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Ideas for a Red Plaid Christmas Table

In less than six months, it will be time for holiday entertaining, for welcoming friends and neighbors into our homes. I’m setting our Christmas dinner party with ideas for a red plaid Christmas table.

It’s Day 3 of Christmas in July 2022. Let’s think about planning a red plaid Christmas table ~ 6 months early!

One thing I love to decorate early when we are planning a Christmas party is the table. Seeing the dining table all decked out for a Christmas dinner party is so enjoyable. The pretty table sets the festive feeling I love at Christmas.

I showing you ideas for a red plaid Christmas table. Or any Christmas table in your holiday future.

The Inspiration for a Red Plaid Christmas Table

I’m so excited that once again we will open our home to friends. Does it seem like the holidays are back to normal?

The inspiration for the plaid Christmas table was the project of my friend, Crissy of First Day of Home. When I saw her decoupaged plaid chargers, I knew that I had to make some of my own.

red plaid charger with white plate

I made my own version of the plaid chargers. Follow along and learn how to make your own plaid Christmas chargers.

I have styled our Christmas table in every color scheme under the sun: in golds, silver, blues, and reds, and greens. This is the first time I’ve ever used plaid as the focus of our Christmas table.

I searched for just the right plaid and found this pattern and color at Joann. I loved it so I bought 1 1/2 yards.

On the same trip, I found a roll of plaid ribbon that almost matched my fabric. It was BOGO so I bought two rolls.

The plaid fabric and ribbon were the exact elements I needed to create my plaid Christmas table. I think this table may be one of my very favorites.

Setting the Red Plaid Christmas Table

Before beginning to style the Christmas table, I had to remove the last of the Christmas decorations boxes.

A week before styling the table, it was covered in boxes. Fortunately, in the last week, the number of boxes has dwindled to just a few which I moved to the living room.

dining room with Christmas boxes

This red plaid Christmas table is not just for show. The Saturday evening after I styled the table, we hosted three couples, two of which we haven’t seen in over a year. I was thrilled to have them over during the holidays.

First, to accommodate everyone comfortably, I added a second leaf to the table.

Green Glitter Christmas Tree Centerpiece

I like to style my centerpiece first. My brass rectangle tray would be the base for the centerpiece.

I wanted something dramatic, but simple. I made green Christmas trees from styrofoam and green glitter. You can see how to make the glitter Christmas trees.

I set the brass tray in the center of the table and placed my five green glitter trees on it.

Then I added snow and small red ball ornaments. That’s all it took for the centerpiece.

I added plaid ribbon bows to the tray handles at each end.

I also added some white fairy lights with timers which you’ll have to wait to see.

Christmas Place Settings with Red Plaid Chargers

Here is how I created our place settings:

  • Our white with gold trim placemats
  • The red plaid chargers. I loved this pattern and color combination, in red, green and white. All it took to make them were Dollar Tree chargers, which I already had, Mod Podge and the plaid fabric. Aren’t they cute?
  • Do you want to real quick see how to make the red plaid chargers? Hop over to the tutorial. Don’t forget to come back and see the finished Christmas table.
  • My mother’s Francis the First sterling silver
  • I rolled up our white with gold trim napkins and tied them with more plaid ribbon
  • I love to use our collection of salt cellars for formal dinner parties

Embellishments for the Red Plaid Christmas Table

Since our dinner party would be at night, we had to have candles. I decided to use the gold leaf tea light holders that I made a couple of years ago. They don’t take up much space and will give off a soft light.

Using the red plaid ribbon, skinny stripe ribbon, and small gold ornaments, I made decorations for the side chairs.

And, finally, I had to have place cards. I made these with cardstock embellished with a bit more plaid ribbon glued on. Using a red Tombow pen, I hand~lettered everyone’s name. We have two sets of place card holders, one apple and one pear.

The Complete Red Plaid Christmas Tablescape

I love how the tablescape turned out. It’s very colorful and will definitely create a festive atmosphere. Here is a quick tour.

Since I know that we will serve a sauce with our entree, I placed our pretty gravy boat on the table.

Our Christmas Tablescape at Night

At night with the Christmas lights on and candles lit, the table and room take on a lovely ambiance.

I truly hope that you enjoyed my ideas for a red plaid Christmas table. It doesn’t take much plaid to have a big impact.

Shop the Tablescape

Here are some of the items used in our tablescape:


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  1. Carol! Love. It. All!! Seriously, you always have such great DIY ideas to share. I would not have thought to decoupage charger plates but now that you have share how, my mind is running wild with ideas for all the seasons! Perhaps my favourite though is your incredible centrepiece! I am really hoping I can fit in a trip to Michaels to buy the supplies to make one of my own! I love seeing your dining all aglow too! Wishing you all the merriment of the holiday season!

  2. So pretty, Carol! I love those green glitter trees and red ornaments atop a bed of snow. What a unique centerpiece! Your Lenox plates are so elegant and classic. I love how you incorporated the bits tartan plaid throughout. It looks amazing all lit up! It always fun to hop with you. Merry Christmas!

