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3 Beautiful Easy-to-Use Trends in Spring Home Decor

Spring home decor is on everyone’s mind. Spring is almost here and it’s time to start thinking about how to decorate our homes with a springtime look. Can you feel it? See it? Smell it? Taste it? I’m seeing pinks and blues and greens with some navy popping in. Whether your weather is still chilly or snowy or if your days are getting a bit warmer, we are all feeling like we could reach out and touch spring. Tulips are popping up everywhere ~ ours have just bloomed. Our hydrangea has proven that hope springs eternal by peeking up through the dirt and putting on new leaves. I recently discovered 3 beautiful easy~to~use trends in spring home decor that deserve looking at.

I always think of March as a transition month, a passage from winter to spring, the time to shake off winter’s blanket and move, literally and figuratively, toward warmth, lightness, and color. This is the time when we are all itching to put away our winter pillows, throws, bedding, candles and other accessories (not to mention our sweaters and coats) and bring out the pastels, neutrals and whites.

Last year I went on a research trip to scope out a few of my favorite local home decor stores and see what was being displayed in spring home decor. I loved what I saw and it gave me some inspiration for moving forward. I specifically found 3 beautiful and easy~to~use trends in spring home decor. Now I have some ideas about how to put my best spring home decor foot forward. So far this year, I’ve seen many of the same trends. I’m seeing pinks and blues and greens with some navy popping in. So come with me as I show you the what’s being offered again for this year’s spring home decor.

3 Beautiful Easy-to-Use Trends in Spring Home Decor

My first stop was Mary Cates and Company, a longtime Dallas design store. This is where I have bought my beautiful glass Christmas balls and other holiday decor. Mary Cates and Company is primarily a design store, featuring furniture, bedding, and accessories and their spring home decor offered great inspiration. If a color or materia is current, but not trendy, Mary Cates will feature it.


This bedding ensemble first attracted my attention. Notice the blue~green tones in the art, the pillows and the lamps. And there are little pops of pink mixed in. Lots of pattern in the pillows, duvet and in the lamps provides interest. I like that the painting would work in a contemporary or even a neutral, farmhouse setting to provide an awesome pop of soft color. What a contrast with the teal wrought iron headboard. But it all works so well together. spring home decor

This bedding arrangement continued the blue theme, but now it’s definitely leaning in a darker, almost navy direction. Again, different patterns ~ stripes, floral, and almost ikat feel in the artwork. Not only is pattern on display, but all the different textures in the pillows. The large rectangle grain sack~looking pillow in the center has given me an idea what to do with and where to put my own grain sack linen.

spring home decor

A couple of doors down from Mary Cates is Wisteria. We are so lucky that Wisteria’s signature store is here in Dallas, as well as its outlet store. Another color for spring home decor was front and center ~ green. I love this bright shade shown here in pillows and throws. These green pillows were also displayed lounging on a black and white checked settee and it was very dramatic.

spring home decor


The fringe almost looks like rawhide, but it’s not.

spring home decor

Texture and Materials

Everywhere from bedding to accessories, there seems to be a contrast in texture ~ from the softness of the bedding, pillows and throw above to shiny and slick. Glass in shades of blue and green is the accessory material of choice. I love these green glass bottles for their color and shape. They would be gorgeous on a coffee table, a mantle or bookcase. Here they are displayed on a mosaic table in what else? Blue and green, with just a touch of gold, which tells you that metallic is still here in this year’s spring home decor.

spring home decor

More large glass bottles, but now in shades of blue, sitting on an acrylic console table in another shade of green. Notice the blue sofa and the green card box. Different shades of blues and greens but in different textures ~ soft velvet on the sofa and smooth glass in the table and bottles.

spring home decor

Wow, aren’t these glass balls in shades of blue and green gorgeous. Some are transparent and some are opaque, which just adds to their interest and beauty. A bowl or tray holding these glass balls would be stunning on a coffee table or dining room table. I’m thinking maybe I could use some of my Christmas glass balls in the same way.

spring home decor

Another use of blue and shine is this pair of acrylic lamps. I would love these in my bedroom, but they are a bit pricey for my budget. But I can tell you that I’m going to be looking for something similar at a lower price point.  Did you notice the rustic wood chest the lamps are sitting on? That’s farmhouse style for sure. I love how the 2 textures ~ glass and wood ~ work together.

