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Pretty Pink Patio Table Setting for a Summer Breakfast

Last week we crossed over into official summertime. The coolest time of the day is in the morning. The perfect time for a pretty pink patio table setting for a summer breakfast.

It’s so hot during the middle of the day in our backyard that the best time for outdoor dining is either early morning or in the evening. Last year, I set this pretty pink patio table setting in the shade. I thought it would be nice to share it again ~ a tablescape to use before the sun blasts the backyard.

I love dining outdoors anytime ~ if I’m in the shade. There is something about eating outside that makes food taste better. We have dined on beaches, on docks, on outdoor patios, on sidewalk cafes. It just adds to the ambiance of the experience.

I have a scenario for this pink patio table setting that I think you will love.

Summer Breakfast with a Pretty Pink Patio Table Setting

It’s always fun to challenge yourself to create new pretty settings for your home, whether inside or out. Is pink one of your favorite colors? If so, don’t you think it’s perfect for a summer morning patio table setting?

For inspiration, I went to Pinterest and found this pretty pink patio table setting from Karen of Sanctuary Home Decor. Her inspiration was the beautiful peonies from her garden.

table setting pink peonies in glass bottles

Karen set her pretty table under her covered patio which did provide shade. Here is what she included:

  • glass bottles filled with pretty pink flowers ~ I can do that.
  • placemats and cloth napkins ~ also doable
  • white and pink dishes ~ I do have to find those
  • pretty glasses with gold trim ~ I do have pink glasses

Alas, our peony had great foliage, but not a single bloom last year or this year. I think we are going to have to figure out why it’s not blooming. I would have to find another flower. Fortunately, I had plenty of bottles.

My Pretty Pink Dining Scenario

Even if a tablescape is done just for fun, I like to have a “pretend” event in my head.

Everyone in my neighborhood walks. Some with dogs and some without. For this pink table setting, I envisioned having a few neighbors over for an “after~walk” early morning breakfast.

(We would all still be in our walking gear and be hot and sweaty.)

This gathering would be a very casual light breakfast on our patio.

Before Setting The Pink Table

A couple of things had to happen before I could start designing this summer table:

  • find pretty pink flowers
  • get out my glass bottles for the flowers
  • buy pink dishes and napkins
  • move our patio table and umbrella
  • gather my placemats, silverware, and glassware

So, let’s get started.

Pink Dishes, Napkins, and Flowers

Target is only three minutes from our house (Are you jealous?) so that was my first destination for finding pink dishes and napkins. Since my table setting would be very casual, I wanted paper products. I found pretty pink ones.

As I was walking to check out, I passed a display of flowers. Did you know that Target has fresh flowers? It was my lucky day.

A beautiful bouquet of white roses with pink tips would be just right for my pink table setting. This saved me a trip to the grocery store for flowers.

When setting a table for outdoors, I think it helps to gather all your tablescape ingredients on your breakfast room table. This makes it easier to transport all your table pieces outside.

I’ll tell you about each item as I show you how I set the table.

pink roses in bottles, pnk check tablecloth, pink plates, silverware, pink napkins

Moving The Patio Table

I set this pretty pink table setting on the patio before we started the remodel of our new patio items. We were in the process of designing and choosing contractors for some major updates to our backyard.

One simple change I’ve wanted to make is to move our patio table and umbrella from the middle of the patio over to the fence overlooking our greenbelt.

Sounds easy, uh? Except last year at the end of May, Sweet Shark fell from our attic ladder and broke his right wrist. His arm was in a cast and he was not supposed to lift anything.

I finally hired someone to come over and move several things inside and outside our home. So the table and umbrella were moved. I can’t believe what a difference this made.

Here is where the table is now.

Moving the table from the center of the patio really opened up so much space.

Part of our plan was to cover all the hardscape in turf and built a new patio and cover.

Here is how our backyard looks after the makeover.

dog on grass

Our flowers are looking so pretty right now ~ we are watering twice a day ~ that I wanted to share them with my friends.

Our Mandeville, angelonia, periwinkles, petunias, and impatiens add more pink to the gathering.

I had to get a few pictures of Nola. She loves the backyard. We hope to teach her to get in and out of the pool soon.

P.S. A year later she is still not comfortable in the pool, but she will stand on the top step.

Setting The Pink Table

As soon as the table was moved (about 9:00 on a Saturday morning), I started bringing out the ingredients. You will be able to see the changing sun and shadows as the morning progressed.

First was my pink and white buffalo check “tablecloth”. This is actually two yards of fabric that I bought at Spoonflower a few years ago. I have been waiting to use it for something special.

NOTE: Don’t overlook using fabric as a tablecloth. You will often find more options. Look for 54~inch wide fabric and buy 2 ~ 3 yards.

