How to Use Pretty Pastels in a Spring Tablescape

Do you ever repeat yourself? After I created this year’s spring kitchen, I realized how many elements I reused from last year’s tablescape. I have to show you how to use pretty pastels in a spring tablescape.

I love items that can be used in different ways. Many of my dishes are so versatile that they can be used in both kitchen decor and as pretty pastels in a spring tablescape.

You may know that I love the warmer months and I love using pretty pastels, especially pink and aqua, in my home. I couldn’t be happier to sit at a pretty table with bright pastels, garden flowers, good friends, and great food.

So if you would like to see how to use pretty pastels in a spring tablescape, then stick around. Take notes. PIN this creation for your own inspiration this year or the next time you need ideas for a party table.

How to Use Pretty Pastels in a Spring Tablescape

If you saw how I freshened up my kitchen for spring, you will recognize many of the items on this spring tablescape.

For me, spring tablescapes call for pastels in pink, aqua, yellow and green, or any variation of those colors from bright to soft and pale. Whether the colors are in dishes, napkins, placemats or tablecloths, or flowers, there is no storage of hues to choose from.

For this spring tablescape, I had some fairly new dishes in aqua that I wanted to mix with pastel dishes that I already had.

Inspiration for Using Pretty Pastels

On a shopping trip at my nearest Home Goods (I was also looking for pillows.), I found the foundation for my pastel spring tablescape.

I couldn’t resist this pretty linen tablecloth in aqua. It definitely needs a good ironing.

aqua tablecloth

Then I found dishes in the softest butter yellow.

And, next, a pale pink pedestal bowl was another find I couldn’t resist. I thought it would be perfect as a centerpiece filled with flowers.

When I returned home, I laid out the tablecloth and brought all the dishes that I thought I might use in my spring tablescape. In addition to the new yellow plates, I set out my aqua plates and white dinner plates to use as chargers.

I love the pastel ice cream bowls that I’ve had for quite some time. I wasn’t sure about how to use the little ceramic glasses, but I find it’s easier to start with too much and then cull out what you don’t need.

TIP: Bring out all the items that you think you might use in a tablescape or vignette. It’s easier to take away as you start designing.

pastel dishes

Pastel Flower Centerpiece

I  stopped at my local grocery store for flowers and chose a variety of pastels. I wanted a centerpiece that looked like I had just stepped out in the garden and cut flowers to bring inside.

We’re pretending, friends; our spring flowers are not quite ready for cutting. I’ll still be buying spring flowers for several more weeks.

I bought blue hydrangeas (as close to aqua as I could get) and roses in two shades of pink and one shade of yellow. I grabbed some white stock for height and contrast.

spring flowers

I’ve shared tips for preparing flowers and flower arranging that you might want to check out. I cut off the ends of the stems and placed them in a big pitcher of cool water. At the same time, I soak a piece of florist foam in a styrofoam tub of water to soak up water.

TIP: I have found that the easiest way to cut florist foam is with a serrated bread knife. Cuts like butter.

florist foam

After a little finagling, I had the foam set in the pink compote bowl and I was ready to add my flowers.

florist foam in pink bowl

I realized that I needed more flowers so I made a quick trip back to the grocery store for a bunch of tulips.

TIP: My favorite florist told me to give the tulip “an injury”. I had never heard of this before. She showed me how to put a scratch in the tulips just below the bloom and this will make the tulip stand up. You learn something new every day.

pink tulip

I still had a pot of daffodils outside that kept falling over so I decided to use them in my arrangement.

TIP: The stems of daffodils are almost impossible to push into the florist foam. Use a wooden skewer. Cut off the skewer to the length you need and push it into the hollow stem. The daffodils won’t go into the foam so they don’t last as long as the other flowers.

flower shears

Setting the Pastel Spring Table

While my flowers were resting and soaking up the water, I gave the tablecloth a good ironing and placed it back on the table.

I began laying out the dishes, starting with the white plates as chargers, then alternating the salad plates and adding the bowls in contrasting colors.

