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13 Best DIY Ideas to Makeover Lamps

As much as we love lamps for decorating our homes, sometimes new lamps are very expensive. A great alternative is to find a lamp and alter it to fit our style and needs. Here are 13 best DIY ideas to makeover lamps and lampshades.

Once again, I learned so much by researching Pinterest and Google. There are more ideas to makeover lamps and lampshades than I imagined. I am certain that you will find these lamp makeover ideas helpful, too.

Lamps are about the base and the lampshade. Lampshades may also need a makeover or update. Shades are like the icing on the cake – they provide color, pattern, or texture. They can also be a fun addition to the lamp’s style.

I’m including some examples of great lampshade makeovers.

A Sad Happy Lamp Story

In my last Bluesky Browsing (I missed last week since I was visiting family in Atlanta) two weeks ago, I shared about the pair of lamps that I found at a local antique mall.

The lamps had a classic, but slightly modern style. They were tall (our living room has a 20-foot ceiling so we need tall lamps!) with a touch of gold at the base. The shape of the base was rectangular as was the shade. And best of all – they were blue!

Here’s the photo I took with my iPhone of the lamp.

blue lamp

The price was certainly more than I would pay at places like HomeGoods, Target, At Home, or Amazon. But the lamps were less expensive than our local interior design stores. I could easily justify the cost.

You may remember that I returned to the antique mall to buy the lamps, but they were gone. The sales lady said she would contact the vendor about the lamps.

The day before I left for Atlanta last week, she called to tell me that the vendor thought she could get another pair of lamps. Yippee. Now I’m waiting to hear that the lamps are in the store. Keep your fingers crossed that they do arrive.

I can say that this is one lamp that will not get a makeover.

DIY lamp makeovers

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How to Makeover Lamps and Lampshades: 13 Best Ideas for DIY Transformations

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Where to Find Lamps and Shades to Makeover

If you need a new lamp but don’t want to pay a premium price or you love the idea of saving and reusing vintage lamps, then you need to know where to find them:

  • flea market
  • thrift stores
  • consignment stores
  • antique malls
  • garage sales
  • estate sales
  • big box stores
  • Next Door
  • Facebook Marketplace

What to Look for in a Lamp to Makeover

Before you buy a lamp to makeover, think about what type of lamp you need:

  • where will the lamp go in your home? living room, bedroom, entry
  • what type of lamp do you need? a reading lamp, an accent or table lamp, a floor lamp
  • what size (height, diameter) lamp do you need?
  • what style of lamp do you like?

TIP: Once you find a lamp you like and is a good candidate for a makeover, it’s a good idea to be sure that the lamp works!

Also, be sure that the price of the lamp is worth the time and supplies necessary to makeover the lamp. Will it need a new lampshade or a new cord? Will you want to add a new base or a new harp?

Do you have a need for lighting, but not a suitable way to plug in your lamps?

So, now that I’ve shared my sad-sack turned happy lamp story, let’s look at all the ways that you can transform old lamps or unusable lamps to use in your home.

thrift store lamp makeover

Thrift Market Lamp Makeover

Linda of The Home I Create took these thrift market lamps and transformed them into stunning entry lamps with a modern look. See her step-by-step tutorial.

chalk paint lamp makeover

Lamp DIY – From Brass to Paint

You have to see what this pretty table lamp looked like before The Happy Farmhouse gave it the makeover it deserved. Read how chalk paint took it from a garish brass to a pretty soft color.

bright color painted lamp makeover

Anthropologie-Inspired DIY Lamp

If you love the look of Anthropologie, then you will love how Anam of Delicious and DIY created this interesting lamp and shade. It definitely makes a statement piece. Follow her instructions to get a similar look.

grey chalk-painted DIY lamp makeover

Recycled DIY Painted Table Lamp

Ashlea of Mama’s Dance found a lamp that definitely needed an update. It became the perfect lamp for a farmhouse-style table.

DIY lamp makeover with giftwrap stripes

Lamp Makeover with Gift Wrap

Have you ever thought about using gift wrap as a material to update a lamp? Sonya of At Home with the Barkers used paint and gift wrap to create a modern stripe lamp design.

blue chinoiserie lamp makeover

Chinoiserie Lamp Makeover

Here’s one of my own lamp makeover projects. It’s also my favorite. I used decoupage and paint to transform an old lamp into an accent lamp that fit my favorite color and design style. Follow my tutorial on Bluesky at Home to create your own pretty lamp.

concrete DIY lamp makeover

Ugly Lamps to Concrete Beauties

Wow! What an amazing makeover from Jenna of Jenna Sue Designs. She used concrete to create a modern lamp for any home decor environment.

ceramic lamp makeovers

How to Paint a Ceramic Lamp Any Color

My friend Tracey of Porch Daydreaming is a paint expert. In this tutorial, she reveals how to paint a ceramic lamp to get perfect results. You’ll want to try making over a ceramic lamp for your home.

DIY floor lamp makeover

Floor Lamp Gets a Makeover from Top to Bottom

Serena of Thrift Diving is an expert of DIY. See how she transformed an ugly floor lamp and lampshade into one you would be proud to have in your home.

pleated DIY lamp shade

Pleated Lampshade DIY

A pleated shade adds color, pattern and texture. Follow this great lampshade makeover method from Made by Mollie’s Mom and you’ll want to make one, too.

DIY twine lamp shade project

DIY Twine Lampshade Update

If you want a rustic, natural look for a lamp, then this twine lampshade makeover is for you. I’ve used twine to wrap a basket and glass vases but never thought about wrapping a lampshade. Follow Kim of Sand and Sisel’s idea to makeover your own lamp.

fabric-covered lamp shade with blue trim

How to Change the Color of a Lampshade with Fabric

After making my chinoiserie lamp, I decided to add fabric and trim to the existing beige lampshade for a better complement to the lamp. See how easy it is to cover a lampshade with fabric.

sweater-covered DIY lampshade

DIY Sweater-Covered Lamp Shade

This lampshade makeover is so unique and creative. Have a sweater you don’t need anymore? Try this approach from Manuela of A Cultivated Nest.

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DIY lamp makeovers

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