spring home decor

At a stop at my closest Pier 1, I discovered this large beautiful mosaic~style bowl. I can see it on a coffee table by itself or filled with glass balls, wooden spools or burlap balls. It was sitting on a navy placemat. Remember the navy bed ensemble from Mary Cates? Navy is still in play for 2018.

spring home decor

Faux Flowers

Everywhere I went flowers are displayed for spring home decor. Not not real flowers ~ faux flowers. I’ve never been a fan of artificial flowers because well, they look artificial. But today’s faux (that’s what we call them now.) flowers look so real ~ the colors and materials are so lifelike. I’ve mentioned the gorgeous faux peonies and hydrangea that I bought at Pier 1 that I used in my office .

I fell in love with this peony wreath at Wisteria. Wouldn’t that beautiful on your front door?

spring home decor

Flowers in vases were abundant.

spring home decor

spring home decor

That’s a quick view of some spring home decor trends that I saw. I hope you have some ideas for your own spring home decor from my little shopping excursion. Color, texture and materials, along with high~quality faux colors, are definitely as the top of the list. I used them all in our home last spring and I plan to use them again this year. I went back to shop for real after taking inventory of what I had before giving our home a punch of spring home decor. Next week I’ll show you how I used these 3 trends in my own spring home decor.






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  1. Love all your suggestions. I have blue glass nautical buoys that I can’t wait to pull out! I also just bought that peony wreath at Michael’s for 70% off ~ love it! Thanks so much for sharing at Vintage Charm! xo Kathleen|Our Hopeful Home

  2. Those are some great trends! I LOVE LOVE LOVE all shades of blue and green so I saw a LOT of things in this post I’d love to buy for my home. Pinned.

    1. Hi Joanne, thanks for dropping in to Bluesky at Home. so glad that you liked the article. I love shades of blue and green too. Hope you follow through with your decorating because it’s so much fun. Thanks too for Pinning.

  3. These colors are my favorite. thanks for the inspiration my friend! the foam green is one of the colors I am looking into using in my new home I am building.

  4. Thank you for the vicarious shopping; we are snowed in with another Nor’easter and the spring colors and textures were definitely a spirit lifter. Need to get some more spring colors going around here!

    1. Kathy, sorry to hear about all the bad weather you Yankees are having. I guess that makes it hard to think spring is around the corner. Just keep thinking pink, yellow and green!

  5. These are such beautiful suggestions for spring. I’m in love with that wreath!! I can’t get enough of peonies.

  6. Carol, I love the things you found! I was looking at that bowl at Pier 1 yesterday. It’s gorgeous in person. You keep up those reconnaissance missions. 🙂

  7. I love the shades of blue and green. I always enjoy spring decorating because so many spring time colors fit in with my year round decor. Thanks for sharing with us at Snickerdoodle. Pinning.

  8. I am really not good about decorating for the different seasons but I love the choices you’ve picked out here. Lovely colors and great style – makes me want to up my game! Thanks for sharing at Over the Moon.

    1. Shelley, I have a husband who loves for me to decorate for the different holidays so I do it for him as well as me. I love moving accessories around and “shopping the house”. Just for a different look. Thanks so much for visiting Bluesky Kitchen.

  9. Carol,
    I love Wisteria. Whenever I have to go to Dallas Love Field I try to visit it. The bowl of glass ornaments is beautiful and reminds me of fishermen’s floats. I have an aunt who lives in the Seattle-Tacoma area whose father began collecting floats from Japan that washed ashore in their area in the winter. After a storm he would go to the beach to find whatever the storm blew ashore and many times found Japanese fishermen’s floats.


    1. Judith, Wisteria closed the Love Field store and are now at Inwood Village and the new store is beautiful. If you are in Dallas, give me a call and I’ll go with you ~ 5 minutes from my house. And then I’ll take you to the outlet.

    1. Myrna, I love them too. I’m thinking about getting my glass balls down from the Christmas ornaments and using them for spring.

  10. I spy a lot of temptation in that store! I’ve never heard of that one and I’m sure I could spend a little there. 🙂

    1. Stacey, let me know when you want to go on a shopping excursion and I’ll take you to a bunch of cool places. Lunch included!