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How to Decorate a Fall Table with Leaves

Fall is calling and time to think about fall home decor and entertaining. Do you get nervous when it comes to setting a pretty table for a new season? Afraid you can’t come up with an idea that your guests will enjoy? I have a great idea for your fall table. Here’s how to decorate a fall table with leaves.

Some items are so symbolic of a season. For fall, it’s pumpkins, gourds, hay bales, and leaves. When the leaves fall from the trees, we know that autumn and cooler weather are on their way.

Where did the idea for a fall table with leaves as the main design element come from?

  • I found the cutest set of bread and butter plates in Boone, North Carolina. Two had leaves on them.
  • A Makers’ Studio released a new stencil with different leaf designs.
  • When we brought out our fall decorations, I unpacked a container with a ton of faux leaf garland.
  • I found a package of leaves that I used for my fabric-covered fabric pumpkins.
  • I remembered my Dollar Tree leaf motif wine glasses.

The design fairies were telling me to use leaves for the first tablescape of the fall. I couldn’t say no. This fall table from last year brings memories of early fall. Why not share it again for your inspiration?

This week is perfect timing for me. Friday night we are having one of our favorite couples over for dinner. We didn’t see them over the summer, so this casual dinner will be a great time to catch up.

Autumn Leaves Centerpiece for a Fall Tablescape

Before I began designing my tablescape, I first arranged my centerpiece.

TIP: It’s easier if you start from the center and work your way out.

For a combination of fresh flowers and faux leaves, I stopped at Trader Joe’s. I bought a combination of sunflowers, salvia, eucalyptus, and something I don’t the name of but it had the right color and look.

I had a round brass container that would be perfect for a fall tablescape. First, I placed a round glass vase inside to hold the flowers.

I added all the flowers first. Then I added several pieces of faux leaves between the glass vase and the side of the brass container, letting them drape down.

On my dining room table, I placed a round gold platter and then the fall flower and leaf centerpiece.

fall centerpiece with flowers and leaves

Would you like to see a video of how I made this fall centerpiece using fresh flowers and faux leaves? Here’s an Idea Pin I made of the process.

Planning the Fall Tablescape with Leaves

As I mentioned earlier, I started planning this tablescape in my head a few weeks ago. Here were my “ingredients”.

I made my fall leaf napkin rings. The leaves were a Dollar Tree purchase last year that I never used. I found them in my fall decorative supplies box and added them to one of my fabric-covered pumpkins.

All I needed was a hole punch, scissors, and twine. It was easy to tie the twine around my linen napkins, an estate sale buy.

I found a set of very shallow bowls at the Resale Store several weeks ago – $4.00 for 4. I was waiting for the right time to use them. When I saw the leaf stencil from A Makers’ Studio, I knew it was the right time to use the bowls.

Now, as is my habit, I was ready to gather all my “ingredients” before I begin to arrange my tablescapes.

ingredients for fall table with leaves

My place setting consisted of:

Next came:

  • the bread and butter plates – these are the melamine ones I found at the Mast Mercantile in Boone, NC. The brand is called 100 and 80 degrees. They have the cutest plates of different sizes with a variety of motifs
  • the white silverware
  • the white napkins tied with the leaf napkin rings
  • the leaf wine glasses

Would you like to see how I made these custom plates with a leaf design? Be my guest.

orange leaf on fall plate

That’s how simple it was to create this fall table with leaves. The only thing I need to add are salt and pepper shakers.

I still wasn’t quite through with my leaf design for my fall table. After we had quite the rain storm on Sunday, Sweet Shark and I took Nola for a walk Monday morning. There were downed leaves and branches all over the neighborhood.

I gathered as many as I could.

fall leaves

How could I use more leaves in my fall tablescape?

How about as coasters for the wine glasses?

Finishing Off the Dining Room

I still wasn’t through with the leaf theme for the table.

Wouldn’t adding some faux leaf garland to my vassilier would be nice? I had plenty of fall faux stems to choose from.

Many of my blue chinoiserie adorned the shelves. I tucked in some stems on four of the shelves. Then I added four of my blue and copper-stemmed pumpkins.

We are lucky to have quite a collection of copper pieces. Copper is my favorite metallic to use in fall. It has a warmth and depth that is perfect for the season.

fall centerpiece with flowers and leaves

That’s how I decorated my fall table with leaves.

Want More Fall Tablescape Ideas?

