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New Fall Tablescape Inspiration from Color and Texture

What inspires your tablescapes? I love to get inspiration from color and texture for my fall tablescapes. Here is a new tablescape idea – a new fall tablescape inspiration from color and texture.

Imagining and creating tablescapes is one of the most fun things to do as someone who likes to entertain. Inspiration can come from any source. This fall tablescape was inspired by color and texture.

For my fall tablescape, I wasn’t ready to go all~out fall ~ it’s just way too early to unpack the fall decorations. Pumpkins are just not in the picture yet. I decided to go for the feel of fall through color and texture rather than be too literal about it.

New Fall Tablescape Inspiration from Color and Texture

This fall tablescape would be entirely new ~ new dishes, new glassware and silverware. I did have to start somewhere and that was with color.

My Fall Tablescape Inspiration Color

Aqua is one of my favorite colors, so I decided to use that as my jumping-off point.

For the fall tablescape, I decided to go with aqua’s deeper darker cousin and use turquoise as my foundation. I found a fabric in just the right color and texture at Joann to use as a tablecloth. 2 yards was all I needed ~ 50% off on sale.

TIP: Use fabric as a tablecloth. It’s inexpensive and the patterns and colors are limitless. I’ve done this many times. It’s an economical way to get just the right color and pattern that you want. I don’t even hem the raw edges.

fall table setting

My other turquoise inspiration was this large planter that I’ve had for a few years.

turquoise fabric

Shopping for My Fall Tablescape

I’m really lucky that in Dallas we have so many decorator shops to choose from. To get some inspiration for my fall tablescape, I scouted out some local stores.

TIP: I take pictures of items I think will work so I don’t forget what I liked or where I found them. Then I can go back and show the sales staff what I want.

When I stopped in at my closest Pier 1, I knew that I had found my perfect fall tablescape items. With help from the staff (I always tell the salespeople what I’m shopping for and why.), I collected different items, playing with different combinations of dishes, glassware, and napkins. I went back a few days later and collected all the items I liked.

Just FYI, this is not a sponsored post (Although I wish it were.) I just happened to find everything I liked and needed at one store.

NOTE: Unfortunately, the Pier 1 stores in my area have now all closed.

fall place setting in Pier 1

Now it was time to create my fall tablescape.

Creating my Fall Tablescape

The first thing  I did was iron the fabric to remove the creases.

Then I put the fabric on the table and set the beautiful beaded runner I found at Pier 1 on top. This one with hints of turquoise and orange was exactly the look I wanted ~ fallish colors, lots of texture and a flower motif. And it was just the right size for my table.

beaded fall runner

Finding the Right Flowers

I bought some sunflowers and other accent flowers at the grocery store for my turquoise planter. I used tape to create a grid for the arrangement. (Here is how to make a flower arrangement.)

Unfortunately, once I put the planter on the table, I realized it was much too big for the scale of the table. It covered up too much of the beautiful runner.

fall flower arrangement

On our mantle were the DIY sea glass bottles I painted a year ago. I tried them first with the sunflowers.

fall flower vase

I thought the sunflowers just weren’t the right color, so I changed them out to these orange flowers. They pick up the orange of the beaded runner and look so much better.

I think this is a type of orchid.

fall flower vase

Sometimes your original ideas don’t work, so you have to find another solution. In this case, the lighter scale and size of the sea glass bottles worked much better. And using the 2 bottles allowed the beautiful center beaded flower to show.

TIP: Don’t hesitate to change your mind when your first idea doesn’t work.

Designing the Place Settings

For dishes, I chose turquoise dinner plates and orange salad plates. These dishes, which come in several colors, look like pottery but are actually indestructible melamine.

I chose 4 textured, multicolored striped napkins which picked up the colors in the dishes and the beaded runner.

I placed the napkins on top of the salad plate.