The first item I added was the pink~tipped roses. I had trimmed them and removed any wilting petals before adding two roses to each of my six Kombucha bottles. I love these bottles, but any type of pretty bottle will do.

pink and white table cloth with pink roses in bottles
pink check tablecloth with pink roses in glass bottles

For a frilly, girly look, I used these cut lace placemats. I bought them at an estate sale several years ago. 12 for $12. Here are some similar ones.

pink and white table cloth with white placemat

Next came my white World Market plates. On top, I set the pink paper plates. Believe me, there are so many pretty pink plates to choose from.

pink roses in bottles on pink table setting
pink check tablecloth with pink roses in glass bottles and pink plates

I gave the matching pink napkins a simple fold. A silver spoon would be all we needed for our breakfast.

pink roses in bottles on pink table setting

I knew that I would use my pink cut~glass sherbet glasses. I bought them at one of our local antique malls years ago.

pink roses in bottles on pink table setting

For our beverage, I added champagne glasses. We keep the glasses in our garage freezer. They were ice cold until I brought them outside. I used paper doilies as little place cards.

pink roses in bottles on pink table setting

We knew we would want lots of cold water. I used my favorite pink and white stripe pitcher from Home Goods, but try this similar one. The cut glass water glasses belonged to Sweet Shark’s mother.

pink roses in bottles on pink table setting


Now for our light breakfast.

I would serve Greek yogurt topped with fresh chopped strawberries and blueberries in the pink sherbet glasses. A mini~scone would complete our little morning bite.

I would fill the sherbet glasses with yogurt and fruit before leaving for our morning walk. They would stay cold in the refrigerator. The same thing for the pitcher of ice water.

bowl with yogurt and strawberries and blueberries

This is a special little after~morning~walk party. Mimosas for toasting to good neighbors and friends would add a festive touch ~ and be healthy.

pink roses in bottles on pink table setting

TIP: Don’t bring out the glasses and champagne until the last minute when you are ready to serve.

pink table with bowl with yogurt and strawberries and blueberries

It took me about 30 minutes to assemble the table. I had to make several trips to bring out all the pieces from our breakfast table and the refrigerator.

Shopping to Create a Pretty Pink Table

pink roses in bottles on pink table setting

Would you come to an after~morning~walk party with a pretty pink patio table setting?

If you would like to save this pink patio table setting idea, please PIN this post!

pin for later graphic in blue
pretty pink patio tablesetting

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  1. This is one of my favorite posts from your blog!!! It shares the best ideas for a breakfast in pink by the pool. Your flowers are beautiful and your tablescape is elegant yet simple. The lace place mats are a great find and the glass accessories are perfect. This will encourage me to use my dining finds and gifts more. Thank you for sharing nature’s beauty.

  2. The morning walk party with the light breakfast afterwards sounds lovely! And your pretty pink table is the perfect setting!

    Niky @ The House on Silverado

  3. Of course I’d come over after a good 2 – 3 mile walk! Breakfast looks lovely out by the pool and you’ve used my favorite color: pink!! Happily shared a bunch of photos for you. <3 I love the paper plates with the pink and white striped water pitcher… Really a beautiful setting here in your backyard!!!

    Enjoy more dining out by the pool,
    Barb 🙂

  4. What fun to host breakfast after a morning walk with friends. I love your pink gingham tablecloth and those gorgeous placemats. Using doilies as place cards is a super idea! I know your friends enjoyed this!

  5. Carol, it’s such a brilliant idea to think of the occasion when putting together your tablescape. The end result is absolutely beautiful! I love the pink and feminine theme, from that great piece of fabric from Spoonflower to the gorgeous lace placemats. Sorry to hear about Sweet Shark’s accident, but I’m glad you were able to find friends to help you move things around. Pinned!

  6. It’s a good thing Maine is so far from Texas; I’d show up on your doorstep! I love pink; your tablescape is so pretty!

  7. Carol, what a lovely place to dine outdoors poolside! The pink theme is so feminine and pretty! I enjoyed your little scenario about breakfast after walking with the dogs… maybe a dip in the pool could happen too 😉

  8. Your patio is just as pretty in pink with all the flowers as your tablescape and what a beautiful spot for brunch. I would love to sit here and sip a mimosa or two and admire all the little details of each place setting! Pinning!

  9. Oh my gosh Carol, this table in all its glorious pink is so perfectly summer and girly! I’d love to be one of your early morning guests for breakfast after a walk (with my dog). I can see all the dogs running around your pool now. Some drinking it and some standing on the steps cooling off. What a fun idea. Hope you do it one day. And set the table exactly the way you have it now. Love it! Thanks for joining in. I know you were busy celebrating so it means a lot you’d take the time. Pinned

  10. Your pink patio table is so pretty Carol. I love the pink-tipped roses and they look incredible in the glass bottles. Using cut lace placemats for your table is perfect, they are such a special touch. And yes, I am completely jealous that Target is only 3 minutes from your house!

  11. Love your pretty in pink breakfast party table, Carol. And you have the most beautiful setting for it, too. Your flowers and plants are gorgeous. I do think that everyone will want to take a dip in the pool after;)

  12. HI Carol, I love the pink. The location of the table is so cozy-great job. Hope Sweet Shark is on the mend. It’s fun to see other angles of your backyard and pool. Very cozy! Love it! laura