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Springtime Green and White Tablescape

Green is not only the color of St. Patrick’s Day, it is the color of spring. Trees begin to bud, grass grows, herbs and ferns return. No matter the color of the year, green is always “in”. And, with St. Patrick’s Day just around the corner, I’m showing off my springtime green and white tablescape.

St. Patrick’s Day is definitely all about decorating with green. This springtime green and white tablescape would definitely work well for a St. Patrick’s Day dinner.

Since green works so well in winter and spring decor, this green and white tablescape can be set for your St. Patrick’s celebration.

So let’s move along to my springtime green and white tablescape. I love creating tablescapes. It’s not only a creative exercise that makes me stretch my home decor skills but designing and implementing a tablescape makes our dining look so much nicer than just a plain table.

 Springtime Tablescape in Green and White

Because I love sharing the process and behind-the-scenes of creating a tablescape, I’m going to share the finished green and white spring tablescape today. At the end of the post, I’ll share the link to “how I created the elements of the tablescape”.

Sounds like a good plan? Good, I thought so, too.

The Reveal of My Springtime Green and White Tablescape

I’ll start small and then go big.

I did start with the burlap tablecloth that I bought in Atlanta and shipped home a few years ago. It’s much bigger than I thought and completely covered our dining room table even with both leaves in.

I made the runner and napkins from fabric I found at Hobby Lobby, and yes, I did iron the fabric first.

TIP: By cutting the fabric with pinking shears, you don’t have to hem the runner and napkins.

I found the green motif plates and green sherbet dishes just last year at a local antique mall. The white plates are our everyday china – Manoir from Villeroy & Boch. The silverware is our everyday and I have no idea the brand or pattern.

I recently used one of the plates and two of the green sherbet dishes in my St. Patrick’s Day coffee table vignette.

green dish on white plate

With the extra fabric from the napkins, I tied a bow at each corner.

TIP: Repeat your colors and patterns in different elements of the tablescape. This step continues your theme and “ties” everything together.

green check bow

For the centerpiece, I chose white hydrangeas in a green container – you’ll have to come back to find out exactly what the green container is.

Embellished with a spring stencil and ChalkArt from A Maker’s Studio.

green planter with white flowers

At each place setting is a mini-wreath on a cupcake stand with green moss and mini-votive candles.

white votive candle

The Wild Strawberry pattern serving dish and ramekins from Wedgewood are from Sweet Shark’s mother. I think it’s the sweetest pattern.

wild strawberries on dieshes

I bought the wine glasses at Dollar Tree and I love embellishing them with ChalkArt and stencils.

green leaf wine glass

I originally bought the apple green pillows are from Wisteria for our living room. The color brightens up the side chairs as a focal point and pulls your eye into the dining room.

I bought the pretty flowered motif pitcher at HomeGoods.

green pillow on chair

On the bar cart (a flea market purchase from several years ago) in our bay window, I used these sweet green aperitif glasses that we’ve had forever but rarely use. I just couldn’t miss the opportunity to bring them out for this springtime green and white tablescape.

The silver tray belonged to my mom. For a little more greenery, I bought a small fern that I placed in a galvanized pail (1 of 3 from Atlanta). A white ribbon adds to the white and green theme.

I keep a stash of cocktail napkins with funny sayings which I love to use. The green color was perfect.

green glasses and green plant

Let’s Talk Green and White Food

At first, I was thinking savory for this springtime green and white tablescape. The only things I could think of were guacamole, pesto, and pistachios.

Somehow those three things didn’t sound good together. Sweets – now I could dig that. So to the bakery, I went.

These cupcakes – I love minis – were called wedding cakes. I added some green sprinkles to fit the theme and make them even prettier.


At the grocery store, I found yummy scones. I had made some icing and used green food coloring to drizzle on top.

scones with green icing

And the very last thing I added to the springtime tablescape? My favorite – vanilla ice cream and pistachio macarons. I had to use those darling green sherbet dishes.

green and white tablescape

Let’s Go Big

Here’s the green and white springtime tablescape with a bird’s eye view.

green and white tablescape
green and white tablescape
green and white tablescape
green and white tablescape
green and white planter with cupcakes

Well, that’s it folks for this introduction to my green and white springtime tablescape. I hope you loved it. I did. As promised here is the behind-the-scenes how I designed this springtime green and white tablescape.

I also shared my love of using live green plants in our home decor. It seems like you all love the idea of using green plants to give pops of color and a natural feel to any room.

And just to give credit where credit is due, I do not water or nurture or fertilize these plants. It’s totally a Sweet Shark thing. Every Saturday afternoon, he waters and tends to all our indoor plants.

Here are ideas for continuing your green and white color scheme in other areas of your home.

Need some sweets and treats to go along with your springtime tablescape? Try these shamrock cookies and St. Patrick’s Day cocktails.

