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Green and White Rustic Winter Decor Ideas

I am so happy to be sharing some green and white rustic winter decor with you. After finally getting all the Christmas decorations packed away, I could actually think about adding a cozy little winter feeling to our home.

Green and white are two of my favorite winter colors. Now is the time to get serious about rustic winter decor. Heck, we are having some really cold days in North Texas so I’m in the mood for winter.

Winter rustic decor is all about fresh, natural, and soft.

Winter, to me, is all about simplicity, softness, and warmth. I like natural elements that remind you of a forest on a quiet winter day. That’s why I’ve chosen a natural green and white rustic winter decor theme for our winter decor.

Using green and white in your rustic winter decor will set the stage for your St. Patrick’s Day decor.

Green and White Rustic Winter Decor

Although Classic Blue is my favorite decor color (I used it in our winter bedroom last year.), I do love the natural feel of green for general winter decorating. For the living room, I decided that I wanted to focus on green.

When I think of rustic, I think of soft greenery, lots of wood, and natural materials like woven baskets, wicker, and burlap.

Fortunately, all I had to do was a little “home shopping”. I only bought one new item for this green and white rustic winter decor theme in our living room. I always start decorating for a season or holiday in the living room and the first areas I focus on are our mantel and our coffee table.


First, I went on a little “winter cleaning spree”.

Don’t you feel like there is a ton of dust and debris (glitter, pieces of greenery, both real and faux) in your house after Christmas? I don’t feel that I can start decorating the house for a winter decor scheme until I’ve dusted, swept, vacuumed, and polished.

The mantel and fireplace surround is my first space to decorate since it is the largest and most visible area in the living room. Our mantel and the fireplace surround are really large so it needs items that create a sense of weight and substance.

After we took down all the garland and our wreath from the mantle, it really looks like a big blank space. I decided I wanted something with a natural woodsy feel. It has to be big enough to fill in the area on top of the mantel.

Back in the fall, I used the extra teak leaf from our patio table to take the place of our large Tarkay painting and I loved the natural warm look of it.

The only thing we had that might work was the large wood sunburst mirror from Wisteria above the headboard in our bedroom. I had to (sweet) talk Sweet Shark into taking it down and hanging it on the mantel.

It was the perfect beginning to our natural and rustic winter decor. Guess where the Tarkay painting ended up? I’ll reveal it in a later post.

Winter Decor

I love the natural warm feeling of the wood ~ it’s mango ~ sunburst mirror on the mantel. It contrasts very well against all the white wood.

Although centered from left to right, it’s a few inches lower than centered top to bottom; we didn’t want to nail any more holes into the wood paneling, so we left it as is. Don’t tell.

Winter Decor

Now I could decorate the mantel. I knew that I would bring in greenery and more natural elements. I wanted simple and warm, but not too many items; just an easy and balanced arrangement.

The first thing to do was bring down a few boxes of decorative items that I put away last fall in our guest rooms (which double as storage places). It really helps to have a designated place to store your out~of~season decor.

TIP: I’ve been trying to group items, box them, and label them: spring, summer, fall, winter. Of course, some items can be used all the time except Thanksgiving to Christmas. In the past, I’ve gone crazy trying to find things after the holidays that I’ve put here and there.

I started with the burlap~covered books I made last year. A small wicker basket with a jute hanger that I bought in Atlanta provided the perfect container to fill with some faux greenery that I cut off a large stem.

Winter Decor

To add more white, greenery and height, I bought in a tall white vintage bottle and filled it will some eucalyptus from Target ($6.99) that I picked up last week. I moved the books and little basket over to place the white bottle/vase on the outside of the mantel, close to the vertical columns.

Winter Decor

As you can see, I placed a strand of garland across the mantel. Some garland looks very Christmasy and some just looks more wintery. This year I remembered to keep out the wintery garland when we were packing up the decorations.

That’s a TIP for you. Don’t pack all the garland away.

Winter Decor

At the other end of the mantel, I set a wicker basket (a freebie gift basket) on its end for some vertical balance. A battery~operated candle on a timer fits perfectly inside to create a shadow box effect. More faux greenery filled in to contrast with the white candle.

Winter Decor

Realizing that I need more height, more white and more green, I used two more white bottles/vases filled with 1 piece of greenery each.

The greenery is pieces that came off the garland, so they match in style. I bought all 3 of these bottles/vases at the same time several years ago at a local flea market. I like the matte finish on them for a more rustic look.

Winter Decor

It was that simple to create my green and white rustic winter decor mantel. Nothing fancy, but definitely warm, rustic, and wintery.

Winter Decor

Here are more awesome winter mantel ideas that I love.

Winter Decor

Below the fireplace on the hearth, I filled my vintage Sure Shot box with another garland. This box has been one of the best things I’ve ever bought was an estate sale.

Winter Decor

I finally found my two white throws that were AOL over the holidays. I filled an estate sale basket from last summer with one and set it on top of my vintage captain’s storage box, a purchase from years and years ago in Jefferson, Texas.

Winter Decor

If you need some white or cream throws for winter, here are some great ones.

Winter Decor

Now for the coffee table.


Our coffee table is rectangular and I have been looking for a round basket for it for months. Either they were too big or too small or too heavy. I just happened on this one at HomeGoods ($14.99) and grabbed it. It was a perfect size, not too shallow or too deep and it had an interesting design.

Winter Decor

Here is another round basket/tray I found that would be really nice for styling.

Winter Decor

Now for the fun of filling it. I had to have something white, something green, and something rustic. I meant to show you the step~by~step, but this vignette came together so quickly, I forgot.