To start a spring lunch menu, I would use the bowls to serve a chilled soup, such as puréed pea or asparagus soup.

Then I added our sterling silverware in Buttercup.

spring plate setting
pastel yellow and green cups

Next came my antique mall Fiesta glasses which are in perfect shades of pastels. Finding those glasses and the pitcher that came with them is one of my all-time favorite finds. They have been used for so many parties and Sweet Shark and I use them as margarita glasses.

Each glass sat on a round paper doily.

pink napkin in Fiesta glass

I already had on hand about a dozen napkins in bright pastels that would be a perfect complement. (Thanks to Sweet Shark who found my box of spring napkins and placemats under our bed. I was freaking out after I looked everywhere and couldn’t find them. He’s my hero.)

With a simple fold, I placed my bright pastel napkins inside the glass, again contrasting the napkin color with the plate and bowl color.

spring tablescape

Fortunately, I had serving pieces on hand that I knew would be lovely in this pastel tablescape.

This pink and white pitcher from Home Goods is one of my favorites. I recently found a recipe for a citrus lemonade that I think will be delicious served in the pitcher.

pink and white pitcher

This cake plate with its pretty pale blue rim is from the Queen of Hearts Antique Mall in Atlanta.

The sweet little sauceboat with its own little spoon was a flea market find here in Dallas. I think it would be perfect for a lovely sauce for some mini cakes on the cake stand.

cake stand and dish

The Pastel Garden – Flower Centerpiece

Here it is – the crowning centerpiece of the table.

spring flowers in pink bowl

After setting it on the table, I decided the vase needed something under it and added a pastel green round placemat. I have several of these placemats in a variety of colors. Much better.

spring flower arrangement

We have been collecting oyster plates recently and I thought this pretty pink flowered one would be ideal for nuts and candies. (A little early Easter sweet.)

candy dish

That addition completed how I used pretty pastels in my spring tablescape. Enjoy the view.

pink and white pitcher
spring tablescape

Resources for My Pastel Tablescape

*Aqua tablecloth: Home Goods
Aqua, *yellow plates and *pink pedestal bowl: Home Goods
Pastel bowls: Pottery Barn
Pink and white pitcher: Home Goods
Green placemat: Pier 1
Pastel napkins: Crate and Barrel
Fiesta glasses: antique mall


Now have fun and take a look at today’s spring pastel tablescape.

pin for later graphic in blue


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  1. I’m a huge fan of pastels so I love your pretty table. Your floral centerpiece is just gorgeous! Blessings, Cecilia @My Thrift Store Addiction

  2. Your flower arrangement literally took my breath AWAY! Love your tablescape and all your beautiful spring dishes!

    Happy day friend!

    1. KariAnne, Thanks so much for the sweet feedback. I was pretty proud of that one too. Feel free to use the post and pass it on. Hope you are doing well. Enjoying the new book. Hugs.

  3. Oh, this is such a lovely table, Carol! Everything about it speaks of the joy of Spring! The colors, that gorgeous floral centerpiece. But I must say that I love the use of your oyster plate to serve treats best. : ) xo Lidy

    1. Hey Lidy, I appreciate your comment and thank you for visiting Bluesky at Home. I thought of using the oyster plate at the last minute! Turned out to be a good idea.

  4. There is no doubt that your floral centerpiece really makes the entire table pop with beautiful color. It really pulls all of the table pieces together, including the strips in your pitcher and glasses. I love how you used more intense colored napkins in your glasses. It really enhances the brightly colored floral centerpiece. So sweet.

  5. Carol, this is wonderful and perfect for spring. I love all of your pastels, especially that sweet little pink oyster dish. And great tip to add daffodils to the foam – they are my favorite flowers and I don’t use them nearly enough! (I see some bulb planting in my future …)

  6. ok, I confess, your post is one of my favorites. I’m swooning over all your dishes. So beautiful! I’m also impressed with your centerpiece. Many people don’t realize how difficult it is to make such a beautiful display. Your table is exquisite and soft and earthy and I just love it.

