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Cozy at Christmas Holiday Home Tour

Here we are ~ the moment you have been waiting for ~ the Cozy at Christmas Holiday Home Tour. IF you love touring homes all dressed for the holidays with Christmas decorations, I have it here for you. So much Christmas goodness.

Today I’ll show you the front half of our home and Wednesday I’ll share the back half. So sit down with a cup of hot chocolate, a cookie or 2, and welcome to our home.

I love decorating our home at Christmas. Every year some decorations stay the same and some decorations are new or rearranged for dressed up or put in different places. It keeps the holiday decorations more interesting for me and our friends. Let’s start this cozy at Christmas holiday home tour.

Cozy at Christmas Holiday Home Tour

On our front door, we have a live wreath from Calloway’s Nursery. I added a string of battery~operated lights and a big gold bow made by my favorite designer, Pam from Rutherford’s Design here in Dallas. Pam is the decorator who helped me design our home. She is fabulous with paint color and fabric. She is also the best garland “flufferier” and bow maker and she comes over every Christmas to help me make the house beautiful for the holidays.

Holiday Home Tour

To the left of the front door, I place my vintage sled that we found in the attic of a home we had bought about 25 years ago. A rosemary plant, garland, pine cones that I painted silver, and more battery~operated white lights complete a bit of the nostalgia feel that I’m going after. I made the box myself (always a proud moment) from a new bolt of silver French ribbon. I have no idea where the red Christmas ribbon came from ~ I found it in one of our decoration boxes.

Holiday Home Tour

As you come into the house, you’ll be greeted by our largest Santa. (I just counted 33 Santas in our home). Then you’ll see our entry hall piece with a soft, natural feel ~ one large Santa and 2 small ones. I added some more “found” ribbon to the burlap sacks and cotton boll stems that I made in October. Another strand of battery~operated lights. Then I found these really cool 8 gold ball lights in the dollar section of Target.  I was so amazed when I discovered they would be perfect on my mom’s candelabra. I used tape to attach 4 balls to the candelabra and wrapped the other 4 around the burlap bag ribbon. This year I didn’t add any embellishment to the mirror.

Holiday Home Tour


To your left is our dining room. I shared my Silver and Gold Tablescape last week, but the rest of the room wasn’t finished. On the chest in the front bay window, I placed the large silver tray from my mom’s service and set a wire lantern on it. Inside I used one of the clip~on white birds I have on a small piece of garland and added gold balls. Three blue and white felt birds that I bought last year and a few votives complete the tray. Around our torchére lamps I placed garland wreaths with a large silver embellished faux flower and behind the silver tray more garland. All are lit with more battery~operated lights. I added a couple of silver~painted pine cones.

Holiday Home Tour

Holiday Home Tour


Holiday Home Tour

Above the chest on the window is this beautiful wreath I bought a few years ago. Last year Pam made a bow for it and this year she embellished it with white sequined leaves and silver snowflakes that I bought last year on sale and 2 more little white birds. I absolutely love it.

Holiday Home Tour

With the lamps on at night, it’s a beautiful scene.

Holiday Home Tour

Now the star of the dining room is our vasselier ~ a large French hutch. Last year after Christmas, I bought the flocked garland with white lights at Wisteria. It’s perfect for the elegance of the room. I also had 3 strands of clear beaded garland  I bought on sale last year that we added along with white glittery leaves. Again, Pam embellished bows made last year for the ends of the garland with new gold ribbon. I think it’s spectacular.

Holiday Home Tour

Holiday Home Tour

On the shelves, I’ve placed a few of our small Santas and battery~operated Christmas trees and candles.

Holiday Home Tour


We have a sconce on each side of the vasselier (The vasselier and the sconces were in the breakfast room of our former house.) that definitely needed a little something. When we were at Calloway’s buying our tree and the front door wreath, I just started picking up small pieces of live garland that were on the ground. When I thought I had enough, I asked how much they would charge me and the manager just said to take them; otherwise, they would be swept up and thrown away. It never hurts to ask! I wrapped ribbon (same as one the sled box) around to hold the garland together and just slipped them on the sconces. Very simple, but adds the finishing touch.

Holiday Home Tour

To your right is Sweet Shark’s bar.  It gets the royal treatment with garland and colored lights (his favorite). We’ve been collecting Mark Robert’s Christmas Elves and at this time we have 9. We’ve bought them in Dallas and San Diego, but now we always buy one in New Orleans after Christmas at the Christmas Store on Decatur Street. They reign over the bar.

