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Style a Late Summer Blue and White Tablescape

Are you ready to plan a small get together in late summer? This summer blue and white tablescape would be perfect.

Does summer have an early, a middle, and a late? This time of year until Labor Day seems like things slow down. I want a softer palette, a more relaxed and casual environment. That’s why I created a late summer blue and white tablescape.

Hazy, lazy days of summer to me evoke soft, simple colors, nothing too bright or bold. (We all know that I love bright and bold tablescapes!). A table that is understated with only the essentials. Soft textures and very little, if any pattern. So allow me to show you how I styled a late summer blue and white tablescape.

How to Style a Late Summer Blue and White Tablescape

This post contains links to products used in this project. If you should order any product from this site, I may receive compensation, but you do not pay one penny more.

Three colors spoke to me as I was thinking about this late summer tablescape.

  • Blue for its cool sensibility ~ for goodness sakes, we all need cool this time of year
  • White for its neutral, quiet vibe
  • Green for its natural, soft texture

Here’s what my late summer blue and white tablescape looks like. It says soft and quiet to me ~ just the vibe I was going for.

The Tablescape Foundation

So let’s back up and start at the beginning. The first thing I did was take one leaf out of the table to create a smaller, more intimate space. Even with no leaves, I can still easily seat 6 people. That would be the maximum number of people we would host right now.

Back in June, I went through all my fabric and grouped them according to color. I bought 4 large containers at Target to keep them dust~free. Now with 5 containers, I can more easily find a color/piece I need. As yet, I haven’t stored them away.

My first stop was my fabric collection.

BIG TIP: I’m big on using fabric remnants as tablecloths or toppers. It’s economical and you have so many choices. When I find a piece that I love, I will buy a couple of yards.

boxes of fabric

I didn’t want to go shopping for any table decor, except for flowers and food.  This soft light blue denim fabric was just the color I needed for my summer blue and white tablescape.

Yes, I did iron it first, but maybe the wrinkles were from being folded for so long. In order to have it cover as much as the table as possible, I turned it on the diagonal. I also didn’t hem it, but just left the selvages and the cut sides, which had frayed a bit, as is.

Choosing a Centerpiece

This pretty blue flower design platter was a wedding present which I used last week for my water can rescue restore project. I thought it would be perfect as part of my centerpiece. It’s the only pattern on my late summer blue and white tablescape.

TIP: Use platters, vases, pitchers, and trays that you already have for centerpieces.

On a trip to the grocery store, I talked to the florist about colors that would work for my color scheme.

I didn’t want to repeat the blue hydrangeas that I used for my painted flea market bowl project. Instead, lavender immediately came to mind. We have lavender in 3 galvanized pots in the backyard, but they are not looking their best right now in the heat. The florist suggested dried lavender.

The other flower that I loved for its soft blue color was this one in the thistle family. It has a wild, organic, natural look to it and I love the little blue thistles.

I knew that I wanted to place some white pitchers inside the platter, but I couldn’t decide whether to use three. . . .

or one . . .

or these 3 tall skinny ones from a flea market years ago.

TIP: Try different containers that you have on hand until you find the one or more that works best. Consider:

  • color
  • size
  • shape
  • material ~ ceramic, wood, metal, glass
  • texture

At first, I thought about mixing in eucalyptus, but on a return trip to the store, they are out. Back home, I remembered that we have a few very large wood ferns that have almost taken over one bed. They would work just fine, providing a soft, wispy texture. And they were free!

TIP: Mix textures of the same greenery for contrast and interest.

I ended up using this larger pitcher to fill up the platter. I laid 5 fronds of wood fern around the platter. Then I could start to set the table.

In keeping with the white and casual look, I used our everyday pottery, Manoir from Villeroy & Boch.

I found some reindeer grass from the Dollar Tree in my floral box and placed it around the white pitcher for more green and texture.

For my napkins, I planned to use soft linen ones. A few years ago I bought a dozen at a garage sale for $12 and they have been a great buy.

I wanted something soft and easy and organic to use as napkin rings. I found these 2 pieces of thin twine that came with wood slices. As it turned out, I only needed to use one. Another “freebie”.

packages and twine

I folded the napkins, cut off a handful of lavender, and tied it all together in a bow. I love the natural, simple look.

Nothing fancy, I just set the napkins on the stacked salad and dinner plate.

