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How to Easily Decorate Tabletop Christmas Trees – 4 Color Themes

As the Christmas season wraps its twinkling lights around us, there’s nothing quite like the joy of transforming our homes into festive wonderlands. Our Christmas trees are the focal point of our decorations. When we don’t have room for a big tree, small Christmas trees come in handy. Let me show you how to easily decorate tabletop trees. I have four color themes and styles to show you.

When it comes to evoking the Christmas spirit, one tree is just not enough! That’s why I’m sharing our four tabletop Christmas trees – a pint-sized way to sprinkle the magic of the season throughout your home.

Whether you’re decking the halls of a cozy apartment, a small office, or just want to add a touch of festive flair to every nook and cranny, these mini Christmas trees can be a game-changer.

Why a Table Top Tree?

  • And, the best thing, you want to spread the Christmas spirit throughout your Christmas decor. 
  • You live in a small apartment or home where a large Christmas tree is not feasible.
  • Your ceilings are only the standard 8-feet tall.
  • You have small children or pets who are not tree-friendly.
  • Large trees are not in the budget this year (According to recent reports on the news, Christmas trees are up 10% this year.)
  • Getting on a ladder to decorate a tall Christmas tree is not safe for you.
  • You have limited storage space.
  • You are limited to small spaces for your Christmas tree.

There are many reasons for opting out of a full-size Christmas tree in the living room. 

Why a tabletop tree, you ask? 

They’re the perfect solution for those who may be short on space but overflowing with holiday spirit. 

A tabletop tree, whether it is a fresh or faux tree, can be just as delightful and magical as a standard-size tree.

What is a Tabletop Tree?

A tabletop tree is one of the most versatile and pretty holiday decorations you can add to your home. This Christmas decoration in miniature creates the festive focal point.

I have used very small, miniature Christmas trees as part of arrangements, vignettes, or centerpieces. These tiny trees are meant to be part of Christmas “decorations”.

True tabletop trees are small trees that can be easily tucked into almost any room and can stand on their own without additional decor. Although you can use a real tree, most tabletop trees are artificial Christmas trees. These trees range from about 24-42 inches. Some may be taller.

Like a large tree, small tabletop trees can add color, light, and sparkle to any home.

Tabletop Tree History

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For the past few years, Sweet Shark and I have had three tabletop trees in addition to our large Christmas tree. All our tabletop trees are faux for easy care and storage. We love having different Christmas trees to enjoy in different rooms of our home.

Here are our earlier versions of tabletop trees.

Tree #1 – We started with a tabletop tree in Sweet Shark’s bar when we first moved into our home 10 years ago. It was amazing how festive it made the bar look – our guests loved it. The tree sat on a small round table that I bought at an estate sale. That table has been painted twice and is now in our living room. It is four feet tall.

lighted Christmas tree

Tree #2 – Years ago, I thought we should add a beautiful tabletop Christmas tree in our bedroom. I purchased another faux green tree. That tree is four and a half feet tall. 

We loved having that tree in the bedroom for a “night light.”

Last year I decided that a white tree would look better in the bedroom. I’ve never had a white tree so this was a departure from tradition for me. This was the first pre-lit tree we bought. I decorated it in pinks and blues.

Last year this white tree was adorned with pink and blue ornaments, some of which were DIY balls with jewel-colored stickers.

Christmas tree ornaments on white tree

Tree #3 – We now had an extra green tree. I thought a tabletop tree would be the perfect addition to the dining room. It would look so pretty in our bay window from outside. That tree sat on our bar cart.

Christmas tree on bar cart

 Tree #4 – Our newest tabletop tree is in the living room. So, why did we add a fourth tabletop tree? 

Since we moved into our home 10 years ago, the only place we could find for a large fresh tree was our breakfast room. We had to move our breakfast room table and chairs to the garage.

Several years ago, we purchased a 9 1/2-foot tree from Balsam Hill. We loved the tree – it was absolutely gorgeous, easy to store, and easy to assemble.

There was only one problem: it was huge in diameter. We had to raise the breakfast room light to fit the tree. It practically covered the entire breakfast room. But, it was so pretty, that we enjoyed it for several years.

lighted Christmas tree

Then last spring when we bought new living room furniture, we converted the breakfast room (which we rarely used) into a seating area, which we love and use every day.

A few weeks ago, it occurred to us: “Where would we put the tree?

There was no place unless we moved out the two chairs, ottoman, side table, and rug and we had no place to put those things. And honestly, we didn’t want to move them if we could.

So what to do? You guessed it. The easy way out of this predicament was another tabletop table.

I searched online and found a four and half foot pre-lit tree that would fit perfectly on the side table between the two Bergere chairs. The only thing I had to move out was the lamp.

