How to Make a Wheat Bundle Thanksgiving Centerpiece

If you need a simple idea for your Thanksgiving centerpiece, I have one for you. It’s the wheat bundle Thanksgiving centerpiece that I created for my Thanksgiving tablescape.

I found this wheat bundle Thanksgiving centerpiece on another blogger’s site. I loved making it and I’m passing it on to you.

I love the fact that we have so many places to find inspiration for holiday decor. Wherever you look ~ local stores, online, Pinterest, Instagram, Hometalk, magazines ~ you will never run out of ideas.

Last week I shared my simple DIY~inspired Thanksgiving tablescape. Now I’m showing you how I made the parts of that Thanksgiving table. The wheat bundle Thanksgiving centerpiece will be the first DIY project that I share. It’s so easy, you don’t have to take notes.

How to Make a Wheat Bundle Thanksgiving Centerpiece

To refresh your memory, the inspiration for this wheat bundle centerpiece came from Trish at Uncommon Design. I shared it as one of 9 Thanksgiving DIY projects that I found on Pinterest.

I loved the simple, natural look of the wheat bundle centerpiece. I loved the wood slice that the wood bundle was sitting on. I loved the woven basket chargers and the natural color of the runner.

Thanksgiving DIY project wheat centerpiece

What else did I love? First, I also had burlap ribbon. And I already had a wheat bundle, one I bought a few years ago at Pier 1.

In fact, a couple of years ago, I took it apart and painted some of the wheat pieces white.

By the way, taking the wheat bundle apart is a mess. There is a ton, a ton, of straight sticks that act as filler and support. Pieces of wheat fly everywhere.

It’s amazing how many individual pieces of wheat and sticks make up 1 bundle. You definitely can make 2 bundles out of one.

TIP: When you take the wheat bundle apart, lay down the newspaper first and spread it out. It’s also good to do it outside.

After I took my wheat bundle apart, I used less than half to make a smaller bundle for a project. To do that, I used jute twine to wrap around the new bundle. I recommend that approach.

wheat sheave

Here is all the extra wheat I had. It has been in a Pier 1 bag inside a big zippered bag. Rather than take this wheat bundle apart to get a larger wheat bundle, I decided to make another wheat bundle to go with the one I already had. Hope that makes sense.

wheat sheave

Creating the Wheat Bundle for the Centerpiece

First, gather how much wheat you need. Obviously, the bigger the bundle you want, the more wheat you need.

wheat bundle

Actually, before you gather your wheat, go ahead and cut a nice long piece of jute twine. Then wrap it around the wheat 2 or 3 times, pull really tight, and tie in a double knot. Cut off any excess jute twine.

tying up wheat bundle with jute

You now have 2 bundles of wheat. Adjust the wheat so that it is even at the bottom.

The next step is to tie the 2 bundles together. You could use more jute twine or just use the burlap ribbon. That’s what I did.

I already had 2 rolls of wired burlap ribbon: one was a natural burlap color that was 2 1/2 inches wide. The other ribbon was off-white and 1 1/2 inches wide. I thought I could layer the 2 ribbons.

burlap ribbon

I laid the 2 wheat bundles on top of the ribbon, with plenty of slack to allow for making a bow and tails. I soon realized that combining the 2 ribbons was too heavy to make a bow. So I would use just the 2 1/2~inch ribbon.

tying bow on wheat bundle

Tie the burlap ribbon very tightly around the 2 wheat bundles.

tying bow on wheat bundle

You now have 1 large wheat bundle. Make your bow and stand the wheat bundle up. Make any adjustments so that the bundle is sturdy and straight.

As you can see, there was a gap in the center where the bundles come together. I needed to fix that.

tying up wheat bundle

I still had plenty of wheat left, so I carefully stuffed about 5 ~ 8 pieces at a time into the back and the front of the wheat bundle until the gap was filled.

tying up wheat bundle centerpiece
making wheat bundle centerpiece

Much better.

Next, I cut V’s into the ends of the tails. My wheat bundle was complete.

wheat bundle centerpiece ribbon

Finishing Touches to My Wheat Bundle Thanksgiving Centerpiece

Before setting the centerpiece on the table, I measured and cut 12~inch wide kraft paper for the paper runner.

Remember the wood slice? It was the only thing I didn’t have. I did find one at one of my favorite local shops, Ballard & Blakely (which, unfortunately, closed this year).

All I had to do was place my wheat bundle on the wood slice and make sure it was standing straight. Finally, I adjusted the tails and fluffed out the burlap bow.

Your wheat bundle Thanksgiving centerpiece is done.

Now you can add any decorative items as filler at the base of the wheat bundle, as I did here: seeded eucalyptus and 2 of my ceramic white turkeys.

Supplies for Your Wheat Bundle Centerpiece

That is how easy it is the make a wheat bundle Thanksgiving centerpiece. So easy, so quick and so affordable. What do you need?

You could use other ribbon that fits your season or theme. I do recommend that you use wired, or also called French, ribbon. The wired ribbon lets you “set” the bow and tails exactly where you want them.

I like that all the “ingredients” can be reused for other projects. Can’t beat that for any DIY project.

Thanks for letting me share this easy wheat bundle Thanksgiving centerpiece. And, of course, please PIN it for Later. If you want more Thanksgiving DIY project ideas, then check out my Thanksgiving DIY Ideas Board and my Thanksgiving Tablescape Board.

pin for later graphic in blue

Let me know if you make one for yourself.

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  1. This is just beautiful! Thank you for the detailed instructions. I’ve pinned this for future reference.

    Thanks so much for joining the Grace at Home party at Imparting Grace. I’m featuring you this week!

  2. I have never made one of these before although I have definitely admired them. Yours is a lovely addition to your Fall table! Thanks for sharing this quick tutorial!

  3. Such a lovely addition to your table, Carol! I love wheat bundles. I’ll have to share my wheat experience with you another time, but I need to try it again next year! 😉 Congrats, I’m featuring you this week at Tuesday Turn About!

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