For silverware, I’m using the mother~of~pearl handled knife and fork from my mother~in~law. I have polished them so many times, but they still look a bit tarnished. If anyone has suggestions for getting them sparkling again, I’d love to know.

Easiest DIY Coasters

I like to use coasters for glasses. Adding dots with a blue Sharpie was just for fun.

Sweet Blue Treats for My Blue and White Tablescape

Can you think of blue food? The only thing that comes to mind is blueberries, which Sweet Shark loves to have for breakfast. They are so sweet and good for you.

Blueberry muffins are my favorite. These from our local Central Market are so moist and flavorful.

The glasses are an all~purpose crystal from Sweet Shark’s mom. We have no idea what the brand or pattern is. Anyone?

The table came together nicely. I didn’t go overboard because it is late summer and hazy, lazy is the order of the day.

My vision would be to have a few neighbors over for a light brunch. These are people I see on walks and I know that they have been social distancing as much as we have for 4 months. All I have to do is add more fresh fruit, a quiche, and a flavored sweet iced tea.

Since we walk by the dining room every day, it’s so nice to glance in and see the table set again.

This tablescape has a nice, soft look that is easy on the eyes. I even get a whiff of lavender as I walk by. This blue and white summer  tablescape is going to stay for awhile ~ except for the blueberries and muffins. Those I guarantee will be eaten.


  • A tablescape can be simple, soft, and inexpensive.
  • Use items that you already have.
  • Mix the formal and casual.
  • Use foliage from your yard.
  • In these stressful days, go casual and relaxed.

Would you like to see another blue and white tablescape? I love this one too.



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  1. Ahhh I just love blue and white! I too keep remnants of fabric and use for tablecloths! It is seriously the best idea. I love the lavender tucked in the napkins. Really pretty and very calming Tablescape. Thanks so much for linking up to my Centerpiece Wednesday linky party!

  2. Carol,
    Your tablescape looks so fresh and lovely for late summer! I love the soft blue of your tablecloth and I love your creamy Villeroy and Boch dishes. My very first set (Botanica) happened because of visiting a seconds showroom with my exchange student mother in 1981 somewhere around Koblenz on the Rhein River there in Germany. We went there specifically because I fell inlove with her set of Botanica. I carried those s/p and cream and sugar home with me on the plane and later found a set of 47 pieces (a few had broken in transit) at an Ethan Allen after we married. Still my most favorite and our daily dishes!

    Enjoy your lovely tablesetting,
    Barb 🙂

    1. Barabara, that’s an awesome story and what a great memory. Right when Sweet Shark got engaged Villaroy and Boch store opened right across the street from his office building. It was a beautiful store and I couldn’t resist their gorgeous dish ware. Unfortunately , the store closed several years ago.

  3. This a beautiful crisp setting that’s perfect for summer, It gives off a cool and calming vibe needed on hot summer days. Love, love, love the napkins tied with the small bunches of lavender, so pretty!! The thistles look so good in your beautiful pitcher.

  4. Perfect for the lazy hazy days of summer Carol! I love the simplicity of the napkins tied with lavender and twine and soothing white dinnerware on your blue fabric tablecloth. Your thistle flower’s common name is Sea Holly, much easier to remember. 🙂 As always it’s a treat to blog hop with you! Enjoy the last days of summer. ♥

    1. Mary, thank you for the name. I’ll tell the florist. I’m not always good at flower names. I loved the napkins too. They are still on my table. And giving off a lovely scent.

  5. Carol, I love how you added the lavender to your napkins!! Such a beautiful touch! Your goblets are gorgeous and I love the idea of the doily underneath! This is just all so pretty!!! And those muffins!! Yum! Wish I could come over!

    1. Kristin, isn’t lavender the best? We’re still enjoying the scent and the tablescape as we walk by the dining room. Thanks so much for your feedback.

  6. Carol, I love that you always share your details with us. You set a beautiful late summer tablescape that has a light and airy feel. I love napkins with sprigs of lavender, their smell does not overpower but adds a lovely scent to the table. Blueberry muffins look delicious and your menu for a girlfriends lunch is perfect. It is always a pleasure to blog hop with you!

  7. Oh this is so soft, serene and blue-ti-ful Carol! Lavender and thistle are two favorites of mine, combined with white dishes and I am swooning! Truly lovely!

    Clear plastic totes for fabric…now why didn’t I think of that? I am always digging through my fabric totes looking for a particular color and more often than not I can’t find it easily. I will be switching to clear from now on!

