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10 Reasons Why You Need a HomeRight Spray Shelter

As this is Week 3 of the One Room Challenge, home decor bloggers and designers across America are making over spaces. I know that painting and repurposing items by painting them will be on the checklist of many of us. If you are a DIYer, if you love to repurpose items into pretty and practical pieces for your home, if you enjoy the process of crafting and creating, then I have a deal for you. It’s my very favorite tool to make creating easier, more efficient, and more enjoyable. Drum Roll please ~ it’s a Tabletop Spray Shelter from HomeRight. And I’m going to show you 10 reasons why you need a HomeRight Spray Shelter.

10 Reasons Why You Need a HomeRight Spray Shelter

I’ve partnered with HomeRight on this post, but all the opinions and endorsements are my own. This post also contains affiliate links to projects I use, love and highly recommend. If you purchase any product through this site, I may be compensated, but you do not pay one penny more.

You know when you find a product you love (the wrinkle remover, a new phone app, a great new nail polish) and you just can’t wait to tell your girlfriends? Well, that’s how I felt when I discovered the spray shelters. I wanted to tell anyone who I knew loved to paint about them. Not just that you need to know about the spray shelters, but that you need to know why you want one. If you need convincing, here are not 1, not 2, but 10 reasons why you need a HomeRight Spray Shelter.

A little back story. I’ve never been a big fan of spray paint. It’s messy and pushing that little button on the top of the can hurt my finger and ruined a good manicure. Then at my first Haven in 2015, Rust~Oleum gave attendees the spray can handle and spray paint was an easier and more enjoyable product to use.

10 Reasons Why You Need a HomeRight Spray Shelter


But that didn’t help with the messy factor. Let’s face it: spray paint, well, sprays. Even putting a drop cloth down on the garage floor doesn’t prevent the paint from spreading on the floor or other surrounding items, like cars, clothes or cabinets. Sticky shoes, sticky feet, sticky floors. And bending over or squatting down to paint was not a comfortable proposition. I have so many projects on the back burner just because I didn’t want to face spray paint overflow or a sore back.

At Haven 2015, I saw my first spray shelter, the HomeRight Large Spray Shelter and thought it looked like the answer to a crafter’s dream. But it is really big (9” W x 6” D x 5.5” H) ~ meant for large pieces of furniture. In 2016 those smart folks at HomeRight created a tabletop size of the Spray Shelter. Since most of the crafts and DIY projects I do are on the smaller scale, I really wanted one of those.

And then the sweet folks at HomeRight sent me one. Yippee!

The Tabletop Spray Shelter Arrives

10 Reasons Why You Need a HomeRight Spray Shelter


It comes in this nice blue pouch for easy storage.

10 Reasons Why You Need a HomeRight Spray Shelter


Setting Up the Spray Shelter

When you remove the Spray Shelter from the pouch and pull aside the black strap, the Spray Shelter pops open ~ almost like an inflatable pup tent. Easy peasy.

10 Reasons Why You Need a HomeRight Spray Shelter


So Let the Painting Begin Using the Spray Shelter

I keep an adjustable table in the garage and I can set the tabletop Spray Shelter on top.

10 Reasons Why You Need a HomeRight Spray Shelter


Clean floors, clean feet, no sticky shoes, no gritty surfaces.

Can you use the Small Spray Shelter inside? I did ~ once. Not because of the Spray Shelter; it worked just fine. It was the smell from the aerosol spray paint. So I don’t recommend doing that.

10 Reasons Why You Need a HomeRight Spray Shelter

So Here Are 10 Reasons Why you need the HomeRight Spray Shelter RIGHT NOW

1. It’s inexpensive at $40. The benefits far outweigh the cost.

2. I’ve previously explained how well the Spray Shelter contained the spray paint and that is obviously the #1 reason for having this spray painting tool. Sweet Shark gets very nervous when I spray paint in the garage even when his car is parked in the driveway. He thinks his black  SUV will get pink spots on it.

3. It’s a perfect size for smaller projects, which I would guess is what most people work on.

4. Because ithe spray shelter sits at counter height, there is no bending over or squatting on the ground to paint. That is a big deal to me. Standing is so much more comfortable and easier on the back and legs.

5. Not only does the Spray Shelter keep paint in, it keeps dust and debris out. I’ve left projects to dry only to come back to find a fine layer of grit covering my project. How frustrating. Even with a little breeze outside, my clipboards stayed nice and smooth.

6. It’s easy to set up ~ remember, it opens up by itself.

7. It’s lightweight and easy to move around.

8. It’s easy to store in its blue pouch and takes up no space when you are not using it. Watch this quick video to see how to put it back in its pouch.

9. It has a back vent for air~flow to facilitate drying time.

10. The Spray Shelter will allow you to complete more projects more quickly because less “protection set~up” is required.

By the way, in the summer of 2017  I did get a large spray shelter and used it in my laundry room makeover. It was fantastic and made that project so much easier.

I can’t tell you how happy I am with my Spray Shelters. RIGHT NOW you can order one HERE And guess what? HomeRight just announced the release of a new Medium~Size Spray Shelter, which will be available in June. At 4’7” W x 4’7” D x 5’6” H, it will be perfect for items, such as nightstands, small chairs, or side tables.  I can’t wait to try it out.



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  1. I bought one of these specifically to use when spray painting at the beach where’s it’s windy ALL the time and it’s the perfect thing! No fun having sand in your paint. lol

  2. My (current) husband just mentioned the spray from the spray paint landed on the side of the house, the farmhouse table and the garage cabinets. I might need this! Thanks Carol. Are you going to Haven this year? laura

  3. Oh I can definitely use this product. One question though, is it easy to clean? The fact that they have a small, now medium and a large is also fantastic. Thanks for sharing.

    1. Clearissa, there is no clean up. As you use the spray shelters, the paint just dries on the bottom and maybe on the sides. It does get a little “crunchy”.

  4. Carol,
    I have the medium spray shelter and love it. Like you, I don’t use it inside because of the smell. After reading this I think that I need the larger spray shelter! Thanks!!!

  5. Looks like a great item to have on hand. I can usually spray outside all year here in Florida, but there are always little bugs trying to fly into my tacky paint! Thanks for sharing at Celebrate Your Story!