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Cozy Fall Decor Ideas for the Living Room

It is time for seasonal decor in our homes. With the coming of cooler weather in the next few weeks, our thoughts turn to finding the best ways to bring fall into our homes. I’m starting my fall decorating with some cozy fall decor ideas in our living room.

Do you need ideas for adding fall decor to your living room spaces? Then I hope the suggestions I share in our own home will inspire you.

Over the past weeks, I’ve come to look forward to the fall season more than in the past. Maybe it’s because of our very hot summer this year. Or maybe as we get older, we like cooler weather more.

Whatever the reason, I am ready to add fall colors and pumpkins to our home, beginning in our living room.

Living Room Fall Decor Ideas

For this year’s fall living room decor, I wanted a simple, but cozy feel.

Let’s start with the mantel and fireplace. It’s the main focal point in our living room.

Fall Mantel and Fireplace

My first idea is to dress up your mantel with fall foliage. I have quite a collection of fall foliage so there are several different styles and colors.

Faux foliage on the mantel.

I used several different colors and stems of fall foliage in a symmetrical and balanced manner across our mantel. The faux foliage has been up for a week ago since we were having guests for dinner.

Fall foliage will immediately give the living room a cozy feel.

Although classic and orange and traditional fall colors are not my usual favorite colors, for fall they are so appropriate. I think you should embrace the colors of fall you like best.

Those colors could either be soft neutrals – creams, browns, or taupes. As another option, you can opt for oranges, golds, mustards, rusts, or burgundy.

Or you can use a combination of both colors.

Since our fireplace is quite large and tall, it takes a lot of items to fill the space. To do that, I used a combination of natural elements.

First I added a large mirror framed in dark wood. (This mirror belonged to Sweet Shark’s grandmother.) It was in the powder bath in our previous home. Since we moved to our present home, it’s been in one of the guest rooms.

large mirror on mantel
Large mirror on mantel.

It became apparent that I had to remove the foliage in order to decorate the rest of the mantel.

For another natural element, I next added the teak leaf from our salvaged patio table. The weathered teak wood adds warm tones to the bright white of the mantel.

To complete the tiered backdrop to the fall foliage, I added the leaf art that I made last year. This piece added to the “leaf motif” that I began with our dining room leaf theme.

The leaves give a pop of color to the neutral background.

With the three natural pieces in place, I could now add back the fall foliage across the mantel.

Natural wood and leaf art on the mantel.

At the center of the mantel, I used two flower napkin rings to bring the two sides of the fall foliage together.

Faux foliage on the mantel

I originally planned to add candlesticks with orange candles. The mantel seemed full enough, so I used the candlesticks and candles on our sofa table.

To add more color to the fall mantle and continue the leaf motif, I added some “falling leaves”. I found this package of 8 leaves at Dollar Tree. They have a leathery texture to them. I also used them to make napkin rings for my fall table.

Package of faux leaves

To give more definition to the leaves, I used a dark brown marker pen to the indention lines on the leaves.

Using double-stick tape, I created a falling leaves arrangement. That completed the mantel for our fall living room.

Fall Mantel with Leaves and Wood Background

Get Your Design a Dynamic Fall Mantel in 5 Easy Steps. This Printable will give you ideas for styling a mantel and the steps to achieve it.

Fall Fireplace Hearth

I recently created a vignette for the hearth area of our mantel. It centered on baskets, trays, fall foliage and pumpkins.

As you can see, I moved the weather teak wood from the hearth to the mantel.

fall basket styling ideas
Basket and tray fall vignette.

Within a few days, Nola had grabbed my small yarn pumpkin and carried off the white pumpkins. I removed them and added two fall pillows.

I also added more fall foliage in orange to continue the color of the mantel.

Fireplace hearth decorated for fall.

The pillows hopefully will be safe from puppy antics. The pillows not only provide a big pop of color but also add a soft texture to the vignette.

The mantel and the fireplace begin the cozy fall decor I wanted in our living room.

Cozy fireplace and mantel in the living room.

Fall Coffee Table

Like mantels, coffee tables are prime home decor real estate.

Do you have a nice size coffee table? Use it to add color, texture, and a focal point to the center of your sitting area.

I began with a rustic round tray. I found it a year ago at a fabulous decor shop in Grandbury, Texas. It has a basket weave base made of galvanized metal with jute twine handles.

First, I added a glass vase – another Resale Shop find – filled with decorative orbs. Another example of adding texture and interest in natural colors.

Decorative balls in a glass vase.

For another pop of orange color, I stacked three paperback books with orange covers.

The books needed a little something. I tried a couple of neutral pumpkins, but the area needed some more color.

This choice may seem off-the-wall, but one of my blue-painted faux pumpkins suddenly came to mind.

I actually love the bright blue with the orange books. It really brings your eye in.

Blue pumpkin on a stack of books on a round metal tray.

What would fall be like without fall-scented candles? To complete the coffee table decor, I chose a large muted orange candle to place on a stack of coffee table books. The books originally were in shades of blue. I changed them to three books with a fall color palette.

Two DIY wood bead strands added more texture.

orange candle on stack of books
Orange candle on a book stack.
Living room decorated for fall.

Fall Decor on the Sofa Table

For the table behind our sofa, I carried on the theme of candles. I love my collection of natural wood candlesticks in a variety of heights sitting on a brass tray. Orange candles continue the color orange.

I scattered several faux leaves on the tray.

fall orange candlesticks
Orange candles on wood candlesticks

My metal lantern (from the same store in Grandbury) holds a large scented candle.

I moved my burlap bags from the hearth (another temptation for Nola) to fill in next to the brass tray.

