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Are you a DIYer at heart?

Hi everyone.

Last summer after I spent 3 days at the Haven Conference in Atlanta, I wrote this post. It was fun to write and I had fun reading it back after several months.  I thought you would enjoy it too. So ask yourself:

Are you a DIYer at heart?

I’m still trying to recover from three days at the Haven Conference in Atlanta. I mean that in a good way – a very good way. If you have ever been to a seminar, convention or conference ~ I think the names mean the same thing  ~ you know what I mean. Fabulous speakers sharing their incredible know-how, great give-aways ~ I had to ship home my goodies ~ and making friendships with amazing other attendees who share your love of whatever the subject matter may be. In this case, 400 women (there were a few guys) who love home decor, do it yourself projects, entertaining tips, recipes, and best of all, sharing that love and knowledge with others on their blogs like me.  I can’t wait to get home and start putting into practice what I learned. Since I’m still in Atlanta, that will have to wait a couple more days.

This morning I read an article in the Fall 2015 Do It Yourself magazine entitled “Thrill of the Hunt”.  It was a questionnaire to determine if you are truly a DIYer. I’m thrilled to report I passed with flying colors. So here are the questions posed, my answers, plus some more thoughts in a “If you________, you must be a redneck” format.

1. Would you rather visit thrift stores, garage sales, and antiques shops more than malls?  ABSOLUTELY!

Are you a DIYer at heart?

2. Do you own any of the following: drill, sander, staple gun, router or glue gun?

Yes to the drill, staple gun and glue gun. In fact, my drill is one of my most prized possessions.

Are you a DIYer at heart?

I also own a sewing machine, a level, various paint brushes, paint drop cloth, stacks of fabric and paper, screw drivers, a hammer, sanding paper, buffing brushes, and enough Do~It~Yourself magazines for a craft library. Do I get extra points for all those?

3. Does Craigslist appear more frequently than any other website in your browsing history?

O. K., I failed this. I’ve never visited or shopped on Craigslist, but I shopped and bought on Etsy and other websites.

4. Have you ever defended a piece of recently acquired, unfortunately patterned, old, chipped, scratched furniture to your partner, citing its “amazing bones”?

Yes, many times. I’m happy to report that Sweet Shark has gotten used to seeing something new sitting in the garage when he gets home. Once I wrote “I’m married to the best husband in the world” on my chalk board. Since he knew that I had been to a flea market that morning, he asked, “What did you buy?”  He’s learning.

Are you a DIYer at heart?

So here are some more thoughts:

1. If you discuss colors with fellow painters, instead of describing blue, green, grey, pink, or white, you say “Wouldn’t that look beautiful in Duck Egg Blue, Antibes, French Linen, Antoinette or Old White and they know exactly what you mean,

You might be a DIYer at heart.

(For the uninitiated, those are Annie Sloan Chalk Paint colors. I now see everything, including clothes, in those colors.)

2. If your favorite phrase, “Is that the best you can do on that price?”,

You might be a DIYer at heart.

I learned from my friend and antique dealer Susie to always ask on anything over $15. Usually you’ll get at least a 10% discount and often more.

3.  If you see something in an old vase, frame, lamp or jar that no one else can,

Dead give away that you are in the DIY club.

4. If you save cardboard, boxes, baskets, bags, pieces of ribbon or pieces of wood in the hope that you will be able to repurpose them,

You might be a DIYer at heart. This practice is not only O. K. in the DIY world, it’s encouraged and celebrated.

5. If you have sworn to never buy a new piece of furniture again,

You might be a DIYer at heart.

I have. After looking at our receipts from when we built and decorated our big house 18 years ago, I almost choked. Yes, today I have some beautiful antiques and artwork, but I get so much more satisfaction from finding that diamond in the rough and making it shine – and for a fraction of the cost.

Bonus Question:

If your heart starts beating fast when a new episode of Fixer Upper comes on and you wish you lived in Waco, Texas,

You are definitely a DIYer at heart.

Welcome to the club.  I hope you’ll visit me at Bluesky Kitchen to share my adventures.

Also I’ve  linked up at The Dedicated House.  Check it out all the fun projects over there.


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    1. Thanks for reading my post. And I’m glad you saw yourself in the descriptions. Just FYI, that chair redo was not mine. I just needed a good picture to convey the idea.

  1. Looks like you’re having fun. Also looks like you’re getting more into blogging and DIY’s more than cooking/recipes?

    Hope you’re having a great summer!

    Sent via iPhone,

    Mari Epperson


    1. Mari, thanks for reading, following, and commenting. To answer your question, as much as I love DIY and redoing vintage pieces, I’ll never stop writing about food and cooking. I’ll always include cooking tips and techniques as well as recipes very week. Stay tuned for a completely new look to the blog in a few weeks.