Decorating a Tabletop Tree

When it comes to tabletop trees, think of them as regular-size trees. Since they’re smaller in size, every ornament, light, and ribbon takes center stage. Embrace this opportunity to get creative and let your personality shine.

Tabletop trees in different rooms allow you to choose different themes or colors that resonate with your existing décor. 

Classic reds and greens exude timeless elegance, while silver and blue bring a frosty, sophisticated vibe. If you’re feeling adventurous, why not experiment with unconventional colors like blush pink, mint green, or even a chic black and gold combo? 

When picking out your tabletop tree, consider the space you’re working with. Opt for a size that complements the area without overwhelming it. A slender tree with a modest height is often the perfect fit for a tabletop display.

Look for trees with built-in lights to add instant twinkle without the hassle of stringing your own. Our first two tabletop trees are not pre-lit so they are not the “perfect tree”. I use both regular and fairie lights on them.

  • Crown your tabletop tree with a unique tree topper. Whether it’s a classic star, a festive bow, or even a mini snow globe, this small detail can make a big impact. (As you’ll see, the one thing my tabletop trees have in common is a big bow as a topper.) 
  • Mix and match a variety of ornaments in different shapes and sizes to create visual interest. 
  • Don’t forget the power of texture – incorporate plush fabric ornaments, shiny metallic baubles, and even a touch of glitter for that extra sparkle.
  • Place your tabletop tree on a sturdy base to keep your mini tree stable. All of my tabletop trees came with stands and sit firmly on the table/bar cart below.
    Add a touch of charm to the overall display by covering the base and stand. Vintage-style metal stands, woven baskets, or even festive ceramic pots can all play the role of a perfect pedestal for your tabletop tree. A table skirt or faux snow fabric will give your tree a finished look.

Since tabletop trees are viewed up close, intricate details matter. 

TIPS for Decorating Your Tabletop Tree

  • 1 – Tree: Pick your tabletop tree in traditional green or flocked white. I think you should opt for the biggest tabletop tree your space will allow.
  • 2 – Lights: If your tree is not pre-lit, start with a string of cool or warm white or classic-colored lights to set the festive tone. (Personally, I like clear white lights.) If you have convenient outlets, use regular lights. If not, try battery-operated fairie lights with timers or remotes. Or use both. Begin by winding your string lights around the tree. This ensures an even distribution of sparkle. If your tree comes with built-in lights, even better – it’s a time-saver.
  • 3 – Garland or ribbon: Wrap the tree in tinsel, ribbon, wooden beads or pom-poms made with yarn or wool felt balls.
  • 4 – Layer on traditional ornaments in your color scheme of choice. Start decorating with the larger ornaments first, evenly spaced around the tree. Then, if you like, layer in medium-sized ornaments, followed by small ornaments. This layering technique adds depth and visual interest.
  • 5 – Use various shapes and sizes – think classic round baubles, icicles, frosty snowflakes, and miniature silver bells and charming nutcrackers. Add a touch of nostalgia with vintage-inspired decorations or DIY ornaments.
  • 6 – Special and personal touches: Integrate unique or sentimental ornaments that hold special meaning for you and your family. Whether it’s handmade creations or cherished heirlooms, these pieces add a personal touch.
  • 8 – Cover for the base: My favorite is fabric. Use a tree skirt you already have or purchase fabric that fits your color scheme and pattern. A burlap base is perfect for a rustic look. Velvet, fleece or flannel also are good options.

Colors and Styles for Your Tabletop Trees

At the end of the decorating day, tabletop trees aren’t decorated differently than standard trees. Since you are not climbing up an 8-foot ladder, they are easier.

Your color scheme and style can be the same as any large tree.

New Tabletop Tree in the Bar

As I mentioned, this was our first and longest “reigning” tabletop tree. The tree is wrapped in multi-colored lights, which are Sweet Shark’s favorite in his bar.

The theme of this tree has always been our travels. The ornaments cover a range of different colors. 

multi-colored tabletop tree in bar

Every place we travel, we try to find a unique Christmas ornament. We have colorful ornaments from Spain, France, Italy, Hungery, The Czech Republic, and Germany and as far away as Istanbul. Then Texas, of course, South Carolina, North Carolina, Hawaii, California, Colorado, New Mexico, and Louisiana, to name a few.

This year the tree sits on a small table covered in a red and gold embroidered tree skirt that I have had for years.

As you can see I haven’t decorated the banister yet.  

tabletop tree in bar in multi-colors

I surrounded the tree with some of our Santa collection.

As a tree topper, I made a big bow in solid red and red and white striped ribbon. 

New Pink Tabletop Tree in the Dining Room

For this tree, I went with a pink color scheme and white lights.