While you’re PINNING this POST, if you need more ideas for tablescapes or spring decor, try these Pinterest Boards:

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springtime green and white tablescape

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  1. This is so pretty! Perfect for spring & St. Patrick’s Day. Thanks for sharing on Crafty Creators. I’ll be featuring your post tomorrow. Congrats!

  2. Love the mini wreaths on the cupcake stands! Your table is beautiful. Thanks for sharing at Vintage Charm. xo Kathleen

  3. Such a lovely tablescape, Carol!! I LOVE all the green that you used. It’s so pretty and refreshing after a long winter, even though I’m currently watching a blizzard roar outside 🙂 Thanks so much for linking at Home Imagined today!!

  4. Carol, I love all of the personal details you put into each of your tablescapes. The colors are so fresh and perfect for spring. The runner and napkins you made are beautiful. I love the bows you added to each corner of the table. I never thought to use chalk art on a glass…now I can’t wait to try it! Your post is full of inspiration. I am so happy to be on this blog hop with you. Wishing you a beautiful spring!

    1. Lynne, thank you for the sweet comments. I hope that you will try ChalkArt on glass, ceramics, wood, metal, etc. It’s an amazing product. Great to be on the blog hop with you too.

  5. Carol, your table encompasses all that I look for that signals the start of spring! As soon as the buds on the trees start to unfurl the first green leaves I know spring has really arrived! Stunning centrepiece with the contrast of white hydrangeas against the deep green! Your attention to detail with bows at each corner so pretty! Love it!

  6. Carol, I love this green and white tablescape. I am swooning over those pretty Wedgewood pieces. Also, your tablecovering is precious with the burlap and sweet green bows. As always, it is so much fun blog hopping with you! Happy Spring!!!

  7. Carol I love seeing more green in your home this week! Your tablescape is so nice and I love those green sherbet dishes! The green appertif glasses are gorgeous and I love how you styled them with the plant.

    I’m so happy to be hopping with you twice this week. I hope you have a happy spring!

  8. Carol, what a lovely green and white table. those colors are refreshing. Spring is so near. Love how crafty you are. The green sherbet glasses are stunning. Pretty vignettes to take in too. Loving the pretty little cupcakes. Always a pleasure to join you.

  9. Carol, your green and white table is so pretty. You’re definitely going to use that burlap tablecloth for years to come…it was a great thrifting find! I love how you cinched the corners of the tablecloth with the gingham ribbon. I especially love the vignette you created on the vintage bar cart. The green stemware on the silver tray next to the plant in the galvanized pail with the white bow is stunning. It’s always a pleasure hopping with you. Happy Spring!

  10. Carol,
    Fresh green and white are just the things to brighten the last lingering days of winter. Your table is inviting with a complete look… not crowded, nor sparse. As always, I enjoy seeing how you put things together.


    1. Thank you so much Judith. As a teacher by background and education, I love showing people the how to do something ~ especially things that make our lives and homes prettier and more fulfilling. I appreciate your comment.

  11. Carol, you incorporated all of the sweetest little details in your pretty springtime table. The votives on your little cupcake stand sitting in the little nests are adorable. You made your burlap tablecloth so special with the sweet green and white ribbon bows. I can understand why you wanted to add those pretty sherbet dishes! I look forward to seeing how you created that fun green centerpiece! Thank you so much for sharing your tablestyling talents for another hop!

    1. Thank you Chloe once again for bringing creatives together to share our passions with each other and with people who love to create pretty spaces in their homes. It’s wonderful when different elements come together ~ the result is greater than the sum of its parts. Finding the sherbet glasses was serendipity. The icing on the cake!

  12. Hi Carol! I am new to the blogs and just love, love, love, all the wonderful tablescapes! I am totally enthralled with the blog hops! Your green and white table is so charming! I live in two places. Los Angeles (winter and spring) Montana (summer and fall). I have been creating tablescapes for many years and am considering doing a blog. Thanks for sharing your spring Tablescape.!

    1. Ramona, welcome, welcome. So happy that you love the tablescapes. You must be really flexible ~ going from the mega traffic of a big city to the beautiful wilds of Montana. You might want to check out my Pinterest board ~ Blog Info ~ at Tons of great information. If you have any questions about starting a blog, don’t hesitate to reach out to me through email or DM. I hope you keep visiting Bluesky at Home.

  13. Hats off to you for working with the same color palette on back to back tables. The burlap tablecloth is so earthy and combined with the beautiful shades of green it reminds me of the green shoots and leaves that will soon (hopefully) make their presence known.

    1. Thank you so much Sweet Sandra. I almost didn’t buy the burlap tablecloth, but I’m so glad that I did. I’m sure that I will use it many time sin the future.

  14. Carol,
    What a beautiful table. Thanks for sharing and giving details how you created this. I really appreciate that about your blog.

    1. Esther, thanks so much for visiting the springtime tablescape blog hop. I’m so glad that you like it. “The devil is in the details!”