Here, a variety of textures and materials combine for a natural color scheme. At night, the glow from the candles will give a cozy fall feeling to the living room.

Throw Pillows on the Sofa

Matching throw pillows on the sofa makes for more comfortable seating. The pumpkin design is an obvious choice for fall color schemes.

Pumpkin pillow on the sofa.

Nola likes them, too.

puppy on living room sofa

Cozy Textures on a Ladder

One of my favorite flea market markets is the ladder that I found in Atlanta several years ago. It’s the perfect place in the living room to display throw blankets. They add the right touch for a cozy living room.

ladder with throw blankets

Actually, the one on the bottom rung is a large tablecloth, but it has the perfect fall pattern and texture.

Fall Side Table Accents

Seasonal touches in small amounts can give your living room a cozy feel.

This ceramic dish is part of a set of four ceramic leaves that I bought years ago at Crate and Barrel. Here are a set of 4 pretty leaf plates that would work nicely.

I used two of them as a place for acorns – another fall symbol.

brown acorns in a cream dish
Brown acorns in a leaf dish.

This set of acorns is a DIY project using felt balls and real acorn caps that I collected from our neighborhood.

white felt acorns on an orange dish
White acorns in an orange dish.

Shopping Ideas for a Cozy Fall Living Room

That completes these cozy fall decor ideas for the living room. Nothing elaborate. Just simple ideas that add warmth and comfort to your living room space. And I was able to use items I had in a new way.

I hope you will PIN this post to serve as a reminder of cozy fall living room ideas.

pin for later graphic in blue
cozy fall decor for the living room
signature with fall leaf

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  1. Wow! What a gorgeous fall home! I love the colors you used and how you added details to the faux leaves to give them more definition. What a great idea! Happy Fall, Carol!

  2. Carol, I always enjoy the crafty touches that you add to your decor…in this case the leaf artwork, felted acorns and blue pumpkin. Your living room definitely looks cozy, especially with Nola resting on the sofa! It’s fun to hop with you again, too. Pinned 🙂

  3. Beautiful fall styling and love how you added the detail to those faux leaves, that is such a great idea. So fun hopping with you, Happy Fall.

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  5. Your living room looks so pretty with your fall decorations, Carol. I love how you used multiple types of foliate stems on your mantel and what a great idea to add definition to the leaves with a marker!

  6. Carol, you have a special way of creating a cosy Fall feeling in your home. I love how you used the leather leaves on the mirror and the vignette of candle holders by the window. Great job.

  7. Carol your fall decor is awesome and it looks like that sweet pumpkin pillow is Nola approved! How precious! I also love how you used a tablecloth on that ladder what a great idea! Thank you for sharing.

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  9. Carol I love all of your fall decor and especially the fun little pops of blue. You did an amazing job and your pictures are just lovely. I especially loved the teak part of your old table you used on your mantel. SO creative! Pinned!

  10. Carol I just love your fall decor. The florals on the mantel are my favorite! I also think your dog is so cute! My dog always runs away when I try to get photos of her. I also really liked the falling leaves. What a great idea!

    1. Hi Wendy. Thanks so much for visiting g and sharing your sweet comment. I don’t know that Nola knows she’s on camera. I just work around her. She was under the dining room table yesterday when. I was designing a Halloween table.

  11. Love your pretty & colorful home all decorated for fall Carol! The layered faux autumn stems on your mantel are beautiful. My dogs steal my sweater pumpkins so I have to keep them up high after taking pictures as well. LOL So fun touring with you this week. Pinned!

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  13. Wow Carol, your mix of fall colors has giving your living area a whole new personality. Love the mantel and how Nola helped you redecorate. 😉 She makes the perfect sofa accessory. Happy Fall!

  14. Carol, your place looks so festive and fall ready. Those felted acorns are the sweetest…and I love your profile picture. How pretty!! Happy Hopping!

    1. Thanks so much, Kim. Those little acorns are so easy. I just can’t leave them out for long or Nola gets them. I already had to make more last week.

  15. Carol, your fall decor is absolutely beautiful! I have scrolled through your lovely pictures so many times! Your mirror on your mantel is so pretty! The fall garland adds so much, too! All your other living room decor is lovely. Your metal lantern is lovely and is perfect on your sofa table. I also liked how you added a blue pumpkin to your vignette on your coffee table! I love using a few blue pumpkins in my fall decor, too.

    That picture of Nola on the sofa with the fall pillow is so cute!

    Thanks for sharing your beautiful fall home with us and giving us so many great decor ideas!

  16. It’s all so pretty and cozy Carol! I love the energy that happens to fall colors when you add blue! And that blanket ladder with the plaid throws is a great addition!

  17. Wowza, I adore those colors together Carol! Everything is so striking and it seriously seems like a totally different room. Your mantel is perfect with all of it’s layers as well. I need to try layering. So glad I got to see your living area.

  18. Carol,

    What a beautiful living room all decked out for fall. I think I love the fall foliage on the mantel the best. It looks so natural and the colors are perfect.

    1. Hi there, Patti. Putting up that faux foliage was the easiest and quickest way to get the mantel dressed for fall. Thanks for letting me know you liked it.

  19. Carol, you’ve created such a beautiful cozy spot for fall! I love all the different textures and you’re right the blue pumpkin in the orange books is perfect.
    Your pup is adorable too!
    Thanks for joining me, once again, on this fun tour!

  20. Carol – your fall home is beautiful. Thank you for sharing your leaf hack idea – well actually two ideas. Love how you added definition to the leaves and how you used double-sided tape to hang them…so smart! Hopefully with the addition of fall decor we can all source cooler weather in the very near future!