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10 Fabulous Halloween Decorating Ideas for Your Home

Have you started decorating your home for Halloween? Here are 10 fabulous Halloween decorating ideas for your home. From the outside to the inside, here are fun suggestions for getting in the spooky spirit.

October is officially Halloween month. You can decorate with just a witch or ghost. Or you may like to go all out like one of my neighbors and have cats and bats crawling up the side of your house.

I love Halloween decorating. Even though we haven’t had kids at home in years and we rarely get trick-or-treaters, it’s fun to get in the Halloween spirit.

Decorating for Halloween may last for just a few days, but it lifts the fun factor. Are we ever too old to enjoy a ghost or goblin?

Last week I shared 10 Fabulous Halloween DIY Decoration Ideas. This week, let’s take another step and focus on Halloween decorating ideas for your home.

As you know, before I start decorating, I first have to get inspired. I love to search online and in magazines for holiday ideas. As usual, that means scrolling through Pinterest.

Do you need some ideas for decorating your home for Halloween? Then join me as I show you fabulous Halloween decorating ideas for your home.

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  1. Our weather continues to be so pleasant for sitting outside and walking. It’s so invigorating. The flowers that were struggling over the summer have come back to life and are blooming again. They must think it’s May.
  2. Continue to keep the people of Florida and South Carolina in your thoughts and prayers. Most of us only watch our TV and cringe at the horrible level of destruction. They are suffering the loss of homes, businesses and communities and even entire islands. Recovering and rebuilding will take years. Let us help in any way we can.
  3. I’ve added scarecrows to our front porch. Halloween is ready to break out.
  4. As you are reading this post, I’m on my way home from Waco (home to Fixer Upper and the Silos). I’ve been here since Wednesday for the Achieve Conference. I’ll be sharing the highlights best week on The Blogger Bulletin.
  5. This week on the blog was about sharing fall decorating, inside and out: 7 DIY Paint and Stencil Halloween DIY Projects, 9 Easy Steps to Setting a Thanksgiving Table . (It’s the October Celebrate the Holiday Blog Hop).

Halloween Decorating Ideas for Your Home: 10 Fabulous Finds

Here we go with Bluesky Browsing #58.

Here are some great ideas for decorating your home for Halloween, from the front door to the mantel and other areas of your home.

Enjoy them all.

black and white Halloween front porch

Decorations for the Front Porch

Angela of Beautiful by Angela features a Halloween tree with bats and witches’ hats. See how to use other black and white elements for the cutest front porch.

Halloween skeleton in the entry

Halloween Entry with a Scary Skeleton

Haneen of Haneen’s Haven shares how to create a scary and fun Halloween entry. Follow her lead for making one of your own.

front porch Halloween decorating ideas

Skeleton, Gravestones, and Pumpkins

Rachel of Craving Creativity shares how to combine several Halloween iconic symbols to create a show-stopping front porch.

Halloween decorated entry with witch's broom

Witch’s Broomstick in the Entry

Karen of Decor Hints shares some budget-friendly ways to decorate your home. One of her ideas is a fun way to decorate your entry with a witch’s broom and spiders.

skeleton and bar cart Halloween decorating ideas

Skeleton Bar Area

Chelsee of The House of Hood shares how to use bat wall art throughout your home. Find places to put bats on the wall for Halloween decor, such as this hilarious skeleton hosting the bar cart.

Halloween decorated vignette

Farmhouse Style Combines Bats and Hocus Pocus

Julie of DIY Darling combines farmhouse decor with the use of large signs for a Halloween Farmhouse aesthetic. It’s warm and cozy meets spooktacular and fun.

Halloween decorated mantel

Halloween Mantel with Crows

Erin of Suburban Simplicity styles a spooky good Halloween mantel. She shows that decorating your mantel for the fall season is easy and fun using what you have around the house…and be creative!

Halloween decorated mantel

Decorated Mantel with Halloween Black Wreath

Rhonda of Hallstrom Home goes all out with a feathery black wreath and bat sheathing to create a spooky Halloween mantle for this season. See how she put this one together.

Halloween decorated mantel

Mantel with Haunted House Feel

Tammy of Denmark Cottage creates a fabulous haunted look for her mantel and other areas of her home. You have to see how she does it – truly one of the most unique and creative Halloween decorations you’ll ever see.

Halloween decorated kitchen

Halloween Ideas for the Kitchen

Amanda of Dixie Delights shows you how to decorate your kitchen, dining area, and other areas with Halloween decorations. She shows you some really creative ideas.

Let me know what you think of these Halloween decorating ideas for your home. Which ones were your favorites? I hope that you’ll Pin these Halloween Home Decor Decorating Ideas posts.

Visit my Pinterest Board ~ Halloween Decoration Ideas and follow for more ideas.

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I’d love to know what subjects you are most curious about. Let me know in the comments and I’ll search browse for them. Be sure to PIN to keep these ideas handy.

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Halloween decorating ideas

In between writing posts, listening to podcasts, reading, doing various blogging tasks, and walking Nola, I’ll be browsing away.

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  1. Fun post Carol! Halloween definetly brings out the inner child. You have some beautiful ideas. XO- MaryJo