Just in case you need more ideas for a fall table, here are some winners from years past.

fall tablescape design

I have some great Fall Pinterest Boards for more inspiration:

Ingredients for this Fall Table with Leaves

I hope that you will Pin this fall table with leaves idea to your Tablescape Boards.

pin for later graphic in blue
Table decorated with Fall Leaves
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  1. I love this! I’m featuring your post on Crafty Creators today. Thanks for sharing, & hope to see you there!

  2. Carol, I’m glad you followed the advice of the design fairies! Fall is all about the changing leaf colors and you’ve captured them on your table so charmingly. It’s such fun to combine new things with those you already own and create something new! Have a wonderful week!

  3. Carol, Your table is the perfect hint of the coming season of falling leaves. The leaves you used on your napkins are particularly lovey, but I have a soft spot for oak leaves. I found it so interesting that you have colorful leaves falling, as we don’t get any color here in Florida. The white backdrop of dishes and flatware is a nice contrast to the bright colors of your floral centerpiece! Happy September!

  4. Carol, You are so good with DIY projects and step-by-step tutorials.
    Your picture is fabulous.
    Happy September and hoping fall will come soon.

  5. Carol, like you I love to forage for plant life and use it in my decor. And, walks around the neighborhood can turn up some fun finds. Your table looks ready for an early fall dinner with company coming!
    Happy autumn,

  6. Love your fall leaf theme at your table Carol! What I really can’t take my eyes off of is your vassilier with the pretty mix of blue from your chinoiserie and pumpkins, paired with copper and bright orange leaves. As always, it’s a treat to join you at the table and hop with you. Happy September!

  7. The leaves are so pretty Carol. Trader Joes recently opened a store nearer to me and I was delighted. Love the DIY. Happy September.

  8. It is so nice to incorporate natural elements in a table setting and using leaves was a great idea. I liked the simplicity of the single leaf on a white background for you dessert plate. It allows the eye to rest and just enjoy all the elements. Adding leaves to your blue and white dish display ties everything together. Happy Fall

  9. Carol, I like to use real leaves on the table too. I have some scattered within a vignette on the side entry table now. Darling idea with the napkin tied with a leaf napkin ring. I’m saving that idea! Happy Fall!

  10. Carol, your leaf theme is perfect for fall. The plates from Boone are so cute. I love the centerpiece and the use of leaves for coasters is a great idea. Isn’t it fun to take a walk and come back with twigs and leaves that can continue your theme. It is always a treat to hop with you. Happy September!

  11. Carol, your table has a wonderful crisp,simple, elegance about it. I can see friends enjoying wonderful conversation around your welcoming table. I am a sucker for sunflowers, so I love your centerpiece! Plus I love the leaf napkin rings!! Happy Autumn🍂🍁🍂

  12. So bright and happy Carol, I love the Fall leaves theme! Your centerpiece is perfect and aren’t you clever to use real fallen leaves as coasters! Tying the napkins with a leaf is a simple and brilliant way to tie everything together~ and the texture mix really feels like Fall~lovely!

  13. Carol, your table is perfect for fall. Falling leaves indicate fall is coming. Your flowers are beautiful. Gotta love Trader Joe’s flowers. The napkins look fabulous with the leaves. Your vassilier looks so pretty decked out with your blue chinoiserie . I adore your blue adorned copper pumpkins. Always a pleasure joining you on these fun blog hops.

  14. The leaves compliment the blue chinoiserie in your dining room so prettily! The copper and blue pumpkins are super-cool, too. You have chosen a pretty theme, and you’ve used the leaves very creatively, especially the coaster idea. Your centerpiece is so stunning, and the gold container is perfect for a fall tablescape. I am inspired!

  15. Very nicely done. Carol! The leaves are definitely one of the first signs of fall, with cherry trees dropping theirs first, and many more following, especially with rain storms. The plates you found in Boone are really cute. Those soup bowls had me tricked for a minute, their dimensional quality was hard to see and I thought they were plates. At an angle, though, I could see the lip. Your guests will certainly enjoy the look you’ve put together for your dinner party, and the vassilier looks stunning with the complimentary blues and oranges. Thanks for joining the blog hop, and happy September!

  16. Carol, Trader Joe’s has the best florals–wish one was located closer to me! I love the way you used fall leaves around your table. Happy Autumn! Blessings, Cecilia @My Thrift Store Addiction

  17. Pretty table! The leaf plates are too cute and I am off to that site to check out options, (as if I need more plates!). Cute napkin ring!