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Summer Blue and White Tablescape for a Dinner Party

Do you enjoy hosting dinner parties? Conversation around a table is the best way to offer hospitality to friends. I created a summer blue and white tablescape for our first dinner party in a long time.

I created this summer blue and white tablescape to host our neighbors Julie and Bill and our good friends Valerie and Bill. The occasion was to celebrate the harvesting of friend Bill’s beautiful heirloom tomatoes.

Bill would bring his Caprese salad and Julie offered to bring her gorgeous charcuterie platter. Sweet Shark and I would provide the entré, sides, and dessert.

With the guest list and the menu set, it was time to set my blue and white tablescape.

Dinner Party in a Blue and White Tablescape

I love creating tablescapes and it’s been a long time since we have been able to entertain. This is our first sit-down dinner party in over a year. I wanted it to be special. My favorite color scheme, blue and white, would set the palette of the table.

During the past year, I collected more blue and white serving pieces from estate sales (Yes, we had those during COVID.) and some online. I definitely wanted to include them.

I already had some items that would lend themselves to a blue and white tablescape. Mixing the old and the new is one of my favorite things.

Steps to Creating a Tablescape

Since we would have two couples as guests, I left one leaf in my table.

I always start a new tablescape with a blank slate. I recommend taking everything off the table.

Here are the steps that I took to create this blue and white tablescape. Follow along and see what you think of my process.

Step 1 ~ Add Your Runner, Tablescape, or Placemats

Last week, I made my first trip to our big HomeGoods in a long time. This blue and white pattern runner caught my eye.

I knew it would be a great base for my summer tablescape. There is fringe on all the edges. It has a very casual, farmhouse look.

blue and white check runner on table

As you can see the runner goes from one end of the table to the other. The ends of the runner would serve as placements for the host and hostess place settings.

blue and white check runner on table

Step 2 – Add Placements

The only blue placemats I had on hand were very casual, rubber mesh ones. The color was perfect so I went with them. I would like to have some dressier blue placemats so I will be shopping soon.

Step 3 – Add Your Plates

For my dinner plates, I used my white World Market plates. I have two sets of 12 of these plates. They are awesome to use for parties.

blue and white check runner on table with blue placemats wnt white plates

I have used these large plates as chargers for a lunch salad course.

white plate on blue placemat

Step 4 – Create the Centerpiece

Normally, I make my centerpiece before I add the place settings. At the time I started this blue and white tablescape, I still didn’t have my centerpiece items on hand.

Other than knowing I would use white hydrangeas, I didn’t have the vases that I wanted to use.

Both my Hobby Lobby and a Trader Joe’s are five minutes from where I play tennis. If needed, I stop there after drills. A stop at Trader Joe’s was on my errand list, so I also stopped at Hobby Lobby.

There I found the perfect cookie jars/vases. These jars have the cutest lids – white with blue ball handles. I found two matching ones. Don’t you love that pattern? It has both a modern and traditional design.

blue and white vase

I love the mix/contrast of patterns with the runner. (You can see that I’ve gone very simple on our vaisselier with just dinner plates from my Villeroy & Boch Manoir china and a couple of flea market vases.)

blue and white vase on blue check runner

Two bunches of white hydrangeas filled the vases nicely.

white hydrangeas in blue and white vase

In between the vases, I added two candlesticks that I bought on Etsy. We may not light them, but I still wanted to use them.

white candles in blue and white candlesticks
summer blue and white tablescape

Step 5 – Add the Silverware and the Serving Dishes

The silverware is a mix of our everyday patterns. For simplicity, I placed a white linen napkin on the dinner plates.

The two sets of salt and pepper shakers are ones my mom bought me when I was in college – they have been around for a while.

summer blue and white tablescape

Since I knew our menu, I added a salad plate and a dessert bowl.