  15. Carol, I love all the care and effort you put into making your tables unique and special — the runners and napkins in particular. And how great does adding those bows at the corners of the tablecloth look?! I have looked and looked for deep green glassware for years, and I’m feeling green envy over your vintage beauties.

    1. Debbee M, oh, how sweet you are. Bows are always a great addition to most tablescapes or decorations. We are lucky to have the green glasses and I can’t even remember where they came from ~ I think we inherited them.

  16. LOVE !Love! Love! You’re beautiful green and white table scape. Love how you tied the corners Of the burlap table top with the gingham ribbon absolutely adorable!

  17. Carol, you created a lovely green and white table which speaks of springtime. The burlap cloth is the perfect rustic background for your setting. The runners look like a carpet of green grass and the gingham napkins are a perfect touch against the white plates. The green depression sherbets are so pretty and I love pistachio macarons. I would love to have one of your cupcakes, they look delicious! It is always a treat to see one of your tables!

  18. Green and white is such a lovely color combination and I love your burlap and gingham bows tablecloth! Happy to be joining you on the tablescape hop this week! Blessings, Cecilia @My Thrift Store Addiction

  19. Carol, your table is so beautiful with all of the green/white! Each element is perfectly placed and I like that you used pieces that you have created and embellished. The depression glass sherbet bowls are so pretty! I love everything about your table…especially those gorgeous hydrangeas! Have a great one! Hugs!

  20. Carol, fresh spring green color and gingham is for me the absolute symbol of the Spring season. I love how you contrasted that with the natural burlap. It reminds me so much of the first Spring plantings. Your dishes with small touches of greenery is a subtle reminder that Spring is about to begin. I am such a fan of those delicious cupcakes and other desserts, especially in the light green dessert cups. I am experiencing Spring being at your virtual table and love the feeling of its freshness and newness like that of a recently opened bud on a flower. Beautiful.

  21. Carol, Very attractive spring table today! The star of your table to me is your vintage depression glass sherbets. They look beautiful on your white plates. I love the springy green gingham napkins. My eyes are on those cupcakes even though it is morning and I shouldn’t be wishing I was eating one instead of admiring how pretty they look on your table.
    The green runners on the burlap were great choices that make your other elements pop and welcome spring wonderfully. Hydranges always make my heart sing.

  22. A breath of fresh spring air is what your table is Carol! Green and white is a perfect palette for early Spring, and a nod to St. Patrick’s Day too! The hydrangeas are lovely and you a quite the tease about the container, I do look forward to finding out more about that! Aren’t you lucky your guy tends to your plants! Your green and white treats are very tempting also! Love the way you tied the corners of your burlap cloth with checked ribbon bows, super cute! Happy Spring Carol!

  23. Carol this is a beautiful springtime tablescape. Loving all the green colors and all the special details you add. I really love the Wedgwood pieces from your MIL and the small green checked napkins. The green sherbet dishes draw the eye up and complete your green theme! The hydrangeas are lovely and so is the container you used. Lets home all of our springtime tablescapes will help usher in spring quickly!

  24. Carol, I love your attention to detail and you didn’t leave out a single thing in this Spring tablescape. The green and white is so refreshing, and of course I want one of those yummy looking cupcakes. The mixing of burlap and gingham is a perfect juxtaposition. I’m not sure but is your green depression glass the Adam pattern? My SIL has it in pink. I have several books on depression glass as I collect several patterns myself. Beautiful and fresh tablescape. Isn’t blog hopping fun?

  25. Carol, your table looks so fresh and ready for some sweet conversations about springtime activities!! All your treats look heavenly. I adore the little votive candle nests. Your wonderful little details make a beautiful spring table!!

  26. Your table looks so fresh and light, and perfectly sweet for spring!! Those green sherbet glasses look familiar, but I cannot remember off hand what Depression glass pattern that may be. I want a set of cupcake holders, how darling!! I’ve not seen those before. Oh, and I want a yummy cupcake too!

  27. Sweet – literally and figuratively! Carol, I really love your attention to the smallest of details in preparing for a tablescape. From the green sprinkles on the mini cupcakes, to the chalk art stenciling, to the food items in those great Depression sherbet glasses, and your homemade textiles. The strawberry vine dishes really grab my attention too – those are some of the first vines I find throughout my mulch beds as I walk the garden in late winter, prepping for spring. You are very resourceful and I really appreciate that, it makes a table unique.

  28. Carol, Green and white are so fresh and welcoming for spring and especially with St. Patrick’s Day around the corner. I love your burlap tablecloth with the green napkins and runner you created from fabric. You’re so industrious and crafty with your stenciling on the glasses and your sewing! Your MIL’s Wild Strawberry pattern is so pretty along with your vintage sherbet glasses. As always, it’s a treat to have a virtual seat at your table and blog hop with you!