  3. I totally agree about starting with the centerpiece first, It’s much easier than reaching over and around items already in place. Kudos to you for decoupaging your chargers, they’re really nice. I can imagine that your guests will want to linger with all the eye candy on the table and the delicious meal they will have. Your night pictures are beautiful and the lighting is nice and cozy. Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!

  4. Carol, your seasonally styled table is so festive and inviting! The little trees you crafted and incorporated into the centerpiece is so fun and cute! I love how you are always making something new. The colors pop with your Lenox china and plaid pattern. And, the tartan bows on the chairs is a wonderful touch.

  5. You decoupaged your own chargers?!??!?!??! WOW!!!!!!!!! I am a total zero when it comes to DIY, so color me 1000% impressed to infinity and beyond!!! I guess it’s like sewing (which I can’t do, either): if you want certain things, sometimes it pays to know how to just make it yourself! Anyone with a talent for DIY gets big points in my book!!!

    I’m glad this table will get actual use. It’s such a shame when tablescapes of this sort can’t be shared in “real life.” I hope you and your friends enjoy the time you will spend together. Merry Christmas to you!

  6. So very pretty! I love plaid in all its color combinations, but especially at Christmas. I’m anxiously awaiting the how-tos for the chargers. Tying plaid ribbons and bows to the tray and chair backs is a beautiful touch! I love that something easy to do has such impact. All the plaid is a wonderful counterpoint to the classically lovely Lenox dinnerware. I know your guests will be wowed. Happy Holidays!

  7. Hello Carol, This is such a beautiful table seeing. I have been searching for a brass tray to use with my centerpieces. I have a couple in mind. Could you share the length of yours. I have found a 24″, a 30″ and 34″
    I am leaning with the 24″ and putting candles on either side as you have done. Thanks so much and wishing you a merry Christmas and a Blessed New Year.

  8. Carol, what a great way to sashay into the magical world of tartan plaid, by making your own! Be forewarned, though, once you start, the possible combinations are endless and the addiction quick to take hold of you! I love how you made your chargers and trees, and even the votives. Your guests will have plenty details to enjoy and talk about, quizzing you on how you did it. How fun to set the table and entertain guests you haven’t seen in more than a year!
    I have to admit, seeing the boxes on the dining room table gave me a bit of moving PTSD. It’s only been a couple weeks since I’ve have clearance of mine!
    Thank you for joining the hop and putting together a nice ‘how to’ with your new plaid look.
    (ps – my blog name is spelled Panoply). 😉

  9. Carol, I can never have too much plaid! Your chargers and chair plaid bows are so lovely. The forest of trees centerpiece is just perfect. I know your guests will be thrilled to sit at your table. Wishing you a joyous Christmas season!

  10. Carol, you know I’m a mad for plaid kind of person, and your table is my kind of setting.. I keep our table set all the time since we started eating every meal at our dining room table. It is currently set with a tartan theme.
    Thanks for sharing the inspiration. Your dinner party is going to be lovely! Happy Holidays!

  11. Carol, Your guests will be wowed from the minute they enter your home. A dinner party always is fun to attend at Christmas. You are sweet to go to so much trouble.
    The ambiance of your dining room is festive and beautiful. Candlelight adds the perfect touch to your lovely china, silver, and crystal. Your plate stack is so pretty and adding the plaid was fun for you and adds interest and is cherry. I am impressed with the mod podge charger project and your centerpiece. I especially liked your hand-lettered place cards.
    Enjoy your party and the Christmas season.

  12. I love this Carol! It’s both elegant and homey at the same time! I’m excited to see your tutorials on the chargers and the trees. They turned out so pretty. I love the centerpiece and the look of the table in the evening too. Thanks so much for sharing. Have a beautiful Christmas season.

  13. Carol, your dining room table is absolutely beautiful! I love plaid and use it in our home. At night, your dining room table looks so pretty with all the candle light. Your dinner party guests will just love being at your lovely home for dinner.

    You always give us so many great ideas that we can use in our home! Thanks for sharing with us!

    Have a wonderful weekend!

  14. Carol, I love your projects with the trees and chargers and will swing back to see how you did both! Everything about the table is festive and I know your guest will appreciate it all.]
    Merry Christmas

  15. So pretty Carol! I love all the sparkle! Your plaid chargers are so cute, I am going to borrow your idea! How wonderful to have a dinner party with old friends, they are going to love your festive table full of holiday lights~ your snowy centerpiece of green trees and red ornaments is too cute! Love the plaid ribbon tied chairs too, so perfect for a special evening! Merry holidays Carol!

  16. Carol, I love your little bright green forest centerpiece. It looks fabulous at night! I love it! The red Christmas ornaments are a nice accent, too. I also like the plaid touches: I love all things plaid, especially at Christmas! Your guest will love this table, and the place cards and holders are too, too cute. Enjoy your party with your friends!

    Merry Christmas!
    Ricki Jill