Fabulous Fall Basket Styling Ideas

Do you love baskets? Baskets are one of our favorite home decor accessories. I hope you love them because I’m sharing some fabulous fall basket styling ideas.

I have to be careful when I shop or I would have a houseful of baskets. Although baskets can be found new in home decor and craft stores, I have found most of mine at estate sales, flea markets, garage sales, or antique malls.

I don’t care if they are old from an estate sale or new from HomeGoods or Hobby Lobby – although finding a vintage one gives you an extra special thrill. Then I can’t wait to come up with some fabulous fall basket styling ideas.

Like the best home decor accessories, baskets are so versatile. They come in every shape and size. They can be made of metal, wire, or wood.

With fall on the horizon, don’t you think it’s time to make a fabulous fall basket vignette?

Me, too.

Why Do We Love Baskets?

Let me count the ways.

  • Their versatility – can be used anywhere in our homes
  • Their practicality – for holding laundry, towels, throws, toys, magazines, jewelry, or anything
  • For home decor – yea! – my favorite
  • Can be used any time of year for any holiday or season
  • Affordability – price points to fit any budget
  • Accessibility – multiple stores, estate sales, garage sales, flea markets, online
  • So many different materials, styles, and sizes.

Fabulous Idea: Fall Basket Styling

I don’t know about you, but I love finding inspiration for my home decor. I find inspiration in magazines. Southern Home, Southern Living, HGTV, Cottage and Bungalows are some of my favorites.

Pinterest and Instagram, of course, are also sources of great inspiration.

I “fell over my basket” when I saw the inspiration for a basket vignette from Janelle of Janelle Trinette. Does this vignette say fall or what?

Since I had most of the “ingredients” for this vignette, I decided to duplicate it as best I could on the hearth in our living room.

Basket Inspiration Vignette Ingredients

Let’s look at the vignette in detail.

  • a wood background – I think it’s a door
  • a large round woven basket
  • large wood slices
  • wheat and feathers
  • a throw or piece of fabric
  • lots of white/neutral pumpkins

My Basket Style Ingredients

I was determined to use only items that I had on hand. I like to gather more things than I think I might use.

teak table leaf
  • I will use the large round woven basket that I found at the same time as the teak table. I paid $7.50 for it.
round woven basket
  • One large wood slice I bought at a local design store a few years ago.
  • Another round woven basket
  • Two small hay bales I saved from last year – don’t take the plastic off them.
  • Two burlap bags stuffed with paper
fall basket styling ingredients
  • I couldn’t find my wheat sheave bundle and I didn’t have any feathers. I did have plenty of faux fall foliage on hand.
faux foliage
  • A variety of neutral pumpkins
  • A tall wood candlestick – one of a pair I bought a few years ago at Tuesday morning.

With my ingredients gathered, I was ready to start my fall basket styling.

Styling the Fall Basket Vignette

Now let the fun begin. I’ll take you through the process of exactly how I styled this fall basket vignette.

Janelle suggested using a pillow, paper or fabric to stuff the basket and fill it. I used a pillow filler. This will give more height to your decor.

fall basket styling stuffed with pillow

Next, she used a piece of fabric to cover the stuffing. I had several to choose from. I chose this neutral piece. It also adds color and texture.

round woven basket with beige fabric

I chose three faux foliage stems in subtle shades of cream, tan, and dark yellow. It was easy to stuff them in the basket.

fall basket styling

At this point, I remembered my teak table leaf and leaned it against the glass doors of the fireplace. It provides a natural backdrop.

Next came pumpkins in natural colors. each pumpkin has a different texture.

fall basket styling

The one in the back is the yarn pumpkin I made last year. I love the twig pumpkin that I’ve had for years. The one in the front is from Joann.

fall basket styling

Now, I made another adjustment. I decided my fall basket styling needed more height.

Sweet Shark helped me carry my antique ship captain’s toolbox to the hearth. I bought it in Jefferson, Texas, 30 – 40 years ago. It’s held everything from VCRs (remember those?) and Legos to stuffed animals and blankets.

antique wood tool box

Much better.

fall basket styling

Now it was time to balance the basket with more fall items.

First, I placed the other round basket upside down on the toolbox. The wood slice went on top.

round slice and round woven tray

One more large pumpkin – one I made with twine last year.

white yarn pumpkin on wood slice

For more balance, I added one of my wood candlesticks topped with a plain brown paper~maiché pumpkin.

white yarn pumpkin on wood slice

In front of the toolbox, I tucked in the two hay bales, the two burlap bags, and a tumble of small white painted pumpkins. I love all the different textures.

hay bales, burlap bags, white pumpkins

Finally, I added one more DIY twine pumpkin.

fall basket styling

That concluded my idea for fall basket styling.

fall basket styling
fall basket styling

This fall basket styling vignette will add the first feeling of fall for the year. There is subtle fall color, lots of texture, and interesting pieces to see.

Favorite Fall Things to Decorate Your Home

If you don’t have enough fall accessories to get your home ready for the season, here are some favorites that I found. Any of these decorative items will add to your fall vignettes.

More Fall Decorating Ideas

Since fall comes every year, I have more fall decorating ideas for you.

fall decorating

Here are other places to get inspiration for fall decorating; my Pinterest Fall Home Decor Board and my Pinterest Fall DIY Projects.

Do you like this fall basket styling idea? Please PIN IT!

pin for later graphic in blue
fall vignette with a basket
signature with fall leaf

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  1. Carol,
    Your basket ideas look so stunning. So fun doing these together. Sorry for the late comment. I skipped a few by accident that first day.

  2. I really love your creativity here with the teak table piece as a back drop, and that antique toolbox to elevate the basket – so much gorgeous patina on that! Your DIY pumpkins are all so cute Carol, love it all!

  3. What a pretty vignette. So similar in style to the inspiration pic. I love how you shared how to put it all together, that really helps when we are trying to figure out such beautiful displays.

  4. Wow… you went ALL OUT, Carol! What a wonderful way to style your Pinterest Challenge basket! It’s lovely! Pinned!

  5. I love that old toolbox! What a great idea to use that. I love the all the variety in the pumpkins as well. Love these challenges and seeing what everyone comes up with!

  6. Carol, I love how you brought in the ship’s captain’s box to go with your basket vignette!! Everything looks so nice together. Beautiful!!!

    Enjoy your fall basket wherever you move it,
    Big hugs,
    Barb 🙂

  7. Beautiful fall basket vignette Carol! Wow the wood box makes a pretty platform and really completes the look1 Love your mix of pumpkins and the mini hay bales are a fun addition. 😊

  8. I love that you incorporated your teak table leaf in the background like her door. So clever! Your basket and vignette turned out so perfect and I love that we get to do these without spending money. Hubs thinks it’s awesome. Looks like your fall decor is coming along. I still have a bit to go. Thanks for joining in this month. Especially since you were out of town. Means a lot.

    1. I wouldn’t miss this one. Loved the vignette. When you know you have all the ingredients at home, it’s a done deal. Thanks for hosting, Cindy.

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