First I added the pink vintage tinsel that I bought last year and used in the bedroom.

pink decorated tabletop Christmas tree

Most of the shiny ornaments are vintage. Some I bought in New Orleans, like the pink cocktail shaker. I bought most of them at the Forestword Antique Mall in Dallas. Several vendors, including one of my neighbors, carry a beautiful assortment of vintage ornaments. 

One of my newest finds was this pink lollipop. I also love the pink Santa which I’ve had for years. I bought the white swan at The Swan House Gift Shop in Atlanta (one of my very favorite places for lunch and shopping) several years ago.

vintage ornaments on pink tabletop Christmas tree

I placed a faux fur piece of fabric that I’ve had for many years around the base of the tree. A plastic pink reindeer that I bought last year stands guard surrounded by tiny metallic pink balls.

pink decorated tabletop Christmas tree

Again, I topped the tree with two pretty bows made of pink velvet ribbon with pink and silver tails. 

pink decorated tabletop Christmas tree

TIP: Wired ribbon is your best friend when making bows.

Red and White Tabletop Tree in the Bedroom

A couple of weeks ago on my Saturday roundup of Christmas Tree Ideas, I fell in love with the idea of a red and white tree.

red and white Christmas tree with touches of pink
source: Handmade Farmhouse

Since our sheets, pillow shams, and comforter are red, I thought a red color scheme on a white tree would be the perfect Christmas tree for our bedroom.

I thought the tree was a little thin. To give it more fullness, I cut off the branches from white-flocked picks. I used three picks which had eight branches each. 

white tabletop tree

I pushed the branches into the existing tree, spacing them out. That improved the look of the tree tremendously.

This tree came with one string of white fairie lights, which clearly wasn’t enough. I added one long strand of white lights for an outlet.

At Target, I found this cute strand of red jingle bell lights. These white lights came on a timer so I bought the last two on the shelf.

red jingle bell lights
white tabletop tree with lights

For ornaments, I first added some of my Reed and Barton silver bells before adding new and older vintage red ornaments. Small red balls and sheer red ribbon added to the red theme.

red ornaments and silver bells on white tabletop tree

Another plastic reindeer in red (from the same set I bought last year) joins our collection of crystal figurines – Santas, angels, and trees. More metallic red balls add color and reflection.

red reindeer

Another piece of the faux fur fabric (I bought several yards.) drapes over the glass-topped table. I added the Christmas tree garland that I previously made for the mantel.

red and white tabletop Christmas tree

The final touch? You guessed it. A big red bow that I made a few years ago and keep reusing. I loved the Merry Christmas ribbon so much that I bought two bolts. I did add longer tails in the red plaid ribbon.

red and white tabletop Christmas tree

Tabletop Tree in the Sitting Room

This is our newest tabletop tree and the one that is replacing, for this year, our large Christmas tree.

I ordered this 4-and-a-half-foot tree with white pre-lit lights online. This was the first tree I decorated this year. It was ready before Thanksgiving and waiting for two of our kids and our grandson when they arrived.

To fit in with the color scheme of our sitting room, I chose blue as the color scheme. 

I wrapped the tree with my blue, pink and white felt wool garland.

The tree is decorated with a mix of store-bought and blue vintage ornaments.

blue decorated tabletop Christmas tree

The tree topper is another bow, made of blue velvet ribbon.

blue bow on tabletop Christmas tree

I used another piece of faux fur (I think it looks like snow.) to surround the tree base. Small metallic blue balls add some sparkle. Here you can see some of the vintage ornaments that I’ve bought.

white base for tree and blue balls

I tried using some little felt birds, but Nola could reach those and one of them became of chew toy.

Although this tabletop tree is a fraction of the size of our original Christmas tree, it still provides a lovely focal point in the room. As you come into the living room it pulls your eyes in with the tree lights and reflection.

sitting room with blue tabletop tree

​The Christmas tabletop tree acts as a beautiful night light.

These are the best tabletop Christmas trees I’ve ever designed. Multi-colored, pink, blue, and red. I love them all.

Tabletop Christmas Trees – Lights On

All Christmas trees take on a magical sparkle when you turn on the lights. Here is a look at my four easily decorated tabletop Christmas trees in four colors.

multi-colored tabletop Christmas tree
pink tabletop Christmas tree
red and white tabletop Christmas tree lighted
blue tabletop Christmas tree lighted

Remember, there’s no one-size-fits-all formula for decorating tabletop trees. It’s all about expressing your style and infusing a bit of your personality into the holiday magic. So, gather your ornaments, fluff those branches, and let the decorating begin!

If you need ideas for Christmas decorating, here are items to help you.

I hope I’ve given you inspiration for using tabletop Christmas trees in your Christmas decor this year and in the future. 

Wishing you a joyful and festive holiday season filled with warmth, cheer, and beautifully decorated tabletop trees! Happy decorating! 

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red PIn It graphic
tabletop Christmas tree
Christmas Santa signature

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