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How to Make a Spring Flower Basket Arrangement

Spring flower arrangements add beauty and design to our homes. You can use all sorts of flowers and containers to create a centerpiece. How do you create a spring flower basket arrangement? Let me show you one way.

Baskets are one of our favorite items to use in home decor. They help us contain or hold decorative objects.

We also use baskets to hold things from practical to pretty.

One of those pretty things to put in a basket are flowers. I recently created a spring flower basket arrangement for our living room coffee table.

The steps I took to create this basket arrangement filled with spring flowers are simple. You can follow them to create a basket flower arrangement for any time of year.


April is the first month of the year when flowers begin to grace our gardens and flower beds. We want to bring the colors and beauty of flowers into our homes.

Spring Flower Basket Arrangement

Emily used her spring flower basket centerpiece for a tablescape. Fortunately, this simple spring centerpiece idea will work in any area you choose.

Here you will find lots of pretty DIY spring centerpiece ideas.



Since I wanted to create a fresh spring flower arrangement for our living room coffee table, I chose my basket and flowers with that area in mind.

The location of your arrangement will determine your next step. Our coffee table is a large rectangle so I can use a large basket.


I had a couple of baskets I could use, but I chose one of my all~time favorites. I’ve had this basket so long I don’t remember when or where I bought it.

Spring Flower Basket Arrangement

I love the shape of it with a handle. The finish is whitewashed, but very faded.

Emily’s basket was white wicker so my vision matched hers.


I wanted my spring basket to be whiter. To get that look, I used old paint that I’ve had for about four years. It was part of a free box of 12 paints from FolkArt at Haven in 2018.

The paint had dried a bit so I filled the jar with water and shook it and stirred the paint until I returned the paint to a creamy consistency.

Spring Flower Basket Arrangement

Then, using a damp 2 1/2 brush, I lightly applied the paint to the basket.

Next I wiped off the paint with a paper towel.

Spring Flower Basket Arrangement

The whiter basket will work better with my flower colors. It also looks fresher.

Spring Flower Basket Arrangement

I’ve had the basket so long that the newspaper stuffing inside it has turned yellow.

Spring Flower Basket Arrangement


The color scheme I wanted for my spring flower basket arrangement was blue and white.

It’s a little early for cutting flowers from our yards. Fortunately, we have plenty of sources for fresh flowers, from our local grocery stores, garden stores, and flower shops.

A trip to Trader Joe’s resulted in finding my colors.

  • baby’s breathe for white
  • blue hyacinths
  • a blue flower called Victoria

TIP: Carry a bucket in your car for flowers. Last year a nice guy at Trader Joe’s gave me one for my car. They will give you one if you ask. I pour my water from tennis into the bucket.

Spring Flower Basket Arrangement

Unfortunately, Trader Joe’s didn’t have any blue hydrangeas. Or lavender.

I made a stop at Lowe’s where I did find pots of lavender. They aren’t blooming yet, but in a couple of weeks, I’ve plant them in a larger pot and put them outside. By June, we should have blue blooms.

The label on these flowers said “Victoria”.

Spring Flower Basket Arrangement

As soon as I brought my flowers home, I trimmed about 1 inch from the baby’s breath and Victoria. I removed a few leaves from each bunch of hyacinths. Then I let them soak in the bucket of water. I also watered the lavender really well.

I actually did this before I started painting my basket.


I gathered a few glasses. I needed one glass for the Victoria, one for the baby’s breathe, and one each for the two bunches of blue hyacinth.

I made space in the basket first for the Victoria and the baby’s breath in the center of the basket next to the basket handle.

Spring Flower Basket Arrangement

I placed one pot of lavender on each end of the basket. I tilted them outward.

Spring Flower Basket Arrangement

Then I added the glasses of hyacinths next to the lavender. All the glasses were tucked in nice and tight.


No flower arrangement is complete without a finishing covering of moss.

I had just enough moss left to fill in around the glasses of flowers.

I’ve shared many times how much I love moss to give flower arrangements a professional finishing touch. The previous box I bought lasted about three years. Per pound, this is the best buy I’ve found for Super moss.

Spring Flower Basket Arrangement

The spring flower basket was finished, but I wasn’t. It was time to make it part of an arrangement and style the coffee table.


This coffee table came together so fast and easily that I didn’t take pictures as I went. So I’ll show you the parts of the completed vignette.

Although the spring flower basket is the centerpiece of the coffee table, it definitely needed other accessory items to balance and fill in the table.

To complement the blues and white of the flower basket, I used two stacks of coffee table books with blue covers.

Spring Flower Basket Arrangement

On the books, I placed three pieces of blue and white chinoiserie that I’ve collected in the past few years: a ginger jar, a candle jar and a cache pot.

Spring Flower Basket Arrangement

To fill in the center of the table, I placed a white estate sale bowl with a collection of blue and white ceramic balls. I recently saw similar balls at an antique mall for $15 ~ $25 each. The price on the ones I bought is a really great deal.

Spring Flower Basket Arrangement

Here you can see a little of our new artwork on the mantel. The tall blue and white chevron vases are from Ballard Design.

Spring Flower Basket Arrangement

I just had to include Nola since she was such a good girl, being calm while I arranged the coffee table.

Spring Flower Basket Arrangement
Spring Flower Basket Arrangement

I’m loving our blue and white themed spring flower basket arrangement. It has brought a great focal point to our living room.


Here are a few things to help you create a spring flower basket centerpiece. I chose baskets with handles that had great shape. You can leave them as is or paint them white as I did. even a picnic basket will work nicely.

Spring Flower Basket ArrangementSpring Flower Basket Arrangement
Spring Flower Basket ArrangementSpring Flower Basket Arrangement
Spring Flower Basket ArrangementSpring Flower Basket Arrangement
Spring Flower Basket ArrangementSpring Flower Basket Arrangement
Spring Flower Basket Arrangement

I hope that our flowers last for a week or two. We are really enjoying the spring flower basket arrangement.

If want to keep all this inspiration, then please PIN this post to your flower boards.

Spring Flower Basket Arrangement
Spring Flower Basket Arrangement
Spring Flower Basket Arrangement

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  1. Carol, that turned out so lovely! Thank you for sharing. I have a few baskets that are sitting in a closet that need to be brought out. This is perfect! Happy week to you. Toodles, Kathryn

  2. First – Nola has gotten so big and is so adorable! Time flies! Second, love your tutorial. Your basket is stunning and it works beautifully with the other colors in your home. I tend to get narrow minded when shopping for my house and miss out on all the bright colors. Putting your basket on the coffee table with your blue and white chinoiserie was a fantastic idea! Love it all. Glad you could join us this month. pinned

  3. Your arrangement is so so gorgeous, Carol. I’d love to share a photo and a link to your post as part of my weekly roundup this coming Sunday.

  4. Your painted basket full of blue and white blooms is my favorite! I love how you used fresh flowers, and your ideas for styling it on your coffee table are spot on! Thanks for inspiring me today 😉

  5. Carol, I love that you repainted your basket ~ it looks really good against the flowers and all the pretty blue and white pieces. I do love your basket of b/w ceramic balls ~ really pretty with all the books!! Really a lovely arrangement on your coffee table.

    Enjoy this spring look,
    Barb 🙂

  6. It’s STUNNING, Carol!! I love the pretty colors you used and all the textures make it SO pretty. What a beautiful piece to display anywhere!!

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