To fill in a bit more, I took this small cache pot off the mantel. It’s filled with faux peonies. The cache pot adds to the blue and white color scheme and the different heights of the arrangement.

white hydrangeas in blue vase with candlesticks

Now, for the fun part. I brought out the blue and white serving pieces that I bought at estate sales in 2019 and 2020:

  • large platter and bowl have a Blue Danube mark on the bottom.
  • the pitcher has a mark on the bottom that says “Remme Woods Fine China”. Does anyone know anything about that?
summer blue and white tablescape
blue serving pieces and vase with white flowers
summer blue and white tablescape

The last tray is a new Spode one that I bought online.

blue serving pieces and vase with white flowers

Step 6 – Finishing Touches

I like to place pillows on the extra dining room chairs next to our vasselier. They had the perfect color and pattern and bring the eye into the dining room.

blue serving pieces and vase with white flowers

Creating this summer blue and white tablescape was easy and fast. In keeping with a summer theme, it’s casual and simple. It’s the blue and white theme and the patterns that make it interesting.

blue serving pieces and vase with white flowers

I almost forgot the glasses. Our everyday wine glasses worked just fine.

blue serving pieces and vase with white flowers

We are so excited to have a new puppy in our home. Nola just turned 5 months and she wants to be anywhere we are. She is getting used to photoshoots. This is her debut!

cute apricot labradoodle on carpet

Blue and White Tablescape Resources

I’ve had some of these items for so long that I’ve forgotten where I bought them.

Blue and White Runner – HomeGoods: $12.99
Dinner Plates – World Market: comes in a set of 12 with serving stand
Salad Plates – Estate Sale
Ice Cream Bowls – Estate Sale
White Linen napkins – set of 12 – Estate Sale: $12
2 Blue and White Vases – Hobby Lobby: $24.99 each – 50% off = $12.50 each
2 Blue and White Candlesticks – Etsy
Pitcher, Patter, and Serving Bowl – Estate Sale
Spode Blue Italian Sandwich Tray: $39.97
Small Blue Cache Pot – 1 of 3: $41.99
2 Bunches White Hydrangeas – Trader Joe’s: $5.99 each
2 Blue Check/Stripe Pillow Covers – from set of four – these are similar

Did you get some ideas for a blue and white summer tablescape? I hope so. Want to save this for inspiration? Please PIN it. And I would love for you to follow me on Pinterest.

pin for later graphic in blue

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  1. It was 92 degrees here in Maine; I have no A/C. Your tablescape just looked so cool and refreshing. I love blue and white, too and have added more of it to my house over the years. Nola is a cutie!

  2. Carol, blue and white is such a classic combo and you’ve nailed the timeless look with your lovely dinner table setting! I’m crushing over those cookie jars…the pattern in fabulous! What a great Hobby Lobby score! That was so smart to use them as vases, and the hydrangeas were the perfect choice. Nola is adorable! I look forward to seeing more of her in your blog posts 🙂 I hope you had a nice dinner party with your friends. As always, it’s fun to hop with you!

  3. This is a perfect tablescape to start summer entertaining. I’m all about the blues (in any season, lol!), and they look particularly fresh on your table. I have been collecting Blue Danube and I now have 7 place settings – minus cups and saucers – and a couple serving pieces. I think it’s a gorgeous pattern and I’m glad you think so too!

  4. Carol, I love the classic crispness of blue and white, and your tablescape provides the perfect balance of each. We are going to Holland next April, and I can’t wait to visit the Deft factory and to pick up a piece as a souvenir of our trip! But, I promised hubby it won’t be the start of yet another collection, lol! BTW, your menu sounds delicious!

    1. Dee Dee, sounds like a fabulous trip. Thanks so much for visiting and you feedback. Let everyone know about your trip as what you find.

  5. Carol, your lovely blue and white tablescape lends to the feeling of being on Grandma’s farm. The blue and white theme always captures the clean, crisp, freshness of a large family farm kitchen where there was always a mix of patterns and textures to make it feel farmhouse cozy. I love your lovely cookie jar vases Your striped runner sets the tone for a casual and yet, classic, tablescape. A lovely summer tablescape to kick start entertaining family and friends once again. Happy summer!

  6. I’m a huge fan of mixing old with new and you found some great(and classic) blue & white pieces. The oval platter and pitcher look like the popular Blue Onion pattern, manufactured originally in the 18thC and later copied by many makers. How exciting to have hosted your friends for a gathering! Nola is a sweet pup, and I bet she was equally excited to see company! Your blue & white is a fresh look, for a fresh new season. Happy Summer!