Holiday Home Tour

Also in the bar is the hand~painted crèche that we bought in Oberammergau, Germany in 2000. We were there on a trip to celebrate the anniversary of the Passion Play. It was a memorable trip and a memorable event. I’ve lovingly put out the crèche every year since then.

Holiday Home Tour

Our glass curio cabinet where Sweet Shark keeps about half of our crystal wine and bar glasses gets a little garland and lights on top. Two reindeer have a great view of the room.

Holiday Home Tour

The staircase gets a simple treatment of garland and more battery~operated multi~colored lights.

Holiday Home Tour

Holiday Home Tour

Next to the stairs, we have a 5~foot tall metal candle stand. It gets some garland, battery~operated multi~colored lights, and a little Santa hanging on. Inside the tall white lantern I bought at a charity auction last spring, I placed 1 of the battery~lighted Christmas trees I bought last year at Wisteria and some red beads from Ikea.

Holiday Home Tour

Holiday Home Tour

I’ve mentioned battery~operated lights several times. I discovered them last year at Target and they changed my decorating life. All those places that you want lights, but no outlet or don’t want strands hanging down and endless extension cords. They come in clear and multi~colored strands of 18 ($6.49), use 4 (last year’s) or 3 (this year’s) AA batteries. There is also a variety that comes in a 15~strand pack ($7.49) with small decorative bulbs. Sorry if I’ve bought them all.


battery~operated Christmas tree lights, flocked garland, clear beaded garland, felt birds ~ Wisteria
battery~operated candles ~ Rutherford’s
elves ~ Mark Roberts
ribbon ~ Ballard and Blakely
silver snowflakes, leaf garland, mercury glass votives~ Mary Cates and Company
red beads ~ Ikea
battery~operated lights ~ Target
wire lantern ~ Tuesday Morning

That completes Part 1 of my Christmas decor for the Holiday Home Tour Blog Hop. I do hope that you enjoyed it. Having you here is almost like having a Christmas party. Wednesday, I’ll show you the back half of our home ~ the living room, kitchen, breakfast room, our bedroom, and, of course, our trees. Until then, please visit and enjoy the other bloggers who are sharing their holiday decor with you, both at the Holiday Home Tour Blog Hop and the Cozy at Christmas Blog Tour.

Holiday Home Tour



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  1. Carol, Wow you really started this tour with a bang! I love your Santa’s – they remind me of the Santa’s in the German Christmas markets. Your snowy birds are adorable. I’m also a big fan of the battery operated lights! You asked, and I’m not in Waco, but down the road in College Station. But glad to know we are both in Texas! It’s been a joy hopping with you this week. Have a very Merry Christmas and a blessed new year!

    1. Mrs. MH, thank you for your sweet comments. I know College Station well as my older daughter graduated from A & M. Gig ’em! Merry Christmas.

  2. Carol, this is simply radiant! The candlelight, gold chargers, lanterns, ribbon and lights of every color are a great way to celebrate the season. Beautifully done! Merry Christmas to you and yours!!!

  3. Carol, your home is the very essence of the holidays. Your Santa collection is exquisite, and, being a Delta gal, I am totally swooning over your cotton plants! And then I am swooning all over again over your vaisselier. I just love every details. The garlands, the beribboned sprigs of greenery, the Nativity, the snowflake ornaments. The wee animals in your vignette are so festive and whimsical in their winter clothing. Each photo leaves me with the warmest, happiest feeling, as I have have stepped into a world where peace and love exists for all time.

    1. Oh my, you’ve made my day ~ which has been a very busy one ~ a great day. I really appreciate all your sweet comments. Well, I can’t stay that peace and love exists all of the time, but most of the time. We are so blessed with good health, security, children and grands all doing well. Friends and family. Live in a great state and a great country. Feel optimistic about the future.And have met so many wonderful friends through blogging. Merry Christmas to all.

  4. Your decor is lovely, as is the beautiful furniture you’ve shown us. What a show piece you’ve put together. I also love some of your lighting. Thank you for sharing.
    Linda @ A Toile Tale

  5. Oh my Carol, what a gorgeous home you have. I enjoyed looking at each photo and you have given me plenty of decorating ideas for my own home. It is elegant but very welcoming and inviting. I do love that stunning French Hutch and you have adorned it beautifully.

    Thank you for sharing your home with us. It is beautiful.

    So happy to be joining you on this holiday home blog hop.

    Have a merry Christmas.


