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Outdoor Fall Tablescape with Harvest Colors

Are we officially in fall? I hope so because I have an outdoor fall tablescape with harvest colors to share with you.

Between now and Thanksgiving, everything is about creating a feeling of warmth and coziness.

Entertaining increases during the last few months of the year. How do you increase the pleasure of hosting friends and family during this time?

Setting a pretty, seasonal table is my choice. My first seasonal tablescape endeavor is an outdoor fall tablescape with harvest colors.


Today, I’m joining a group of tablescape wonder women. These ladies love creating beautiful table settings that will get any gathering off to a great start.

Our first fall season tablescape blog hop is hosted by the super organized and generous Rita C. of Panoply. I know you will get so many great ideas for your own upcoming tablescapes. Are you joining me from Sandra of Dinner at Eight? I’m so glad that you are here.

Let me share with you how I went about creating this fall tablescape.


I think before you start any project, you have a vision and a plan to carry it out. Here was my vision:

  • Even though it is still very warm here in Texas, I knew that I would set this tablescape outdoors in our newly renovated backyard. (I have yet to reveal the new backyard, but you will see some glimpses here.)
  • Use items that I already had. In fact, the only thing I bought were two bunches of sunflowers at Trader Joe’s adn four votice candles at Hobby Lobby.
  • I planned to use a set of dishes that I have ever used before in a tablescape. These dishes have the color and design that would be perfect for an early fall tablescape.
  • Focus on harvest colors: shades of green, golden yellow, burnt orange, a hint of soft blue, and metallic copper.
  • Nautral materials would also play a role: woven jute, metal, ceramic dishes and fabric.


I picked all these ingredients with fall colors and textures in mind. The day before I set the table, I gathered all the items I would need for the outdoor fall tablescape on our breakfast room table.

  • round woven placemats/chargers ~ I’ve had these for awhile. They have the rustic texture that speaks of fall.
Outdoor Fall Tablescape
  • here are the dinner and salad plates ~ Sweet Shark and I bought eight place settings, including bowls at Neiman’s not long after we married. Although I love the colors and patterns,I don’t use them often. I should. There are four different patterns and color combinations.
Outdoor Fall Tablescape
  • fall colored napkins in green, burnt orange and gold. Another item that I’ve had for years from Crate and Barrel.
Outdoor Fall Tablescape
  • my Dollar Tree wine glasses with the fall leaf motif would be the perfect complement to the dishes.
Outdoor Fall Tablescape
  • fall colored votive candles ~ I picked these up at Hobby Lobby. I will take the plastic wrappers off.
Outdoor Fall Tablescape


Sunflowers are iconic fall flowers. I wanted to use them to “garnish” each place setting. Small vintage pots provided the right size color and natural material.

I picked two green and two terra cotta pots. Since they have holes, I found votive candle holders to hold the flowers and filled them with water.

I cut four sunflowers to fit the holders and then stuffed Spanish moss around them.

Outdoor Fall Tablescape


With all my ingredients gathered, it’s time to set the outdoor tablescape.

When did I set the fall table? On Sunday morning, I started about 8:30 in the morning before the sun became too bright and harsh. At least it was slightly cooler and there was a slight breeze.

  • For the centerpiece, I brought in the perfect fall metallic ~ copper. I bought this copper pitcher at a local antique mall.
  • The hydrangeas are the last of this year’s crop. I finally cut about 6 blooms that had turned to the limelight colors. They are in water now, but soon I’ll allow them to dry for future use.
  • I added the placemats and dinner plates.

Here is a fall outdoor tablescape from a couple of years ago using the copper pitcher.

Outdoor Fall Tablescape

Here you can see some of the different designs on the dishes.

  • To save space, I folded the napkins and placed them on the dinner plates.

Here you have a peek of our new stone patio and synthetic grass.

  • Next came the salad plates.
Outdoor Fall Tablescape
  • The next addition to the fall place setting were the leaf wine glasses.
Outdoor Fall Tablescape
  • Now, I could add the sunflower pot to the plate stack.
Outdoor Fall Tablescape
  • The final element was silverware. I found these white~handled forks and knives in a picnic backpack. We have had it for years and it was in the back of a closet.
Outdoor Fall Tablescape

Was I done with this outdoor fall tablescape with harvest colors?

No. I realized I still have six more sunflowers that needed to be used. I added them to the hydrangea centerpiece.

Outdoor Fall Tablescape

By 9:30 in the morning, I was finished with the outdoor fall tablescape.

As it turned out, we invited my sister~and~brother~in~law to come over Sunday night for grilled hamburgers, baked beans, coleslaw, and ice cream.

In the evening, the sun started to go down and we turned on all our new outdoor lighting. Finally, I lit the candles.

I took more pictures before we sat down to dinner.

Outdoor Fall Tablescape

I love how the candlelight reflects in the copper pitcher.

Outdoor Fall Tablescape
Outdoor Fall Tablescape

Need some more fall tablescape ideas? Here are 5 of my favorite fall tablescapes.

I hope this outdoor fall tablescape inspires you and gives you ideas for your own table setting in the coming weeks.

Ready to PIN this new fall tablescape? Let’s do it. Then hop over to my friend from Canada, Maureen with Red Cottage Chronicles.

Outdoor Fall Tablescape
Outdoor Fall Tablescape
Outdoor Fall Tablescape
Outdoor Fall Tablescape

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  1. Carol, your table is perfect for fall!! I love the sunflowers tucked in with the hydrangeas and all of your plates and napkins just say Hello Fall! I featured your post at last week’s Share Your Style #318 for you but I failed to get back over to let you know. Hope all is well with you.

