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Easter Tablescape for Spring 2019

Welcome to my Easter Tablescape for Spring. I love creating tablescapes around seasons, holidays or events. This endeavor not only gives me an opportunity to stretch my creative brain cells, but it also makes a pretty setting for our home.

If you are addicted to beautiful home decor magazines like I am, then this week is an opportunity for you to experience a virtual, visual magazine of lovely tablescape inspiration for your home ~ and it’s free! So pour yourself a glass of sweet iced tea, get comfy and enjoy the scenery.

Do you love tablescapes of different styles, colors, sizes, and themes? I hope this tablescape will start many ideas spinning in your head. Are you ready to create your own Easter tablescape? Let’s start hopping like a bunny through today’s Easter tablescape.

Easter Tablescape for Spring 2019

This post contains affiliate links for your convenience to products that I used in this tablescape. If you should order anything from this site, I may receive compensation, but you don’t pay one penny more.

My vision for this Easter tablescape began a few weeks ago when I participated in the Pinterest Easter Challenge. A group of bloggers created Easter centerpieces inspired by a picture on Pinterest. You might want to revisit that post to refresh your memory. I loved my Easter centerpiece and there was no way that I wasn’t going to use it again for my Easter tablescape and throughout the Easter holidays.

Easter centerpiece

I styled the Easter centerpiece and displayed it on our breakfast room table for a few weeks.

The Easter Tablescape Begins

First, I decided to leave the burlap tablecloth that I used for my green and white spring tablescape as my Easter tablescape base. I like it so much that I wanted to use it a little longer.

dining room table with burlap tablecloth

Sweet Shark helped me move it into the dining room. That concrete bunny is heavy! I did add 2 more bunnies from the bunny band set to the centerpiece. I also added 8 more darker pink tulips that I found in a basket in my office (I don’t even remember where or when I bought them.) to the vase for a little more fullness, height and color contrast.

dining table with burlap tablecloth
Easter centerpiece

The White Charger Story

Instead of placemats, I used large bright white chargers from Dollar Tree.

white chargers

My local Dollar Tree didn’t have the white pearlized chargers in stock, so I went online and found them on the Dollar Tree website. I had never thought to order anything on the website. Wow! I ordered 2 sets of 4 ~ you have to order in sets ~ but they were still just $1 each. I also ordered 2 packages of the reindeer moss, which was out at the store. So I spent the same $10 I would have. BUT, I found that if you ship your purchases to the store, the shipping is free!

Now you know. You’re welcome. (Of course, if I’m the last person on earth to know this, you can roll your eyes at me.)

The Easter Place Settings

Next, I added my favorite mix of aqua, yellow and pink plates to provide more spring color. I bought the yellow and aqua plates a couple of years ago at Home Goods. The pink plates are from my favorite antique mall in Atlanta.

dining room table

For silverware, I used our pearl~handled ones. I really did polish the knives, but they are very old and don’t seem to come as clean as I would like. Does anyone have any suggestions?

 pastel dishes
 pastel dishes

On a trip to Home Goods, I found these sweet bread and butter plates with a bunny design. I love the gingham rim in pink, blue, green and yellow. I bought 2 packages of 4, but only needed 6, so I didn’t use the ones with the yellow rim. Love that gingham.

bunny plates
bunny plates

I’ve been waiting to use these darling bunny napkin rings that I found last summer at the antique mall in McKinney, Texas. The napkins were an estate sale find several years ago. I have used them so many times that I really got my money’s worth.

 pastel dishes
bunny napkin rings

You know that I love to embellish my Dollar Tree wine glasses with stencils. I used a mix of spring and Easter stencils (sold out) from A Maker’s Studio: flowers, bunnies and carrots. They add just that little bit of cuteness to an otherwise plain glass.

wine glasses

Looking at my table, I decided that the silverware looked a little lost and the place setting could use more color and pattern. Do you remember my green gingham napkins that I made for my spring tablescape? They would be perfect for making silverware caddies.

green gingham napkins
Easter place setting

That made a big difference in the plate setting, providing more color, pattern and cohesiveness.

The Moss Story

At each end of the centerpiece, I added another bunny. First I laid a “bed” of green moss.

green moss

Let me tell you about this moss. I mentioned in an earlier post that we use a lot of this moss for finishing all arrangements. It provides the final professional look. For years, I’ve bought the moss at a local nursery for $16 a pound. Last summer the price went up to $24 a pound, which I kind of choked on.

