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Awesome Autumn Pumpkin Vignette

We all know that pumpkins are almost essential to any autumn decor. Today I have an awesome autumn pumpkin vignette to share with you.

Whether your pumpkins are real or faux, inside or outside, an autumn pumpkin vignette will add to your fall decorations.

There are unlimited ways to decorate a pumpkin and create a pumpkin vignette.

Have you ever seen a pumpkin basket? I found one at a local antique mall a few years ago. I didn’t have to think twice about buying it.

I couldn’t wait to create a seasonal arrangement using this pumpkin basket. You can let me know if you like it.

Autumn Pumpkin Vignette as a Centerpiece

Pumpkins come in all sizes, colors and shapes, whether real or faux. We already have several areas in our home that sport pumpkin vignettes:

One area that was pumpkin~less was our breakfast table. It was crying out for a pretty pumpkin vignette to finish off our autumn home decor.

This pumpkin vignette would be super simple to make. The pumpkin basket set the tone, the size, and the style.

The foundation of this pumpkin vignette was the woven pumpkin that I found at a local antique mall last year. I thought it was really unique. Then, I used it in my Halloween tablescape.

This year I would use the woven pumpkin as the central focus of a new autumn vignette. I like that it adds color, shape, and texture. At $11, it was a great buy.

Pumpkin Vignette Flowers

Once again, I would fill this woven pumpkin with flowers. The pumpkin is 7 1/2 inches tall and the opening in the pumpkin is 6 1/2 inches wide.

I found a glass vase in my collection to use that is 8 inches tall and 6 inches round. This glass vase would be a good fit inside the woven pumpkin and hold the flowers.

This vignette would have the traditional 3 ingredients. The woven pumpkin is the first.

I made a trip to Trader Joe’s to select my flowers. This is always a fun step in creating any vignette. I selected a variety of fall colors and shapes.

First, I cut the ends off and soaked them in water.

I then soaked a piece of floral foam in the vase. You can see that I reuse the florist foam.

Once the vase was arranged with seasonal flowers, I placed it inside the woven pumpkin. Then I stuffed Spanish moss around the vase to finish off the arrangement.

Don’t you think the flowers are pretty?

Now I was ready to “fill out” the rest of the autumn pumpkin vignette.

Filling out the Autumn Vignette

Next, I set the pumpkin baset on a burlap runner that I made a few years ago. It adds a rustic feel in texture and natural color.

The lid of the pumpkin was the 2nd ingredient of my autumn pumpkin vignette. I tied natural raffia around the top to give it a natural texture.

The 3rd and final element in my pumpkin vignette was the addition of 3 real white pumpkins. They act as one element.

What a difference this pumpkin vignette made to our breakfast room. We now have beautiful fall flowers in a fun pumpkin basket to enjoy.

Containers to Use in Your Pumpkin Vignette

Would you like to have a pumpkin container to use in a pumpkin vignette? Use your imagination with one of these containers to make a pretty fall vignette.

I hope that you gained just a little inspiration for your own autumn pumpkin vignette. Please PIN to your autumn or fall decor boards.

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  1. Oh, that pumpkin was a great find! I love the arrangement you put into it and how you styled around it to make your vignette. I’m afraid I would have just thought to hide candy from the family in it!

  2. Carol, this is gorgeous! I love Trader Joe’s for fresh flowers as well, you cannot beat the price. What a great find of the woven pumpkin, it is a great focal point. A pleasure meeting you through this challenge.

  3. I love it! That woven pumpkin is fantastic! My favorite thing….real flowers! You made such a gorgeous arrangement my friend. I love baby boos so the little white pumpkins are the cherry on top of your autumn vignette. Thank you for participating my friend xo

  4. That is absolutely beautiful, Carol. I love everything about it. I love the flowers at Trader Joe’s. We moved farther away from ours a few years ago, and I keep trying to get them to put one closer to us! 🙂 It was nice to meet you through this challenge, too!