  7. Such a beautiful and soft tablescape. Love your use of those soft buttery colors and your centerpiece is just wonderful. Thanks for the tip on using skewers, I sometimes am able to find straws that are wide enough to help with tulip stems but not always. So that’s a great tip!

  8. Carol, what a beautiful pastel Tablescape. I love your floral centerpiece, it is stunning! The pedestal bowl and pink striped pitcher are great finds to complete the spring look!

  9. Carol,
    Indeed, your beautiful floral centerpiece is print magazine worthy. Traditional Home, Martha Stewart… are you reading Carol’s post? My professional florist sister would be so pleased to see you are savvy enough with flower arranging to have your florist foam taller than your container. Stunning job! Pinned.


  10. Carol, what a beautiful centerpiece. Using the pastels screams spring to me. A lovely spring table to welcome our beloved season of the year. Great tips with the floral tutorial.

  11. Yep Carol, you and I can never go shopping together!!! We would be fighting over the same items!! That photo you have of all of your pastel dishes piled up waiting to be used is a dish hoarders dream!! Your centerpiece is gorgeous – I have issues with arranging flowers – just not good at it – you have mastered the art. Happy Spring!!

  12. Carol, your centrepiece is stunning. It definitely looks fresh picked from the garden! Great tip for the daffodils too! I really love all the colors you have chosen, as they are favorites for me. Especially love the pink and white striped pitcher. We don’t have Home Goods here, but often I can find the same things at Home Sense, so I will be keeping an eye out!

  13. Oh Carol, how I envy your flower arranging. Mine never looks so professional …so I will practice your tips. I also love your pink and white pitcher…so pretty. Lovely table and again, I must say that I really enjoy blog hopping with you as I learn so much.

  14. Love your tablescape, Carol! The centerpiece is exactly like stepping into a flower-filled Spring garden – considering it is snowing here today, that was a welcome sight! As an amateur tablescape-r, your tips are invaluable to me – and I can relate on so many levels to not being able to find things!

  15. Your flower arrangement is just gorgeous and thank you for the tips! I love the sweet pastels and how you’ve mixed the colors and the napkins. The pitcher is adorble and the pink stripes are a cute pop of pattern! Just lovely Carol! Happy Hopping!

  16. Carol, your floral arrangement is the crowning touch of your pretty tablescape. I love the natural look as if you just picked it from your garden! The daffodils really made it sing and look extraordinary. The placemat underneath did make it pop even more.
    I love your pastel china over your aqua tablecloth and your Buttercup pattern that I also have. Your table is so happy and inviting. Love your oyster plate full of tempting candy and all your elements with pastel accents. Great table,
    Happy Spring!

  17. Your floral arrangement is swoon-worthy Carol and perfect for a pastel spring table! Your oyster plate is perfect for serving up sweet treats. ♥

  18. Good Morning Carol and happy Spring! Lovely to see your pastel tablescape and this flower arrangement is positively gorgeous. Love all of the details and the use of the oyster plate.

    1. thanks, Carole. We’ve bought our oyster plates in several different places and cities. The really old, good ones can be very expensive, so we have to search out the more reasonable ones that just look like the really valuable ones.

  19. Carol, what a well-thought out display of pastels on the table! Your logic and gathering of elements most definitely appeals to my own methods and the list maker in me. Your floral arrangement is stunning and looks magazine worthy. Your tips on the daffs and tulips will be handy – thank you. Love your repurpose of the oyster plate, and the Fiesta glassware couldn’t be more perfect. While your scene with the misplaced napkins & placemats might have some wondering about choices in organizing, I totally get your logic and have fallen into similar situations, thinking I’ve put something in a good place where I’ll remember it. It drives me crazy!
    Thanks for always being a great blogger willing to help others on these tablescape tours behind the scenes. Your company is appreciated!

    1. Rita C., you always have the most thoughtful feedback. I know not being able to find things drives me nuts. I think I’m being so organized and good about putting things in their “this makes sense place” and then later I can’t find it. Such a waste of time and mental energy looking for things, especially when you need them RIGHT NOW! It happened again yesterday. Thanks for all the sweet comments. Makes my day.

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