Searching on Amazon, I found the same exact Super Moss for $29.99 ~ for 3 pounds!!

super moss

I ordered a box and it came last week. I can’t tell you how happy I am with it. When I opened the box, it smelled like freshly cut grass. The quality is excellent, and I would highly recommend this product. You can use the moss over and over if you are careful. (Just FYI, you would need to buy 6 8~ounce bags at $7.48 each to equal the same amount of Super Moss; that would be $44.88 ~ an almost $15.00 more and the Super Moss is a much better quality.)

green moss

TIP: Leave the moss inside the plastic covering and keep it in the box for storage. This will keep it fresh longer.

One of the bunnies is concrete from our backyard (I had to scrub him in the kitchen sink to clean him up.) and the other one is wooden. I used pink polka~dot ribbon from my stash to give them matching bows.

Easter centerpiece

Some of our existing eggs plus new ones I found on sale at Pier 1 surround the bunnies.

Easter centerpiece
Easter centerpiece

I remembered how I tied the corners of the tablecloth with gingham fabric (a reader favorite). I found 2 rolls of curly ribbon that I bought on sale at The Container Store over a year ago. I decided to go with the pastel colors  and they were perfect for tying up the corners of the tablecloth.

FYI: In case you didn’t know, The Container Store is a great resource for ribbon of all types and colors.

pastel ribbon
burlap tablecloth with ribbon bow

Finally, with my Easter tablescape complete, I only needed something sweet to make it ready for Easter.

Adding Sweetness to the Easter Tablescape

Last week, I participated in the annual charity luncheon for a women’s organization that I’ve belonged to for many years. In addition to the silent auction, bingo, and plant sale, every member has to bake for the bake sale. I made a Pink Champagne Cake that was so pretty. I decided to use the same recipe to make cupcakes (I had a bunch of frosting leftover that I wanted to use.)

So I made the cupcakes and used the leftover frosting. Sweet Shark sampled one and said it was delicious! You can’t see the cupcakes, but they are a pale pink. I used pink polka~dot baking cups that I bought a few years ago at Tuesday Morning.

Easter cupcakes

As pretty as these cupcakes are, I can’t leave a cupcake undressed! I made cupcake toppers for each one.

Easter cupcakes

Of course, no Easter tablescape would be complete without pink lemonade to go with pink cupcakes.

I hope you enjoyed my Easter tablescape ~ complete with some of my favorite things: pastel colors, polka~dots, gingham, burlap, bunnies and cupcakes.

Easter dining room

On my next post, I’ll show you how to make the cupcake toppers, the stenciled wine glasses, the silverware caddy, and some behind the design scenes of my tablescape.

I hope you’ll save this Easter tablescape idea for your own inspiration. Just go ahead and PIN it.

pin for later graphic in blue
easter bunny blog signature


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  1. Carol, what a pretty and happy Easter tablescape! Your centerpiece is so adorable, and those cupcakes look scrumptious! It is always fun being on these hops with you! Happy Easter!

    1. Shannon, the cupcakes are long gone!! But thank you for the compliment. The table brightens my day. Great to be hopping again with you.

  2. This is such a sweet table! The combination of burlap, gingham, and pastels is so welcoming. Thank you for sharing the Dollar Tree tip! I never thought to order from their website! Wishing you a beautiful Easter!

  3. Carol, your Easter table is beautiful! Love the contrast between burlaup and romantic pastel dinnerware, and your bunny napkin rings and plates are so cute! Lovely!

  4. Carol, fabulous table and post! I love how you deconstructed the table to show exactly how you set it. I love your burlap table cloth and tying the corners with ribbon. I absolutely adore your centerpiece and all of your DIY elements. My favorite table by far! Happy Easter to you!

  5. Carol, your table is so cheerful and welcoming! I love how you always make a few crafts to personalize your tablescapes. The wine glass stencils and silverware caddies are such nice touches. I’ve never seen white chargers at Dollar Tree, but it’s good to know they’re available to order online. Thanks for sharing your moss source, too. That is a very good price for good quality moss. I love the way it smells, too! Your bunny plates are adorable, and I like how you reused the burlap runner…what a fabulous antique mall find that was! It’s a pleasure joining you for another hop. Happy Easter to you and Sweet Shark!