For silverware, I went crazy for the copper-handled utensils. Since metallics are so popular, I thought the reflective warm nature of copper was a great contrast with the matte texture of the napkins, tablecloth and runner. I tied the silverware with a piece of burlap ribbon; that idea added more textural contrast ~ rustic with shine.

fall place setting

I thought the burlap ribbon needed a little embellishment, so I made these turquoise and copper flowers with my Cricut Explore Air. Just that little extra touch finished the place setting by repeating the turquoise and copper.

fall place setting

For glasses, I chose wine goblets also in copper. And then I just had to add this awesome copper pitcher.

fall table setting

To continue the fall theme, out came the Cricut to make some copper and rust-colored leaves. Cricut has released some gorgeous metallic paper for the season. I know that I’ll be using them often for fall decor.

You have to have a few munchies on the table. I brought home this rectangle platter and 3 small bowls and picked up some orange vegetables (bell pepper, cauliflower and carrots) at the grocery store. I made a few condiments for dipping (They were gone by dinner time.)

Food can add a natural, organic color to a fall tablescape so we should remember to use it.

veggies and dip

My fall tablescape is complete. What were the main elements of this fall tablescape?

  • The detail and texture of the beaded runner
  • The metallic reflections of the copper glasses, pitcher, and silverware
  • The deep, bright color of the turquoise tablecloth
  • The pattern and texture in the napkins and dishes
  • The texture and color of the flowers
fall table setting

I was very happy with the lightness of bottles and flowers and the open feeling of the table.

Nighttime Fall Tablescape

While shopping at Pier 1, I saw their collection of glimmer lights. This was a new product for me. Their glimmer lights are battery~operated (3 AA), come in different colors and best of all, you can buy a remote control that operates multiple strands of lights. I had to try them.

My New Fall Tablescape Inspiration from Color and Texture.
My New Fall Tablescape

A brass lantern caught my eye, too. Two strands of amber colored lights inside the lantern gave off a stunning effect. What a great focal point for nighttime dining.

lantern with sparkle lights

Sweet Shark, who loves lights and candles, thought this was the best feature of the entire fall tablescape. He told me to be sure to get more lights for the coming holidays. I plan to take him up on that suggestion.

This was one of my favorite tablescape endeavors. It’s rare that I start from scratch so it was fun to create a tablescape from the ground up. Except for the sea glass bottles, everything was new.

fall flower vase

I still love the colors and textures of this fall tablescape.

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Be sure to PIN for your fall inspiration.

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  1. Those beaded runners from Pier 1 are so beautiful, aren’t they? I feel like you are like me, you are tip toeing into fall. The blue is a great transition into the coming season! I will be sharing in my tablescape Facebook group!

  2. What a color explosion!!! Love it! Your table is stunning and fun with so many ideas, Carol. I pinned a ton to my boards. <3 I have to put blinders on when visiting any of the stores you mentioned above… Lol! Happy fall!!!

  3. Carol- your fall table setting is stunning! I love the colors you chose, so fresh and pretty, but still very “fall” feeling. I missed seeing you at Haven this summer but hope to go next summer!!
    All the best to you!

  4. I love your early fall table! It’s a perfect transition to the cooler months while still celebrating the warmer. I’m a big Pier 1 fan myself – I often use them as inspiration. Beautiful job!

  5. Stunning colour combo! You’ve picked up some gorgeous pieces from Pier 1 (yes, wouldn’t it be great to be sponsored by them!) and used them wonderfully! I especially like how you took us through the “process” of tablescaping. It is fun to hear how others do exactly the same thing I do with trying different items and sometimes even totally scrapping what we originally intended.

  6. This table is gorgeous Carol!! Your color palette is fresh and unique. It almost reminds me of the pretty colors found through out Mexico.
    The mix of textures and metals is also brilliant. The rose gold adds shimmer while the aqua blue makes everything stand out. But my favorite piece is that amazing beaded runner. Truly artistic .

    It is always great to visit you. Happy to be joining you on this bloghop.


  7. Oh, how beautiful. The blue tablecloth reminds me if a vibrant autumn sky, and the runner is gorgeous. I love the copper accents, and the napkins are a brilliant addition. The fairy lights are pure magic! You have captured the essence of early autumn. Love your table!