    Happy fall hugs to you,
    Barb 🙂

  2. Carol, I love everything about your sunflower table! Those dishes are perfect for the season, but I could also see how they would work for other seasons as well! I love your approach to styling your table and follow a similar process myself. I will definitely be “borrowing” the idea of the sunflowers in the tiny pots! I have tiny glass yogurt chairs that would tuck perfectly inside a clay pot. Such a pretty touch!! We really need better dollar stores here in Canada! Those leaf motif wine glasses are so pretty!! Very intrigued about the artificial turf and can’t wait to see more of your renovated yard!!

  3. Carol I love all the sunflowers! Your color palette is lovely, and the rustic chargers and bright copper pitcher work really well together. Thanks for sharing at Vintage Charm. Pinned! xo Kathleen

  4. Sunflowers and hydrangeas in a copper vessel is the perfect intro to fall for me. The flowers speak of fall’s exuberance and the warmth of copper is always beautiful. The place settings and linens reflect all the colors of fall. The outdoor setting is wonderful, particularly in the photos taken at dusk with the candles lit. Can’t wait to see your backyard reno and the synthetic grass!

  5. So beautiful Carol! The colors are gorgeous together and the sunflowers… I can’t get enough of them! I love fall dinners outside but it’s always hit or miss with the weather here! Thanks for the inspiration and have a wonderful fall season ahead!

  6. Carol, I think this may be my favorite table of yours! I love it! The bold orange, green and yellow color scheme that you chose is so striking. The outdoor garden patio setting is lovely. I can’t wait to see your backyard makeover reveal! I can’t believe you’ve had those plates for so long and never used them in a tablescape. They’re so unique and fun! I regret that I didn’t pick up some of those DT leaf glasses when I saw them last. They are perfect for your table! Your photos look amazing, too 😉 It’s always a pleasure to hop with you. Pinned!

  7. Carol, this is outstanding! I keep going back to those plates and bowls – LOVE those colors, shapes, and varied designs, wow! I have a friend who put a synthetic lawn in her backyard and it is truly wonderful. I love visiting with her in her yard, and I know you will have many good times to come in yours. Your tablescape is perfect to welcome fall. Your DT wine glasses reminded me of a pair I had with a neat wine caddy – forgot all about it until I saw your glasses. Your thought process and layout is a great addition to our blog hop. Thank you for participating!

  8. Carol, such a cute, fun fall table!!! I love all the color. Your little sunflower pots are adorable and your centerpiece is gorgeous!! This looks like a great table for a bunch of girlfriends to enjoy an evening around a table!!🌻Wishing you a wonderful Autumn 🍂🧡

  9. Carol, Even tho I reside in Florida, I am still a ‘sunflower from the sunflower state’…so I really appreciate your sunflowers and your use of the copper vase as these are perfect together! I had to chuckle when I saw your first pic and the plastic coverings on your lovely Fall candles….I was sure you would remove them for further pics and you did as well as comment about the plastic. LOL (Yes, I am afraid I am ‘one of those’ who like to have my real candles lit and show that they are actually being used and not for ‘show’ ….although for years I have been using luminarias with life-like wicks. but are really run by batteries…much safer that way for me as I tend to go off with lit candles still in the room.
    Your table is lovely and your plates unique. Clever girl. Always a pleasure to hop with you! 🙂
    Kari @ Me and my Captain

  10. Carol, those plates are so cute. Love the sunflower theme. The individual sunflower 🌻 pots are so fun. I love using copper and your centerpiece is lovely. The plate stack is so pretty. The leaf goblets are so fun and perfect to welcome autumn. Always a pleasure joining you on these fun blog hops.

  11. Carol, how wonderful you could photograph in the morning hours before it got so hot. I agree with Sarah, use the NM plates more often, the colors are fabulous. I love sunflowers and they are a perfect flower for the fall. It is always fun hopping with you. Happy Autumn!

    1. Yes, Pam, I do need to use those plates more in tablescapes. We use them only occasionally, even though we both love them. Happy Hopping with you.

  12. Carol, you need to use those plates more! They are so fun and whimsical and the colors are terrific. I love the edges! The rope charges are a nice touch as are the colorful napkins. Alfresco dining is the best, and your table setting is certainly welcoming. Happy Autumn!

    1. I know, I know. We will do more outdoor dining as the weather cools off. The colors in the plates are perfect for fall. I’ll just have to remember!!

  13. Carol, your alfresco table glows with the feeling of fall. I love your use of patterns and colors in the plates, glasses and cute accessories like the potted sunflowers. I think I’m going to borrow that idea for a future fall table!

  14. This is lovely Carol, beautiful outdoor setting and being a huge sunflower lover I was an instant fan! Love the pots you styled with the sunflower blooms for each place setting, so cute! The copper vessel for the centerpiece flowers is perfect and the candles at night add such a delightful ambience. Your plates are so unique, and the colors are perfect for this time of year. Beautiful!

  15. This is so pretty, Carol! Looks like we are on the same page with copper and sunflowers for fall! I love your little sunflower pots–pinned! Blessings, Cecilia @My Thrift Store Addiction

  16. Carol, this is such a welcoming table, and you captured it at the perfect time of day! I am ready to sit down and join you for dinner! It is still WAY too hot to enjoy being outside here in Florida, but I do look forward to dining outdoors again soon! Your new dishes are beautiful and I can see you using them in so many different settings. The copper pitcher was the perfect centerpiece for this time of year!