  7. Carol, I am always a fan of blue and white, it works for any season and occasion. I feel it is timeless and for a summer table it lends a crispness and coolness. The runner is perfect with the centerpiece. Your dinner party sounds just wonderful! Happy Summer!

  8. Blue and white always catch my eye! I love all the different blue and white patterns mixed together. The textures of the blue and white runner and blue placemats add to the styling.
    I always enjoy your play-by-play commentary.
    I’m sure your guests lingered for some time at your lovely table.
    Enjoyed your post and blog hopping in this group with you again.

  9. Carol, your blue and white tablescape feels so crisp and clean for a summer dinner party! The menu sounds wonderful, too! Have a lovely summer! Blessings, Cecilia @My Thrift Store Addiction

  10. Carole, your blue and white table looks refreshingly cool for a hot summer day! I like the mixing of all the different patterns along with the simple plaid runner, it all looks striking against your grey washed table! I am jealous that you have both a Hobby Lobby and a Trader Joe’s nearby!! But honestly, Nola is stealing the show!! 🐶 She is adorable!!! I hope you and your pup have a wonderful summer of fun☀️

  11. So pretty! Blue and white is so classic and pleasing-to-the-eye Carol, no matter what the season. I’m envious of your nearby Trader Joe’s as the closest one to me is an hour away. Nola is a adorable! As always it’s a treat to join you at the table and hop with you. Happy Summer ♥

  12. Such a pretty table Carol The blue and white is so classic. The cache pot looks so pretty filled with peonies. I see you also like a symmetrical table. Love hydrangeas and they look so pretty in your vases. The candlesticks area lovely addition. A pleasure hopping along with you. Happy summer.

  13. Carol, First, your Nola, is SO cute! Our Lily is just 4 and a half months, so almost the same age! I don’t know about you, but I am loving having a dog in the house again, particularly with my husband traveling for business so much. Now…on to your pretty blue and white tablescape! What a find those cookie jars are, I would never have guessed they were cookie jars. All of your additional blue and white pieces add so much to your table. They all coordinate with your runner perfectly! Blue and white…always my favorite!

    1. Chloe, thanks for the feedback on the tablescape. And, especially mentioning Nola. Yes, having a new puppy is so fun, sometimes tiring, but she did the house with laughter and energy. A home without a dog is too quiet. I love your pups name. Pictures?

  14. Carol, setting a table can be overwhelming without a plan, and I love how you have walked us through it step by step! Such a great idea to share in the menu preparation. Having guests contribute really can take the pressure off the host! Especially when it is something like a Caprese salad made with fresh tomatoes! I also love the mix and match of the patterns! Where I live in Canada, we have just begun phase one of reopening and have 5 guests visit outside!! It has been a long haul and I am so happy to be able to entertain again! I hope you and your guests had a wonderful visit!

  15. Carol, it’s fun to use your new estate sale finds into a tablescape, and you did a beautiful job mixing all of your old and new finds together. Blue and white are classic and perfect for summer time. And the Spode plate is beautiful!
    Plus, it looks like Nola took her “debut” in stride 🙂

    Happy summer

  16. Carol, your beautiful blue and white themed table is perfect for a summer dinner party. It offers a cool setting for our hot Texas weather. It would be a pleasure to dine with you at this pretty table. Always fun to see your wonderful shares and especially fun to hop with you today.

  17. Carol, your entire dining room looks gorgeous and ready for a wonderful dinner party! Your table is just beautiful with its pretty flowers and blue and white color palette. Nola is an absolute doll! I know that she must bring you great joy. Happy Summer!

  18. Blue Sky is one of my husband’s favorite songs! I love your table: Blue and white is such a lovely combination for summer. I’m linking from Linda’s blog.
    ~Ricki Jill

  19. So fresh and pretty Carol, blue and white is so perfect for summer entertaining and it was fun watching your tablescape emerge step by step! Love the blue and white containers you found, isn’t it wonderful to be able to shop again! I didn’t go to Hobby Lobby for 14 months and was overwhelmed the first time I went back! I hope you have a wonderful and fun filled summer!