  8. That runner is beautiful and the colors are so right for fall. Taking pictures of items that you think will work is an excellent idea and one that I will use from now on. This is a great transitional table and copper works for me any time of the year. Thanks for the inspiration!

  9. Carol, Your table is beautiful! I have never had the nerve to spring for a whole NEW tablescape–and if I shop my own shelves, I think I have plenty aroiund here that doesn’t get used enough. Love your colors; we don’t see them as much in Maine; to me, they have a Southwestern vibe.

    1. Kathy, I didn’t think of the colors as Southwest, but you are exactly right. I usually “go shopping” at home, but it was fun to do it fresh.

  10. Living on the gulf coast of Florida, the turquoise and aqua stole my heart. Love the way you put your tablescape together much as a room designer would add layers to bring all the personalities together. Great job!

  11. I am loving the vibrant colours! The perfect transition from summer into fall. Really love the copper handled flatware. I am in need of a new set and really hope they have it here Canada!

    1. Maureen, you’re in Canada! Isn’t the Internet amazing? They were really pretty and not too expensive. I’m pretty sure they are on sale at Pier 1. Check their website.

  12. Carol, I have always loved the pop that comes from turquoise! Your table is just loaded with texture and color! The beaded runner is stunning and showcases every element. I love the copper accents, especially the flatware! Your Tablescape transitions from late summer to early fall perfectly. I continue to pray for Texas!

    1. Pam, thanks so much. I usually go with aqua, but the deep richness of turquoise just seemed right for this transitional time. I may use copper some more this season.

  13. It was such a joy to see your smiling face, not on the computer screen, but right there in real life at Haven!! Your transition into fall tablescape is perfect. I swoon over those beaded table runners every time I walk into Pier One. I did splurge on one, but I would love to have a whole collection! I know exactly what you mean about trying out different things for your tablescape, with your centerpiece being too large at first. I do love that large turquoise vase, though! The alstroemeria are the perfect color to carry through your fall color scheme. Thank you so much for being a part of the blog hop!

    1. Chloe, I’m glad you knew the name of those flowers! Thanks again for hosting the tablescape. Meeting blogger friends for the first time in person is such a wonderful thing. Next time we’ll be old Haven buddies. I’m going to think of another way to use that big vase. I think it needs a plant as part of room decor ~ coffee table maybe?

  14. Carol, great colors for your home and autumn. The runner is beautiful and your sea glass bottles were just the right touch with sprigs of alstroemeria. I agree the runner was too pretty to cover up.
    Copper touches are lovely. You are also right food on a table gives that organic real life touch.

  15. Carol, I am loving your fall table, so completely different with your chosen color, aqua. The runner is a gorgeous piece. Your whimsical touches are so fun and creative. Gotta love the pretty flowers you added. I love those fairy lights. I use them too. I hope you are safe and sound. A pleasure to join you in this fall tablescape.

  16. Oh my favorite color Carol! the turquoise marries so well with fall colors, and this is a perfect table for early fall, especially in your area where temps are still warm. The copper accessories are gorgeous as is the beaded runner! How much fun that you and Chloe met~

  17. So vibrant and perfect for transitioning from summer to fall! I love the copper accents and they provide the perfect contrast with the turquoise, especially with the beaded runner…what a beauty! I love all the many colors that alstroemeria is available in and it can’t be beat for the price and its long lasting blooms.

  18. Oh my! This is my favorite tablescape of the day. Thank you so much for sharing your creative work. I like that you let the beaded runner be the centerpiece and did not use placemats to compete. Wow, wow, wow.

  19. This is so pretty! The colors are just wonderful for staying true to your own home but incorporating fall. Pier 1 never disappoints!

  20. Carol, this is beautiful! So well put together, just like an outfit, and all the little accessories are what make it pop. Love the color scheme of the runner and napkins on the aqua base cloth (brilliant!). The alstroemeria (your ultimate flower choice) is perfect.
    So glad you & Chloe finally met. I’m not part of this blog hop, but I am certainly enjoying all the tables.
    Although based on family reports, I know you’re out of the main path of Harvey, but we continue to #PrayforTexas. I have a nephew and his family in Katy, and it’s more frightening with each passing hour.