  6. Carol,
    Beautiful Christmas decor in every room! I thoroughly enjoyed seeing your home decorated for the holidays.

    Joyeux Noël,

  7. I really enjoyed my stop on the Hop here at your place! What a beautiful home you have and you’ve decorated it wonderfully. So many lovely vignettes and gorgeous decorations spread throughout. Indeed, your crèche must be so special to you not only for obvious reasons but also having that special trip in your memories surrounding it. Look forward to seeing Part 2…

    1. Thank you so much Lori. You know, decorating for the holidays is hard work, but so worth it for the enjoyment it brings.This is a special time of year and I think it’s important to celebrate, whether it’s simple or elaborate.

  8. I enjoyed the tour of your beautiful home, decked out for Christmas! I adore all your Santas! And that handpainted creche is so pretty! Looking forward to part two of your tour! 🙂 …and thanks for the info on the battery operated lights! Sure wish I had some of those in my decor! …on the list for next year! ~Rhonda

    1. Rhonda, thank you so much for adoring my Santas! Battery~operated lights will change your life. I bought 8 more packs this weekend, just to be sure I had plenty for this year and years to come.

  9. Carol, I love your beautiful home…every detail is stunning! Your Santa collection, garlands, and the crèche from your trip add to the beauty of your home. The vaisselier is the piece de resistance!!! Thanks for inviting us into your home dressed in Christmas finery! Wishing you a wonder-filled Christmas Season!

    1. Pam, I love your sweet comments. That vassilier is the one thing that Sweet Shark and I have said we would fight over if we ever split ~ may be one of the many things that keeps us together. Merry Christmas to you too.

  10. Carol, you’re right in that your DR vaisselier is the star! Oh my goodness that garland is literally dripping goodness! It’s beautiful. I love all the birds in the DR too. I collected few of the Mark Roberts elves also when Frontgate has clearanced them – they’re so fun. Hahaha, I think everyone’s caught onto the little lights but it’s true – if you don’t get them early, they’re liable to be gone! My first ones took 2 D batteries, then 3 AA, and this year I found some that take just 2 AA at Big Lots ($5 – so inexpensive!). They really do make for quick beauty – just set it and forget it (and take stock in batteries!). And what a beautiful token to remember your remarkable trip in the creche you brought home!
    Your home really looks lovely, Carol. Merry December, and blessings of the season to you!

    1. Rita C. Those B~O lights rock! I’ve never thought about checking the dollar store for them. Target is 3 minutes from my house, so it’s very convenient. And I’ll keep my eyes out at Frontgate for the elves. I didn’t know they carried the elves. Thanks for the heads up. Merry Christmas!

  11. Carol, it’s all gorgeous! Your house is so pretty to begin with and then add in the sparkles of Christmas and it’s just amazing. I love the colors you’ve chosen. Those little birds are adorable!

    1. Stacey, sweetie, thank you for your comments. I bet you are sitting back relaxing and “laughing” at the rest of us going crazy. Hopefully, you’ll be in your new home next year and will join us.

  12. I love all your wonderful Santas Carol, and the winter whites and fresh greenery, so beautiful. I too am addicted to battery operated lights, and have you seen the ones with timers, you don’t even have to remember to turn them off and on! Love love the sled at your entry, so festive! I look forward to seeing the rest-

    1. Jenna, timers?!!! No, where did you get them? We have 2 wreaths that we can’t reach without ladders, so the lights just stay on. Please share your resource and I will be forever indebted.

  13. Wow, Carol, your home is beautiful. Now, you had to start before Thanksgiving to get everything done.
    Stunning garlands, elegant ribbon bows and Santa’s everywhere. Gorgeous french antiques, elf collection and beautiful nativity. I could browse here for a long time.

    1. Bonnie, since we were out of town for Thanksgiving, we actually started the Sunday after. It usually takes a full week to get everything finished. I guess that tells you how crazy I was last week. Sanity has now returned!

  14. Carol, I have so enjoyed the tour this morning, and look forward to part two. Your house is gorgeous and looks so warm and inviting adorned in it’s Christmas attire! You have a lot of wonderful collections. You also have some beautiful French antiques that I am swooning over this morning. Thanks so much for the tour, and I hope that you have a happy and blessed Monday!!!

    1. Shannon, I love your opinions! Thanks so much. We do have some beautiful antiques from days when we were younger and crazy and didn’t think twice about spending the money. Now my favorite things are flea market finds. And we inherited several pieces that I’ve painted. So I’m fortunate to have both types of treasures in our home.