The white was a large white candle that I took out of our tall metal candle stand in the entry.

The green was, of course, a couple of stems of faux greenery, and the green glass bottles I found at a local antique mall last spring. These bottles will be great to use for St. Patrick’s Day decor.

The rustic came from the old clay pots that I bought when a few of us bloggers met for lunch a couple of years ago and went shopping. I love those little pots.

Winter Decor

Again, this winter vignette seemed to arrange itself.

Winter Decor

I needed another element to fill and balance the table. I didn’t have another container or tray that would work with the round basket.

Looking around, I spied one of my favorite large green coffee table books (Bunny Williams’ An Affair with a House) with green on the cover photo. Could a book be a “tray”? I think so.

Then I used one of my favorite rustic finds, an old grain bucket. I stuck a bunch of greenery stems in and that was that.

Winter Decor

My other white throw is tossed on the sofa, ready for snuggling. I left the white sweater pillows on the sofa, too, because they just feel like winter.

Winter Decor
Winter Decor

The living room is warm and cozy at night. The fireplace glows, surrounded by my green and white rustic decor. The candle comes on and adds sparkle.

Want more winter decor ideas? Here’s 13 winter decor accessory suggestions.

Winter Decor

I hope that you’ve gained some inspiration and enjoyed this look at our winter decor. Be sure to share and PIN for Later.

Winter Decor
Winter Decor
Winter Decor

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  1. Hi Carol! Oh, your mantel looks so pretty as well as your coffee table. Sometimes I get stuck in knowing how to style my coffee table. I’ll have to remember this! Happy New Year to you.
    Be a sweetie,
    Shelia 😉

  2. I’m good w arranging and tightening up the number of items. Limiting the colors, which give cozy,sophisticated look is my struggle. Thanks for sharing so many areas of your home done well

  3. I love this!! The green and white is perfect for winter, so simple yet so pretty. The burlap wrapped books are incredible…what a great idea!! Thanks for sharing!

    1. Thank you so much, Rachel. I’m so pleased that you liked the color combo. I appreciate you reading and giving me feedback. Keep it coming!

  4. The greens and whites is such a perfect combo! It’s beautiful. I love the burlap wrapped books! What a great idea! All the textures are wonderful!

  5. Green and white is the perfect winter decor! Love your cozy white pillows and throws and that sunburst mirror is the perfect touch! I’m a little jealous of your 30 minutes of snow…we have had a fair bit more than that up in New England and the arctic temps to go with it!

  6. Carol you have probably picked up on how much I love green mixed with neutrals and cottage garden elements so I am loving your winter decor. The styled tray with the little pots is wonderful and the green glass bottles will be great for St. Patrick’s Day!

    Everything just looks so cozy and calm. I hope you enjoy your winter weather while we are having a 70 degree Janurary up here in KY! Not right! I want snow, at least one big one! (Then I am ready to see those paperwhites, snowdrops and daffodils start to pop up!

    Thank you for joining the winter home tours!

    1. Yes, Amber, I do know that you love green!! Even though our home is more blue than green, it is just a natural, cool color anytime of year.

  7. I am in love with your rustic white and green decor! It all works together so well and is so calming! I also love how you look around your house to find items to use. I do the same thing! So well done!

  8. What a beautiful color palette! Thanks for sharing your talent and ideas with us at the Creative Muster. Looking forward to seeing what you’ll be sharing next week. Pinned!

  9. Green and white are my “go to” colors when I want to freshen up a space, and I love how you incorporated the colors on your mantel and coffee table. I’m crazy about those rustic looking clay pots stacked on your tray. So many pretty things to look at. Love it all Carol! Pinning!

  10. I love your pretty winter decor and your beautiful fire. I have on the A/C and ceiling fan since I live in Florida and a fire is just too hot, but it looks so cozy.
    Happy New Year,

  11. Carol, a lovely color palette and mix of elements and textures for the winter season. It all feels so fresh, peaceful and serene after the sometimes hecticness of the holidays.

  12. Carol, I love everything about your rustic green and white decor! That sunburst mirror is gorgeous! I’m going to have to find that one. I love your wispy garland, too. Some garlands are so thick, and I’ve been wanting one that’s more delicate like yours. Beautiful job, my friend!

  13. Carol, I love how you decorated for winter! Your mantel is so pretty with the touches of greenery – and that roaring fire is the perfect touch! Love the vignette in the tray too with those cute clay pots. Great to hop with you again!

  14. Carol, you have done a lovely job decorating your home for winter. Your mantel is gorgeous, You have added so many pretty layers, textures and colors perfect for the season. Everything looks beautiful!

  15. I love your rustic decor! The clay pots are perfect on your coffee table and here I was thinking they’d only work in spring. Pish posh. You made them look great! Love that grain bucket too! I need to find one of those!

  16. All your winter decor is perfect Carol! I love all the different ways you’ve used greenery, the burlap wrapped books and your chippy containers too. Decluttering and deep cleaning after the holidays is always a top priority at my house as well. I seriously don’t know how glitter can get into so many different nooks and crannies ha ha! Hugs, CoCo

  17. That antique trunk is wonderful. I love all your cozy touches. I recognize that garland as a gift from sweet Laura. It was fun touring with your. I do wish it’d snowed a little longer on Saturday. Our winter weather is too brief.

  18. Your mantel and coffee table decor is perfect for winter. I love your idea of turning a basket on its side to create height and to create a shadow box effect. I hope you and Mr. Sweet Shark enjoy many cozy winter nights enjoying your pretty decor.