    It was fun hopping with you this week. Have a beautiful rest of summer!

  8. Carol, it’s beautiful! I love that you could add pieces from your garden to your lovely tablescape. The colors are so pretty, I love white pitchers ( I have two like yours!) and thinking about the fragrance left behind on the napkins is pure bliss. You know I’m a big fan of your…well…everything ( wink) It’s a pleasure to be on the hop with you. Pinned xo

  9. Just gorgeous as usual! Really enjoyed looking at your pictures. I buy pieces of material when thrifting and enjoy making tablecloths for my booth. I have also cut the tops off shower curtains and drapes; perfect for a smaller rectangle table or as a topper! And THEN, there is only 1 raw edge to hem! Energy conservation–mine!

  10. Carol, your table is charming. Adding the lavender to each napkin is a lovely idea. Fabric is always great for tablecloth, curtains, etc. Looks like a great way to keep your fabric organized. The blue and white is classic. I am sure any guest would be thrilled to be a guest at your lovely table. The muffins look so tasty. A pleasure joining you on this blog hop.

  11. Carol, what a beautiful table to end the busy summer. Blue and white reminds me so much of enjoying the blue sky and puffy white clouds during a sunny summer afternoon. So peaceful and tranquil. I love the delicate use of flowers and your gorgeous country white pitcher. So perfect to convey some quiet moments and simple living among rolling hills and farmland. And blueberry muffins add a crowning touch to a morning breakfast or any meal at your serene table. So charming and sweet.

  12. Oh Carol, you have set such an elegant and yet simple table. The classic white dishes, pearl handled flatware and especially the simple white napkins with the sweet lavender bouquets tucked onto each one set the scene for your late summer tablescape. Thanks you so much Carol, for joining in another hop and sharing your table styling talents with us!

  13. Carol, I love how you use fabric remnants as table coverings and/or to make your own napkins. I should have gone to the fabric store for my tropical tablescape to solve the glare problem of setting on a glass table. And, I surely would have found orange fabric to make my own napkins to match the birds of paradise. Just ran out of time. So, you’ve motivated me to head out this week and look for fabric next summer’s tropical table. I’d forgotten how we used fabric remnants as an economic way to decorate tables for fundraising galas and prom when I use to chair such events. Such a great, inexpensive way to incorporate a theme. To the store I go!

  14. My favorite part of summer is experiencing the end as we approach fall. Your table sets a good mood for late summer with the soft blue and white. Blueberries are the only blue food I can think of too and your muffins look scrumptious. LOVE the Lavender touches, especially the napkins tied with twine, so soft and gentle. A ladies brunch is the perfect event for your pretty table.

  15. I love the soft vibe you’ve created, it’s very relaxing. Also, lavender pairs so well with your creation. Over the years I’ve collected lots of fabric to use as overlays and thanks for the idea on how to store them. Enjoy the rest of the summer!!

  16. Carol, your table appeals to me on so many levels, it’s really soothing. I love lavender (in any form – growing, cut, dried, fresh, doesn’t matter), and thistle’s shape and color has always attracted me (but not growing in the landscape, ouch!). You’ve put a beautiful and economic twist on your table, as you consistently do, and it really looks high class. Not sure of answers to your questions on the stem and flatware, but it sure is pretty.

  17. 1. Love the soft blue color cloth on the diagonal!
    2. Love your soft airy table. I can smell the lavender and it is nice.
    3. Love your step by step pictures and commentary.
    4. Love you used a wedding present on your table. It was the perfect shape and color pattern.
    5. Love the organic touch to your napkins with the lavender and twine.
    6.Love the thistles and airy greenery.
    7. Love the tempting blueberry muffins.
    Wishing you a lazy hazy day!

  18. So lovely and serene Carol! Perfect for these hot August days when so many of us are looking for a spot to retreat from the heat! Your pitcher of thistle type buds is beautiful sitting in the shallow bowl surrounded by garden fern fronds, and the lavender tied linen napkins are the perfect touch at each place…delightful!

  19. You are so talented, Carol! I love your tablescape and poured over every beautiful picture. Using fabric to get the look of a tablecloth is such a great idea and a way to save money when setting a table. I love your mother of pearl flatware and how you added lavender to each napkin. Your table is so pretty and it would be perfect for entertaining girlfriends for a morning brunch.