    1. Rebecca, thank so much for visiting. Love being on the blog hops with you. The moss is a great value through Amazon and the quality is excellent. Happy easter to your family and I’ll tell Sweet Shark you mentioned him!

  6. Carol, your table is so pretty. Love how you dressed your pink cupcakes. Totally fun and creative.
    The burlap is lovely along with your sweet bunny plates, caddies and goblets. A lovely Easter table where family and friends can sit down and enjoy. Happy Easter.

    1. Linda, sad to say the cupcakes are all gone! But I froze the extras (sans frosting) that I will get out, frost and serve at Easter. I appreciate the sweet comments. Happy Easter to you and yours.

  7. It is beautiful! Filled with your wonderful creativity and such a joy to see. It is so fun to watch step by step how it all comes together. No details missed my friend. Your hard work and time show beautifully in your finished table, I love it all! It is a pleasure to be on the hop with you xo

  8. Carol, I love your table decor! Absolutely adorable! I love the mix of colors and textures. Your concrete and wooden bunnies are so cute and I’m still crushing on your spring crock! Hugs!

    1. Benita, I appreciate your feedback and sweet comments. I love the crock too, but after Eater I’ll wash off the stencil for another DIY.

  9. Oh Carol, may I come to your home for Easter? The burlap and moss set the scene for your fun and casual table. The way you tied the colorful ribbons on the corners of the burlap is so sweet. Your DIY cupcake toppers are cute as can be! Your colorful plates make your table look like it is decorated with bright Easter eggs! Your tip about the moss on Amazon is a great one, and anytime I don’t have to run out to the stores, I am on board! Thank you for joining once again to share your table styling talents!

  10. Carol, I am always so impressed by your creative crafting projects to complement lovely tablescapes! Those stenciled glasses are adorable, as are the cupcake toppers. I hope all your readers appreciate the time and effort you put into your posts.

  11. Carol, yes, I am one of those rolling my eyes at buying at dollar tree on line. LOL I buy almost everything on line and have for over 20 years. In other words, I was country when country wasn’t cool. LOL . The only thing is,, many things you have to buy in larger quantities which is usually ok for me.
    Back to your lovely table. I love all the pastel colors. It screams Easter and brings back memories of my childhood.

  12. I’m looking forward to your cupcake recipe and I love how you displayed them. There are so many cute things in this post and the traditional color palette is heartwarming. Thank you for the tip on buying moss in bulk. I had no idea that it was an option. Buying individual bags at the craft stores even with a coupon can be costly. Thank you for all the easy tips and ideas and Happy Easter.

  13. Carol, I love your choice of multi-colored pastels and it works so well with gingham. Your centerpiece makes me feel like I am in a fairy tale Easter garden. Your cute Easter vase and tulips really is stunning, especially again the deep green color of the moss. I love the cupcake decor. It really adds that bit of storybook whimsy and is unique. So adorable! Happy Easter!

  14. Carol, You are so creative! I love all the layers of time and energy as well as delightful eye candy on this tablescape. Your centerpiece is so eye-catching. I love how you incorporated the concrete rabbit from your garden.
    Great tips about the moss and ordering online from Dollar Tree and picking up at the store.
    Good to blog hop again with you.

  15. Pretty in pastel! I love seeing all the traditional Easter pastels woven through your pretty table Carol! The burlap cloth is the perfect backdrop for your happy hopping bunnies and I do LOVE LOVE your centerpiece and all your creative touches! Thank you for sharing the moss source, it is beautiful! Save me a cupcake please!

  16. Carol, your Easter table is beautiful. The bunny BB plates are so cute, and I just love your centerpiece. I was unaware that moss could be bought by the pound, thanks for passing along the info. It is always a pleasure to hop with you. Happy Easter!

  17. So. Cute!! Your Easter table is certainly ready for a delightful gathering!!! I like all the gingham touches and the colorful eggs, it reminds me of what I remember about Easter when I was a little girl. I got a kick out of the box of moss! Didn’t realize you could buy it like that!! I hope you have a blessed Easter season 🐣

  18. I love your centerpiece Carol! So many wonderful elements from the bunnies, adorable plates, burlap tablecloth and silverware caddies at your table! Thank you for sharing your moss source too! So happy to be hopping down the bunny trail with you this week ♥