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How to Make Decorative Fall Plates

Fall is upon us. We want pretty things with a fall vibe. It’s also entertaining time. Custom plates would add a fun fall vibe to any table. I’m going to show you how to make decorative fall plates.

Whether you want to use decorate fall plates as decorative decor or as dishes for your autumn tables, you can use this DIY project.

You can customize these plates to your liking. Once you know the steps, you then can pick your design and color, and gather your other supplies. You are ready to start making decorative fall plates.

This project is not hard, I promise. It’s also very inexpensive. That’s two checks in my book.

If you follow Bluesky at Home, you know I love creating pretty accessories for our home. If you enjoy the creative process, then you’ll really like this project.

Decorative Fall Plates: an Easy DIY Project

Are you an artist? If you are, then my hat is off to you. I’m not, so I rely on stencils to create artistic designs on all sorts of surfaces.

With the right stencils and other supplies, you can create pretty designs that have depth, color, and interest. It’s easy when you know the steps to follow.

I did have a small inspiration for making these decorative fall plates. We found these darling bread and butter plates at a store called Mast General Store in Boone, North Carolina last summer.

I still needed salad plates for a little dinner party we were hosting. That’s when the idea of making more decorative fall plates popped into my head.

Supplies for the Decorative Plates

It only takes a few supplies to make these decorative fall plates. I planned to use them as part of my fall tablescape.

  • a plate or shallow bowl of your preferred size – I found 4 shallow bowls at the Resale Shop back in July ~ $4.00 for all.
white shallow bowls
leaf stencil
orange and brown Ceramic Paint
  • cover for your workspace
  • plastic scraper to apply paint and a piece of cardboard
  • scissors – to cut out stencils
  • container of water – for cleaning stencils

You will use the cardboard to offload your Ceramic Paint.

plastic scraper and cardboard

Why Ceramic Paint?

  • It can be applied to ceramics, porcelain, glass, and metal.
  • It is food-safe.
  • It can be microwaved.
  • It can be hand-washed.
  • It is no-bake.
  • It comes in a range of beautiful colors.
  • It goes a long way.
ceramic paint colors

Why These Stencils?

  • Tri-mesh stencils allow for a depth of design.
  • The stencils can be repositioned if needed.
  • The stencils have an adhesive backing so they adhere to your surface and paint will not bleed through.
  • The stencils can be washed of paint and reused multiple times.

Step 1 – Prepare Your Plates/Bowls

Remove price stickers and/or tape from the plates. Thoroughly wash and dry.

white shallow bowls

Step 2 – Prepare Your Stencils

Choose your stencils and use scissors to cut out the stencil you want to use. I chose four leaf stencil designs.

Do not remove the stencils from the paper backing yet.

four leaf stencils

Pull the tri-mesh stencil from the paper backing. set the backing aside. You will place the stencil back on the backing when you are finished with it.

Place the stencil design on the plate and position it where you want it.

leaf stencil on plate

Smooth down the stencil on the plate. Make sure there are no bubbles. If necessary, you can remove the stencil and reposition it.

Step 3 – Apply the Ceramic Paint to the Stencils

Squeeze out a small amount of your preferred paint color onto a piece of cardboard or glass.

orange Ceramic Paint

Use your plastic scraper to transfer the paint from the cardboard to the surface of the stencil. Smooth the paint across the stencil, pressing down as you go.

applying orange ceramic paint to fall plate

Be sure to cover the design completely.

applying orange ceramic paint to fall plate

Remove the Stencil from the Surface

Carefully remove the stencil from the surface. Use your scraper to “pick up” a corner of the stencil and pull it back from the surface to reveal your design.

orange leaf on fall plate

Cleaning Your Stencils

Have a bowl of water in a container ready. As soon as you remove the stencil from the surface, place it in the water.

Use your fingers to rub off the paint from the stencil. When you have removed all the paint, remove the stencil from the water. Place the stencil, design side down, on a paper towel to dry.

orange leaf on fall plate

Discard the colored water and refill your container with fresh water.

leaf stencil and bowl of water

Repeat this process with your remaining plates and stencils.

applying leaf stencil to fall plate
applying ceramic paint to fall plate
applying ceramic paint to fall plate
ceramic painted leaf stencil

After you finish applying the Ceramic Paint to the stencils, allow the paint to thoroughly dry. I let mine dry overnight.

Finally, return your stencils to the paper backing and store them in the plastic envelope that the stencils came in.

Using Your Decorative Fall Plates

You could use the decorative fall plates as a decor accessory. You could also attach a hanger to the back of the plate and hang it on a wall or cabinet.

I chose to use mine as actual dishes on my fall tablescape.

That’s how easy it is to make decorative fall plates. You can pick different designs to have completely customized plates or bowls of your own.

More Ideas for Using Ceramic Paint

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You could have these lovely decorative fall plates for your own. Just pick out your favorite stencil and Ceramic Paint colors. Order them now. And don’t forget to think ahead to Halloween, Thanksgiving and Christmas.

Be sure to PIN these Ceramic Paint projects for inspiration.

pin for later graphic in blue
fall ceramic plate DIY project
signature with fall leaf

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  1. What a great tutorial for DIYing fall decorative plates, Carol! Thanks for sharing at Tuesday Turn About! Always happy when I get to feature a former co-hostess! Pinned!

  2. Super decorative and love the color – so vibrant and bright. Aswesome
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  3. Your plates are so cute! I’ve seen your inspiration plates. . . our little mountain getaway is just about 20 minutes from Mast General Store in Boone. (By the way, have you been to the original Mast General Store in Valle Crucis? It’s worth a trip if you’re ever back in that area!) Thanks for the inspiration!

    Thanks so much for joining the Grace at Home party at Imparting Grace. I’m featuring you this week!

  4. These are adorable! I didn’t know that ceramic paint was food and microwave safe. I’ll definitely be trying this! I’ll be featuring your post on tomorrow’s Crafty Creators. Thanks for sharing!

  5. I really love how your fall plates came out. I never even thought about grabbing some thrifted plates and painting on them. Such a great idea and so pretty. Pinned!