do have a Cricut and once the Craft room is settled I’ll pull it out and make something fun with it once again. Thank you for sharing this with us. Glad to be with you for 10 on the 10th.

    Happy Mother’s Day to you,
    Barb 🙂

  5. Carol your blog is a perfect idea to share. Seems like any more it is so hard to find a nice card, they are either so generic or expensive. I love your blog. Happy Mother’s Day!

  6. Carol I have one of the very first Circuits ever made and a couple of Silhouettes and I love them both. Your cards are so pretty and what a great grandma you are! What sweet memories of your mom! hugs…

  7. You are a SUPER grandmother, Carol (and I’m sure an awesome mother, as well). You’re becoming a Cricut expert! My mom also died unexpectedly when I was 24 (she was 64) and in my first year of law school. It was a really rough few years after that. She didn’t see me graduate, or get married, or meet my children. But I have wonderful memories of her and what a great mom she was so I hold onto that. Thanks for sharing your personal story and thanks for linking up with Vintage Charm! xo Kathleen | Our Hopeful Home

  8. Carol,

    What sweet sentiments… These sweet cards are adorable! I am so proud of you for creating these on your Cricut. Great job. My thoughts are with you this weekend. Happy Mother’s Day!

  9. Happy Mother’s Day, Carol. I think our moms might have been separated at birth and our circumstances similar (my mom died when I was 25; she was 58; it was tough and remains so.) Mother’s day is always tough for me.

    I love the cards and it’s a wonderful idea and nicely explained! I hope your day is happy.