How to Style a Spring Birdcage Vignette

Have you ever used a birdcage in your spring decorating? Birds and birdcages have a very spring feel. Let me share with you how to style a spring birdcage vignette.

Spring decor and adding spring touches in our homes are very popular right now. What fun to style a spring birdcage vignette in a special place in your home.

We love including hints of spring inside our homes until we can fully enjoy the spring outside. I think a birdcage evokes birds and birds are a wonderful addition to a springtime vignette.


For inspiration, this spring vignette features a birdhouse centerpiece, courtesy of Doreen of Hymns and Verses,

birdhouse spring vignette

I love the blue tones, the interesting elements, and the rustic quality of this spring centerpiece.

The main ingredient of this centerpiece is a blue and white birdhouse. Let’s look at all the ingredients.

  • birdhouse
  • woven basket
  • mason jars
  • white flowers
  • nest
  • Easter eggs
  • blue bucket with white flowers
  • plate


I don’t have a birdhouse, but I do have a birdcage. In fact, I have three birdcages:

  • A large white square birdcage that hangs from a tree outside. It was a flea market find that I painted white. I put a plant inside every spring.
  • A metal birdcage that I bought last fall. Right now it is part of my spring sofa table vignette.
  • A small white birdcage purchased at an antique mall in Atlanta several years ago.

That is the one that I’ll be using in this spring vignette.

I do have a woven tray, blue mason jars, plates, a nest and blue Easter eggs, and I know where to get white flowers.

Doreen used her birdhouse centerpiece on her dining table as part of a tablescape. Since I already created my spring tablescape, I’ll be using my birdcage arrangement on our living room coffee table.


Before assembling the spring vignette, I first put together my flowers. I made a trip to Trader Joe’s for flowers.

We don’t have any white blooming flowers like Doreen used. Instead, I used baby’s breath in my blue vintage mason jars. I have collected several over the years and I love the color.

blue mason jars with white flowers

I needed a small green plant to go inside my birdcage. A maidenhair fern was the right size and provided the airy look I wanted. I didn’t want a grocery store container so I transplanted the fern to one of my vintage clay pots.

green plant in vintage clay pot

To finish it off, as usual, I added moss to cover the dirt.

green plant in vintage clay pot


Now that I had my main plants, I was ready to “build” my birdcage vignette.

Step 1 ~ Let’s start with the base. I’m using a rattan tray that I bought years ago at a flea market. Here’s what it looked like when I bought it.

bottom of brown tray

Here’s how it looks after I spray~painted it white.

white rattan tray

Step 2 ~ Next came a stack of fruit (peaches, plums, cherries) plates with blue rims. I have six total, but just used four here.

white tray with blue plates and

Step 3 ~ Then came my three blue mason jars.

white tray with blue plates and blue mason jars

Step 4 ~ This nest was on my rustic Easter tablescape, so I borrowed it. I changed out the eggs to blue.

blue Easter eggs in nest

Step 5 ~ Now comes the birdcage. I’m so sorry ~ I forgot to take a picture of the birdcage all by itself. The birdcage is white and the open metal top comes off the base. There is a little latch to connect them. And you’ll see the sweet topper on it. First, I placed the base on the fruit plates.

birdcage on blue plates on white tray

I covered the base with moss.

birdcage base with moss on white tray

Next came the maidenhair fern.

birdcage with green plant

Finally, I placed the top of the birdcage on the base. There is a small latch at the base of the wired cage.

birdcage with green plant

Step 6 ~ To fill in the fourth corner of the tray, I used two of my favorite things: my burlap~covered books and vintage clay pots.

I love the rustic texture of the burlap and the garden vibe of the clay pots.

Step 7 ~ The finishing touch to the spring birdcage vignette was to fill the clay pot with moss and sprinkle it around the elements on the tray.

old small clay pots

Do you notice the bird on the top of the birdcage? How about the metal bird on the outside of the cage? It’s another flea market buy. It’s been hanging in a tree in the backyard.

birdcage spring vignette

Here’s a view of the other side of the table. You can see both birds better here.

birdcage spring vignette


To finish the other side of the coffee table, I first added another flea market find ~ a shallow platter with a farmhouse vibe. Of course, I love blue and white.

round white platter with blue trim

I added the light blue hydrangeas I bought at Trader Joe’s. They are my favorites. The white crock is a FLF (flea market find).

hydrangeas in white container

Since it is almost Easter and to tie into the eggs in the nest, I surrounded the crock with painted wood eggs.

birdcage and flowers spring vignette
hydrangeas in white container

Not just my spring birdcage vignette is complete, but the spring coffee table is now finished. The rectangle tray works with the round platter.

birdcage and flowers spring vignette

I hope you enjoyed seeing how I styled my spring birdcage vignette. I’m enjoying it in our living room. I’m happy that I was able to use my vintage birdcage again.

Did you get some ideas for your own spring birdcage vignette? If you love it, PIN it.

pin for later graphic in blue

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  1. Carol I love this! And guess what? I have that EXACT same bird cage! I picked it up at an antiques mall a few years ago. Great minds think alike! You’ve given me some great ideas. Thanks for sharing at Vintage Charm. Pinned! xo Kathleen

  2. I love how you show your step by step of styling! I adore the little pots and how you set them in there, some stacked up and some laying down! All so pretty!

  3. Your vintage birdcage vignette is soooo expertly styled, Carol! I’ve been wanting to get my hands on some blue vintage mason jars like yours. I just love the color. Everything looks great on your table. Pinned!

  4. Not only did your hit the challenge out of the park, you made me want to redo mine altogether! It’s absolutely bright, happy, springy and lovely. And it’s beautiful from both sides which is a big pet peeve of mine. Thank you so much for joining in. You always gave great tutorials.

    1. Michelle, I would love to go to Canton. I haven’t been there in years. A ready for flea market shopping. Thanks for the sweet comments.

  5. Carol, I love the birdhouse vignette you’ve created!! Yes, I did notice the metal bird but at first not the white one! Everything looks lovely and I do love this turquoisey shade of blue… So delicate and pretty!!! I love everything you put together ~ all the textures speak to me.

    Happy spring to you and enjoy your beautiful living room,
    Barb 🙂

  6. hi carol,
    you know what I love the most which should be the birdhouse and fresh flowers and the maidenhead fern (I almost typed Maidenform like the bra). Oh geez.. long 24 hours. I love the pots to the side. I think I need a caged birdhouse. I love this. Maidenhead ferns are my favorite they can just be a little moody here in Colorado. xo laura

  7. You created a gorgeous centerpiece for your coffee table. I like the addition of the burlap-covered books and flower pots. The Hydrangea next to the tray is the perfect finishing touch. Great job!

  8. The moss inside the birdcage is perfect for spring! Very creative!

    I’ve pinned this to my Birdhouses Pinterest Board!

    I’d love it if you’d like to share at the Sundays on Silverado Pinterest Board!

    Niky @ The House on Silverado

  9. Your entire vignette is just darling Carol! I love that rattan tray painted white, what an awesome piece! And the maidenhair fern is so delicate inside the birdcage. Love it all!

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