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My Favorite Patio Finds from Wayfair

Do you update your patio as summer nears? A few weeks ago, with summer on the way, I started searching for some new items for our patio. I thought I’d share my favorite patio finds from Wayfair.

I was looking for some specific items to give our seating area a new look. But it’s hard not to search for other things when there are so many choices. These favorite patio finds from Wayfair should give you some ideas and resources for your own patio.

Unless your patio is completely covered, patio furniture and accessories are subject to the elements, especially moisture and sun. In searching for patio finds, I looked for items that would work outside in our Texas sun.

My Favorite Patio Finds from Wayfair

This post is sponsored by Wayfair, but all the opinions are my own.

We needed a few new items to replace existing items, specifically a patio rug and tables. But shopping on Wayfair is so much fun that my search widened.

We love our backyard, but it does have its challenges. Our seating area only has a retractable awning for protection from sun and rain. That means that every few years we have to replace our rug. We have had our previous rug for almost four summers. Fortunately, our patio table from Wayfair is still working very well in the space.

Here you can see the third of our four different side tables. You can also see that our patio seating area is open to the elements. We hope to change that soon.

patio finds

The side tables we have are a combination of four different flea market metal bases and DIY wood tops.

Although I loved the look of the side tables, we were ready for a more consistent look.

Also, our outdoor lighting is limited. Until we can arrange for a major lighting overall, I wanted to add some accent lighting, such as lanterns, to the seating area.

patio finds


I love creating a wish list. It’s like being a kid again at Christmas time. I also like that I can organize my wish list by categories.

I thought I would share with you my exact wish list. It contains a wide variety of patio items:

patio findsSolar Powered Outdoor Lanterns // More Outdoor Lanterns patio findsIfrane Metal Side Table // More Patio Side Tables patio findsStar Beige Outdoor Lantern // More Outdoor Lighting
patio findsCoffee Table // More Metal Patio Furniture patio findsTomas Chevron Rug // More Area Rugs patio findsHennigan Navy Area Rug // More Indoor/Outdoor Area Rugs
patio findsCabo Side Table // More Patio Tables patio findsJanet Blue Area Rug // More Outdoor Area Rugs patio findsFequiere Side Table // More Outdoor Tables
patio findsSolar Powered Pathway Light Pack // More Pathway Lights patio findsSolar Outdoor Landscape Lights // More Landscape Lights patio findsDorantes Coral Melamine Platter // More Serving Trays
patio findsEldert Round Melamine Platter // More Melamine Trays patio findsSkaghe Cold Drink Tub // More Ice Buckets patio findsSkak Refreshment Beverage Tub // More Beverage Tubs
patio findsConnor Insulated Beverage Tub // More Barware patio findsMarra Bar Cart // More Outdoor Bar Carts patio findsPoyen Outdoor Bar Cart // More Bar Carts
patio findsAcrylic Drinking Glass Set // More Drinkware patio findsPerrodin Serving Bowl // More Serving Bowls patio findsMelamine Deep Platter // More Serving Trays & Boards
patio findsPacific Mixed Pattern Bowls // More Serveware patio findsPitcher // More Pitchers patio findsServing Tray // More Decorative Trays
patio findsMiddlewich Glassware Set // More Drinkware Sets patio findsJamboree 20-Piece Flatware Set // More Flatware Sets patio findsKelton Market Umbrella // More Patio Umbrellas
patio findsListon Wood Elevated Planter // More Planters patio finds110 Light Solar String Lights // More Solar String Lights patio findsDizzie Outdoor Stacking Patio Dining Chair // More Patio Dining Chairs
patio findsBelford Stacking Patio Dining Chair // More Patio Seating patio findsAditya Solid Wood Coffee Table // More Patio Tables patio findsEvry Solid Wood Coffee Table // More Patio Coffee Tables

I did find the items that I needed for updating our patio. Next week. I’ll show you the patio finds from Wayfair that I got and how I used these items in our patio seating area.

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patio finds
patio finds
patio finds

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  1. Oh, I envy you your patio. I know you will pull it all together beautifully. My yard is an unfinished house lot! Literally, even though I have been here ages. I would like a rear deck– necessitating replacing a 40 year old $98 glass sliding door with a lovely French door in the bedroom. And as the land is a downhill situation, it needs those cement posts to support the deck–a Federal project. And then, when am I gonna sit out there with the mosquitoes, ticks, and brown tail moth fuzz? I want that white plastic “fencing” stuff for railings and that composite decking so I will never have to replace it!